Aquarius Pisces Cusp: The Heartbreakers of the Zodiac

aquarius pisces cusp

Do you know why the Aquarius Pisces Cusp is the heartbreaker of the zodiac? They are some of the most complex and complicated signs you will ever meet. Once you get on their good side, however, you’re in for one of the biggest roller-coaster adventures of your life!

In this post, we will decode the hearts and minds behind this placement, as well as explore the following: 

  • Why is the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius also known as the cusp of sensitivity?
  • When are the Aquarius Pisces cusp dates?
  • What are the most distinct Aquarius Pisces cusp traits?
  • Do the positive outweigh the negative aspects of an Aquarius-Pisces cusp?
  • What are the complexities of an Aquarius Pisces cusp compatibility?

So let’s go right in and find out what makes the Aquarius and Pisces cusp tick!

The Aquarius and Pisces Cusp: An Overview 

These are the people born from February 15th to 21st. It’s impossible to understand what Aquarius and Pisces cusp is like unless we get to know them as individuals at first. Only then can be fused together as a cusp will this placement make sense when it comes to matters of the heart. So here are Aquarius and Pisces separately. 


The Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac. Those born between January 20- February 18th are also known as the Water Bearer who pours blessings upon humanity. Aquarius is associated with the sky as well, so no wonder people born in this sign are often found daydreaming, their heads always up in the clouds. 


Aquarians are kind and generous people with forgiving hearts. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that they will forget. When you hurt them deeply, they are gracious enough to forgive, but your deed will stay on their little black book forever, despite your asking for forgiveness. You will notice that they are holding back and are never quite the same in other future interactions. 


Aquarius are known to have very high standards for themselves and the people around them. This can be frustrating at times but can surprisingly lead to amazing outcomes. These miracle workers can easily get angry and dismayed when things don’t go as planned under their watch. They take full responsibility for such failures, even if it was a group effort. 


Aquarians are super protective, especially toward the people they truly love. Their family and friends are lucky to have them because they always have their back. They do not allow anyone to bully or take advantage of their tribe. Those who do always regret it in the end and never attempt to do it again. 

Big Thinkers

Aquarian’s minds don’t take a break. They are always working at full speed, even when they are just at home, away from work, and are just meant to chill out and relax. There’s always a new project, new idea, or new endeavor brewing at the back of their heads. Almost everything is planned out in their minds, making the execution quick and easy. 


This is true for both men and women in this placement. They are used to speaking their minds and find it difficult to hold their tongue especially when they know they are in the right. Aquarians believe everyone has a right to their own opinions and they should be expressed, even if it means hurting other people’s feelings. 



Aquarians have the gift of persuasion. They have excellent verbal and written communication skills that can convince people to do things their way, even if they are at a disadvantage. Anyone who has witnessed them wiggle their way out or into a situation will easily think that everything has been planned out from beginning to end. Little did they know that  Aquarians were simply attempting to wing it and were lucky enough to succeed. 


When their back is against the wall, Aquarians know exactly how to be rude. These big thinkers know the dangers of being accidentally rude, thus they avoid it at all costs. So when they finally blow their top and act rudely, you can be sure they mean it. 

Despises Narrow-Mindedness

Aquarians are some of the most open-minded people of the zodiac. They love looking at the world from different perspectives. Know that they will not shove their opinions down your throat, and they expect you to do the same. However, they advocate for freedom of expression and freedom of speech, where everybody is welcome to speak their minds without being judged. 


Because they are known for being big thinkers, Aquarians can sometimes be intimidating. Just because they’re practical and straightforward doesn’t mean they’re party poopers who don’t know how to have fun and get along with others. They can be really friendly once you get to know them. Rest assured that they are interested as much as they are interesting. 


This sign is gentle, sensitive, creative, and nurturing. They are some of the most easy-going people you will ever meet. Not only that, but they are also fiercely loyal and loving people. However, they are more than meets the eye. Now we’re on to the second part of deciphering the Aquarius Pisces cusp. Let’s get to know the personality traits of this water sign to understand the other side of this placement. 

Adrenaline Junkies

Don’t let Pisces’ shy and quiet demeanor fool you, because what looks harmless from the outside is a wild side lurking from within. They are up for any type of adventure and are willing to try anything once. Don’t put them up on a dare and bet your money on the belief that they’re going to chicken out because you’re going to lose!


