25 Healing Virgo Crystals You Should Try

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Healing stones and healing crystals have been all over social media pages for quite some time now. There are people who believe different crystals can bring forth different benefits. And much to people’s knowledge, there are crystals that can help specific zodiac signs, and in this write-up, we will focus on healing Virgo Crystals.

Virgos are always resourceful and clever, however, they also have downsides. Because of this they need a little push to continue going forward. Healing crystals are one of the things that can help a Virgo. In this write-up, you will get a glimpse of 25 Virgo stones and crystals and also the following:

  • Who are Virgos
  • What are Healing Crystals
  • 25 best Virgo Healing Crystals
  • How to cleanse your crystals

Who are Virgos?

Before going to the main plot of this article, which is the crystals, it is good to know first who are Virgos. Virgo is an earth sign and is the sixth sign of the zodiac. Moreover, Virgos are people between August 23 to September 22. 

Furthermore, Planet Mercury rules Virgo which is why Virgos are intellectual and are good at communicating. In addition, Virgos are perfectionists because of their critical nature. They love details and are very meticulous. 

If you are a Virgo then you are basically very practical. You are also a problem solver which people can turn to. Moreover, as a Virgo, you are also creative and clever!

Despite being perfectionists, Virgos are not all perfect, they also have downsides. Because of their hard-working nature, they can become strict with themselves. Moreover, they overthink their mistakes and have a hard time expressing their true feelings. This is why Virgos are sometimes seen as insensitive.

What are Healing Crystals?

It is also important to have an idea first about what healing crystals are before going to healing crystals for Virgos. Some may think that people buy crystals and stones for aesthetic purposes but it is actually more than that.

Healing Crystals are made up of elements that can bring balance to a person’s life spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Moreover, there are different kinds of Crystals available. There are even crystals that match perfectly each of the zodiac signs.

Crystals are perfect for those people who are feeling anxious. Furthermore, there are also people who practice using healing crystals. It may seem weird to others why some people would invest in “display rocks” however, owning a healing crystal can do wonders for you. 

In addition, Crystals have stable energy and they bring forth control to your life. How do crystals benefit you? The energy the Crystals give off can influence you and put you in a happy mood. Moreover, crystals increase peace and focus.

25 best Virgo Healing Crystals

Now, it is time for you to know more about the healing Virgo crystals and stones. Moreover, you will also be showing the list of crystals Virgos should have.

1. Hematite

Let us start off strong with a Hematite. Hematite is a crystal or stone that is black. Moreover, because of its color which is black, the stones are great to ward off negative energy from people who are negative as well. The hematite is responsible for giving you calmness. 

Furthermore, it also helps you get rid of self-doubt which is essential for a Virgo. And lastly, it can also help with stubbornness and opens your mind to things.

2. Lepidolite

This beautiful purple stone can help you stop yourself from over-analyzing. Virgos tend to overthink a lot of things, especially their mistake. Lepidolite can help you calm yourself down and help you from breaking down because of minor inconveniences.

Moreover, this stone is the best when it comes to helping you balance your feelings. In addition, since the stone is related to the third eye chakra, it can help widen your perception of things.

3. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a beautiful Crystal that can help you get rid of negativity. Moreover, it can also help with the stress that you feel in your body. The beautiful clear crystal also helps you feel more self-love. In addition, if you own one of these crystals, you are able to stop being hard on yourself. 

Clear Quartz or also known as the Virgo stone can help you see your soul. It is also powerful when it comes to self-healing.

4. Bloodstone

As scary as it may sound, a bloodstone has so many benefits, especially for a Virgo. They can help you fight off your perfectionist side. It does this by making you feel at peace with yourself and opening your mind when you do not get what you expect. 

The bloodstone can help you with inner strength. Since you are a Virgo and an earth sign, the stone draws your strength from the earth.

5. Sodalite

Stephanie Clifford from Arlington, VA, USA, Sodalite (2933051798)CC BY 2.0

Sodalite is a blue stone that goes by its other name which is the “stone of logic”. Why is it called as such? It is because it has the ability to help you with your mental clarity. Moreover, it can also help you focus. Furthermore, sodalite is your aid and companion when it so comes that you have to decide on something. 

Just like other stones good for Virgo, sodalite can help you get rid of confusion and lack of direction. If you ever find yourself lost in life, sodalite might just be able to help.

6. Azurite

The Azurite is heaven on earth for it is also the “Stone of Heaven”. It got its name from it’s color which is sky blue and it has a connection with the heavens. They say that when you hold the Azurite, it provides calmness to your mind.

Moreover, anxiety and stress will no longer be in your realm which allows you to feel peace. In addition, the Azurite is responsible for activating the third eye chakra. When it is open, your inner wisdom will be active and so will your creativity. 

