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white aura meaning

If you’re a fan of New Age spirituality, then you’ve probably come across with the concept of auras. Like forcefields around us, these Auras radiate the kind of energy that we bring. But did you know that they have different colors? Yes, in this article, you’ll discover more about the white aura meaning!

But before we dive right in, you may have some doubts about auras, right? Well, just hold them for a bit, and continue reading through. In the next section, we’ll do an in-depth discussion of white aura meaning, and you can see for yourself.  

In this article, you’ll discover: 

  • The meaning of a white aura
  • The white aura personality: how do they relate to others
  • What auras are and how you can get them
  • Benefits and drawbacks of having a white aura
  • White aura in relationships, careers, and interactions

But First, what are Auras? 

Simply put, Auras are electromagnetic waves that emanate from our bodies. Radiating around our skin, these auras are energy-like waves that aren’t visible to the naked eye. And because these auras are kinda invisible, many people think that they aren’t real.

However, this notion has long been disproved by science. In the 1890’s, Hippolyte Baraduc’s experiments pointed to the idea that auras can be photographed. Additionally, the Kirlian method shows that indeed, there are electromagnetic waves around us.

Even so, the concept of auras is still up for debate. But that doesn’t mean that auras aren’t real. It’s just that most of the scientific community can’t really consider the whole process as ‘scientific’. Even then, their disapproval doesn’t mean that auras don’t exist. 

In New Age spirituality, the community understands these auras as reflections of their energy. The kind of vibe you bear reflects in the kind of aura that you have. As such, these auras can change and shift. Basically, they are a combination of your energy, mood, and spiritual force. For the community, these auras are as real as we are, and their value is indispensable. 

Yet if they are real, how come I can’t see them? 

The most probable reason why you can’t see auras is that you’re not a spiritual expert. It usually takes someone with spiritual or paranormal abilities to spot them. To give you an analogy, think of your car. It may be broken deep within, but it takes a good mechanic to spot the erring parts. The same goes with your aura: just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. 

I mean, at the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you’ll believe in its existence. But as you are reading this article, we hope that you’ll keep an open mind. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose anyway. 

What are the Aura Colors and how do I get one?  

Auras exist, and it radiates in different colors. With each color, a certain vibe, mood, or energy is attached to it. Generally, these are the known colors of auras: 

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Violet
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Black

As a rule of thumb, the kind of aura you radiate depends on several factors. Generally, it reflects your overall mood, life outlook, physical health, and spiritual as well. While some auras are more preferable than others, these factors simply mean that the colors do come and go. 

Yes, you can have different aura colors. And as a matter of fact, certain shifts in your lifestyle and perspective. Today, you might radiate a white aura meaning you exude that energy. But tomorrow, it can quickly shift to blue or green aura. Contrastingly, it can also remain the same for years, especially when you’re sticking to certain practices and beliefs. 

Take note as well that in most cases, an individual has 1-2 active aura colors. One may be dominant or prevalent, while the other can be dynamic and changes every now and then.

But for this article, we’ll focus on one particular thing: the white aura meaning. 

What does it mean if you have white aura?

Under the guidance of a spiritual expert, this white aura can be seen as a glowing translucent hue. Depicting what is good and pure, this aura emanates a positive and uplifting vibe. But when it is erratic and troubling, the white aura meaning will appear to be dirty and unclear. 

In such cases, the impact of the aura’s color will appear in your personality. A positive white aura will reflect the following traits: 

1. Bright and cheerful


You exude a kind of energy that lightens up others. Your presence alone is enough to change the mood of the party. As such, people find joy around you as you uplift their spirits. 

2. Kind

As someone bearing the white aura, you exemplify kindness. And no, this is not just politeness. You are not just respectful. You’re also caring and you value the importance of people, even those that you don’t love. 

3. Positive

This positivity reflects your general outlook on life. You allow yourself to see the good in things and not just pick a low-hanging fruit. While others may say that the grass is always greener on the other side, your positivity breaks their bias, allowing you to act on it. 

4. Innocent

Embodying purity, you are innocent. And no, this doesn’t mean you don’t commit mistakes. Instead, what it pertains to is the fact that you don’t allow your views to be corrupted by the negativity of others. 

5. Generous

Your generosity is totally out of the question. You’ll offer a helping hand to others without them needing to beg for it. Reaching out to those around you is as natural as breathing air. 

6. Highly Spiritual

As to your aptitudes, you are known to be highly spiritual. You rely on your intuition and perception in making decisions. While you adhere to logic and reason, your spirituality usually takes over, for better or for worse. 

Given these positive traits, it is to no wonder why people are aspiring to have that white aura. To understand it more clearly, here are the concrete benefits of having the white aura: 

1. Enlightens your perspective

With a unique concoction of highly positive traits, white auras can actually enlighten your perspectives in life. If you are feeling under the weather (both spiritually and physically), learning to manifest the white aura will surely help. Before you know it, you are already achieving your goals in life simply because of how you see things. 

