How to Snatch the Best Match For Sagittarius Woman

best match for sagittarius woman

Getting the best match for Sagittarius woman is quite easy. Keeping them, however, is another story. This is a fierce, highly-independent person who doesn’t need anyone to complete them. And if you’re the clingy, emotional type of lover, you may not be the perfect match for Sagittarius woman.

If that is the case, then who is? The stars are smiling down on you because today, you will not only learn the best love match for Sagittarius woman. You will also learn about the following to get to know them better!

  • How to measure your compatibility with Sagittarius woman
  • Do you think your zodiac sign is the best sign for a Sagittarius woman?
  • How to attract a Sagittarius woman and keeping them for the long run
  • Is your natal chart crucial in finding out what is the best match for a Sagittarius woman?
  • Which element is the most compatible with Sagittarius woman (air, fire, earth, water)?

So let’s get it on and find the best love match for Sagittarius woman!

Best Love Match For Sagittarius Woman: An Overview

The first thing to remember when eyeing the best match for Sagittarius woman is that planet Jupiter rules them. This is a planet of expansion. It is about good luck, good fortune, and freedom. Freedom to expand and express themselves. So Sag placements are famous for not wanting to commit. But there are lots of Sagittarians who enjoy monogamous relationships.

So the first rule of thumb: never make them feel trapped. Because if they sense this about your relationship, or feel hindered, they will not commit. This is because Sagittarius already knows how to make a happy life for themselves, all by themselves. These are genuinely positive and independent individuals. So being in a relationship is not a requirement for happiness for them.

Best Match For Sagittarius Woman: Bring Something to the Table

If you want to be with a Sagittarius woman, you need to bring things to the table that could enrich their life and make things better. They don’t want you filling their life with drama, arguments, unhappiness, or pettiness. Because they don’t need any of that and would rather be alone if that’s the case.

But unfortunately, so many people can bring drama into their relationships. Sagittarians are not down for that. They won’t commit if they feel you’re going to bring them down. These folks don’t want you to save them because they don’t need saving- at all. They are not looking for Prince Charming or the White Knight to come and turn their life into one big fairy tale.

These ladies are their own heroes, their own rescuers. And they will run away if they realize you’re looking to lock them down, and fast.

Best Match For Sagittarius Woman: Non-Commital to Potential

People nowadays despise the talking stage. The stage prior to committing to someone, the time you’re getting to know them. This is a very important time for Sagittarius placements, as it should be for everybody. Because honestly, why should anyone commit to ‘potential’? Don’t take yourself off the market unless you know the other person really well. Because you are worth that. And you would want to be with somebody who is definitely worthy of a great relationship. Not merely potential.

People have this misconception of Sags being afraid of commitment. They are not. Sagittarians have a super healthy relationship with love. They have a healthy approach to dating and an even healthier view of love. Sags may be impulsive at times, but not with love. With love, it’s slow and steady that wins the race for them. They will stay with you at this moment, they are present. Then they will see how it goes.

There are those who do not like that. They want you to commit within a couple of weeks. But Sags are not quick to dive into things. There’s no need to do that because they are already in love and happy with their own lives. Yes, bring something to the table. But there’s no need to make me realize life is wonderful. I already know it is, with or without a partner.

sag woman - non-commital to potential

Remember too that Sags will move on once they do not see the potential. They do not waste if they do not feel something with the person. If they think you’re just going around in circles and they feel they’re better off by themselves, they will move on. People who have dated them know this because they really move fast and will not spend time moping. Noted to be optimists and really don’t like feeling bad things. Thus, they move on.

These people don’t go on first dates looking for their husbands. They do this to have a good time, have a drink with you, and get to know you. Period. If you don’t like them back, or vice versa, it’s perfectly fine. But they’re just there to be present and have a nice time with you first.

Best Match for Sagittarius Woman: Lighten the Fudge Up!

Sagittarians want to be with people who are able to take teasing. Those who are optimistic and lighthearted. One of the biggest turn-offs for Sags is a mopey person who does nothing for them. They won’t fall in love with you if you’re mopey and constantly complain about your life. Yet does nothing to improve or change it. They don’t want people who are super sensitive to jokes and take offense on anything and everything. Someone who doesn’t like dark humor.

Sags love to engage in offbeat kinds of humor. So if you don’t get it, or think it’s weird, and not funny at all, too bad. Of course, don’t be bigoted and ignorant, but come on, lighten the fudge up! So perhaps it’s not a good idea to pair them up with water signs like Cancer or Pisces.

