What is the Age of Aquarius? And How does it affect you?

what is the age of aquarius

Changes await as we enter a new age that lands on Aquarius! The Aquarian age will bring forth very impactful changes that will affect you one way or another. But before we head on to the changes, it is essential to know what is the age of Aquarius. 

This article will help you answer the question “What is the age of Aquarius” to better prepare you for the Aquarian age that is to come. Learn more about it as you scroll through, and also get a glimpse of the following:

  • Before the age of Aquarius
  • What is the Age of Aquarius
  • Age of Aquarius starting date
  • How to Survive during the age of Aquarius
  • What Impact does it have on us?

Before the Age of Aquarius

Before we head on to what is the Age of Aquarius is, let us first know what was before the such astrological event. It is important to trace back before starting anew for us to determine the changes that are happening from what was before. 

Prior to the Age of Aquarius, there was the age of Pisces. During this time, humans engage more when it comes to the soul. This is where people’s idea of human transcendence becomes higher and more focused. 

Moreover, during the age of Pisces, forgiveness, empathy, and love were being centered on. The belief of heaven and hell, good and bad, have been taken in a whole new way. 

What is the Age of Aquarius?

Some of you may ask “What does the age of Aquarius mean”. In the this age, there is progressive thinking. During this age, there is a focus on each and everyone’s individual personality and because of this, acting as a unit is achieved. However, there will also be a change in power dynamics during this age. Freedom is given to those who want to choose their own reality. 

Age of Aquarius Starting date

When does the age of Aquarius begin? There is no straight answer to this question since astrologers are still debating exactly when this age starts. 

Some believe that it started on March 20, 2021. Meanwhile, other astrologers say it began in December 2020. According to Kelly, there is no final agreement as to when it actually starts, however, astrologers do know that the Aquarian age centers on innovation and hope. 

The Aquarian age revolves around technology, government, and industry in the 19th century. This further explains the innovation aspect of the event. 

How to survive in the age of Aquarius

  1. Think Outside The Box
think outside the box

If you are a person who is used to having routines and staying in your comfort zone, it’s better to start exploring more during the this age. During this event, it is better to think outside the box. Try out new things and aim for uniqueness. Also, unconventional aspects are your best friends.

Since the age of Aquarius is all about innovation, you have to think of what’s beyond your comfort zone to be able to innovate and try something new. Thinking outside the box can help you generate more ideas that can possibly help you during the Aquarian age. 

  1. Avoid Materialism

Last year, it was all about money because of Capricorn. However, the age of Aquarius focuses more on innovation, hope, and friendship rather than materialistic themes. During this age, it is important to avoid materialism as much as possible.

There are different ways you can practice avoiding materialism:

  • Value Experience over materials things
    • The more you value experience, the more you do not think about the material aspect that much. The happiness level we have when we experience new things is beyond the feeling we feel when getting stuff or objects. 
  • Practice gratitude
    • This is where “being thankful of what you have” comes in handy. The more grateful that you are, the more you will not be feeling the need to purchase anything else. There is a shift in your focus when you practice gratitude.
  • Declutter
    • Another great way to avoid materialism is to declutter. You can start by shifting your focus to deciding what material thing you own that goes and stays. By doing this, you will become more organized and will feel relaxed. 
  • Start Healthy Hobbies
    • Having healthier hobbies can aid you in connecting with your inner self. As you spend your time doing something meaningful, you will be able to realize that life is beyond any material possession.
  • Help other people with their needs
    • Helping other people can shift your focus into even more important things. You do not always have to start with grand gestures, helping can start small. 
  1. Build Friendships 

In this age of awakening, the shift is also focused on building relationships and friendships. Go out and get more involved with people. This works specifically well when you get along with people who have the same interests as you.

  1. Be Rebellious 

To better understand what is the age of Aquarius and how to survive it, try and let go of your sense of obedience. Aquarius energy shifts its focus to going against the status quo. This is also akin to thinking outside the box which can help you aim for uniqueness. Do not be afraid to break or bend the rules a little. Learn to embrace your inner rebel.

  1. Be more socially Active

Also, the focus is also centered on Humanitarian aid. That is why being socially active is another survival tip. Learn more about social justice and speak out. Go out and volunteer for Humanitarian aid initiatives. 

  1. Catch up with the latest Technological trends

In this age, there are also big technological advancements. Do not forget that the age of Aquarius is all about innovation that is why catching up with the latest technological trends is another must for survival. 

Technology in the age of Aquarius can bring people together and can also be a reason for healing. With technology now, people can easily communicate and form a bond. 

  1. Embrace change
embrace change

In this age, change is something that is big and coming. The surge of rebirth is strong, however, you should not run away from it. Embracing change is your way of moving on from something. Moreover, if something does not go according to plan just think that the change will bring forth a new beginning. 

These are just survival tips by the end of the day. It is still up to you whether or not you will use these tips or not. However, using these as a guide can surely help you.

What Impact does it have on us?

As we enter the age of Aquarius, what impact does it have on us? What to expect in the age of Aquarius? Here are a few things you have to get a heads up from as we enter the aid of the water signs.

  1. Emphasis on Technology

In the age of Aquarius, technology is focused. Moreover, there will be less reliance on traditional structures and more embracing innovation. This is particular with embracing technology.

During this age, technology communication is in the spotlight as it allows us to interact more with other people. Furthermore, we are also allowed to connect with people, especially during this pandemic. 

However, it does come with a price. Because of the reliance on technology, there is a possibility people will get overly affectionate towards it. This can cause addiction to social media and other technological advancements. 

  1. Economic Disruption

During the age of Aquarius, Uranus is in Taurus which means that there will be major economic disruptions. Moreover, this also means there will be tension in banks and other financial institutions. Loss of financial wealth will be a lot of people’s problems.

During this time, it is safer to guard your finances. This already happened during the great depression and you know what they say “History repeats itself”. 

  1. Community Care

In the age of Aquarius, community-building and helping other people is also a priority. Community care equates to major healing. Moreover, this also means there will be bigger initiatives when it comes to caring for the community.

  1. Innovation and Growth 

As mentioned multiple times, innovation is one of the main core during the age of Aquarius. And with innovation, comes growth. During this time, we will be impacted in a way that we are more innovative. There will be newer and bigger developments that will help with society’s growth. 

  1. Rebirth and Renewal

The age of Aquarius is also a time of rebirth and renewal. This means that people will start to learn to work as a unit rather than as individual people. During this rebirth and renewal, people should become critical thinkers to be able to fully do collective responsibilities. 

  1. Health and Well-being

The age of Aquarius affects health and well-being too. Yes, apparently it can. During this age, healthcare is and should be accessible to everyone. Furthermore, everyone is considered a healer during this time.

We can heal our own sleeves through our personal experiences. It is important to look within yourself and learn to trust what you are knowledgeable about.      

These are only a few of the things brought about by the shift to the Age of Aquarius. It is still up to you will use these or not. 


As a new age comes, there are a lot of uncertainties. Moreover, there are also a lot changes that you need to be ready for. Now you have had a glimpse of what is the age of Aquarius, you also have an idea how much this age centers on innovation and technology. 

As we enter a new age, we also have to remember there are impacts that may do us more harm than good. However, this does not mean that the Aquarian age brings forth danger. To reiterate, it brings change and change is not positive all the time. 

With the survival tips and the impacts, you are now aware how you should go about during the age of Aquarius. Use your knowledge wisely and this age will be a piece of cake for you. 

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