Virgos tend to work hard, which is why this stone is great if you want to be successful in any endeavor or project that you have. 

7. Turquoise

Everybody loves the color turquoise, and yes, it is also a healing stone. This beautiful stone can help rid Virgo of their worries when it comes to their health. Moreover, Turquoise apparently has power over health conditions like eczema and arthritis. 

Furthermore, the beautiful stone is great to have around if you want to improve your immune system. In addition, Turquoise serves as your own energizer. When your energy is low, the stone will replenish it giving you more power and energy throughout the day.

8. Red Jasper

The red jasper looks like a candy that is good enough to eat. However, this stone is not for eating. The red jasper or the Stone of endurance’s forte is nurturing. They are great for Virgos who have constant worries about committing mistakes.

When you hold on to a Red Jasper, can help you calm down, especially in situations where you feel constant worry. Moreover, this stone is also helpful when it comes to making you feel more outgoing and confident. And lastly, it also gives you peace inside your body and allows you to become more confident.

9. Amethyst

If you are studious and a Virgo who tends to work really hard, then you should have an Amethyst in your midst. The purple stone is such a powerful thing for Virgos because it allows you to calm yourself in situations where you feel worrisome and are in the middle of panicking. 

You will also have a sense of courage when you hold the stone. You will suddenly find yourself standing up for yourself and for the things that you believe in. In addition, this stone can also help you connect with your inner and higher self.

10. Moss Agate

The Moss Agate is as beautiful as it is useful. The stone has a spiraling design in the colors green and white. It has the pattern of a tree and helps Virgos with their worries about life problems. 

Just like the other stones and crystals, the Moss Agate can bring a sense of calmness. Moreover, the stone can help you realize your ability to go through obstacles you may face. Furthermore, the stone allows you to have new beginnings and can help you get out of your comfort zone and try things you never tried. 

Lastly, the stone is also the stone of opportunity because it can attract experiences in your life that you have never experienced before. This is another one of the Virgo crystals that you should have. 

11. Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful deep blue stone that attracts strength and courage. Moreover, it helps you block negative energies and even evil things. You can also trust this stone when it comes to restoring self-confidence. If you have low esteem, it may possibly affect you and your career. The stone allows you to make the most of your life. In addition, the stone also helps you develop a strong connection as a Virgo. 

Another fact is that ancient Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli by grinding them and wearing them around their eyes to improve their eyesight and even cure headaches.

12. Citrine

Another one of the Virgo crystals is the Citrine which is a yellow stone that attracts positivity to any situation. Moreover, it also attracts positivity to your health. Moreover, feelings of self-doubt are no match for Citrine. If you wear it regularly, it can attract abundance into your life! 

This stone is also responsible for giving you endless energy and even allowing you to successfully reach your dreams.

13. Blue Sapphire

The elegant blue Sapphire is your Birthstone as a Virgo. Moreover, the stone is a symbol of faith and hope. Moreover, it attracts a lot of positive energy and as well a long life. Furthermore, the Sapphire stone helps calm the mind of a Virgo since they do tend to take a systematic approach to things. 

Because of their constant quick thinking, they can wear their minds out. Sapphire can help them elevate their calmness and intuition. The Virgo birthstone can help you feel that everything is going to be okay.

14. Blue Tourmaline

If you are Virgo who constantly beats yourself up, then this stone is for you. The Blue Tourmaline can help you calm yourself from being overly critical. Moreover, it also relieves you from feelings of anxiety.

Just like other stones, it can also help you increase your self-confidence. Hold on to the stone regularly and you will feel all positive and keep your head high. The stone is also a great source of strength, especially in times when people judge you.

15. Smoky Quartz

Quartz is a beautiful stone, and Smoky quartz in particular is no exception. The Smoky quartz is another great stone for those people who are born Virgos. Smoky quartz helps Virgos out on their constant worrying about health. Moreover, the smoky quartz is connected to the root chakra which is the backbone of your life. 

It can help you feel at ease and balanced. In addition, it can also help rid of anxiety and provide calmness in your head. The stone also promotes body positivity and allows forgiveness for mistakes in the past.

16. Green Jade

The magnificent Green Jade is a must for Virgos who are excessively hard on themselves and who are full of self-blame. Another one of the Virgo crystals that can help improve your inner resolve. Moreover, your tolerance and patience will also develop. 

The green Jade crystal is all about harmony which is why it is great for Virgos who have trouble with body harmony. The Green Jade is one of the best stones fitting for Virgos.

17. Emerald

Another beautiful green stone is the Emerald. Its beautiful name fits its beautiful benefits. Emerald aids Virgos when it comes to their health and energy. The heart Chakra is close to this crystal which is why it helps the harmony and love in your life. 

Virgos are often sensitive, and the emerald can help calm their nerves. Moreover, the crystal can help Virgos manage their emotions and rid of stress and anxiety.

