Aquarius Woman Compatibility and 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to be Their Soulmates

Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Where the stars are concerned, there is a scale of Aquarius woman compatibility. On that scale lie all the other signs in varying positions. We want to know which Zodiac signs lie on the top of that scale.

To do that, we have to find out what makes an Aquarius woman tick.

On the one hand, the Aquarian is a curious and knowledgeable person. They have a constant desire to search for new knowledge and experiences. This curiosity often serves to temper and enhance their closely-held beliefs.

Yet, on the other hand, the same thirst for knowledge also fuels their idealism and stubbornness. If they think that their core beliefs are under attack, they will not hesitate to stand their ground.

In a nutshell, an Aquarius woman demands the right to do what they want with their lives. So much so that only a misdirected fool would try to get in the way of that independence. 

Because they are very advanced thinkers, their plans can seem hard to follow for some. Their long-sighted nature can make them hard to get along with. Those who are not ready to put in the time and effort to understand their goals can become frustrated. Regardless, they do what they do out of a personal need to work for the greater good.

In keeping with this theme, Aquarians can be very friendly. 

Aquarians will actively seek out people to spice up their life. However, developing real friendships with an Aquarian woman takes time and effort. Of course, that is doubly true for anyone looking to get romantically involved with an Aquarian.

With all this in mind, we can then look at what Aquarius women look for in a soulmate. Also, we can determine which signs have the best Aquarius woman compatibility.

What Are Aquarius Women Attracted To? 

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So what does it take to catch the eye of an Aquarian woman? Is it enough to roll with the waves until they settle down to appreciate someone who chooses to hold on? Is being overly emotional a turn-off for this sign? What exactly makes a sign have a high Aquarius woman compatibility?

Interestingly enough, the answer can be quite simple and very nuanced at the same time. 

The qualities below are always good to have when looking to see what Aquarius women like. But always keep in mind that every individual has a different set of tastes and preferences.

Above all else, an Aquarius woman values honesty. Aquarians love it when a person is honest with themselves and with others. As mentioned before, Aquarians can be very protective of their emotions at first. With that logic, it only makes sense that an honest person can easily earn that long-time trust.

Aside from honesty, Aquarius women find self-confidence and fulfillment attractive. A potential love interest should be able to stand on their own. Aquarians thrive in a relationship where both partners can be who they are without the need for coddling. 

Also, a potential partner who can match them mentally is often a good sign that they can have Aquarius woman compatibility. As an intellectual sign, Aquarians are naturally drawn to challenges and love experiencing new things. As long as their romantic prospect respects their beliefs and values, an Aquarian will never hesitate to engage with them. Additionally, when their probable love interest can keep up with their curiosity, they can be confident that their days will never be dull.

Last but not least, Aquarius women appreciate it when someone is thoughtful and considerate. They value genuine romantic gestures, small and large alike. Potential partners will also find common ground to bond over with an Aquarian as they can be quite idealistic. Being willing to make a difference, big or small, can be significant plus points in the eyes of an Aquarian woman.

Which Signs Have A High Aquarius Woman Compatibility?

Aquarius Woman Compatibility with Other Signs

In no particular order, the following zodiac signs make great soulmates. These signs are high on the scale of Aquarius woman compatibility. Of course, this is more of a guideline than a set of hard and fast rules. Know that love can come from anywhere, even in the places you least expect.


When an Aquarius woman pairs up with a Sagittarius, the chemistry is undeniable. Both of them are sure to find so much in common with each other that notable differences are few and far between. In fact, this is one of the best matches you could hope for as an Aquarius woman.

As long as there is proper communication, both of them can come to terms with almost anything. Both signs are naturally optimistic and outgoing regarding most things. Thanks to their shared optimism, their relationship will not stagnate. Additionally, other people may find Aquarius hard to deal with and lacking in affection. A Sagittarius is just as intellectual as an Aquarius and will have no problems with the way they show love.

However, it’s still worth noting that both signs may not precisely see everything in the same way. 

Do not make the mistake of thinking that this is a bad thing. These little differences give the Sagittarius a high Aquarius woman compatibility.

When it comes to new things, the Aquarian may be more inclined to learn by doing and experiencing. Conversely, the Sagittarius may prefer a more academic approach. However, the Aquarian leans towards more intellectual pursuits while Sagittarius prefers the physical. This difference in approaches gives the relationship spice.

Interestingly enough, the sex life of an Aquarius and Sagittarius couple is quite an intellectual affair. Other couples may enjoy sex as a more emotional experience. This couple approaches sex with a more thoughtful but more critical mindset. The mindset they share means that both sides are eager and willing to elevate the experience.


This pairing is unlike other pairs that often get hot and heavy. 

An Aquarius woman matching with a Libra is in for quite a lighthearted but equally passionate relationship. Libras rate high when it comes to Aquarius woman compatibility because they are naturally smart. Not only that, but they also possess a high level of social grace and awareness.

Interestingly, the challenge lies in the Aquarius woman’s ability to match the Libra’s natural skill in social situations. Thankfully, Aquarians are naturally smart and creative. While they may be more intelligent than they are emotional, they can read the room quite well. Furthermore, the increased social responsibility by proxy does not drive the Aquarius woman away. It does the opposite and keeps the Aquarius woman’s attention on their Libra partner.

Among other things, both Aquarians and Libras connect over a satisfying blend of logic and getting along with others. Both of them share in each other’s energy and do not frustrate each other with the way each sign thinks. 

The Aquarian woman values their Libra partner’s charm, flexibility, and ability to adapt. The Libra appreciates their Aquarian partner’s tested and tries confidence in their core values. 

This kind of connection makes it easy for Aquarius and Libra couples to be best friends above and along with being lovers.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, both signs enable each other when it comes to matters of sex. While they may share a lot of overlapping traits, it’s the unique blend each person brings that makes their lovemaking intense. Both the Aquarian and the Libra play off of the differences they have with their partner to great effect. Whether in or out of bed, this couple will not be running out of ideas anytime soon.


In a rare case of having your cake and eating it too, these signs have fantastic chemistry with each other. When an Aquarius woman and a Gemini couple up, they can be confident in their partner as both a lover and as a best friend. Thanks to the Gemini’s wit and charm, this sign naturally rates high on the sliding scale of Aquarius woman compatibility.

One hallmark of an Aquarius and Gemini couple is that they are great at communicating with each other. Note that an Aquarian may not be the best communicator of all the air signs. However, understanding what they mean and engaging them comes naturally to the Gemini. The Gemini can quickly gain the attention of the Aquarian and is well equipped to keep them interested.

When it comes to both Aquarians and Geminis, creativity and independence are much appreciated and in high demand. Thankfully, both signs are willing to give as much as they take. With these two paired up, both can be free to seek new and exciting things. The fact that they can appreciate these traits either alone or as a couple is nothing short of impressive.

Of course, this creativity and taste for excitement also lends itself very well in bed. An Aquarius and Gemini couple have no problem getting in the mood for some intense lovemaking. Furthermore, since both sides are as brilliant as they are considerate, they will find no shortage of new ways to enjoy each other.

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