Water signs have the tendency to dwell on these things a lot. They really like to dwell on the past. So if you’re someone who needs to know all the details of their past relationships and use that as ammo in the future- that’s a big no-no. Especially if you get jealous about it and make them feel bad, they simply won’t have that. And they can do either of the two. Either they will appear unaffected and just laugh it off, or, they’re going to stop seeing you altogether.

Best Match for Saggitarius Woman: Avoid These Triggers

triggers Sagittarius woman

It’s best to avoid these triggers. You will only provoke them by bringing up their past relationships. Because a lot of Sags have dated a lot. As mentioned, they know when things won’t work out. So yes they move, yes they have dated. Do not expect them to feel bad about it. Or shame them for it because they will not appreciate that. They will not want you.

Just think about their planet Jupiter, which happens to be an expansion planet. Then here you are trying to choke them and make their world smaller. They won’t do it, and won’t enjoy the drama. So if you’re bringing in jealousy, bad vibes, or accusations that simply don’t make sense. Goodbye.

Know too that there won’t be any big conversation about it. You simply will not hear from them anymore. And when you do they will tell you nothing is wrong. It’s just that you ran your course and it was great knowing you. Then kaput. They’re gone.

The thing is they’re not even trying to be this passive-aggressive type. It’s just they chose to move on simply because things did not work out. Your energy doesn’t work for them. So learn to keep your insecurities under wraps.

This can be difficult for some people, especially water signs. Since Sags are so optimistic and they’re really good at flushing down bad emotions from their system. They don’t like bonding over trauma, tears, emotional issues, or deep-seated secrets. Unless of course, there are other things going on in their natal chart.

Sagittarius Woman: Know What They Want

So what do they want? Laughter, taste, shared sensitive humor, learning new things, traveling together, experimentation. That kind of uplifting thing. Rather than emotional things that are heavy and dragging.

For fire signs like them, physical expression isn’t really the highest form of intimacy or love. Yes, it can be. And they’re the type to get physically intimate with you early on. It’s because they have to know if you two have chemistry together. Generally, with fire signs, it’s important for them to know if you can match like that.

Most of the time you will find Sags partnered with someone who’s a lot different than them. From careers, countries, to backgrounds. Those who dress differently than them, and have totally different life experiences.

Sags aren’t the type who’s going to be fulfilled staying in their hometown their entire life. Or marry off somebody from there and live the same life. Going to the same restos, meeting the same people. These things won’t light them up.

Of course, it can still happen. But they’re going to gravitate towards people who are different from them.  And again, you should never try to shelter them or control them. They will do the exact opposite. Know that when you do these with Sagittarius placements, it will backfire each and every time.

Sagittarius Woman Love Languages

sagittarius woman love languages

For Sagittarius love languages, quality comes in big time. This could mean taking trips, tasting new cuisine, expanding your horizons. And all these require presence and quality time. They can do this because they are optimistic who trust their future and are at peace with their past. Thus, they have the capability of being present.

They will go for lighthearted individuals. People with an amazing sense of humor, who are stable and independent. And again, someone very optimistic. They will never go for desperate types, those please ‘pick me’ types. People who seem to be in a rush with love.

On the other hand, Sags will be attracted to experimental people. They will look at how you live your everyday life. If you live them proudly or boldly. Something new that will intrigue them because they are curious people and love to get to know anything vibrant and different.

You have to be someone who’s comfortable giving people their space. Don’t overthink it, but they would love you more if you give them their ‘alone time. It’s what they need. They cannot stand partners who are clingy and misunderstand them.

Furthermore, don’t expect Sags to open up to you and become obsessed immediately. Do not expect them to commit early on. Plus you need to be playing the field as well. Weigh your options, feel free to test drive. Don’t think so far into your future and learn to enjoy your present moment together.

Also, straight communication is your way to a healthy partnership with Sags. Since they are known for being honest, blunt, and they will easily clear things for you. They’re not scared of it. So if you’ve got some insecurities, or are confused about something, go ahead and tell them. Don’t be pouty nor be passive-aggressive. They hate that.

Sagittarius Woman On Money and Spending

When it comes to money, Sags are not awfully showy spenders. Like that of a Venus in Leo. Or air signs that tend to be impulsive. Although they will spend, because they are fire signs. Plus they can also justify spending a lot since they know they will work out. They’re very optimistic about it. Like, sure, put this on my charge card and I will just pay it off within a month. No biggie.

So basically, they are normal spenders and would definitely spend for people they care for. They’re also big on paying for experiences. If it’s a wonderful night or you’re going to take a trip. Or if it means treating everyone with drinks since it would make everyone feel good. Perhaps get into that party mood. They’re very willing to spend on experiences that will give out good vibes.

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