All you need to know about the Chiron conjunct ascendant (and other Chiron transits)!

Chiron Conjunct Ascendant

Chiron conjunct ascendant- sounds intimidating, yeah? Yet, at the same time, it leaves so many things needing answers.

For those who are new to the art of Astrology, this concept can be confusing. It can also open some old wounds and prompt uncalled for emotions.

But if a person is unwilling to open themselves and learn about this complicated topic, the avenue for self-improvement gets closed. And so we are brave on- what (or who) is Chiron and what does he have to do in astrology?

Who is Chiron?

Before we delve into the cosmic concepts, it is essential to know our topic’s origin. In Ancient Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur beloved by both gods and humans because of his kindness.

Unlike the centaurs that we know (ahem, Sagittarius), Chiron was well-behaved and a true master of weaponry. He refuses to let his wild side take over him and instead was a father figure to many heroes for his teachings and unmatched ability to heal.

Unfortunately, though, Chiron was fatally wounded and weakened that he can no longer heal himself. Unwilling to live in constant pain, he gave up his immortal soul.

Thus, in astrology, Chiron is equal to trauma and emotional wounds that don’t seem to heal any time soon. And just like any wound, they fester and rot, leaving a person even worse than they were before.

So what is a Chiron conjunct ascendant?

When a person has a Chiron conjunct ascendant on their birth chart, it usually signifies a childhood trauma that has left a deep imprint in a person’s memory. It has defined how they see themselves, often prompting them to think that they are not worth living on this earth.

Yet, these people are also resilient and open. They are aware of the painful childhood that they had and harness it to find closure and healing for themselves and others.

Those with a Chiron conjunct ascendant feel that no one fought for them during that tragic event in their lives. So, they become fierce advocates for human rights, even to the point that they may appear as stubborn or uncooperative.

Yet the truth is, these individuals simply wanted people to see that there is a way to help ease the pain of trauma. Yes, the fact that it happened will never go away, but for them, the hurt and anger can be channeled into causes more significant than the tragedy. Thus, acknowledging your Chiron conjunct ascendant allows you to take a step forward.

What is a Chiron square ascendant?

Though the pain they experienced may not be from their childhood, those with a Chiron square ascendant bring within them the pain of their past experiences every single day of their lives.

These people would often act obnoxious and annoying as a coping mechanism. They think that these acts are their ticket to acceptance from other people, although the opposite usually happens.

They also use their past experiences as a motivation to work hard. These people love to distract themselves from their painful memories and are unwilling to revisit these happenings as much as possible.

However, those born with a Chiron square ascendant must learn to embrace themselves- scars and all. No matter how many things they engage in, the wounds will not heal on their own.

One of the ways these individuals can help themselves is by recognizing their pain and its source. After acknowledging such, they can slowly accept themselves for who they are and see that they didn’t have to act and simply be honest.

What about an ascendant trine Chiron?

The word “martyr” would most likely be the best way to describe these people. Being born with an ascendant trine Chiron, these individuals can easily recognize and be emotionally able to make peace with their traumas.

Of course, the process isn’t as easy as it seems. Human as they are, these people are also prone to the notorious five stages of grief, but they also don’t see their traumas as something that must hold them back from pursuing their personal goals.

Those with an ascendant trine Chiron are notable for being good listeners and for wanting to help ease others’ burdens. They use their experiences as an example that although bad things indeed happen, the things that happen after the fact doesn’t have to be all bad.

Their openness in sharing how they feel and think about what has happened to them makes these people even more trustworthy, especially those who are still yet to fully process their own experiences. In their way, these individuals heal when they also help others heal, too.

How about a Chiron opposite ascendant?

Because of their past experiences, those with a Chiron opposite ascendant struggle in expressing themselves. They know that they can help themselves and others, yet they feel insecure about their capabilities because of what has happened to them.

In short, these people struggle in asserting themselves as it may remind them of what has happened to them. They feel weak and vulnerable, primarily when they have to be the “big guy.”

These individuals also tend to overcompensate and are prone to self-deprecation. They feel like they aren’t good enough (even though they are enough) and subject themselves to self-pity almost every time.

Therefore, for a Chiron opposite ascendant, they need to find self-love and acceptance despite everything that has happened to them. They need to remind themselves that they are more significant than their fears and that there is nothing wrong with them.

Final Word

Having Chiron in your birth chart can be quite a burden. Let’s be real: no one wants to live a life where you are constantly reminded of the bitter past.

Yet, there can be no rainbows without the rain. No matter where Chiron is in your birth chart, he reminds you that you can harness whatever bad experiences you have and help you become more than just your trauma.

Just as Chiron graciously accepted death, making his name among the greatest legends of all time, make peace with your past, and accept the person you are right now.

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