Aquarius Compatibility: How to choose the right love from the (Zodiac) stars!

Some people say that Aquarius is hard to get along with. But that seems unfair. But that seems unfair, because Aquarius Compatibility with air signs can be pretty good. 

Aquarius Love Compatibility

This sign is a free spirit that longs for freedom in all forms. When you couple that with a mind that loves to think, you get a beautiful and curious person. And that’s not even counting their big loving heart.

So what happens when you take their blend of wit, freedom, and love of all things new and match it with another sign?

Will their static nature prevail? Or will their more whimsical side show more freely?

Keep reading and find out!

Aquarius Love Compatibility

Aquarius and Aries

Aquarius Compatibility with Other Signs

Generally speaking, both signs may be looking for totally different qualities in a partner. However, this unlikely pair is more likely than you think. If they can work through their individual quirks, the possibilities are endless.

What Brings You Together: In a few words, in Aquarius Compatibility with Aries, both find each other interesting.

For Aquarius Compatibility with Aries, both signs can be so different in the way they present themselves and see the world around them. Since both of them are quite intelligent, Aquarius and Ares have a lot to talk about.

When it comes to mentally engaging one another, both signs will never get tired of each other. They find value in what the other person has to say and are also more willing than not to accept when the other has a valid point.

What Pulls You Apart: Both signs love freedom. Unfortunately, Aquarius and Aries don’t exactly see eye to eye about what freedoms they value. While the Aquarius is more inclined to go with the flow, the Aries naturally seeks to control what they feel doesn’t sit well with them.

Additionally, Aquarius Compatibility goes best with a partner who is patient and flexible. Unfortunately, Aries is not known for patience nor flexibility. 

Another pain point is that Aquarius may feel like they are very open with their emotions. The Aries, on the other hand, may be confused and frustrated at the vague or mixed signals an Aquarius sends their way.

What Needs Your Attention: Take care to respect each other’s boundaries. 

While both signs have a lot of overlap in interests, there is still a fundamental difference between their perspectives. In order to make Aries and Aquarius Compatibility and relationship to work, both signs will need to make an active effort to try and understand their partner and give them space when necessary. 

Conclusion: As long as both Aquarius and Aries learn to compromise between themselves, this couple can have a long and happy relationship. With a foundation of mutual respect, both signs can grow and develop as individuals and a couple. 

From that point onward, the world is their oyster.

Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius Compatibility with Taurus would be hard-pressed to find anything to bond over. It’s just a fact of life that both signs are just completely different in so many ways. Of course, this doesn’t mean that love cant flourish between the two as true love between these signs is as rare as it is precious.

What Brings You Together: Thankfully, the stars have thrown this couple a bone because the Aquarius complements and uplifts the spirits of Taurus’ ruler, Venus.

In the vastly separate pools of traits both signs are looking for, a small middle ground overlaps. An Aquarius may gravitate towards a Taurus’ hidden childlike wonder. A Taurus may find themselves bonding with an Aquarius over their less pronounced stable side.

The immense effort needed to stay together and each partner’s willingness to give until it hurts is impressive. This shared struggle and sacrifice is not something anyone can ignore and can become a powerful bond that keeps the relationship alive.

What Pulls You Apart:  Unfortunately, for  Aquarius Compatibility with Taurus, both signs’ core personalities are usually too different to be compatible with each other. The grounded Taurus will find the Aquarius penchant for chaos and going with the flow to be infuriating. In turn, the Aquarius can resent the Taurus for always wanting to settle down and play it safe.

A Taurus may often pine for a level of emotional connection that an Aquarius is unable to give. Due to the Aquarius flighty nature, they can often be very demanding of their partner. However, while the Taurus may be capable of adjusting, they may feel emotionally neglected and drift away.

What Needs Your Attention: For two signs that are so opposed at every turn, both signs must cherish the fact that love can bloom and thrive. 

The key to making this relationship work is to never take anything for granted. For better  Aquarius Compatibility with Taurus, both must compromise on their key beliefs and personalities. More so than that, both signs need to acknowledge each other’s sacrifices for the sake of the relationship.

