5 Zodiac Compatibility Signs That Aries Shouldn’t Date

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There’s a certain beauty in the stars and how they shape and influence our lives. However, while there are Aries compatible signs, that also means that there are signs that they should stay away from.

The signature of an Aries is their need for control and their stubborn determination. When they set their sights on something, there’s nothing they won’t do to get what they want. They will often work hard long after others have given up.

This straightforward and aggressive nature makes the Aries a natural leader. Not only that, but they are fiercely protective of those they care about, often putting others’ needs above their own.

Of course, the Aries’ confidence and fiery temperament can also cause issues. They can be stubborn to a fault and won’t listen to reason without a fight. Also, they can be quite controlling; sometimes, they can’t be at ease as long as there are factors that they can’t influence. This often manifests in relationships and in work, especially when there are issues that they need to resolve.

So which signs are least likely to be Aries compatible signs? Will an opposing sign prove to be too different to connect with, or will they find a like sign to be just as incorrigible and stubborn?

Zodiac Compatible Signs that Aries Should Not Date


An Aries pair is much like any other couple with the same signs in that they have a lot in common. Unfortunately, in an Aries sign compatible pair, the common trait that usually manifests most clearly is their stubborn aggression.

They both have a lot of fight in them, and neither is comfortable backing down from any challenge. There is a problem here, especially because a relationship can only thrive on understanding and compromise. Something has got to give eventually, and there has to be a balance. 

Unfortunately, Aries does not care much for negotiations. While they may relent to other signs who make the first step to compromise, there is almost no such thing when you have two of the most stubborn signs clashing.

This constant state of aggression can make for a powerful connection. However, this can also be just as draining for both signs when they run out of steam but still can’t catch a break. This eternal state of conflict is what usually causes both signs to eventually tire of each other.

On the bright side, this explosive relationship may make for an interesting short-term relationship, but it would require a near-insurmountable level of determination if the Aries wants to be one of the Aries compatible signs.


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A relationship between these two signs is usually going to be a war of attrition to see who wears who down first. Both the Aries and the Scorpio are very dominating partners, and a relationship between both usually leads to both signs fighting for control over each other.

This can be an issue because the Aries is very straightforward in their approach, while the Scorpio is more subtle in how they gain control. What happens is that both signs will have a hard time trusting each other as the Aries will find the Scorpio uncomfortable. 

The Scorpio can easily take advantage of the Aries’ open nature, and while the Aries can be stubborn, it’s only a matter of time before they run out of determination. On the other hand, the blunt instrument that is the Aries will frustrate the more sensitive Scorpio with how little they seem to perceive.

While the physical passions can burn hot enough to tide this relationship over for a while, it’s the emotional stress and feelings of distrust that often spells the death of the relationship. More often than not, when both signs try to clear the air, it only shows how wide the gap is between the two of them.

As this gap widens, the mind games the Scorpio plays and the Aries’ need to do rather than think will leave both sides drained. Of course, there is always the possibility for the Aries to be one of Aries compatible signs. But this is more of an exception rather than the rule.


As one of the least Aries compatible signs, Capricorn is a square sign to the Aries. It means that their signs are perpendicular to each other on the Zodiac chart.

To that end, both signs are in for a relationship that is anything but simple. It’s almost tragic in that both signs usually gravitate to the same goals in life but disagree in how they intend to get there. Additionally, they also have wildly different reasons for doing the things they do, and this can also be a cause for contention.

The Capricorn is all about steady progress. They prefer to work subtly towards their goals by playing it safe and sticking to what works. This approach runs opposite to how the Aries runs things. They are passionate and thrive at the forefront of attention. Additionally, they are willing to take risks if the rewards are worth it. 

Platonically, they can balance each other by tempering each other’s appetite for risk. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the same way when it comes to a more intimate relationship. Their differences in motivation come into play here as the Aries values the challenge and glory that overcoming difficulties brings. The Capricorn, on the other hand, values the security and stability that getting rid of the problem affords them.

In general, the Aries moves too fast for the Capricorn to follow. This disparity in pacing can lead both signs to drift away before they can weather the admittedly lengthy storm that comes before they can stabilize their relationship.


When you take the bold and brash Aries and put them together with the moody and hyper aware Cancer, calling this relationship volatile would be the understatement of the century. 

The Aries is bull-headed and will tackle any issue head-on. They consider any problem as something that they need to analyze and overcome. Because of this go big or go home mentality, they are naturally aggressive when it comes to life in general.

On the other hand, the Cancer gravitates towards loss aversion. Their way of solving problems is making sure that they get through any issue while protecting as much of themselves and everything they care about.

This can be a recipe for disaster as both signs are bound to butt heads when they first come together. When a Cancer realizes that they are not Aries compatible signs, they would naturally seek to reach a compromise. Of course, this then elicits a fight or flight response in the couple. But that just means that the Aries is now in total fight mode while the Cancer is about ready to fly away.

The Aries’ aggression threatens the Cancer, and the Cancer’s need to self-preserve will frustrate the Aries. This disagreement leads to a vicious cycle where the Aries continuously pushes towards a resolution at any cost. At the same time, the Cancer retreats deeper and deeper into themselves until one of them snaps.

However, this relationship isn’t necessarily doomed. It just so happens that there is a long and arduous journey before this relationship mellows out. Whether or not Cancer becomes one of the Aries compatible signs is a different question entirely.


An Aries is a far cry from being one of the Aries compatible signs. This couple will find themselves at odds with each other over almost everything. They are so drastically different from each other to the point where their relationship becomes too volatile to last long.

The Aries values new experiences and treats life like an adventure. This incessant search for novel experiences runs opposite to the Taurus’ values since they would much rather live a quiet life of routine with peace and quiet. 

The Taurus wants to go through life slowly, and they want to take their time thinking things through before making any decisions. Because they take so much time to do anything, the Aries will often feel frustrated and grow impatient with their partner. The Aries may even go so far as to dismiss their partner as indecisive and cowardly.

On the other hand, the Taurus will find the Aries to be insufferable. They work hard to create a stable life that can stand firm no matter what. By extension, they do not appreciate the Aries’ seeming need to constantly upheave whatever stability they have managed to scrape together. The Taurus perceives their partner’s fast pace as impulsivity and immaturity. Over time, this disagreement will breed resentment between both signs.

Since both signs can be quite stubborn when it comes to their core beliefs, it would be hard for them to find a middle ground where both sides can be satisfied. Because of this fundamental inability to get along, all other aspects of their relationship also suffer.

Communication becomes a chore and often leads to arguments and conflict. As communications break down, so does their trust in each other. Both signs feel that they cannot rely on a partner that does not understand them.


Unfortunately, not everyone can have an Aries compatible sign. But know that this is also by design. All things in this world and beyond must stay in equilibrium.

To this end, the Aries can be quite feisty and impulsive to those who cannot catch up or temper their intensity. Some signs cannot agree with Aries on fundamental truths about life. Others may have the same idea but different interpretations of these concepts.

All in all, this list would help Aries make informed decisions about who they choose to get into a relationship with. Otherwise, for those whose signs may be incompatible, there isn’t anything that enough hard work and mutual respect can’t power through.

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