Aries Bad Traits: What Are They and How to Overcome Them

aries bad traits

Everyone, whether they admit it or not, has positive and negative characteristics. The star sign Aries is no exception. Of all the Zodiacs, Aries is the strongest. These people are bold and ambitious, and they are a force to be reckoned with. Aries bad traits exist along with their good traits. But in this article, we’ll focus on the negative and toxic traits of Aries. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the negative traits of Aries and how you can overcome them.

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The personality of an Aries

Aries is the first of the Zodiacs, the eldest as they say. They are born between March 21 to April 19. Their astrological symbol is the Ram, which represents strength and courage. These people are born with a cardinal fire sign. Which means that they are naturally fearless and headstrong. 

The planet that rules Aries is Mars, the planet of strength and passion. Mars resonates with an intense fiery energy that craves action. In ancient Roman mythology, Mars is the God of War. The God Mars embodies strength, passion, and initiative. This makes Aries radiate very strong and active energy. Most of the time, Aries get in trouble because they seem arrogant and want to start a war. And true enough, they sometimes want to. 

13 Bad traits of Aries

Have you noticed that Aries put up a very strong facade? People love the star sign Aries for many reasons. But the other side of the coin always exists. Here’s the list of thirteen Aries bad traits that drive people away. 

1 Selfishness and greed

Aries focus on themselves over others, they take care of their needs before other people. They would not hesitate to save themselves even if it means they would look selfish to other people. Selfishness and greed are one of  Aries bad traits. 

To these fiery rams, their ego is the most important thing. And they will do anything, even if they look selfish and greedy, to please their egos. They will not hesitate to cross lines and break the rules. However, while Aries focus on their own needs before others, they can also be generous and caring. They will go out of their way to help the people they truly love. 

2 Arrogance

Another on the list of Aries toxic traits is arrogance. They are notorious for their big egos. Aries think that they are superior to everyone else. It is important to note that Aries is the first Zodiac in Astrology. Hence, they tend to have a sense of superiority that results in a dominating personality. 

Aries think that they do not come second to anyone else. This makes them seem insensitive and self-centered. They think highly of themselves. Especially since they know they are very competitive beings. Aries may seem arrogant to a lot of people because of their fiery egos and lack of compassion. 

3 Aggressive

Aries are fire signs, and they are also like fire. They are very hot-headed and get angry even about the smallest inconveniences. Aggression is an inherent trait of an Aries. Their aggressive nature always gets them in trouble. 

Aries will express their anger in a quick but fiery explosion when they are upset. This is an influence of Mars, their planetary ruler and the Roman God of war. In the face of conflicts, Aries will always revert to aggression and hostility as if they are starting a war. 

Despite being hostile and hotheaded, something positive comes out of it. An Aries does not hold grudges. They feel a lot better once they release their anger. 

4 Competitive


No one in the Zodiac is as competitive as  Aries. The energy of their planetary ruler, Mars,  influences their love for competing and winning. They believe that everything is a competition. And they will not go down without a fight – they love to compete as much as they love to win. 

It is also important to note that Aries are very active people. They will not take things lightly, and will always compete to reach their ambitions. If they set their eyes on their goals, they will do everything in their power to achieve them. And they do not settle for less, they want to be the best at what they do. They compete with others, but they also compete and challenge with themselves. 

5 Insensitive

Another on the list of Aries negative traits is being insensitive. They seem insensitive because of their direct and assertive communication style. Aries are not the most empathetic individuals. They will speak their minds without thinking about other people’s feelings. It is not their personality to consider the perspective of others. 

Being insensitive is one of the Aries bad traits. Aries’ insensitivity makes them seem cold and distant. Whether intentional or not, this will affect their relationships. They have a straightforward approach to dealing with issues in their relationships. Instead of being compassionate to their partners, they would rather nip the problem in the bud and solve it. 

6 Impatient

Aries tend to be very impatient. This is one of the bad things about Aries. They can be impatient and irritated especially if something is slowing them down. These fire signs do not do well with waiting. If you make them wait for too long, their anger will escalate very quickly. And you do not want to see when Aries get impatient, they can be very childish and irrational. 

Aries has a very active personality, thanks to the energy of Mars. You will never see them stay in one place for a long time because they crave action. They are hardwired for movement and get impatient with slow pace and stagnation. 

7 Impulsive

Impulsion is the seventh of the Aries bad traits. This characteristic is an extension of being impatient. Because Aries’ mind is always active, they lean towards acting before thinking. They will make sudden decisions without weighing the pros and cons of their actions. Their impulsion leads to poor decision-making. This puts them in danger, but they do not mind. 