Conclusion: There are so many reasons why this pairing should not work. Yet, it still does. 

Of course, it can be a lot of work, but what is love if not a shared effort of sacrifice and compromise? Couples who manage to pull through can rest easy with a strong relationship built on trials and triumphs.

Aquarius and Gemini

One of the best matches, Aquarius Compatibility with Gemini may seem almost destined for each other from the word go.

What Brings You Together:  If there’s anything, Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility can do well, it’s how to let each other know what is going on. The chemistry between these signs can hardly be denied. They both value intelligence and will not find themselves wanting with the other.

They constantly surprise and amaze each other and rarely get in each other’s way. Both signs love to explore new things in life and are willing and eager to support their partner’s endeavors.

What Pulls You Apart: There isn’t much that gets in the way of a Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility in a relationship. However, it’s still worth looking at the potential snags that might ruin an otherwise perfect match.

Since both signs are very cerebral about their desires, their relationship may be lacking in the physical aspects. Despite their inclination towards the intellectual aspects, they still desire intimacy and affection that they may not receive from their partner.

Usually, their partners of other signs are the ones who provide emotional support. Here, however, neither sign may be capable of doing so without a concerted effort.

What Needs Your Attention: The two signs already have such a good thing going. The only thing they need to keep in mind is that knowing something isn’t the same as doing something.

If either partner feels that something isn’t right (and they’ll know), then they need to make an effort to actually resolve the issue. It’s also not enough to cover up the feelings of lacking with other fun distractions.

Conclusion: It’s never a dull moment with an Aquarius Gemini couple. Both signs naturally play off of each other’s strengths and interests. The Aquarius and the Gemini find it easy to love each other and are satisfied with what each of them gives. For the times where things get rough, a little mindfulness goes a long way for this couple.

Aquarius and Cancer

Aquarius Compatibility with Cancer can be a little rough. However, the sensitive emotional Cancer and the independent intellectual Aquarius can have a great thing going if they manage to find the spark between them.

What Brings You Together: Both signs come into this relationship with good intentions. While they may have their personal qualms, they are both willing to make a good thing work.

Once trust has been established, nothing is stopping these two from opening the floodgates in a manner of speaking. Together, they combine thinking with the mind and the heart. This union allows them to work towards their dreams as a couple effectively.

The Aquarius can be free to dream big and work towards them. The Cancer, in turn, can serve to ground whatever plans they come up with. All they need is to figure out the right balance of progression and touching base that works for both sides.

What Pulls You Apart: This relationship can be really harsh on both signs. The Aquarius’ need to be independent can threaten the Cancer’s need to be comforted and safe.

Without the foundation of trust, or when this foundation loses footing, both signs can potentially meltdown and drift away. The Cancer may seize up and instinctively try to protect themselves by setting up barriers and rules to keep the Aquarius under control. The Aquarius may not be too thrilled with what they can see as a violation of their freedom.

What Needs Your Attention: Both signs get into a relationship because they see something great in each other. However, the challenge here is for the Aquarian and the Cancer to reach out to each other. They need to get out of their own heads and compromise. The Aquarius needs to learn to be more sensitive to their partner’s needs, while the Cancer needs to learn to let loose and not be so defensive all day, every day.

Conclusion: It’s hard to tough out a relationship between these two signs if their hearts aren’t 100 percent in it. There’s an initial barrier that each sign puts up that they need to dismantle together before they can progress as a couple.

However, anything is possible for these signs if they manage to grow and adjust to each other.

Aquarius and Leo

a lion

Aquarius and Leo are opposing signs. While both signs may be fond of breaking new ground, they still follow the age-old rule that opposites attract.

These signs together are the spitting image of a power couple. When they set their sights on something, nothing can get in their way. Except maybe each other, but that shouldn’t be a problem if they play nice. 

What Brings You Together: Both signs are crazy smart and seriously innovative. They are on the same wavelength and will support each other all the way to the top.