2. Strong Spiritual Self

strong spiritual self

The value of a strong spiritual self is often underrated. Since people think that health, money, and mindset are more important, they often neglect the spirit. But unbeknownst to them, the spirit is what keeps things intact. With a spirit filled with cracks, negative energy can silently creep through. Wonder why successful people suddenly lose it? They must lack in this area, something the white aura can address. 

3. Unblock Crown Chakra

In relation to your spirit, a healthy crown chakra means you are more open to higher beings. Meaning, if you are trying to manifest something to the universe, it certainly helps to have a white aura. As such, the white aura serves as a semi-gatekeeper to your higher self. 

4. Existential Awareness

Finally, more than spiritual health and positive outlook in life, existential awareness is one of the core benefits of having the white aura. You are more conscious than other people. They may not see it but indeed, you get to see your decisions and their respective effects on your life. This also means that you get to reflect more, and do better the second time around.

However, don’t be quick to assume that white auras aren’t faultless. Like everything else, white auras aren’t perfect. Thus, here are some possible drawbacks of white auras: 

1. Overly Naive

With innocence comes naiveness. People bearing the white aura are often too innocent to see through others’ negative intentions. Since they champion optimism and positivity, white aura bearers may subconsciously neglect the cracks along the wall. Before they know it, they may see and hear no evil. That’s why it is important for white auras to somehow be prudent in how they perceive others. 

2. Lack of Groundedness

Relating to their perspectives, white auras tend to lack groundedness. By this, what we mean is they are too ‘up there’. Now such problem doesn’t necessarily mean being arrogant. Rather, it is often lacking the touch of reality. That’s why white auras tend to be lost, as their minds are floating elsewhere. It is good to be spiritual, but try keeping things in moderation. 

3. Disconnection with Peers

Social connections may be problematic due to lack of groundedness. Before they know it, people around them find white auras as bizarre and absurd. Because of their highly spiritual nature, white auras tend live and breathe chakras and healing crystals. In this case, not everyone may connect with them, often shooing others. If you observe this to be the case, try to take a pause and connect with those around you. 

4. Prone to be Taken Advantage of

Finally, white auras are more gullible than you think. They are prone to being taken advantage of by those around them. Targeting their spiritual nature, potential predators hook white auras in using their language. And before they know it, they already lost money over some fake healing crystals.

White Auras in Relationships and Dating

white auras in relationships

In their dating life, white auras are nurturing and attentive. Since they have a strong sense of self, you can expect them to see through others’ intentions. Perceptive and cunning, they can sense if someone is actually into them even when they don’t have concrete proof. After all, white auras rely strongly on their gut feel, though is a result of their intuitiveness. 

However, things can easily go sour and out of touch when dating white auras. For some unexplainable reason, their perception of you can quickly shift. Because they strongly rely on how they feel, that feeling can be an unstable basis. Even if you exert a ton of effort, there’s no guarantee that they can give you that assurance down the line. While they may appear to nurture and take good care of you, there’s no telling when that will end. 

To address this, it is important to level off with white auras. Marking milestones in the relationship allows them to see its longevity. By constantly reminding white auras that the whole thing has been a journey, they get to realize the importance of keeping things intact. 

In fact, there’s no need to prepare for grandiose excursions. Rather, simple acts of showing thoughtfulness are enough to give them subtle hints as they are perceptive. By following this philosophy, you’ll bring out the caring and nurturing side of them. 

White Auras in Career and Worklife

While dating can be a bit wavy and flowy for white auras, career and work are something they’re certain of. Since this aura is so focused on helping others, their career choices are quite obvious. You’ll find them in the medical field, rescue, or even caregiving. Given such, it isn’t uncommon for white auras to be in clinical psychology, animal rescue, the medical profession, teaching, and various kinds of therapy. 

Even when their other auras dominate, you can still see them embodying that selflessness in their respective fields. Since white auras are nurturers through and through, you can expect them to reach out. They love giving without expecting to receive anything. After all, it is already fulfilling for them to see others grow and flourish under their care and guidance. 

At the end of the day, this boils down to their passion. And for white auras, their passion leads to pursuit, which in turn, gives meaning to their lives. For them, the greatest sin they can commit is failing to live up to this telos. Thus, expect them to share their time, talents, and treasures unconditionally. Although, don’t abuse their kindness as they can be equally vengeful.  

Closing Thoughts 

In this short article, the whole discussion revolves around white aura meaning. As bearers or one interacting with them, we hope to improve your understanding of these rare beings. Just remember, in dealing with white auras, it is important to do so with an open mind and an honest heart. 

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