A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding What Are Oracle Cards

what are oracle cards

Every beginner would come to know that there are different kinds of divination decks. Understanding the world of psychic reading, you must be familiar with these if you like to peer into the future or receive love and relationship reading every now and then. You may, however, experience bewilderment as well. After all, does anyone really know what are oracle cards for? In this article, we will answer what is the purpose of oracle cards by supplementing the following topics:

  • What are oracle cards?
  • What are oracle cards used for?
  • What are the best oracle cards?
  • What are the differences between tarot cards and oracle cards? 

If you are more inclined to follow your intuition, this piece of information is for you! 

What are oracle cards used for?

An oracle deck is a set of cards that offers insight and advice into our daily lives. It has a set format of 78 cards divided into major and minor arcana, oracle decks can be more flexible and interpretive. Thus, providing a more flexible methodology through an oracle deck.

For an instance, each deck contains no particular type or number of cards, so there are fewer restraints to follow and more space to follow your intuition. The cards reflect themes in conveying important information. These cards are titled with many archetypes, ranging from “love” and “the healer” to “abundance” and “deceit.” It then allows you to assess your perspective and situation while tuning in to your higher and authentic state of being.

So, a beginner may ask, what do oracle cards do? 

Oracle readings, according to Matt Beech mystic, should help you rediscover your power and alter your life. It’s a way to improve your situation while also developing the confidence to do so. There is no dark magic or hypnosis involved; it just gives you the opportunity to believe in yourself so that you can live the life you want free of fear and doubt.

Moreover, oracle readings encourage a lot of reflection as you learn about your own personality traits and deepest desires. In other words, rather than having a deck of cards tell you what you are all about, your perspective and intuition are the main chunks of understanding the bigger picture. This, according to experts, allows you to obtain a more accurate read on your genuine ambitions and dreams. An oracle reading will not tell you where you should go in your life; rather, it will motivate you to take command of your life and steer it in the direction of your innermost aspirations.

Lastly, they assist you in discovering your true self. One of the most important results of an oracle reading is that you will feel more connected to your true self. You’ll almost certainly leave the reading with a clearer understanding of your history, present, and future, as well as how they’ve all shaped your personality. One of the key advantages is that by regaining your energy rather than allowing your experiences to shape you, you will be able to choose who you want to become.

2 Basic Approaches of Using Oracle Cards: Three-Card Pull and Celtic Cross

It is no doubt that it can be an intimidating task to use oracle cards for beginners. So, how to use oracle cards? To begin with, we suggest either a three-card pull or the Celtic Cross spread. These are the two essential spreads that you can choose as an approach. The former involves drawing three cards from the deck to depict the subject being read’s Past, Present, and Future. In another vein, you can think of it as mind, body, and spirit. You can even go for a six-card pull, with one card representing all of these areas. 

The Celtic Cross, while significantly more difficult, is also a good place to start. It is a traditional spread where it goes way back in time. It is a 10-card spread and together they form the shape of a cross, with a vertical row of four cards put out to its right, with each indicating a different question. Notably, it is a systematic tarot spread since it helps open the reader’s frame their question in mind, deliberately. Each card in a specific position will provide a specific meaning and thus making it easier for the readers to comprehend. 

What are the best oracle cards?

Hundreds of oracle decks are now available, each with a unique theme and focus. When buying a deck, go with your gut instinct. Collecting decks over time also pays off, since different decks will appeal to you depending on your present mood and circumstances, or the circumstances of the person you’re reading for.

But you must remember not to rely on the guidebook. Designers of oracle cards invest a lot of time and effort on these reference books and reading them when you obtain a new deck may be both entertaining and educational. Choosing the best oracle cards for you is like learning how to play the flute. There will come a point that you will no longer stay in one accord with the manual and would rather just play your own tune. As mentioned earlier, tap into your intuition and pay attention to it. 

Nevertheless, understanding how do oracle cards work and as with other divination methods, you will come to know that they are powerful tools for connecting with your intuition and inner wisdom, as well as your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ancestors, and others. They function by allowing you to choose a number of cards to assist you to answer a question or provide you an overview of the general energies for non-specific questions. It can also help increase your capacity to make judgments and analyze diverse points of view, as well as instill a sense of serenity and faith in the future, all the more if you use them on a daily basis. Thus, you can read your own oracle cards. 

Few tips on how to get accurate readings

When it comes to dealing with these divination instruments, there are very few hard-and-fast rules, but here are a few more things to keep in mind:

#1 Treat your deck as though it were a holy relic.

