What You Need to Know About the Venus In Libra Man and Woman

venus in libra

Venus in Libra meaning isn’t really all that complicated. The main thing to remember is that Venus is the planet of love. Therefore the zodiac that is being occupied by Venus at the time you were born gives you an idea of how affectionate you are. Venus in Libra will not only demonstrate what you love and how you love, but it also explains the following:

  • What it’s like to be a Venus in Libra man
  • The ups and downs of being a Venus in Libra woman
  • The important connection between Libra and Venus
  • How the positive traits of Venus in Libra build up your reputation
  • How the negative traits of Venus in Libra affects the people around them

Venus In Libra Meaning: An Overview

When Venus is in Libra you’re definitely in luck. It is a very strong position to have and considered an elegant heart. Be it a man or woman, they do have a sense of refinement in them. Just like a 1950s movie, everything seems so delicate, well-mannered, and cultured. There are no rough edges and every frame was shot to perfection. You love keeping the peace in your relationships with your friends and loved ones. For you, compromise is a must as well as teamwork. You listen and pay attention to the people you care about. Understanding where they are coming from, and trying to figure out the best way to work together.

Few people ever do this, because most of them simply want to fight it out to win. But Venus in Libra does not want to win. They are well aware that winning as one person in their relationship is truly bonkers. If you want to be the winner one hundred percent of the time, then, why not just be single, right? Venus in Libra meaning implies that winning together and teamwork is where their relationship is at!

You want a partner who’s going to pull you up, not drag you down. Someone smart, successful, and have their life together. Venus in Libra helps you by becoming a team in life. This sounds very simple, but of course trouble starts when you need equality in order to be a team. Reaching that equality can be tough. This is especially challenging if your partner does not have the same belief system about teamwork as you.

Venus In Libra: A Class On Its Own

A Libra in Venus has a very keen aesthetic when it comes to art. Venus isn’t just about romance and relationships, but in your taste in art as well. Your looks, creativity, the way you want things presented. So you like things that are timeless, sophisticated, and never go out of style. They can be quite expensive at times. But it’s not so much as being the best, but more of it being well-made.

One reason why this is an amazing placement is that it’s a good sign you will be successful in your relationships. Perhaps not each and every time, but you’ll get the hang of it. A lot of factors involve this, but one of them is your eagerness to please. You genuinely wish to help those you love become happy. Who in their right mind doesn’t want to be with that? You give them love and attention, charm them, and would do anything to make them smile.

One of the things that make you tick is the way you seduce people you’re attracted to. You let them know, in very subtle ways, nothing upfront, that there could be a successful partnership between the two of you. Letting them think that together you’re stronger, able to go further in life. They’re led to imagine something so wonderful as that.

Venus In Libra for Her

venus in libra for her

If you are the woman in this position, you wish to see that life and love are beautiful. It’s never an ego-fest or some power trip for you. There are no tantrums, yelling, or trying to rip each other’s throats. It’s all about serenity, elegance, partnership. That is real romance for you.

You’re the kind of couple who does not believe fighting is in any way sexy. As a matter of fact, it’s a total turn-off. You care about appearances and hate embarrassment in public. Partners who cannot control themselves in public are unheard of. You like to walk in a room with your partner, floating gracefully, knowing both of you got this.

How to Attract the Ideal Partner

If you wish to attract this exquisite catch, try not to be too obvious. They hate anything raunchy or super sexual. These people want to be treated like a lady or a gentleman. So try working on your social graces, your etiquette. They love it when you’re smooth and civilized. Where everything is picture-perfect. They do not believe that all is fair in love and war. It may be fair, but it’s utterly pointless. So you just need to agree to disagree.

But what if you seem to be attracting all the brutes in your life? You know this isn’t you, so why are you doing this? Why are you attracting really violent men? Perhaps because Libra is all about balance. If you’re attracting very aggressive people, this could mean your subconscious is warning you that you are not balanced. So you may need to be a little more aggressive, a bit more badass and assertive. Start doing this and you’d soon be attracting more elegant folks.

