Star-Crossed: Aries and Aquarius Compatibility at a Glance

aries and aquarius compatibility

Aries, the ram and first of the zodiac signs which governs the period from March 21 to April 19. A fire sign, the ram is famous for its high energy and passion, stubbornness and drive. Aquarius, symbolized by the water-bearer, governing the period between January 20 to February 18. Funnily enough, the water-bearer is an air sign, known for their individualism and love for freedom. How do these two signs get along, or what does the zodiac say about Aries and Aquarius compatibility?

Just how compatible are Aries and Aquarius? Does the Ram’s persistent and headstrong nature clash with Aquarius’ desire to stand out, remain left alone and stay unique? Can an aloof and solitary air sign blend together well with an aggressive and extroverted fire sign? Or are these two signs just too different? That’s exactly what we’re going over in today’s article, from potential friendships to romantic chemistry between the two.

Are you a zodiac aficionado, looking to brush up on your Astrology knowledge? Maybe you’re an Aries or an Aquarius, and pining for the other? Or perhaps you’re just here out of plain, harmless curiosity! Whatever the case, this article has the answers to your questions and to satiate your curiosities. So sit back, relax, and most importantly, have fun!


  • Are Aquarius and Aries compatible as friends?
  • Aries and Aquarius love compatibility
  • Issues the pairing might face… and are there solutions?
  • And many more…  

A Look Into Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

Let’s talk about Aries compatibility with Aquarius from a general standpoint, before we look into the finer details. Do the stars align for these two zodiac signs, or are there differences harshly irreconcilable? Surprisingly, yes, these signs get along just fine, and better than fine in some circumstances. Their differences seem to only attract and play off of each other instead of causing friction. We’ll go over that a little more below.

Aries stubbornness amuses Aquarius, who uses it to feed into their own individuality. Simply put, Aries is a nice, insistent and consistent contrast for Aquarius to stand out with. In turn, Aquarius’ fresh perspective is refreshing for the one-track-minded Aries. They fan Aries fire, and keep them energized and motivated. Of course, the pair do have problems, like we all do.

But are these problems unsolvable? Of course not, dear reader! As we go over Aries and Aquarius compatibility below, we’re also tackling the issues the two might face and the solutions to these issues. Even if you’re not an Aries or Aquarius, this article will help you with your own relationships! So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at Aries and Aquarius compatibility below:

Aries and Aquarius Friendship

The Aries-Aquarius friendship is a healthy and competitive one. Both bring out healthy competition in the other. Aries is the leading voice of the group, an aggressive and headstrong fire sign. Aquarius in the meantime complements this, and serves as a great sounding board for Aries ideas. The two complement each other’s weaknesses and challenge each other to become better.

Aries can also depend on Aquarius as a ride-or-die friend. Not many zodiac signs can match Aries raw intensity. All in such a healthy, friendly manner as well. Aquarius will love the energy that Aries brings to the hangout, and in turn play off of that. It’s noo wonder they make such great friends.

It seems that friendship is the safest bet for these two signs. Since one is hot-blooded and the other is individualistic, they tend to butt heads in deeper relationships. Friendship is the type of relationship where when the two signs disagree, they can simply disengage. That being said, however, while friendship is the safer choice, it’s in romantic relationships that the two are really compatible. More on that later, but for now, the pros and cons.



Aries and Aquarius push the other to become better individuals. The competition is healthy and not too personal, bringing out entertaining and healthy interactions. Aries pulls Aquarius into their crazy adventures, while Aquarius helps Aries calm down and see things differently. Their love for freedom means Aquarius is one of the few signs that doesn’t mind Aries impulsive and headstrong nature. These two make great friends!


Assuming both signs are in a positive, healthy relationship, things won’t get out of hand. But in a toxic, competitive environment, these two signs can clash in an aggressive nature. While there is a mutual respect and understanding between both, they can still get on each other’s nerves. The constant push and pull between Aries and Aquarius can get old, and on days where one or both are in a bad mood? Things can get ugly.

How they Make it Work

What can you do to replicate such a great friendship? Let’s look at why Aries and Aquarius work so well together. There’s a presence of support and understanding. Air fans the fire, and Aquarius is a great safe space who understands the passionate flame of Aries. In the same way, people appreciate those who stand behind everything they do and understand them. People who love them despite seeing their bad sides.

Aquarius and Aries Relationship

To these signs already in a relationship with each other, count yourselves lucky! As we’ve said above, it’s in a romantic relationship where Aquarius and Aries truly shine. Unfortunately, it’s also where they get into the most violent disagreements. We’ll go over both below, so don’t worry. Just as in a friendship between the two, both motivate the other to become better, and fuel each other’s passions. 

