Astrotheme Birth Charts: What is it all about?

Having an astrotheme birth chart is a universal thing. People may not be aware of theirs, but yes, it is a thing that everyone has, one way or another!

But the thing is, this chart may not be as helpful to someone who isn’t as well-versed in the art of astrology. 

At best, these people would just look at their charts with detached fascination. At worst, astrology as a whole will get trashed because they couldn’t understand what something means.

But birth charts go beyond that. They hold so much meaning that taking a look into it is worth the effort.

But what are these meanings? Let’s find out!

Firstly, though… What’s an Astrotheme Birth Chart?

Astrotheme Birth Charts

An astrotheme birth chart is simply your natal or birth chart that depicts heavenly bodies’ positions when you were born. More than that, though, it speaks volumes about the person that you are right now.

Why? Let us explain.

Astrology believes that celestial bodies such as the sun, moon, and stars directly influence our lives. Though there are a few differences between astrological traditions, the thought is still the same.

Thus, an astrotheme birth chart depicts all relevant cosmic bodies’ positions during the exact moment that you joined this world. Regardless of your location, background, or personal beliefs, the heavens heralded your birth by giving you the qualities you now possess.

If you think that such an occurrence is simply a coincidence, think again. Everything in this universe results from a series of mathematically precise calculations- even the time and date of your birth and the movement of heaven itself.

It is no surprise, then, how much impact the connection between a person and their cosmic placements has in their lives. If a part of you doesn’t make sense, it is likely a result of your birth chart components interacting and doing their own thing.

How do I get my Astrotheme birth chart?

Knowing that you have an astrological natal chart is one thing, actually seeing and examining it. It is essential, then, that you be able to find yours so that you can find the means to grow holistically with the guidance of the stars.

Thankfully, our modern world today has eased everyone’s access to their birth charts. Anyone can go search up a reliable astrology website and see their results in a matter of seconds.

What’s more, most of these sites are for free. So, if you have doubts about the results from one site, you will still be able to review the results and then cross-reference them with another.

(Spoiler: it will still be highly likely the same. The algorithms they use are almost identical, owing to the objectivity and accuracy of astrophysics.)

But suppose you do want a highly personalized reading. In that case, you can contact a professional astrologer who can generate your results and interpret them so that you could closely relate to them. Do know, though, that it can get pricey and it takes so much time, but the details you will get are unmatched.

After you get your chart, you will then face another challenge: interpreting it. This process can get quite heavy, and thus, you need to understand the things you will have to wrestle with.

What is inside an Astrotheme birth chart?

Now, if you have explored our site for long enough, you may have noticed that we already have one too many articles about this topic. This only emphasizes its importance in our daily life.

Zodiac Signs in Astrotheme Birth Charts

For this one, though, we would take a closer look at all the symbols inside a birth chart. This is the most critical aspect of the entire thing and one of the most misunderstood.

Some charts may have variations of the same symbol, but most of them use universally recognized symbolisms. This is to help astrologers and clients read their charts in a relatively easy way.

Here are these symbols:

The Zodiacs

This chart depicts all twelve of the Zodiacs currently in use in Western astrology. While others might use thirteen, the ones shown above are universally recognized and considered standard.

Each Zodiac has a region of the sky which they govern. Because they are static, the planets that constantly spin in the heavens indicate whether they would be relevant in a person’s life.

For example, Pisces may not host a particular planet when someone was born. This means that it won’t be giving any sort of personality trait to a person born in a specific moment.

So if you don’t see any planets in a Zodiac in your chart, that’s fine! Not everything has to be included, and it doesn’t make you any less than human.

Two of your most essential Zodiacs are your sun sign and ascendant. The former is your main Zodiac and tells you of your “real” self, while the ascendant depicts the image you present to the world.

We will be expanding on the ascendant later, but first, we need to move on to the planets!

The Planets

Courtesy of

The chart above depicts the astrological planets, arguably the second most crucial factor in astrology. While planets exude vital energy, they simply transit along regions that a Zodiac is governing. 

The length that a planet stays in a Zodiac differs relative to the distance it has to Earth. Some planets would “stay” for a few days on certain Zodiacs (e.g., Mercury and Venus), while there are those that define entire generations (e.g., Uranus and Neptune).

The relationship between a Zodiac and a planet can get pretty complex, but in a nutshell, the planet intensifies the trait of a Zodiac that closely matches it. For example, Venus and Taurus are closely associated with each other.

When Taurus ends up within Venus’s area of responsibility, you can expect that a person born during this period is very stubborn, indulgent, yet highly practical and a romantic inside-out.

As for Leo, their astrological planet is the Sun. But if ever Leo sees itself in, say, Mercury, the planet would enhance that sign’s communication and social skills.

Here is a list of the traits that a planet tends to enhance, depending on the sign that it gets itself into:

Sun – Social skills and charisma
Moon– Hidden desires
Mercury– Intellect and communication
Venus– Practicality, stability, and romanticism
Mars– Assertiveness and the willingness to lead
Jupiter– Luck and higher learning
Saturn– Self-discipline and being responsible
Uranus– Creativity and eccentricity
Neptune– Spirituality, and subtlety
Pluto– Adaptability to change

The Ascendant

Courtesy of

The ascendant, as mentioned earlier, is a person’s facade. It is the personality that they show to people and the first impression that they make towards everyone. It can also be denoted by an arrow facing upward.

Some feel that they identify more with their ascendant than their sun sign. This alone can mark how crucial this aspect of the birth chart is to anyone seeking to understand themselves.

For example, Scorpios are usually brooding and moody. However, if, for example, a Scorpio is a Leo ascendant, they may be a very bright and cheerful person when interacting with others.

But wait, aren’t there other symbols in an astrotheme birth chart?

There certainly are! But the ones outlined here are among the most important and most crucial when it comes to understanding a person.

Sure, there are things like nodes [link to article on North and South Nodes] and the Chiron [link to article on Chiron], but they can be far more complicated than need be. As of now, you only need to understand the interactions of the most fundamental aspects of a birth chart.

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