Uranus In Pisces: Love, Career, and Relationships Revealed

uranus in pisces

Do you wonder what it is like to be a Uranus in Pisces? How this placement affects this zodiac’s career, love, and relationships? In this post, we will explore everything about the planet Uranus and the Pisces sign separately so we can make more sense of how they work as one. 

Uranus In Pisces Meaning: An Overview

Depending on its location in a horoscope’s sign, this planet of innovation and uprising may have different personas. While Uranus is in Pisces, the native may feel compelled to participate in humanitarian endeavors. Additionally, the Uranus in Pisces meaning pertains to free-thinkers who refuse to conform to mainstream culture unless it has a definite purpose. But if it’s just keeping up with trends or going with the flow, these kind-hearted souls believe they have better things to do than deal with the mundane aspects of life. 

A Closer Look at the Pisces Personality Traits

The first order of business in understanding the Uranus in Pisces meaning is taking a closer look at the Pisces personality traits. Pisces is often referred to as the zodiac sign that is most difficult to read. As the 12th and final sign among the zodiacs, it represents completion and finality. People love putting you in a box, assuming all these things that you ought to be. But you always surprise them by jumping out of this stereotype, leaving them shocked and confused at times. 


Pisces are very in tune with their surroundings and make use of all their senses in understanding situations. However, these are also very intuitive souls who rely on their gut, and most of the time they are correct for doing so. 

These natives are heavy thinkers, so much so that they sometimes appear to be psychic to some people. They prefer to sit back and observe the world from a distance, making them feel like the whole world is passing them by at times. Being stuck in their own mind, they feel like a spectator in a football game, where everything is happening to everyone else except them. 


woman thinking

Overthinking is probably one of Pisces’ most significant setbacks. They tend to analyze every minute detail until there is nothing left for them to explore. This could be frustrating to some people like Aries or Sagittarius who are known for acting on impulse. 

Pisces need to take their time and ensure what they are about to embark on is safe. This has a lot to do with their trust issue. On the brighter side, these signs are awesome creatives whose imaginative minds make them amazing storytellers. Some of these natives would actually jump into action and come up with innovative ideas. While others prefer keeping it to themselves. 


Pisces is one of the most patient signs in the zodiac. It knows precisely when to back off and keep its distance if it means avoiding conflicts at all costs. They are not particularly great at confronting change, either. There are many times they find themselves in places and situations they can’t seem to get out of and find themselves surrounded by people who like to take advantage of their gentle nature. 

Despite being patient they tend to have this victim mentality they can’t seem to shake off. This usually happens when things don’t go as planned. Your Pisces friend or lover may suddenly give you the silent treatment while you don’t have the faintest idea why. It will drive you crazy trying to figure out what’s going on inside their heads. 

This can be frustrating, but once you give Pisces the time and space, they’ll show you a whole new side. Once they feel loved, trusted, and accepted, they’ll be more inclined to open up to you. 

The Planet Uranus: Radical Shifts Explained

The next step to understanding Uranus in Pisces is looking back in history to the discovery of this planet. Uranus was discovered in 1781, the time of the industrial revolution. Some of the earliest inventions were created wherein people no longer had to do things diligently by themselves. It was around this time that the cotton gin was invented. This machine separated the sticky seeds in short-staple cotton fibers, a very difficult process to do if you are going to do it manually. 

This was the onset of machinery and electricity. Lightning bolts of ideas were springing out of nowhere and were put to good use. Thus, wherever Uranus is, there will be some disruption and upheaval. Uranus rules revolutions, rebellions, fighting back, and being unconventional. It is an eclectic which refuses to fit in. Uranus wants to stretch people’s individuality, for them to be unique, talented, and creative. 

Moreover, such events occurred during these Uranus in Pisces dates. Uranus was in Pisces on April 1919 through March 1927. This is a time of awakening intuition, fantasy, mysticism, and imagination, plus radical changes in beliefs, morals, and religion. There was a great divide between the moralistic and the wild twenties. 

On the Occurrence of Accidents

The planet Uranus is also associated with accidents or things that happen unexpectedly. So this could mean dealing with earthquakes or dealing with major changes that happen in your simple and quiet life. It also deals with radical shifts, changes, rebellions, and uprisings in governments. 

This is the power of Uranus. So for people who have Uranus conjunct with the moon, you may be experiencing some emotional imbalance, unpredictability or sudden mood shifts that you don’t know how to explain. For those who have Uranus with the sun, you could be unpredictable as well. And if you have Uranus conjunct to Venus, you may be experiencing some problems in your relationships. 