The beauty here is that both signs are wildly different, and their differences mesh so well together. Leo wants to be the best at what they do, and Aquarius also has lofty ambitions. 

All in all, the Leo is the perfect sign to pair with an Aquarius. On an emotional level, Leo has enough warmth (thanks in no part to their affinity with the sun) to melt away the Aquarius’ inhibitions. They, in turn, are then free to pour out this affection on their partner, who can appreciate it the most.

What Pulls You Apart: If there is one thing that may drive a wedge between a Leo and Aquarius Compatibility and relationship, it’s their pride and hurt feelings. They both need to let go of their precious self-image. This preconceived notion of their lives ought to be is what is stopping both signs from being able to fully explore their potential.

Trust could also be an issue with both signs. While everything may seem clear cut to the Aquarius and the Leo, they may only be sharing what they are comfortable with. Instead of allowing themselves to be vulnerable, they may just be keeping up appearances.

What Needs Your Attention: Both the Aquarius and the Leo should be careful not to step on each other’s toes. The Leo needs to make sure to make way for the Aquarius to let loose, while the Aquarius needs to give the Leo their time to shine.

Conclusion: It’s clear that there are so many things going in this pairing’s favor. 

So long as they are careful and respect each other’s place in the relationship, all is well. These polar opposites play so well and support each other in the places where their partner is weak.

When they are in equilibrium, both signs become so much more than the sum of their parts.

Aquarius and Virgo

An Aquarius yearns for freedom and often finds themselves shrinking away from the things they think tie them down. A Virgo frequently seems like the personification of all these things. 

While they may be on the same lane at times, the Virgo may find it frustrating to deal with the Aquarius’ quick chaotic nature and vice versa. However, love can bloom on the off chance they do manage to meet eye-to-eye.

What Brings You Together: In this relationship, the Virgo is a powerful grounding force that can temper the wild whims of an Aquarius. Since both signs are also good at talking things out, they can be very productive.

In Aquarius Compatibility with Virgo, both signs may be different, but they are both smart enough to be able to respect each other for who they are. They can even grow and flourish their relationship by holding onto this common ground.

Lastly, no matter what, both Aquarius and Virgo know full well that it can only hurt the relationship if they were to be dishonest to their partner.

What Pulls You Apart: It is inevitable that both signs will experience strain in this relationship. Since both the Aquarius and Virgo are intellectual by nature, they are both prone to thinking too much. The problem lies in the fact that their overthinking takes them in overly different directions.

A Virgo would want to think long and hard before committing to anything in general. In contrast, an Aquarius would overthink just as much but would be bolder and more impulsive about trying things and seeing what works.

For Aquarius’ Compatibility with Virgo, if both sides can’t find a way to meet in the middle of Virgo’s need for stability and Aquarius’ need for freedom, they may drift apart in the end.

What Needs Your Attention: When it comes to directly opposing views, both signs need to have a proper conversation about what each side needs to adjust. 

It may be wise for the Aquarius to remember that the Virgo doesn’t feel comfortable with their blistering pace. The Virgo should also keep in mind that they do not hold the Aquarius down too hard and to go with the flow every now and then.

Conclusion: It’s clear that both signs need to be able to make way for the other. In fact, this relationship might not work without some sort of help from other indicators like the moon sign. 

Regardless, this couple could still work if they manage to adjust to each other’s pace in life.

Aquarius and Libra

The Aquarius is fond of thinking with their head, while the Libra is more inclined to think with their heart. Regardless, both signs have an affinity with air. This commonality is a source of their connection with each other.

As air signs, they are both free spirits. As such, their relationship can be whatever they want it to be.

What Brings You Together: The Libra can help the Aquarius be more in touch with their own feelings. Because the Aquarius values freedom to a fault, they can always appreciate someone who can ground them without tying them down.

For their part, the Aquarius can help free the Libra from their self-made prisons. Libras can be very self-conscious about the littlest things. Fortunately, their Aquarius partner can be just what the doctor ordered. Being an air sign, the Aquarius can get through to a Libra on a more fundamental level and allow them to explore themselves and each other.