Aries’ predictable, headstrong yet consistent nature gives Aquarius the room to navigate the relationship in their own way. Aside from this, the confident and independent nature of both signs means a relationship with mutual respect. Aries won’t stop trying to win Aquarius affections, and Aquarius enjoys the chase. Aquarius, on the other hand, is wonderful at calming down their partner or revving them up passionately. There are challenges that the two face however.

Unlike in a friendship, the closer ties of a romantic relationship means more heated arguments as well. Aquarius’ uncanny ability to stir up their Aries partner goes both ways. When it’s good it’s good, but when Aquarius stirs Aries to anger, it’s really bad. Despite this, the two signs can easily work out their problems through proper communication and compromise. And despite everything, in the end, they’re one of the most passionate pairings in the zodiac.



As one of the most powerful romantic partnerships in the zodiac, the two boast an important number of pros. Aries is a passionate lover, always putting in effort, always after Aquarius’ affections. Aquarius, for their part, can either fan the flame of romance, or calm their partners passions. Their creative and individualistic nature rewards Aries for their efforts, ensuring a happy and refreshing love. Both signs have strong personalities and give each other mutual respect.


What these signs don’t seem to give each other enough of is space. Aries is constantly after Aquarius, and Aquarius constantly tries to influence Aries life. Fire and air is ultimately an unstable combination. While these two signs can support and love each other very well, they’re also just as capable of tearing each other down. In order to make the relationship work, both signs have to try very hard to maintain a positive interaction.

How they Make it Work

You don’t need to have Aries’ dogged persistence or Aquarius’ natural unique charm to make your own romance blossom. Just remember how they make it work so well! Like Aries, you’ve got to work to keep the relationship alive. Always putting in effort will go miles with your loved one. Just like Aquarius, on the other hand, if you see your partner putting in effort, reward them for it.

Aries and Aquarius in the Bedroom

The spiciest, hottest question on the table. Are the two signs good with each other in bed? The zodiac says, ‘you bet!’. Aries has the passion, energy and sexual drive that fire signs are famous for. Aquarius, on the other hand, has the creativity, and uniqueness to really spice up the bedroom.

Biggest Problems the Pair may Face (and Solutions!)

Now that we’ve gone over their compatibility and how you can emulate their best traits in a relationship, let’s talk about their issues. Like any pair, whether it’s because nobody is perfect or everyone has their pet peeves, Aries and Aquarius have problems. Obstacles in the path of a happier relationship. Some of these issues, they can ignore, and accept as part of each other’s faults. Other issues, however, can break apart the relationship, and we’re going over those below.

Fanning the Fire


Aquarius is a wind natured zodiac sign. This means they naturally rev up the fiery Aries. Normally, this just means Aries is excitable and passionate in their company. However, it also means that Aquarius can really tick Aries off. The conflicts that come after, because of Aries temper and Aquarius strong personality, can end their relationship.

Stepping Aside

Asking a fire sign to calm down is probably going to get you nowhere. Aquarius, this one’s on you. Sometimes, you just have to give Aries the space to burn themselves out. Aries learning to sort their feelings out on their own is likely to help you both out in the future, anyway. Just do what you do best and stay aloof.

My Way

Aries’ stubbornness and Aquarius’ insistence clash a little too often for comfort. Specifically, the fiery ram will doggedly, sometimes even mindlessly go at something until they get it. Of course, when two strong personalities can’t compromise, they’re likely to go at it until one breaks. This isn’t healthy, and can lead to not just friction in the moment, but a buildup of resentment between both parties. Aquarius and Aries greatest struggle is finding compromise. 

Our Way

This time, Aries, you’ll need to give way. Taking away Aquarius’ perspective and freedom is a surefire way to ruin the relationship. That originality and uniqueness is what makes Aquarius who they are. Stop running into the same walls with Aquarius all the time, and go with their idea. You’ll find that Aquarius is just creative enough to find a solution that works for the both of you.

Wrapping it All Up…

That’s everything you need to know about the relationship and compatibility between Aries and Aquarius. They’re great together, and have more positives than negatives in both a friendship and relationship. Strong personalities, creativity, drive and energy, they’ve got it all. To make things work, Aries needs to remember to persistently fight for the relationship, not the small things. On the other hand, Aquarius needs to give Aries the space to sort themselves out every now and then.

That’s pretty much it, and before we end, we’d like to remind everyone of one thing. Astrology is not an exact science, and it’s likely that not everything will apply to you, here. But the lessons you take away are still valid for any relationship, and you can grow as a person beyond your zodiac sign. Always remember that your zodiac prediction was never meant to control you, instead the stars guide you. You are still the captain of your own ship, the master of your fate.

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