What is Astrocartography reading? How to read maps through astrology and more!

Astrocarto- wha? It seems like a mouthful, but astrocartography reading is a real art within the realm of astrology. It fuses geography and astrology in a profound and meaningful way.

But why is this relevant? And how can an astrocartography reading help you live a better life? Read on to find out!

What is Astrocartography Reading?

Astrocartography Reading

In a nutshell, astrocartography determines the coordinates of the planets when you were born. Through this, you can pinpoint specific locations in the world that can holistically benefit you.

However, it is also important to remember that you are not required to go to that place when determining astrocartographically apt locations physically. Considering the situation of the world right now, traveling is near impossible and ill-advised.

The best that you can do is channel the spirit of the place that your astrocartography map is telling you is your “best” place. For example, your astrocartography chart says that you have a strong affinity for Spain, especially in your career.

Having a Spanish-inspired meal, listening to Spanish songs, and immersing yourself in Spanish culture, in general, can help you feel closer with the place your astrocartography chart says is your special place. What’s more, it can help you attain that career boost you have been waiting for forever!

You can also use astrocartography if you want to decide which place you’re going on vacation after this pandemic is over. Whatever you plan for your life, the cosmos will always point you to a site that will help enhance that aspect of your life!

How can I read an Astrocartography map?

Planets in Astrocartography Reading

An astrocartography reading is bound to be complicated at best and downright confusing at worst. Numerous websites on the internet offer free astrocartography maps for those interested, but they can be useless if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Like a regular birth chart, an astrocartography map uses the data on the exact date, time, and location coordinates of your birth. It then generates astrocartography lines that indicate the planetary paths relative to places all over the world, as well as the exact spot where a planet was chilling out when you were born.

All astrocartography lines and highlighted locations have different meanings and purposes. For this article, though, we will only be covering the most basic concepts of astrocartography.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the symbols used in an astrocartography reading are also the same as those used in general Astrology. That’s one thing off the memorization list!

Sun Line

This line graphs the places where you can experience a considerable boost in your self-confidence and reputation. Call it your ego line, if you will!

When you are operating under this line, you can expect to experience a surge in popularity and influence. If you want to be part of the A-List, this is your to-go place!

Moon Line

This line depicts the locations where your feminine side is at its strongest. To be more precise, you will be more emotional and dependent on your instincts when operating in these areas.

At the same time, though, your inner mom will shine in these places. You will find yourself more understanding, compassionate, and, well, motherly the more time you spend here.

Mercury Line

This line tells you the localities where you can exercise being a good communicator, along with a healthy boost in IQ. More than meeting new friends, these areas will help you cultivate or discover new passions that can help you become better and brighter.

Creative inspiration is also rife in these places. If you have been experiencing a rather disheartening mental block, these spots will indeed unlock your inner creative self.

Venus Line

This line presents the regions that can help you find a long-lasting relationship. It can also lead you to even more career successes!

Another perk of this graph is that your glow up is guaranteed if you go to these localities. Going to these areas is undoubtedly going to be your “new place, new me” moment!

Mars Line

This line shows the places where you can cultivate your inner passions and channel the assertive leader on you. Excitable energy abounds, and you will indeed feel yourself bursting with life as you go along with your tasks here!

The flip side, though, is that going to these areas can aggravate you. With overflowing energy, you can expect that the slightest thing can tick you off and make you a bit more aggressive than usual.

Jupiter Line

This line presents the spots where you can experience a surge of abundance, especially on the material side. Blessings are going to run your way in these places!

Positive energy also abounds, allowing you to attract even more luck. Career? Love life? Personal concerns? Your Jupiter Line got you!

Saturn Line

The Saturn planet

This line depicts locations where you will be a tad bit more serious. Responsibilities abound, and they seem to have no end!

Incredibly, though, it will also help you develop a sense of responsibility for the coming times ahead. It may not be the most comfortable line to have, but the values will leave an imprint on you and your future works.

Uranus Line

This line tells you the locations where doing a 180 on yourself is your best bet. Think of it as the places where you can be emo, and no one will judge you!

Being weird is also not a problem in these locales. Going against the grain will be your thing here, unfortunately, though, with a somewhat unfocused mindset.

Neptune Line

This line tells you the places where you can feel yourself connect to your spiritual side even better. Your imagination will also be flowing with creative juices in these areas too!

However, things can go wrong when you allow yourself to be swept away by your wildly active mind. You need to keep yourself grounded in these localities so that you won’t lose sight of your goals, mostly if you stayed here for a bit too long.

Pluto Line

This line shows you the spots where you can change your life for the better. However, its methods will be unorthodox; it will force you to confront the realities you have been stubbornly repressing at the back of your memories.

Yet, rest assured you will experience the growth and transformation that you need. There’s no telling if things will go smoothly in the process, but these sites will surely help you in your journey towards maturity.

Chiron Line

Incredibly, though, this is the only line in an astrocartography map that isn’t about a planet. Chiron is a comet and is notorious for its relatively frequent appearances in astrology.

In our other article, we mentioned how Chiron is all about revisiting old wounds and healing. In astrocartography, Chiron shows the places where you can find time to heal your inner self, along with that of your loved ones.

A bonus of this line is that it can help enlighten you on your purpose here in this world. Going here can help you answer some of the burning questions you have, especially when it involves your desire to help others.

North and South Nodes
We already tackled this topic in another article. Still, to refresh your mind, the North and South nodes depict some critical aspects of your life.

The South Node tells you about your past life, the reason why you are reborn into a new body with a wholly different astrocartography chart. On the other hand, the North Node concerns itself on your fate.

However, bear in mind that some astrologers do not see the nodes as too significant to your present. This is because the nodes act more of a reminder rather than as an enabler.

Is Astrocartography Reading Real?

Ah, yes, the million-dollar question. But don’t fret; asking questions is good, especially when things get confusing!

To answer the question, yes, astrocartography is real. However, it is a reasonably new subfield in the astrological tradition, considering that it only emerged in 1978.

James Lewis, an astrologer of high repute, introduced this new way of creating birth charts to the world. Through mapping and precise mathematics, he was able to determine the strong influence that planetary paths have on a person’s life.

Like any other tradition within the realm of astrology, its “realness” depends on the accuracy and the involvement of celestial bodies. Seeing that astrocartography satisfies both conditions, it is safe to say that it is as real as other astrological practices.

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