These fire signs get an adrenaline boost from spontaneity and taking risks. When something captures their interest, they will dive in headfirst without fear. Their impulsive urges are so strong that to the point that they can be careless. 

8 Temperamental


Temperamental could also mean moody. The hotheaded and fiery Aries is one of the most temperamental among all of the Zodiacs. One small inconvenience can throw off the mood of an Aries. One second they will be fine, and the next their temper will explode. Their moodiness can turn into an outburst of violence. 

This Zodiac is temperamental because of its fiery characteristic. Do not attempt to get in the way, because no one can halt their wrath. These fiery rams get easily angered but their outbursts will not last long. Once the steam dissipated, they will revert to their normal disposition. 

9 Envious

To be the best is one of Aries’ top priorities. And if they see someone doing better than them, they will feel jealous. These fire signs are very competitive. So if they see their competitors get close to where they are, they will compete as their lives depend on it. If someone is more successful and wealthier, they will feel extremely jealous.

Feeling envious of other people is normal. But envy is Aries’ worst trait. When they feel envious of others, they loathe these people and sometimes become hostile until they win against them. They will do anything they can to be on the top. 

10 Extremely independent

Another of Aries bad qualities is being extremely independent. They strive for excellence, and it is very difficult to pass through their standards. Working along with Aries is very stressful as they will go to any lengths to meet their goals. Thus, they would rather work by themselves rather than work with other people. 

Another reason for their extreme independence is their love for being number one – the only one. They want to have all the credit for themselves instead of sharing it with others. These fire signs strive and will do everything to be the best. 

11 Overtly Sexual and Possessive

Passion drives the energy of Aries. They burn with passion like the fire that runs within them. Despite burning with passion, Aries is not the most romantic Zodiac. Thus, they approach their partners very directly which can sometimes be frightening. It will seem as if they are hunting a prey instead of pursuing an intimate sexual relationship. 

Aries are very open with their sexual desires and expression. Their desire makes them clingy and protective at first until they become possessive. They will start to demand time and attention and become territorial. Aries are not the right partners for the faint of heart. 

12 Bossy

Leadership is one of Aries’ strengths. They are born to become leaders and take charge in situations. When taking the lead, they get overwhelmed with the power and use their power to assert dominance. Aries are confident as they know they possess the necessary skills to be excellent

They may be natural leaders but they lack the ability to listen to others. Their impulsive tendencies kick in and mess with their leadership style. They will boss around and dominate everyone creating a chaotic environment. An overbearing bossy attitude demotivates others to follow the lead of an Aries. 

13 Narcissist


The last and the worst of the Aries bad traits is narcissism. Aries think that the world revolves around them, and will never compromise. They only think about themselves so that they can be the best. You can say they are very inconsiderate. 

Once they set their eyes on their target, they will do anything to get it. Nothing can stop them, not even if it means they are hurting other people in the process. Aries will only look at them with apathy, continue what they’re doing and grin on their way to success. This Zodiac only cares about themselves, they don’t care whether their actions benefit or hurt other people. 

How to overcome bad characteristics

Overcoming Aries bad traits can be a challenging task. It involves letting go of a lot of things you are familiar with. Think of going out of your comfort zone – it feels exactly like that. It might be daunting, but it is very doable. These simple steps might help you conquer them. 

Have a lot of patience

Patience is an important skill to have. And Aries are not born with a lot of patience instead, they are hot-headed and very impatient. To overcome impatience, Aries need to practice staying calm. Their active minds might not like it but staying calm helps improve their patience. Aries must learn and embody the saying “patience is a virtue.”

Having a lot of patience will solve a lot of problems for Aries. Aries can avoid a lot of conflicts and disputes once they control their patience. 

Practice empathy 

If there is one thing an Aries needs in their life, it is compassion. Having empathy is not the first thing you will say if you describe an Aries. But they can practice it to hone and develop their empathetic ability. 

To do this, they can start slowly by paying attention to other people’s thoughts or feelings. This will create a connection and helps them see things from other people’s point of view. On a much bigger scale, Aries can get involved in community service or volunteer at shelters. This way, they will meet new people from different walks of life. By communicating with other people, they will not only learn to connect to others but they will also learn to dig deep and connect with themselves. 

Closing Thoughts

While Aries are not the kindest and most compassionate people, they are not entirely evil. They may have many bad traits but these make them stand out from everyone. Although they have quite a number of negative qualities, these fiery Aries also have qualities that make them promising people. 

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