What Pulls You Apart: The Libra has a tendency to be indecisive with a lot of things. Their indecisiveness can be a source of constant frustration for the Aquarius.

The thing is that both signs have an idea of how they like to present themselves to the world at large. However, when all is said and done, the Aquarius is free because they do not care about what other people think about. On the other hand, their Libra partner may hold themselves back because of what other people might think.   

This can be a constant source of frustration for both signs as the Aquarius must wait on the Libra, while the Libra can feel constantly stressed by their partner’s prodding.

What Needs Your Attention: One thing to watch out for is that both signs need to keep in mind how their partner deals with space. 

The cooler Aquarius values their space and would not appreciate anyone threatening their solitude. The emotional Libra needs affection and closeness to feel the love in the relationship.

Both signs should put their common Air element to good use and reach a nuanced compromise that leaves both of them satisfied.

Conclusion: While it may seem like this relationship is just the Aquarius dragging the Libra everywhere, there’s so much more to it. 

Both signs enjoy a deep connection and understanding with each other. This connection allows them to take what should be a constant source of conflict into a constant source of new experiences and growth.

Aquarius and Scorpio

 a scorpio

The Aquarius thrives on their freedom, and anyone that tries to take that away usually rubs them the wrong way. But then how would they fare when they get into a relationship with the possessive Scorpio?

When these signs get together, their relationship is as intense as it is tense. So when all is said and done, it’s either the highest highs or the lowest lows for their love.

What Brings You Together: When both sides let go of their pride, there are so many things they can explore as a couple. 

The Aquarius’s spontaneous nature and fondness of the unusual can be a breath of fresh air for the normally compartmentalized and tight-fisted Scorpio.

For their part, the Scorpio has a primal hunger for expression and passion. When the Scorpio doesn’t let their need to control get the best of them, they become a deep well of uninhibited exploration for the Aquarius, both in and out of bed.

What Pulls You Apart: Both signs are honest with each other and themselves. Unfortunately, this also means that they know painfully well that they can be bad for each other. 

The Scorpio feels the need to control and guide their partner when they feel that they are making questionable choices. The Aquarius, by nature, will have none of that. This impasse is the core of many of their conflicts. Since they are both fixed signs, it’s a war of attrition on who will give way first.

At worst, both signs will interpret each other’s natural response as hostility and leave the relationship in a spectacular fashion.

What Needs Your Attention: Both signs must work extra hard to work things out. Conflict comes naturally to both sides of this relationship. However, the reward of a fulfilling and intensely satisfying relationship can make it worth it for the couples who try.

For Aquarius Compatibility with Scorpio, both need to leave their egos at the door to make this relationship work. It’s not enough that only one side adjusts, as this will only build resentment.

If both sides compromise, this also indicates a presence of mutual respect for each other. This respect is the glue that will hold both their egos down and let their more common qualities shine through.

Conclusion: Aquarius and Scorpio have a lot of pain points between them. Scorpio can be too controlling, and Aquarius can be too rebellious. Were it not for the connections both signs have with each other’s rulers. This pairing may need external support just to avoid exploding.

However, both signs can reach a state of mutual respect. When they do, that intensity works in their favor instead of against them.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

When an Aquarius and a Sagittarius couple up, it’s usually at a pivotal moment for both signs. The Sagittarius yearns for a certain kind of freedom and inhibition. The Aquarius is more or less an embodiment of what the Sagittarius is looking for.

What Brings You Together:  The Aquarius loves nothing more than to do what they want no matter what other people think. The Sagittarius appreciate this as they need the support to be free to do as they like without their mental barriers, and their partner is more than happy to oblige. 

Since they share a common mindset and a love of freedom, there is little in the world that can hold this couple back. The sheer amount of experiences available to them and their fascination with each other ensures the longevity of their love.

What Pulls You Apart: Both the Aquarius and the Sagittarius live their lives through the lens of their mind. An unfortunate side-effect of this is a general lack of affection. 