18. Black Obsidian

When it comes to absorbing negative energy, the Black Obsidian is your next best friend. Black Obsidians are great at capturing negative energy from your surroundings lifting your mood. Moreover, it is a great stone for Virgos who tend to get flustered, and those who bottle their emotions up. 

The black stone can help you as a Virgo manage and calm your mind. Anxiety and stress are also no match for this stone as it gives you mental clarity if you hold it often. In addition, the black obsidian also allows you to accept your flaws without being too hard on yourself.

19. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has got to be one of the prettiest stones and it also offers more than just looks. The pink stone is great for Virgos because it has the ability to calm you down if you easily beat yourself up. Moreover, it can help you get rid of anxiety and calm your mind. Not only that, but it also helps improve mental clarity. 

In addition, Rose Quartz helps with peace and unconditional self-love. Virgos are often too hard on themselves which is why they need this stone in their lives. Moreover, Rose Quartz also attracts healthy relationships and even friendships in Virgo’s life.

20. Kunzite

It is as beautiful as Rose Quartz and is closer to the crown chakra. The Crown chakra is what connects your spiritual self and is a doorway to new opportunities. This stone is responsible for allowing you to handle changes and transformations in your life very well. Virgos are anxious beings which is why they need a stone that can calm their nerves. 

The Kunzite can help you get stronger in terms of your inner resolve. It also helps in improving your tolerance and patience. In addition, Virgos are not the most patient which is why this stone can come in handy for them.

21. Chrysocolla

You may have read in this article how critical Virgos can be on themselves that is why most crystals can aid that. One of those crystals or stones is the Chrysocolla. It helps Virgo calm their nerves and get rid of stress. Moreover, it also promotes mental clarity when you hold it regularly.

Furthermore, the stone is also a grounding stone because it brings tranquility to Virgo’s life. In addition, it also helps bring peace and balance. And just like most stones, it also helps you with your self-confidence and acceptance. The stones help you to stop being so hard on yourself.

22. Blue Lace Agate

Are you a Virgo who carries a lot of self-blame? Then this stone is perfect for you. The Blue Lace Agate stone can help you improve communication skills and express yourself better because it is connected to the throat chakra. 

Moreover, communication is important for Virgos because of how systematic and logical they are. If you hold the stone regularly, then you will find yourself expressing your true feelings. Furthermore, it helps you strengthen your openness. If you also have a Virgo friend who is constantly hard on himself and often self-blames then this is a great gift to give them.

23. Aqua Aura

Another great stone for Virgos who often blame themselves is the Aqua Aura. This elegant blue stone can also help with anxiety and calm the mind. Moreover, it also improves mental clarity. In addition, it also promotes self-acceptance, especially when it comes to your body. 

Another thing that Aqua Aura aids you in is your unconditional love in life. If you are thinking of another great gift for a Virgo friend or even for yourself, then the Aqua Aura is your best bet.

24. Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurines are blue stones that promote calmness. They are perfect for Virgos who are worrisome when it comes to their own nervous system. Moreover, this stone can help replenish your energy. In addition, the stone also promotes mental clarity when you hold on to it often. 

If you have high blood pressure then it is good to hold this stone regularly. Blue Aventurine also aids you in accepting your physical appearance and promotes body positivity. This stone helps you feel good about yourself. If you feel a constant emotion of not loving your body then this stone is perfect for you.

25. Opal

Last but not the least, the Opal. This magnificent crystal can help you with your inner resolve. Moreover, it is also the perfect stone for Virgos who are overly critical of themselves. The opal helps you develop your self-love even further. It also attracts positivity and more love into your relationship.

How to cleanse your crystals

Now that you know the different stones and crystals, it is time to know how to best care for them and cleanse them. Crystals also need to replenish their own energies which is why it is important to cleanse them. Here are a few ways you can do so:

  1. Put them on a windowsill during a full moon to recharge and replenish their energy. If plants need sunlight, then crystals and stones need moonlight.
  1. The best cleansing water to use for crystals is rainwater. If it does not often rain in your area, you can put them in salt water and submerge them. 
  1. Use sage sticks or palo santo to smudge your crystals with. If you do not have those two then you can use a simple candle for fire cleansing.
  1. You can also bury your crystals underground for a solid 24 hours. This will allow the earth to absorb negative and unwanted energy.


healing virgo crystals

Some may believe in the power of crystals and stones and some may not. However, it is still faith that allows these crystals to help you by the end of the day. As a Virgo, it is not always perfect. There are times you will need aid especially when you are being too hard on yourself. 

Crystals are here to help you and even remind you that you can do it and that you are meant for something even greater. It is not bad to keep some crystals and stones close to you to get rid of negative energy and improve yourself.

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