What It Really Means To Be Venus In Pisces Men Or Women

venus in pisces

Venus in Pisces people has a reputation for having doomed relationships from the start. For some reason, they gravitate towards the bad boys and girls in the dating world. But this is not entirely true. They are neither stupid nor naive, more like optimists who choose to see only the good in others. Empaths who love with all their heart, mind, and soul.

In this post, we are going to shatter the myths about this zodiac and really get to know what does Venus in Pisces mean. We will also shed light on the following:

  • What does it mean to be a Venus in Pisces woman?
  • Is the Venus in Pisces man easily fooled or manipulated?
  • What does the future hold for Venus in Pisces 2022?
  • How can the Venus in Pisces meaning help you navigate through love, life, and friendships?
  • What can you expect during the Venus transit in Pisces?

Let’s get it on!

What Does Venus In Pisces Mean? (An Overview)

Every time you try and figure out the answer to what does Venus in Pisces mean, you only have to remember one thing. It is the most powerful Venus placement. This has the greatest potential and expression of what Venus actually stands for. Love, friendship, money, and beauty.

So if you are a Venus in Pisces or know people who are, you guys are lucky to have such an exalted placement. That being over with, know that you have a huge potential for love and is highly capable of connecting with others. Then mix that with the zodiac Pisces and voila! You have someone who has an all-encompassing love enough to share with the whole world.

Venus In Pisces: The Dreamer

This zodiac is popular for being the “dreamer”. They dream of a higher, idealistic kind of love. Something that goes beyond physical. They don’t like to sleep around and one-night stands are definitely off their list. These folks want something to go beyond just the physical aspect of a relationship. They long for a soul connection with someone they can spend the rest of their life with.

Relying on sex will not be able to sustain them in the long haul. Needless to say, it is a crucial part of any relationship. But to them being sexual with their partners does not automatically equate to intimacy. If this is your only way to try to get close to them you’re going to lose.

Even if they don’t admit it, these folks are looking for a soulmate or as some people want to call it, a twin flame. . To have a deep, psychic, almost out-of-this-world kind of connection. Later you’ll find out how this also gets them into trouble at times.

Venus In Pisces: Getting Stuck In Unhealthy Relationships

unhealthy relationship

One of the downsides of these individuals is their tendency to get stuck in unhealthy, even toxic relationships. Why? Because of their being too idealistic, being dreamers. Projecting fantasies onto somebody else when they don’t actually deserve it.

They are not known for being aggressive, assertive, or argumentative. Having a titanium backbone is definitely not one of their assets. We’re not saying all of them are like this. There’s a great possibility that many of them have changed and evolved as adults. But at some point in their lives, it’s likely that they have experienced feeling like a doormat.

Sadly, it’s the people close to them that have walked all over them. Who abused and took advantage of them. This is excruciatingly difficult because they are so compassionate and empathetic human beings. Another reason why they tend to make excuses for their loved ones’ bad behavior.

They always put themselves in these people’s shoes and try to rationalize, even justify their shortcomings. Ask themselves how they can understand or empathize better. Projecting a perfect soulmate onto someone who clearly does not deserve it. Because to begin with, no one really deserves to be on that kind of pedestal.

Venus In Pisces: Escape Artists

When things become too much for them to handle, Pisces Venus can turn into escape artists. Their minds can leave their bodies and escape this earth for a while to get some reprieve. And because they are spiritual beings, they can connect with other worlds as they please. Their minds and imagination are transported to an entirely different world.

Sadly, drugs and alcohol can easily enter the picture. Not to make sweeping statements about all of them being like this. But some of them are. They do enjoy getting high and engaging in great conversations with friends. Deep conversations, or even engaging in physical intimacy while hooked on a substance.

Why? It feels good to them, makes things more spiritual to them in that way. Making connecting and communicating with others a lot easier. Because Pisces placements can be painfully shy, sensitive, and anxious. Substances help them relax. Allowing them to open up parts of themselves they wish they have access to anytime they please.

Venus In Pisces: Codependency

Pisces Venus can really become enmeshed spiritually with the people they get involved with. Whether they are lovers or just friends. Another word can be co-dependency tendency.

Beware because Pisces Venus may suffer greatly when it comes to matters of the heart. Half of it is because of the people they choose to be with, and the other half it is, well, their own fault actually. Partly because they are hopeless romantics, creatives, and poets.

This is an unpopular opinion but sometimes they can revel in their own pain. Even if it is such exquisite pain. In a weird way, they enjoy it. The pain of love and heartbreak. To them, it is an accepted part of life. A rollercoaster ride they find themselves to be in every once in a while.

Pisces Venus: On Letting Go and Moving On

Moving on once they break away is quite easy. Since they’re really good at spiritual work and soul-searching. So it doesn’t take them forever to move on. However, breaking away is a different matter.

It’s because Pisces placements have a very strong romantic nature. A fish that loves going with the flow of energy. Someone who has an issue with boundaries, especially because they do not like the idea of boundaries in the first place.

Why? Because they believe boundaries are limiting. They think if you are deeply and spiritually connected with someone there should be no walls, no hindrance whatsoever.

