All the Key Facts About Aquarius Woman You Ought to Know

facts about aquarius woman

The Aquarius woman has always had the notorious reputation of being emotional. Highly unpredictable, and filled with ideologies. It may sound quite negative to some, but on the contrary, it’s a compliment. You see, these women are their own person. She will do what she wants to do whether you approve of it or not. There is just one of the important facts about Aquarius woman you should know if you plan to remain in her life. As a friend, a family, co-worker, or a lover. Take it or leave it!

So in this post, we’ll do our best to list all the things about Aquarius woman that actually makes them tick. To understand them better. For how can you love something so confusing and totally alien to you, right? So we’ll break it down and touch on the following points as well:

  • What are the most ideal words to describe an Aquarius woman?
  • The fun facts about Aquarius woman you must take advantage of
  • Steamy facts about Aquarius woman in love and relationships
  • Admirable characteristics of Aquarius woman in career and finances
  • Crucial facts about Aquarius woman in relationships you should never ignore

Let’s get it on!

Important Things About Aquarius Woman to Remember: An Overview

One of the important things about Aquarius woman you need to understand is that they’re a walking juxtaposition. A moving, breathing, talking creature filled with opposing forces that can be challenging to comprehend at times.

Yes, it’s okay to express your own opinions- obviously. But you can never and should never forcefully ram it down her throat. Because she too is an opinionated and independent thinker. She has her own beat, her own rhythm. If you can’t and won’t keep up, you’re free to bite the dust. She wants you to be happy too, even if it means letting you go.

But such a grim beginning for something that has a happy ending! Are there ways to keep her happy and content? Of course, there are! That’s why we’re here! Now it’s up to you how far you’re willing to go!

Facts About Aquarius Woman On Personality


She is and never will be a conformist. Merely bowing to the standards of society when it comes to deciding which things are acceptable and which ones are taboo. This woman will do as she pleases especially if she believes in it strongly. And no amount of judging or ridicule towards her can change her mind.


All forms of altruism appeal to this woman, especially if it tackles social justice. She will never go and turn a blind eye to social injustices- not on her watch at least. When she knows something is wrong she will not afraid to speak out and voice her opinions. Even if it means putting herself in compromising situations. Such bravery deserves recognition!



This lady can barely sit still. She has wandering feet and an insatiable thirst for adventure! Extreme sports is never off her list, either. Thus, she works really hard so she can play really hard and travel places. Experiencing other people’s lives and cultures not only makes her happy. She totally deserves it!


The woman is not only thirsty for knowledge but has this deep desire for sharing it with the world! Not out of arrogance or something to brag about. Rather to positively contribute potential solutions to a problem. Their wit and being team player makes them highly suitable for leadership roles.

Aquarius Woman Greatest Pet Peeves

Pushy, Overbearing People

Nothing gets into the Aquarius woman’s nerves than people who are breathing down their necks 24/7. Whether it be their friend, their boss, or significant other. If she says no to you once or twice, please don’t insist the third time. Or things can turn ugly.

Not Giving Them Breathing Space

When this lady tells you she wants some breathing space, she means it. She needs to clear her head, allow her emotions to settle, and get her act together. So if she asks for some time alone, just let her be.

Mediocre Friends, Lovers, Co-Workers

Aquarians put their heart and soul into everything. Be it their work, their friendships, or intimate relationships. They don’t believe in just giving the ‘bare minimum’, or merely settling. If they feel their hard work and dedication are not reciprocated, they will let you know.

Smart Aleck

Trying to impress her is one thing. But never turn into a smart aleck because she totally hates that. If you want to make her laugh, try something else. Because being a sarcastic, wisecracking a-hole simply won’t work.

Facts About Aquarius Woman In Style and Fashion

aquarius woman style and fashion

Such maverick and independent nature of the Aquarius woman seeps through her style and fashion sense. Her wardrobe is absolutely extraordinary. But if you’re expecting to merely see fancy designer clothing, you’ll be disappointed.

This girl is not easily impressed by brands or price tags. She is not very particular about the latest fashion trends and prefers to go with classic, timeless pieces. Or ones that really bring out her style and personality.

She never dresses to impress or to imply her social status. Her rule is simple when she picks an outfit for the day. Does it make her feel good while wearing it? If the answer is a resounding yes, that get-up wins today!

