White Moon Selena in Zodiac Signs: Ultimate Astrology Guide

white moon selena

Natal charts in astrology feature a little-known part called the White Moon Selena. Most people overlook it in favor of the Black Moon Lilith. Sometimes, they haven’t even heard of the White Moon Selena! Despite this, it’s an extremely positive area on your natal chart.

This positive area brings the Zodiac signs and you positive energy! The White Moon Selena is a protective part of the natal chart; very helpful to anyone. Many ask how to find White Moon Selena. It’s simple; you just need your basic natal chart information. That includes your birthdate and birth location.

Once you do, remember that Selena is an invisible part of the natal chart. Despite invisibility, this doesn’t lessen Selena’s effect on the Zodiac signs. In fact, White Moon Selena in signs is typically how her power reveals itself. The best part of the soul is something that Selena helps bring out.

White Moon Selena Astrology

If you’re searching for the Selena white moon in natal chart, you need to know your sign and house location. This, along with your birth information, will point the way to where White Moon Selena is. Aspects of your natal planets are also important to consider in your search.

Lock down the location of White Moon Selena in the chart. Then, you can then learn the best part of your soul. This best part of your sign and soul is what White Moon Selena represents. She brings it out of you best when its her turn on your chart.

White Moon Selena in Aries

The Selena white moon in astrology aids Aries best in its fights in life. Aries is typically an active warrior sign, so the White Moon Selena helps Aries take action. When your Selena is up, this is your cue to take action and take charge!

People will look to you to lead them and be the vanguard in endeavors like business. Remember to fight for the right reasons, and the luck of Selena will be on your side. Pursue fights and take action in areas of life ruled by the house of your Selena.

White Moon Selena in Taurus


As grounded as ever, the earthy Taurus benefits most when they ground themselves in practical realities. Stability and security are Taurus’ favorite things because it helps them take action in slow and steady ways. Committing yourself to something once it gets moving gives Taurus the pleasure of life.

Because of this, Taurus finds new ways to benefit everyone with their resources. Their spiritual connection to the Earth is particularly strong. Where you’ll focus your grounding and resource use depends on the areas of life ruled by your Selena’s house.

White Moon Selena in Gemini

Gemini is an intellectual sign, so it benefits most from their minds and communicating with others. Finding the right way to express themselves is an important part of Gemini’s personal security. When you manifest this properly, you’ll always get the information you need and people are available to talk to you.

Keep your mind open and absorb knowledge for new ideas and ways of doing things. Share that knowledge with others later. Where you’ll focus your information gathering and self-expression depends on the areas of life ruled by your Selena’s house.

White Moon Selena in Cancer


Cancer is a sign that emotions fuel, so strong emotional connections are beneficial for Cancer. This pertains to your own connection to your emotional self and your emotional connection with other people. Your nurturing and supportive nature reaches everyone, even those who don’t deserve it!

Solid emotional connections help you develop a stronger intuition than most. Subtle energies and karmic baggage aren’t hidden from you; you can detect them straight away. Where you can direct your emotional focus depends on the areas of life ruled by your Selena’s house.

White Moon Selena in Leo

Leo rules hearts, so connect to your heart and express your love for the maximum benefit. Warmth and generosity go a long way for Leos in being their best selves. Creative expression helps Leos feel more secure and stable, so use your strong creative energy.

Turn up your inner light and shine for others to show them their path. However, you’ll have to work on your own self-awareness to keep yourself on the right path. Where you can focus love and creative energy depends on the areas of life ruled by your Selena’s house.

White Moon Selena in Virgo


Well-reasoned and practical approaches are the domain of the analytical Virgo. Order and structure are something that Virgos naturally implement, so you benefit and work best this way. As a good worker, you can get others to work better with or for you.

Your own health is important so you can heal others too, so don’t neglect yourself. With your special eye for detail, you’re bound to see or learn something others don’t. Where you can focus your practicality and hard work depends on the areas of life ruled by your Selena’s house.

White Moon Selena in Libra

The most of Libra’s benefit is something to make out of relationships. Social connection is particularly important for Libra, the sign of relationships. People in your life offer you great opportunities and rewards, something you want to help them for.

Keeping everyone on the same page and bringing them together with diplomatic skill is also something Libras do. Keeping the peace and bringing justice is what Libra is all about. Where you can connect and keep the peace depends on the areas of life ruled by your Selena’s house.

White Moon Selena in Scorpio


Scorpio is a sign that’s all about transformation and evolution. Most of this sign’s benefits come from learning important lessons in changing. In defeat and failure, Scorpio rises as a changed and much stronger person.

Ordeals can only really make Scorpio stronger. As they grow, Scorpio is excellent at making use of their newfound power. They even help others find their power and work on developing strong spiritual connections. Where they can focus their transformations and power use depends on the areas of life ruled by their Selena’s house.

White Moon Selena in Sagittarius

Sagittarius rules by their belief, so develop a strong connection with your beliefs and live by them faithfully. Hypocrisy is always something that someone can expose and use to keep you down and out. Don’t give them that chance; live in truth and you’ll be a natural teacher.

Your wisdom and experience are a special gift you can pass down as a Sagittarius. Confidence without ego will take any Sagittarius very far. Where you can focus living truth and knowledge sharing depends on the areas of life ruled by your Selena’s house.

White Moon Selena in Capricorn


Goal-oriented and hardworking, Capricorns govern goals and achieve them almost every time they set one. Capricorns rule by responsibility. Often, they find themselves taking on the responsibilities of others. Frequently, they do this of their own free will and understand they can do it while others can’t.

Rewarding as this is down the road, it also shows others the right way to work. Goals that Capricorn sets will almost always take a long time and grit, but it is something Capricorn has. Where you can focus your goals and responsibilities depends on the areas of life ruled by your Selena’s house.

White Moon Selena in Aquarius

Rebellious by nature, Aquarius benefits from taking the less beaten path. Your own truth benefits you and encourages others to do the same. Independence and innovation drive Aquarius to be their best and this is when they produce their best work.

Pushing out of tradition to something new and different is Aquarius’ domain. Changes that benefit you are something you can pursue and you can show others how to do it. Where you can focus your independence and unconventional methods depends on the areas of life ruled by your Selena’s house.

White Moon Selena in Pisces


Intuition is Pisces’ game, so you benefit most from strong connection with your own intuition. Tap into the subtle energies around you so these can guide you without conscious awareness of their guidance. As Pisces, you’re compassionate and help others even when many wouldn’t help them.

Creativity is also your jam and your artistically active imagination can be your profession. It can also be your outlet or way of helping other people. Where you can focus your intuition or compassion depends on the areas of life ruled by your Selena’s house.

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