While physical touch and affirmation can help mitigate this issue, intimacy can come hard to both sides. 

Since the Sagittarius is mutable, they may be prone to breaching lines that the Aquarius would not cross. They may seem to be too eager and too easily attached to people and things outside their shared world.

On the other hand, the Aquarius may balk when the Sagittarius asks for more commitment than they are willing to tolerate. While the latter may be willing to adjust, an imbalance in this couple’s give-and-take may breed resentment.

What Needs Your Attention: For Aquarius Compatibility with Sagittarius, both signs need to work out just how much they’re willing to commit to their relationship. Sometimes, this pairing can often lead both signs in uncharted territory, but this need not be a bad thing.

Depending on how much freedom each side is willing to give the other, it may be good to keep an open mind and consider that love comes in many forms. 

Conclusion: With their mutual love of freedom, this relationship can feel like a massive change but also feel like a natural progression of friends who want to be more than that.

Since they both lean towards an intellectual world-view, they speak the same language but also have a hard time getting out of their heads and showing their love physically.

Thankfully, with an open mind and an open heart, this pair can flourish in the most unusual of circumstances.

Aquarius and Capricorn

Despite both signs having Jupiter as a ruler, Aquarius and Capricorn are opposed where it matters. Capricorn, the earth sign, thrives on the slow and methodical. Aquarius, being an air sign, lives for the fast and spontaneous life.

While this pair is unlikely to work out in the long run, they might surprise each other when they meet a little closer in the middle.

What Brings You Together:  An Aquarius will never feel the need to lie to their partner and will tell uncomfortable truths as it is. A Capricorn is inclined to accept the truth as it stands without getting rattled. When you put these signs together, they naturally breed an atmosphere of open communication and trust.

Interestingly, this atmosphere may seem cold and calculating to outsiders. However, this only means that when both signs decide to become a couple, they accept each other as they are for better or worse.

What Pulls You Apart: The Capricorn needs time to mull things over before they make any major decisions. Unfortunately, the Aquarius may get frustrated while waiting for their partner to finally make up their mind.

Another thing that can drive a rift between the two signs is their approach to showing their love. The Aquarius thrives on the more abstract and spiritual forms of affection. In contrast, the Capricorn can only feel the love through the practical and the tangible.

At worst, this may drive the Aquarius to find the Capricorn indecisive and selfish, while the Capricorn may find them childish and unreliable.

What Needs Your Attention: Both signs enjoy an interesting blend of wildly different worldviews tempered by a solid foundation of no-nonsense trust.

The challenge here is about mutually and gradually letting go a little bit. The grounded Capricorn has to lift themselves out of their comfortable grounded state. The Aquarius must also accommodate their partner by flying a little lower than usual.

Consistency and compromise comprise the core of the longevity of this pairing.

Conclusion: While rather unconventional, Aquarius and Capricorn couples can thrive. The unpredictable and whimsical Aquarius can play off of the slow and purposeful Capricorn. 

Of course, they can just as likely decide that the relationship won’t work. But they would never delude themselves or lie to each other about it. Whether their relationship persists or fails, their solid respect for each other ensures a gentle transition into the next part of their lives.

Aquarius and Aquarius

a stone statue in the water representing a bearded man with a trident

What happens when like meets like? Interestingly, Aquarius is often the sign of love’s failures. However, when you pair two Aquarius together, you get a couple who seems to be in each other’s head. 

If they manage to get close enough to each other first, that is.

What Brings You Together:  No sign is more aware of the struggles of an Aquarius when it comes to matters of the heart than another Aquarius. 

When they manage to get through to each other, they can enjoy a level of closeness you can seldom find in other pairs. Both Aquarius can find solace in each other as they bond over their loss and hardships.

This is especially apparent in how they trust each other. Both Aquarius are happy to give as good as they get. An Aquarius would trust their partner to the end and back. They know on a fundamental level that they would never betray that trust. Their bluntness with the truth combined with their analytical worldview ensures that.