The sad truth is, everyone needs to set up boundaries at some point. Or eventually, you will turn into a doormat. Pisces in Venus should learn to listen to their guts better precisely because they are very intuitive individuals. Listen to your gut feel starting day one so there’s no need to set up so many boundaries later on.

Watch out for red flags. Or else you’ll be wasting time setting up boundaries for someone who doesn’t have any plans of respecting them in the first place.

Pisces Venus: Their Love Language

pisces venus love language

Everyone has their own love language, and Pisces Venus is not an exception. To them, it is quality time. This includes deep, meaningful conversations, and bonding activities that promote intimacy. Also, various acts of service are evident in the way that they love you.

It will remind you of the zodiac Virgo since they are great givers, helpers, empaths. People who feel other people are in need and actually do something about it. They cannot stand being mere spectators. So their love expression will be through giving, by being thoughtful and generous.

Another reason why Pisces Venus needs to acquire friends who are emotionally intelligent. Those who are kind, thoughtful, and know exactly how they make you feel. Know how to speak to you. This will be possible by having friends who share the same depth that they have. Or the same faith and interests.

Pisces Venus Men and Women: Who They Are Attracted To

They will most likely gravitate towards the creative types or artists. Tortured people who love tortured artists. Folks who love wearing their hearts on their sleeve.

We’re talking about individuals having a different kind of story. Those who tend to be quite rough around the edges. Since deep down Pisces love to help you heal and hear about your pain. Wants to share your rainbow of emotions.

That’s another thing. They don’t need to feel happy or sad all the time. These folks look forward to the full rainbow. So they become attracted to people who are struggling. Battling with an illness, or struggling with a circumstance.

The zodiac Pisces archetype is not asking for people to be perfectly pure or unscarred. Unjaded, even. Those who have skepticism within them or dry humor to throw into the mix.

Pisces Venus: What They Like In You

They are not hard to please. But they love people dedicated to achieving their dreams, regardless of what it is. To them, that is extremely attractive.

As long as you have a purpose or a calling. They like that and hate people who hate their job. Hate what they do and are simply going through the motions like a robot. A cog in the wheel without a voice, without a say in anything.

Regardless of your passion, Pisces Venus will be smitten with somebody who loves what they do in life. Never lacking zest and passion, especially when it comes to “paying it forward”.

Pisces Venus: Who They Will End Up With

willing to make the first move

There are no guarantees, but Pisces Venus is more than likely to end up with someone who knows how to take the initiative. Someone who is willing to make the first move. As mentioned, Pisces placements can be painfully shy.

Now, this is going to be a challenge. Because they are not like Venus in Aries, for example. These people take risks, take their chances all the time. As a matter of fact, they have a better chance of being with a Pisces Venus because of their nature. And if you support their dreams and aspirations, that is an added bonus!

Pisces Venus: Who Their Poison Is

These are the people who belittle and scoff at your dreams. Those who think you need to tone them down because you are being unrealistic. People who force you to have a backup plan because they are definite that your original plan is going to bomb.

Cut them off ASAP. You don’t need that kind of energy right now. Pisces placements have big, ambitious dreams. So people who have plans of squashing them out should be thrown out of the picture.

They are doing nothing for you because they envy your vision and optimism. Your beautiful, bright-eyed view of the world. They will be threatened by it so do not be fooled.

Pisces Venus: The Best Zodiac Placement Partner For You

For long-term relationships, it’s not a good idea to hook them up with a fire sign. Although fire signs have the ability to keep up with the Pisces, they might not be ready for how deep the emotional connection this zodiac entails. The deep meaty stuff Pisces is searching for.

Venus In Virgo


So ideally Venus in Virgo is a good fit. This is a great combination since Virgo is a helper and is extremely generous. They can also be very empathetic even if they also have a tendency to be critical at times. Both of them will understand each other since Virgo placements are gentle and thoughtful.

Venus In Capricorn

Capricorns is another good possibility. They are also dreamers in their own special way. Although it looks a bit different. Like, they’re not crazy about their job but it makes them tons of money. And they want that money to buy their dream home for their own family. So they still have that driving force.

Venus In Taurus

This can also be a fun combo since Taureans are romantic creatures as well. This zodiac and other water signs are going to have the same language. Although it can also be terrifying because there is a lot of emotional roller coaster you may need to go through.

Venus In Scorpio


This is still possible. Although just remember that Scorpio does have the tendency to manipulate people emotionally. Even those that they love. That’s dangerous to someone like Pisces Venus since they are very susceptible to that. So Virgo is still the best pick.

Again, there are people out there having water to water Venuses and that’s fine. It really depends on the person you are going to pick. Just remember that you need to choose evolved, intelligent, and respectful intimate partners. And you can only know this if you know yourself and the life that you want.

Final Thoughts

Things are definitely looking up for Pisces Venus this 2022. Even after it transits Pisces. The key is to strike the perfect balance. There is nothing wrong with longing for a reprieve, for wanting to escape your current situation every once in a while. However, there is a difference between a temporary release and total denial.

The latter will not get you anywhere, it will only push you deeper into the rut you have created for yourself. You are such a kind, gifted, and talented individual who has so much to give to the world. Use your powers wisely and do not allow other people to tell you any differently. Cheers!

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