Venus in Aquarius: How You Love and What Attracts You

venus in aquarius

Picture this in your mind. You saw a person in a crowded street who looks rather distinct. A weirdly colored hair with an eclectic style and a very warm and comforting aura. Chances are, that person has a Venus in Aquarius placement. 

Their personality is as interesting as their style. So, if you want to know more about the Venus in Aquarius placement, this article is for you. 

This article will talk about…

  • The significance of Venus in your birth chart
  • What it means when Venus is in Aquarius
  • How Venus in Aquarius affects the feminine and masculine energy
  • Celebrities with Aquarius in their Venus
  • And so much more

What Venus means in Astrology

Venus is one of the big three planets in your natal chart. Your Venus sign is as important as your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. These three can significantly affect and shape your personality. But how can your Venus sign affect your personality? This section will help you find the answer to that. 

Venus is the planet that governs beauty, love, and money – quite essential aspects of our lives. Your Venus sign will tell you a lot about your personality. Such as how you express your passions, desires, and pleasure. Aside from these, Venus can also affect the way you socialize, relate, and attract other people. Thus, if you want to know how to ignite your passion and inspiration, find your Venus sign in your natal chart. 

Venus might be a small planet but it is highly significant in Astrology. It is important that you are aware of what your Venus sign is. Venus might be small, but it will reveal so much about you.

Venus in Aquarius meaning 

Now you already know the significance of Venus in your natal chart. This section will answer the question: what does Venus in Aquarius mean? Can the traits and qualities of the two work together or clash? Does the transit of Venus in Aquarius have an effect on your life?  Continue reading and you’ll find out. 

The planet Venus has loving energy. Aquarius, on the other hand, is a sign that is emotionally detached. Mix these two together and it can be quite contradicting. An Aquarius placement in Venus implies a unique approach to affection and relationships. 

People born with Venus in Aquarius are into humanitarian movements. They use their free time to help in charitable organizations. In much simpler words, they like to help make the world a better place to live in through growth and development. The humanitarian and intellectual qualities of these people are influences of Aquarius. Aside from love and relationships, Venus influences fairness and equality. Hence, their passion for improving the state of the world. 

They are always driven towards the unique and eclectic. The same goes for their preference in relationships. Venus in Aquarius has an unconventional perspective on romance. They form a special bond with the people they work with in their social or activist causes. Because of this passion to make a change in the world. Finding the perfect match for these people is quite challenging – it takes a strong mental and emotional compatibility. They might be unconventional romantic partners, but their love is all worth it.

What If You Were Born with Aquarius Placement in Venus 

Have you looked at your birth chart and discovered that your Venus sign is Aquarius? We’ve talked about how your Venus placement affects your view on love, beauty, and money. And that Venus in Aquarius means you are into humanitarian causes. But how does Venus in Aquarius on your birth chart influence your traits and qualities? In this section, you’ll discover which traits you have if you are born with an Aquarius sign in Venus.  

You are friendly 


Do you consider yourself a people person? Is it easy for you to make friends? Do you go around your day and find friends everywhere you go? Look at your natal chart and check if you have an Aquarius sign in Venus because this one is a very common trait. Your oozing friendly energy attracts people to want to be your friend. 

If you have this placement, you might find yourself to be approachable and friendly. But you also value your personal space and time. Despite wanting to be around people, you also have a strong desire for freedom. You need this distance and time to think, but some people might find this weird about you. 

Although sometimes people will see you as odd and distant, the friendships you make will be deep and meaningful. Embrace your weirdness and don’t hide your uniqueness. These will pave the way to your closest and deepest relationships. 

You are Optimistic 

Some people see you as an oddball because of your social and humanitarian advocacies. But that’s perfectly okay. You have the desire to think differently and act on it. Hold on to your great values, creative thoughts, and an open mind because you’ll see progress in no time. 

Other people might find the causes you support and believe unorthodox. But your optimism is greater than theirs. Being born with Aquarius in your Venus implies you are more optimistic than other people. This means that despite any challenges or struggles you may face in pursuing your advocacies, you still strive to be optimistic. It might surprise other people but nothing can hinder you or make you think otherwise. Nothing in life is going to stop you. 

You are Outgoing 

A creative and open-minded person is also a social butterfly. This is one trait of people with Venus in Aquarius. If you have this placement, chances are you are outgoing and love to work with big groups of people. 

Having an outgoing attitude benefits your humanitarian nature. Imagine wanting to help other people and make the world a better place yet loathe dealing with them. Quite a challenge, right? Thus, being sociable and extroverted will help you a lot as a visionary.

In order to make your visions into reality and actually make a change in the world, you need to influence other people to support your cause. And the easiest and foolproof way to do this is to advocate and promote. Hence, if you have this placement you are naturally extroverted and very sociable. 

How Venus in Aquarius affects masculine and feminine energy

This placement has a unique and special approach to love and beauty. But is there a difference between how Venus influences masculine and feminine energy? Like its eccentric qualities, Venus manifests itself differently for men and women. Its effect will vary depending on whether you resonate with masculine or feminine energy. It might be quite confusing but if you want to know more, then we’ve provided a detailed explanation. 