What Pulls You Apart: For better or worse, the Aquarius is not the easiest sign to get along with. Sadly, their fellow Aquarius are not immune to this. 

Despite being quite emotionally distant, Aquarius still craves a physical and emotional connection. This can be a difficult topic for either Aquarius to deal with because neither of them are well equipped to deal with this situation. 

Usually, a different sign would enable the Aquarius to more openly show and reciprocate affection. However, when both sides are Aquarius, who can rise to the challenge?

What Needs Your Attention: When Aquarius gets along on something, they vibe on a completely different level. However, when they find each other lacking, they need to make a bigger effort in order to make things work.

For Aquarius Compatibility with Aquarius, both need to be mindful of their partner’s feelings. When the situation calls for it, they have to make an effort to be sweeter than usual. They need to care more than usual and cling a little bit more than they usually do.

These constant physical affirmations can help bridge the gap that many Aquarius couples face. Additionally, this pair could also use the increased closeness as a stepping board to deepen their physical bonds.

Conclusion: When two Aquarius meet, they become more than the sum of their parts. In aspects where the Aquarius excels, their relationship flourishes beyond measure. But in aspects where the Aquarius is lacking, the resulting void has killed off many Aquarius relationships before they’ve even started.

Regardless, they can find a true soulmate in their partner if they get past the no man’s land of their combined emotional barriers.

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius and Pisces are neighboring signs. Unfortunately, they follow the pattern and don’t usually see eye to eye. 

There is a small but real chance that they actually match perfectly well against all odds. But for the most part, this pair usually wouldn’t last long.

What Brings You Together:  There is a sweet spot that both signs are looking for in order to make things work. 

If the Pisces can learn to loosen up and let the Aquarius be who they are, they will never be bored. The Aquarius can come up with the most far-out plans and dreams after all.

On a more grand scale, both signs share similar goals. While they may take different paths to get there, they can just as easily work with each other. Who knows, when Aquarius Compatibility works with the Pisces, they may develop and mature in the way they see the world.

What Pulls You Apart: In a nutshell, both signs have their heads in the clouds. 

The Pisces is incredibly touchy-feely and is a hopeless romantic. The Aquarius would just as easily keep their emotional distance. While the feelings may be there, this gap can quickly become a source of frustration and exhaustion.

Furthermore, the Aquarius is fond of dreaming up grand plans of making the world a better place. The Pisces is willing to follow, too. Unfortunately, neither of them has the sheer grit that other more practical signs do. Again, this could lead to more frustration down the line.

What Needs Your Attention: For Aquarius and Pisces who have coupled up and resolved to make it work, there are many things to keep track of.

Since Pisces more closely links to the Earth, most of the grounding on reality falls on them. The Aquarius, however, still contributes significantly by cooperating and giving way when they can.

The Aquarius should also be more sensitive towards the Pisces’ need for emotional affection. A good starting place would be to mindfully affirm Pisces’ efforts in the relationship.

Conclusion: Ultimately, Aquarius Compatibility with Pisces is a shot in the dark. They are far too different in how they expect emotions to play out with their partners. Also, they can frustrate each other when they have the same goals but disagree with each other’s methods.

However, with an exceptional effort from both sides, this pair can make their dreams come true.

Closing Thoughts

As expected, an Aquarius Compatibility and love life can run the gauntlet from a match made in heaven to a ticking time bomb.

They think with their heads first and foremost, often leaving the heart tucked away. But they’re free spirits that love to explore new things! Despite being a more analytical sign, they have a big heart that just takes time and effort to open up.

Of course, while there are some signs that have an easier time vibing with the Aquarius, someone’s Zodiac sign isn’t a gold standard that guarantees success or failure. Don’t close your heart and allow yourself to be surprised!

Also, it’s worth noting that other charts can be used to make a more comprehensive assessment of their compatibility with the signs. A good start would be to look up each other’s natal charts and moon signs.

So why not make it a date and find out where you and your significant (or potential) other are on your natal charts?

It can never hurt to be more informed. Who knows, the stars may have something in the works.

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