These are just some examples to show what an unusual and unconventional planet Uranus is. It will depict itself in some of the biggest changes within you and around you. This is the reason why it is called the “great awakener”, for it awakens the mind and consciousness. It helps people see things from a different vantage point they never knew existed. 

Uranus in Pisces: The Heart of the Matter

Now that we have learned the important things to know about the zodiac Pisces and the planet Uranus, we can finally get to the heart of the matter, of what it’s like to have Uranus in Pisces. Someone with this placement is creative, sensitive, and idealistic. They can have a laser-like focus on an artistic activity they are really interested in. However, it is because of their unusual and unconventional nature that they find it challenging to integrate into mainstream society. 

The Uranus in Pisces have bouts of depression for fear of never being able to find true happiness in their lifetime. But it is mainly their own thoughts and not others that trigger such negative emotions. 

The Dilemma

Take love for example. With this location, you should be the epitome of romance, but rather, you look at love like a beautiful enigma that requires to be addressed with extreme care and caution. When all it takes is understanding yourself, your partnership, and the emotions you are dealing with. 

The Remedy


When you have Uranus in Pisces, the answer is not to keep your distance. Instead, understand that you can still take on tasks without becoming emotionally attached, but still remain open to how you feel. 

It is not too late to develop stronger psychic abilities plus a heightened sense of intuition (if you haven’t already). Remember that Pisces is closely associated with intuition, fantasy, creativity, understanding, and compassion. But sensitivity and intuition are its biggest assets. 

Uranus in Pisces Man and Woman

What does it mean to have Uranus in Pisces if you are a man or a woman? The answer is as follows. 


This woman is thought-provoking, and is inquisitive, restless, and always discovers people’s true motivations. She has very sharp intuition and can read what you think or feel without saying a word. However, she can also be contradictory at times because of the combination of air and water qualities. Just because she is perceptive doesn’t mean she’s not prone to secrecy. 

Women with this placement are known to be dreamers and idealists, gifted artists who have an unmatched creative vision. Her gut instincts are so strong that her life’s trajectory depends on it. Therefore, she must find her path and pursue her happiness despite all the distractions and destruction happening around her. 

But it is also these same reasons that require her to constantly consider her values and ideologies. She cannot move forward unless she takes time to quietly reflect on everything she leaving behind or sacrificing in search of a better future. 


Men with this placement may appear to be quite eccentric yet inventive. They are willing to take risks in the name of love and thrive best in committed monogamous relationships. This man never fails to come up with original ideas. He is a lover, a rebel, and a jack of many trades. 

come up with original ideas

This man is highly sensitive and will veer away from disagreements and awkward situations. He is non-confrontational and will always choose peace over pride and chaos. Furthermore, he is the king of innovation, preoccupied with the latest gadgets and technology. If you have any queries about the latest software that’s coming out, don’t hesitate to give him a call. 

Uranus Retrograde In Pisces

To understand what occurs when Uranus is in retrograde, it is imperative to consider how it affects us when it is moving forward. Under normal circumstances, this planet of awakening brings surprises and encourages innovation. When it squares off against, syncs up with, or opposes other planets in the sky or your natal chart, you will start questioning the norm and will strengthen your own capacity for change. 

But whenever Uranus is moving backward, this change-making energy fizzles out a little. Instead of experiencing external, concrete change, you will feel compelled to embrace revolution and rebellion from within. This is your time to rethink your long-term goals such as looking for your lifelong partner or pursuing your long-awaited dreams. 

There is a chance you may not feel the Uranus retrograde as much as a full moon or a Mercury retrograde, for instance. It is because Uranus moves slowly, thus, its effects build over the course of the planet’s long-term transits. But some signs are more likely to feel this retrograde period compared to others. Thus, the variation Uranus in Pisces personality traits. 

Final Thoughts About Uranus In Pisces

When you think about this unique and passionate generation it points to the spiritual warrior generation. It is the generation that liberates themselves through sacrifice, spirituality, dreams, and imagination, as well as doing selfless acts of service to others. 

This placement is all about liberation, freeing yourself from constraints by exercising empathy, compassion, and selflessness. Their radical and unconventional approach is what makes them special. They get the job done because they are not afraid to go against the norm or think out of the box. 

Just like any other placement, it has its strengths and weaknesses. The key is finding the perfect balance, learning how to turn your weaknesses into strengths, and enhancing the powers you already have. There is no point living in fear, anticipating negative changes, or trying to escape this time. Accept the fact that some things are beyond your control, so work on the things you can, value your relationships, and live every day as if it were your last. 

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