Respect must be given to tarot cards at all times. You should be the one shuffling and picking the cards while doing a reading for someone else so that no one else touches your deck.

Keep your deck in a closed drawer when you’re done pulling cards so it doesn’t pick up on any stray energies floating around your house. The more you look after your deck’s energy, the more accurate your readings will be!

#2 When reading the cards, keep a sense of awe and magic in your mind.

Intense emotions such as anxiety and fear can obstruct intuition, so concentrate while simultaneously relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Keep in mind that these cards might assist you in connecting with your higher self and spiritual guides. Reminding yourself of this will help you pay more attention to the messages on each card.

#3 Don’t rely on the cards too much.

The accuracy rate will decrease if you repeatedly give yourself readings numerous times a day. Some people enjoy drawing one card each morning or evening for themselves. Every Sunday afternoon, I normally do a reading for myself. Find a rhythm that suits you, but leave enough time between readings.

What is the difference between oracle and tarot cards? 

difference between oracle and tarot cards

You are not alone if you think there’s no big difference between tarot and oracle cards. Many people believe that oracle cards are just another form of fortune-telling; after all, many oracle reading aims are similar to those of tarot readings. In reality, both traditions offer distinct methods for assisting people in seeking advice and insight into their futures.

However, many people prefer Oracle cards to Tarot cards because they are easier and more intuitive to learn than the sometimes rigid framework of Tarot card meanings. Meaning to say, tarot cards have many layers of deeper correspondences and it may take years to become skilled with it. 

The primary distinction between tarot and oracle cards is how the cards came about. On one hand, oracle cards come with their own information pamphlet, which the artist will develop and will normally have simpler, easier-to-understand interpretations. People seek them out for more than just counseling and divination; they also seek them out for inspiration and personal growth.

On the other hand, as seen in the images drawn out during a card reading, tarot cards are usually for divination. There are moments when you just want to be free of the tarot’s ‘boundaries.’ Since a tarot spread can be a little bit practical, Oracle cards can be less so. Consequently, others utilize the oracle as a stepping stone to improve their card divination skills.

Can you use them both?

Combining tarot with oracle is not headline news. Most readers find that using both adds depth to readings. You can wind up with an infinite number of options. especially if you play around with different combinations and permutations. The bottom line remains the same. However, the real question and challenge is: do you have the patience, perseverance, and endurance to study, learn, and master tarot card reading’s nuances? 

If not, you already know which one is right for you.

Although both cards were created in an attempt to see into the future you need not believe everything to the letter. It is important to take note that it is still depending on the approaches and concepts employed, which may then lead to differing interpretations. 

But, which is most preferable? 

You may be wondering which is the better option for you now that you understand the differences between tarot and oracle cards. Is it a tarot deck or an oracle? There is a simple and a complex answer.

The short answer is that it is entirely dependent on your personality. Some people are quite familiar with logic and organization, and they can easily relate to the Tarot. Tarot is ideal for those who appreciate growth, memorization and organizing their thoughts into small compartments.

Others, on the other hand, lack the patience to study or wait for answers. They are in a haste in getting the answer so they are more receptive to oracle cards. The reason for this is that the Tarot’s structure requires a person’s commitment to learning. True, some oracle decks may require considerable consideration and investigation. However, the vast majority of them provide easy answers to any questions you may have.

This is the more complicated answer. The goal of the Tarot’s structure and design is to cover the entire span of human existence. So, if you wanna know more about the human mind or want to learn about every aspect of being human, tarot might be a better fit.

Nonetheless, the oracle deck is far easier to read and understand. This is owing to the fact that practically all of the meaning exudes from the cards themselves. If you’re asking what the difference between tarot and oracle cards is in terms of superiority, the answer is that there isn’t one. It is impossible to say that one is superior to the other. Because only the reader can ultimately decide which one feels right.


Whether you’re a devoted tarot reader who does not begin the day without a quick card pull, There are decks of tarot and oracle cards, each with its own purpose. Tarot cards are simply more theatrical and result-oriented than other divination tools. As a result, they are the most divine cards on the deck. The outcomes vary based on the circumstances.

As a result, oracles are optimistic when it comes to outcomes. It places a strong emphasis on what is good and true in a person’s life. Though what are oracle cards for beginners are frequently seen as one-sided, so it’s up to you if you want to hear only the good news for the time being.

In the end, it will be up to the person to decide which cards to utilize. It’s also entirely up to you whether or not you trust them.

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