This water sign always puts other people’s needs first before their own, especially if their loved ones are involved. They are known for making great sacrifices- their time, effort, and resources, just to make sure that the people they love are happy, safe, and comfortable. And they do all these things without expecting anything in return. 



Pisces love to dream and fantasize. They do this anytime, anywhere. Dreaming about the lives they wanted to live, the places they want to be in, and the people they want to be with. Some call it an escape, a reprieve from the situation you would rather not be in. But Pisces like to think of it as a form of motivation, something to look forward to, even a goal to accomplish in the near future. It’s what keeps them going and driven to put their best foot forward every day. 

Made of Steel

Because of their soft and quiet demeanor, some people mistake them for being weak and tend to abuse their kind-heartedness. They realize too late that Pisces is anything but a softie, these people are made of steel. What you thought was a shy and soft-spoken person at the beginning has the capability to turn into a ruthless dragon when pushed to its limits. 


This zodiac is loyal to a fault. They are willing to do anything to please the person they love as long as you stay honest and true to them. Unfortunately, rarely do they give second chances when betrayed. Despite how much they love you, they can drop you like a hot potato when they discover you have been toying with their emotions all along. 


Don’t attempt to try and make sense of Pisces, because you might just end up losing your mind. If they struggle to understand themselves, what can they expect from other people? These idealists can be fickle-minded, excitable, and a bit naive. They also have a tendency to overthink and go from basing their decisions on other people’s opinions then doing everything all by themselves. The best thing to do is love and accept them for who they are and let them know you’re there for them unconditionally. 


This is one of Pisces’ biggest contributions in the Aquarius Pisces cusp. They are very helpful and compassionate toward others. Pisces have an enormous capacity to empathize with you and will always go out of their way to make you feel better. While others won’t give you the time of the day to listen to your sob stories because they have enough problems of their own, Pisces will always try to give a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. 

The Aquarius Pisces Cusp: When this Fusion Comes to Life

Now that we know everything about Aquarius and Pisces separately, we can finally make sense of what these two signs are like when they ‘fuse’. And of course, find out why they are known to be the “heartbreakers of the zodiac”. 

The Aquarius Pisces cusp is very passionate, observant, and perceptive, which at the outset seem like great qualities to have in a romantic partner. Yes, you do listen, but unfortunately, you’re also very capable of burning bridges easily. You’re bad at goodbyes and you always end up having conflicting emotions every time you cut ties with people. 

Things are going really well then all of a sudden you get into this lousy fight that makes you believe things can no longer work out. You have this impulse to just burn bridges instead of dealing with the pain, and confusion, or trying to fix things. Your loved ones find out about this the hard way and a big part of you regrets this time and time again, but you just don’t know how to deal with it. 


This is one of the biggest heartbreakers of the zodiac. You naturally draw people in, partly because you’re a hopeless romantic. And just because you don’t talk too much doesn’t mean the person you love doesn’t know how you feel about them. They do because you express it in bigger and better ways, not in words, but in actions. 

You’re amazing at expressing yourself creatively and you feel more deeply. This is also the reason why you feel you need to protect your heart at all costs. Sometimes things get way too serious before you’re ready for it that it terrifies you. You’re starting to feel so much for somebody that it scares you to death and you don’t think you can handle it yet. So you would rather let go of this person while you can rather than lose yourself. Unfortunately, the other person is left shocked, confused, and ultimately, brokenhearted. 

Easy to Love


The Aquarius Pisces cusp is very easy to love because you are genuine, fun, quirky, and have interesting and profound philosophies in life. Thus, they need someone who can appreciate all these qualities, or better yet, have the same qualities as them. There is no need to have a specific type of romantic partner, as long as they have the traits that you value. 

They need to be deep, intense, and sensitive as well. This partner needs to be aware of all your fears and be able to distinguish your frustrations with yourself from frustrations in the relationship itself. They need to be able to calm you down and assure you that it’s okay not to be okay. That the world is not always sunshine and rainbows and both of you can be fine with that. Someone who will make you realize how perfectly imperfect you are. 

Final Thoughts on the Aquarius Pisces Cusp

People on this cusp will fight for their love as long as they are sure it is the right person for them. They are willing to be single for a while because they understand it takes time to find true love. You won’t sleep around or rush into every possible relationship just because “they might be it”. 

You have such a profound and interesting view of the world so you deserve to be in a relationship that is constantly changing and evolving for the better. In the end, you really just want someone to “get you”. After all, isn’t that what we’re all after? To be seen and understood? 

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