Aura Colors and Their Meanings: Discover Your Aura Color!

aura colors and their meanings

Colors are like spices: they add variety to life. Aura colors and their meanings are no different. Were there times where you felt absolutely green with envy? Did your passion burn as red as a blazing fire? We naturally correlate colors and our nature. It livens up and provokes our emotions to see colors.

In this guide, we’ll show you aura colors and their meanings. Every aura has a color and every color has a meaning. The different colors of an aura and their meanings are important to know. There are many of them, after all.

Aura colors and their meanings may seem complicated, especially to those who can’t see them. Don’t worry; you can sense it even if you can’t see the energy that an aura is giving off. After you learn to sense auras, it is only a matter of time before you feel its color.

That’s why we wrote up this handy little aura colors and meaning list; to help you! The list is simple and easy to read, so you can easily pick up how to understand the energies around you. Read on to learn about what these aura colors are and what they mean!

Aura Colors and What They Mean

Before we get into their meaning, what is an aura anyway? Let’s try a real world example. Have you ever walked into a room and noticed that the vibe was way off? Not everyone is emphatic enough to literally be able to see auras, but everyone can feel energy from anyone.

That energy rubs off on some people and affects their energy. Energy fields like that inhabit our physical space and make up our aura and the aura of others too. Daily events and life-changing times go a long way towards making up your aura, including your emotions and moods.

It happens to us all the time! You’re having a great day and the sun is shining then you meet someone whose energy is just negative. After that, you don’t understand what exactly happened but your disappointment is immeasurable. Your day just doesn’t feel right anymore.

Aura is all about our energy’s color and the color of other people’s energy. Your aura is unique and so is everyone and everything else’s. Some auras are bright and vivid; others are mute and soft. The colors of auras and their meanings is what this philosophy is all about.

Aura colors and their meanings are a thing that people have been trying to explain for years. How do you explain that you know someone’s having a bad day before they’ve even said anything? It’s so much more than a detective’s eye seeing a haggard face or a shoddily assembled outfit.

So what does aura colors mean? There are nine different aura colors and their meanings are all in this list right here. Read on to learn all the meanings of different aura colors!

Red Auras

red aura

Fiery personalities and hot tempers are common traits to people with red auras. Those with red auras tend to act first and deal with the consequences later. Among the aura colors and their meanings, red auras are one of the stronger ones. The Root Chakra stimulates confidence and grounding to connect to the red aura.

Fervent and connected to their surroundings, red auras pour their whole being into whatever they are passionate about. However, that passion is not free; red auras often clash with other red auras. They often lack grounding, so healing red crystals like spinels and rubies give space for grounding.

Orange Auras

Driven by sexual or physical desire, the orange aura radiates physical energy. This color’s desire stems from the Sacral Chakra in the lower abdomen near the reproductive organs. Oranges are creatively stimulated and are much more likely to learn from experience than study.

Naturally, this causes orange auras to struggle with discerning between their mind’s and body’s desires. When your libido is that naturally high, it’s hard not to start seeing sex in a lot of things in life. Warm-hued healing crystals like Fire Agates help center the orange aura. The discernment boost is a great bonus too.

Yellow Auras

yellow aura

Bright as a sunbeam, the yellow aura is boundlessly optimistic and brings great merriment wherever it goes. People with yellow auras often hear that they are charming or charismatic and this attracts a lot of different people. There’s no discrimination in who you befriend; young or old doesn’t matter. Everyone has the potential to be your friend.

Spawning from the Solar Plexus Chakra, yellow auras have a free and encouraging spirit. The chakra roots them in independence and confidence. Yellow crystals like Citrine or Yellow Quartz are helpful for healing up and bringing back a happy vibe that’s slipping away from you.

Green Auras

Ah, the great outdoors! Green auras are intimate with nature and connect with it on a deeper level than most. They often find themselves drawn outdoors and unable to bring themselves to leave their happy place. Urban hustle and bustle is exhausting to the greens who would rather camp than hit up that nightclub.

Calm tranquility and patience are natural to people with green auras. They make great teachers and healers who often use natural means to effect their good in the world. Natural elements like Green Aventurine help keep this aura connected to Mother Earth when life separates them.

Blue Auras

blue aura

A strong but wayward mind is typical of one with a blue aura. They’re daydreamers and thought-drifters. Blue auras struggle to stay grounded and find themselves lost in thought a lot. Deep introspection and intuition makes their thoughts deep but causes a struggle in communicating it to others.

Ironically, blue auras signify the Throat Chakra. It is the center of clear communication and expression of thought. Lapis lazuli crystals in a grid or some blue agates may help you vocalize your thoughts better. Set them up in the common spaces of your home and office to restore your communication energy.

Purple Auras

Strong intuitions are a core trait of those with purple auras. Empathy doesn’t escape them either. They are likely to feel psychosomatic pain in their own body when they see someone else hurting. Toxic language also affects them a lot more than most other people.

Purple is the color of the Third-Eye Chakra; the center of spiritual and psychic intuition. It makes those with purple auras almost psychic as they sense events before something even hints it will happen. Sometimes, the world is too much and your sensitivity hurts you more than it helps. If this happens, a healing bath with some amethyst can help calm your stressed heart.

Pink Auras

pink aura

Gently loving and kind hearts stay strong with pink auras. Your generosity is famous and your softly caring heart makes you beloved by all. Perfect strangers often unpack all their woes to you. You could never come across to even them as anything but trustworthy and caring.

Pink is the color of your Heart Chakra; your primary decision-maker. Your compassion and love leads to great care for all around you, but sometimes you need love too. Get some Rose Quartz; it is so much harder to keep loving everyone if you don’t show yourself some love.

White Auras

White auras are rare. Perfectionists with sharp minds often present as white auras. Despite this, people with white auras often feel anxiety and disconnection from a greater purpose. Their talents present an embarrassment of wealth. When you can do anything perfectly, what is the perfect thing to do?

The white aura connects to the Crown Chakra, rooted in the mind and connected to the spiritual realm. Crystal Quartzes in the hand do wonders to help the white aura center itself and breathe. Use the healing energy to leave your anxiety behind and find your purpose again.

Black Auras

black aura

Technically, this isn’t an aura in and of itself. Black auras are often negative energies that darken and exhaust the other auras. Usually, this doesn’t mean that your aura is black and you’re just a naturally negative person. Your real aura has gone dark from life events and stressful triggers.

Fatigue is a monster we all have to battle, but you can’t fight it by driving yourself harder. Meditation or yoga with some colorful crystals are a way to relax yourself and release that negative energy. The goal is to breathe away that black aura without hurting anyone else or dampening anyone else’s aura. 

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