Men with Aquarius Placement in Venus 

People with this placement are pretty unique. With masculine energy, this placement values freedom and autonomy.  A Venus in Aquarius man is attracted to free-spirited and independent people. He is the type who’s impressed with things beyond the box. He’ll choose unconventional and unorthodox over plain and simple. Nothing is more interesting for him than people who embrace their own uniqueness. In addition, he is also attracted to kind souls – those who find purpose in improving the world. He loves an empathetic soul and a kind heart. 


In one glance, you’ll also fall for men whose Venus is in Aquarius. Who wouldn’t if he is intelligent, articulate, and finds purpose in helping others?  He might be dreamy, but he can be unromantic and detached. These men will rarely show their romantic side but when you get on their good side, they’ll turn into lover boys. 

Women with Aquarius Placement in Venus

Are you a  Venus in Aquarius woman who enjoys engaging in conversations? You might be good at dealing with groups of people, so being among other people makes you feel most alive. If you’re a woman whose Venus is in Aquarius, you know how to read and adapt to the atmosphere’s vibe. 

These women may find power in socializing, but they value their freedom and independence. When it comes to love and relationships, they rebel against the norms. They love the freedom they have and will always choose an unconventional relationship. This could vary from long-distance, asexual, or open relationships. 

The attraction they have for quirky and odd ones is undeniable. They need someone who is smart, intellectual, and most especially someone who is not afraid to go against the rules. Women with this placement are also suckers for compassionate partners. In much simpler terms, she falls for someone who loves her deeply and uniquely. 

Winning the heart of an Aquarian Venus

Does the partner you are dating have an Aquarius in their Venus? Why does this matter? And what are the ways to captivate their interest and make them head over heels for you? We’ll talk about the Venus in Aquarius compatibility in platonic and romantic relationships. Keep scrolling to find answers to your questions. 

In a platonic relationship 

These people are very friendly. It’s easy to get along with them especially if you have qualities that they find interesting. Most of the time, you will find them engaging in large groups who have the same cause as them. 

If you want to strengthen your friendship, always remember that they value authenticity. So there’s no need to pretend to be someone else. Just show your genuine and weird self, and you’re good to go. As much as authenticity, you could also win them over if you are philanthropic. In fact, a lot of people whose causes are philanthropic and humanitarian have Aquarius in Venus. To conclude, you’ll have a great friendship if you’re both quirky and believe in the same causes.

In a romantic relationship 

There is no doubt that you’ll find a person whose Venus is in Aquarius attractive. Their quirkiness will make them stand out in a crowd. And although they are very attractive, winning them over is not for the faint of heart. They are sort of complicated – they may love being in groups but they value their individuality. These people get suffocated easily. 


In love and romance, they are more attracted to people who could give them the right amount of space. The time and space they spend alone while you are dating signify intimacy. Your relationship will thrive without co-dependency. 

People with Venus in their Aquarius are also very spontaneous. You’ll never be bored when they are around. They have a very active mind and they’ll always find something interesting to do. Pro-tip, surprise them with something out of the ordinary, and for sure they will fall head over heels. 

15 Famous people with Aquarius Placement in Venus 

Venus in Aquarius is quite a special and unique placement. Although this placement is odd, those who have this are romantic and eccentric. Here are some famous Venus in Aquarius celebrities and their Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. 

Oprah Winfrey 

January 29, 1954

Sun: Aquarius

Moon: Sagittarius

Rising: Sagittarius

Ellen DeGeneres 

January 26, 1958

Sun sign: Aquarius

Moon sign:  Aries

Rising sign: Pisces

Taylor Swift

December 13, 1989

Sun sign: Sagittarius

Moon sign: Cancer

Rising sign: Scorpio

Kate Middleton

January 9, 1982

Sun sign: Capricorn

Moon sign: Cancer

Rising sign: Leo

Harry Styles

February 1, 1994

Sun sign: Aquarius

Moon sign: Libra

Rising sign: Libra

Adam Levine

March 18, 1979

Sun sign: Pisces

Moon sign: Scorpio

Rising sign: Leo

Timothee Chalamet

January 1, 1995

Sun sign: Capricorn

Moon sign: Pisces

Rising sign: Virgo

Kim Tae-Hyung

March 19, 1981

Sun sign: Capricorn

Moon sign: Aries

Rising sign: Sagittarius

Tom Hiddleston

February 9, 1981

Sun sign: Aquarius

Moon sign: Aries

Rising sign: Gemini

Chloe Grace Moretz

February 10, 1997

Sun sign: Aquarius

Moon sign: Aries

Rising sign: Taurus

In Conclusion 

Venus is the planet of love and beauty. It shows how you love and who you’re attracted to. When your Venus placement is in Aquarius, you seek relationships that appreciate your uniqueness. We’ve already talked about the interesting qualities of this placement. Now, it’s up to you to discover your own uniqueness. 

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