Facts About Aquarius Woman On Career and Finances

Any field that allows Aquarius women to be free to be themselves is always where they thrive. Somewhere they can assert their opinions and their creative juices to flow. They don’t have any problem working with a team, as long as everyone respects each other’s individuality. She encourages and inspires everyone to fearlessly contribute unique ideas to the table.

The Aquarius woman is not selfish nor proud. If she knows that someone else’s idea is far better than her own, she’ll be the first one to notice and recommend your suggestions.

Micromanaging this sign is the biggest mistake you can make. And don’t even try to use money as leverage. The “you’re paid to do what you’re told” will only fall on deaf ears. She knows her worth and would rather quit her job than be enslaved to bosses who are great power trippers.

You can’t call her out when it comes to her finances, either. She will spend where she deems it fit. Whether it’s a brand new car, a trip to Sicily, or a well-deserved shopping spree. If she believes she earned it, she will treat herself and will never feel guilty about it!

Facts About Aquarius Woman On Friendships

Helps You Embrace Change

Aquarians are masters of change. Since they are ruled by the planet Uranus, breaking norms or challenging traditions come naturally for them. They will help their friends do this especially if they know it will help you grow. Even if it’s impossible to control everything around you, your Aquarius friend will encourage you to go with the punches. Focus on things that can be controlled.

Helps You Think Independently

An Aquarius friend always encourages you to think for yourself. Never allow other people to make decisions for you. Yes, some sound advice every now and then is very helpful indeed. But only if it is not shoved down your throat and they do it in a caring and loving manner.

Will Always Tell You The Truth

Some friends feel ill at ease when you ask them to tell you the truth about certain things. Mostly because they’re afraid to hurt your feelings. Or what they say can blow up in their face because it will make you so angry. They don’t want any strain in your relationship. So they simply don’t tell you what’s on their mind, or they come up with ‘white lies’. An Aquarius friend will never do this. They will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Especially if it’s for your own good.

Facts About Aquarius Woman On Love and Relationships

Crank Up Your Weird Side (If You Have One!)

To others, this can be a big turn-off. But not for an Aquarius woman! They love anything new, quirky, and interesting. So allow your eccentricity like a badge! While this scares off other people, it will endear you to her even more!

Listen Without Judging

Perhaps they snuggle up to you after a hard day’s work. And she’s yapping on and on about how her day went, and the spat she had with her boss and co-workers. Just let her be, allow her to let it all out. Her fears, her anger, her frustration. You might be tempted to point out her faults. Don’t. She knows that already, she just needs you to listen and love her without any judgment.

Be Her Friend No Matter What

aquarius woman on love and relationships

You are more than just her moans, her sex partner, her orgasms. A healthy and active sex life is great, even essential to keep that love alive. But more than anything she needs you to be her friend, her companion. Someone who’s going to be there especially during her lowest point. And know for a fact that when you treat her well, she’ll treat you even better. Way better.

Aquarius Woman In Bed

Keep It Fresh

As mentioned earlier, this woman is very much open to new things and experimentation. The same goes for your sex life! And don’t take it too seriously. Things like these can be a hit-and-miss situation. If it doesn’t work out? Don’t worry, she’ll just laugh it off then she’s good and ready to try another one!

Mind the Body Language

The Aquarius woman is pretty sharp when it comes to body language. And when she’s not sure, she won’t be afraid to ask you. Don’t be afraid to speak her mind because she only wants the best sexual experience for both of you. So even if she has amazing intuition, she can’t read your mind all the time. Even in bed, communication is key to being happy!

Great Foreplay

aquarius woman in bed

Foreplay doesn’t have to start and end inside the bedroom. You can start setting the mood while you’re still out in the movies. Or while in your fave resto for your anniversary. Don’t be afraid to kiss and touch her, to keep her excited and anticipating what lies ahead once you get home!


Aquarius women may seem aloof or rebellious the first time you meet them. But once you get to know them better, they can be the best friend, lover, colleague, you’ll ever have! Fierce and passionate, these people are also oozing with kindness and has one of  the biggest hearts you’ll ever find! There’s nothing left to do but receive them with open arms!

Don’t worry about her turning into a different person one day after the other. These ladies are loyal to who they are to the core. But just when you think you know everything about her, surprise, surprise! There’s another trick up her sleeve! Don’t try so hard to understand her, just love her and enjoy her wonderful company!

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