Girl Power At Its Finest

You have an extremely strong feminine power present here. What exactly is feminine power? The old school meaning is basically being able to bring things to you without the need to lift a finger. You’re all comfy at home, devouring bonbons, while your husband is up to his neck at work. In order to keep you in the finest furs. Obviously, this is a gross exaggeration. It just goes to say that your charm can take you a long way.

Being aware of your charm means you have the ability to make others do things for you. Just make sure you don’t take this too far, because you will have the tendency of being matched with the aggressive types. Remember that aggression is overblown Yang energy. If you’re having relationship problems but not attracting aggressive people, there may be other reasons. Sometimes you choose to think everything is just perfect.

What’s this supposed to mean? You will hide and conceal anything dark, negative, or gross. You don’t want to see it so you’ll try and sweep it under the rug. But pretending it’s not there is never going to work for the long term. The sooner you fix it, the quicker you can move on to your amazing 1950s romance. This isn’t really that hard, even with relationships with friends, since you’re a charmer. You pay attention and really listen when they are talking. People love and appreciate that greatly.

Venus In Libra for Him

venus in libra for him

If you’re the man, what kind of woman attracts you? It is someone who is elegant and says the right thing at the perfect time. She’s not the rude type and knows exactly how to win people over. There’s a class and calmness when she is around. She never creates a scene. If you have a temper, don’t even think about applying here. Nobody is interested. Because you want someone you can talk things out with. Most importantly, it’s not someone who puts their sexuality out in the open for everyone to see.

Watching Out for Red Flags

Does this sound like the perfect placement for you? It is- well, almost. There are just a few things you should watch out for. If you’re bending over backward too much your relationship will turn co-dependent. You are going to lose yourself and start questioning where you are exactly. You’ll notice that it’s all about them, so what about you? Just remember that you are important too. Know that partnerships only work well if both of you are willing to bend over backward and compromise.

Your gentle heart believes in the importance of sharing. That there is a great need for fairness and balance to reign in your relationship. Bear in mind you are an easy target for bullies since you are willing to compromise. Watch out for bullies since you don’t have time for them!

Ideal Lovers, Amazing Friends

People in this placement are great friends to hang out with. Someone you can just grab lunch with, have coffee and have fantastic conversations. They are good talkers, better listeners. It has always been a two-way street for these folks, and they don’t take advantage of people. They believe in giving and taking, like ping-pong. Because that’s what friendship is really about. Whatever it is you’re giving them, you can be sure it’s reciprocated. That is what a relationship means for them.

For a Libra getting an Aries sign, first and foremost it’s all about respect and friendship. There’s no way they are going to be attracted to you if you are simply passionate. You need to have the smarts for them too. But this could be a classic nice guy turn-on. Just be careful you’re not too nice. Not only will you attract bullies, you could also encounter phonies if you are way too nice.

Final Take Away On Love, Money, and Relationships

You have huge respect for love since you are the total relationship type. Being a passionate lover is not your priority. You have too much respect for your partner that you feel passion is a bit short-sighted. Things that go for the long haul are what’s important to you. You don’t want to go for things that just look good on paper.

Learn the art of sizing people up with your mind. This is where real attraction is for you. Just bear in mind that there are times people who look good on paper could be phony. Try working past these superficial elements and embrace their deeper qualities instead. Picture yourselves like a Roman statue. Two lovers on each side with a mirror smack in between them. Both are in the same position because of the symmetry and balance. In short, you see your lover as you see yourself.

Finally, there’s talk about money and finances. How do you see money and how do you handle it in your life? Libra, since they are full of charm could get others to give them money, or do things for them. But Libra who has Venus in them could acquire money through friendships and relationships. There are lots of opportunities available that come from diplomacy, people in your circle. These people are usually involved in your career.

Furthermore, you have a great eye for art. So aesthetics may be a good area for you to make money. It’s a pretty good position for acquiring money, just make sure you always spend beneath your means, never above. Don’t get carried away by your love for fine things like clothing or jewelry. Too much materialism can be dangerous for you and your relationship. So dig deep and ask yourself what you really value. 

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