Types of Empaths: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Which Path is Yours

types of empaths

Do you feel the feelings and emotions of the people around you? If your answer is yes, you might belong to a special group of people known as empaths. Empathic abilities is broad. There are actually different types of empaths. Read on and know which path is yours.

In this article:

  • What is an empath?
  • Signs you are an empath
  • 10 different types of empaths
  • Is it possible to have more than one empathetic type?
  • So, you’re an empath… What now?
  • Taking care of yourself as an empath

What is an empath?

The term empath came from the word empathy. Meaning, the ability to understand and share the emotions of others. This means an empath is a person who takes empathy beyond most people. Being an empath involves genuinely embracing those emotions. 

Empaths are people whose energies are in harmony with those around them. It is not limited to people, it can be plants and animals, the Earth, or spirits. Being an empath is experiencing a deeper empathy than an average person. You feel and experience what other people are feeling and experiencing as if it happened to them. 

Although empaths provide emotional support for others, they get overwhelmed over time. It is important for empaths to learn how to separate themselves from the outside world. In other words, empaths need to process their own emotions on their own.  

Signs you are an empath

How do you know whether you are an empath? These signs are common for empaths. 

1. Feeling other people’s feelings

Feeling other people’s emotions is one common quality of empaths. As an empath, you have the ability to understand the emotions of the people around you. An empath can sense someone’s suffering even without them verbalizing it.  More than that, empaths may absorb or sponge the other person’s feelings as if it is your own. 

A good example of this is when your friend experiences a bad breakup. Even if you aren’t in their shoes, your empathy will help you comprehend the degree of their pain. You may also go through the stages of grief with them. 

You sense and feel emotions as if they’re part of your own experience. In other words, someone else’s pain and happiness become your pain and happiness. 

2. Easily overwhelmed with intimacy

Empaths find it hard to make romantic relationships because they struggle with closeness and intimacy. Establishing a lasting partnership is difficult for empaths. 

They find it overwhelming to spend too much time with a person. This overwhelming feeling will lead to stress and anxiety despite wanting a connection. 

Too much talking and too much touching causes a sensory overload for empaths. 

3. Good intuition

The sixth sense is a thing for empaths. Their gut feeling is always right. It is an empath’s superpower to know things based on gut feeling. 

Empaths can detect subtle clues that provide insight into other people’s thoughts. They use their intuition to gauge if someone is being truthful around them. Because of their sensitivity to others’ emotions, they detect clues that guide decision-making. 

4. Crowd drains your energy

Being in a crowd is terrifying for an empath who has not mastered their protective mental bubble. In a crowded place, an empath’s sensitivity amplifies to the point of being intolerable. 

It is a lot to process not only the energy of the individuals but also the general energy of the surrounding area. That’s frightening for most empaths. 

Empaths need alone time to recover after spending time in crowded places

5. Comforted with nature and animals

dog and its owner

Spending time with nature and animals has advantages for everyone. But empaths could be even more drawn to the outdoors. They like being in remote areas surrounded by plants and animals because they find calmness and peace in them. 

Imagine running with your dog on the shore at sunset. Or a porch leading to the garden sipping tea with your cat. That right there is how an empath describes a perfect place. 

Other people may find it weird to find an empath alone in nature but it helps them lift their spirits. Being in nature and with animals soothes an empath’s mind. They escape the business of the world and recuperate with nature. 

6. Heightened sensitivity to sight, sound, smell, and sensations

Empaths are not only emotionally perceptive but also more aware of environmental cues. If you think you are an empath, you may be more sensitive to physical stimuli that other people might miss. 

If you’re an empath, bright lights, strong fragrances, jarring sounds, and physical sensations are your nemesis. You may suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with these sensations. 

7. Recharging by isolation

Most empaths are introverts. They need a lot of time alone after sponging other people’s feelings. 

Isolation can aid empaths in recovering from overwhelming feelings. Shutting down and withdrawing from the world appears to be therapeutic to them. This allows them to take in and process their own feelings and emotions. 

Alone time is a necessity for them. This might be in the form of watching a movie, reading a book, or going to the spa. They like escaping from the crowd and enjoying their own company. A quiet and tranquil space allows them to recharge their social batteries. 

10 Different Types of Empaths

What are the different types of empaths?

Each type has some unique ability in communicating or reading something or someone. It depends on which type of empath you are. 

1. Physical Empath

Laughter and yawning are contagious, but being a physical empath goes beyond this. If you are a physical empath, your body tends to pick up their physical symptoms. Your body is porous to absorb others’ energy and treats the symptoms as if it is your own.

The crowd causes anxiety to physical empaths. If you feel unexplained symptoms while in a crowd, you might belong to this type. 

A Breathing Exercise for the Physical Empaths

Discovering you are a physical empath might be surprising to some. But, physical empathy does not have to overwhelm you. If you feel manifestations of your friend’s pain while sitting with them, move away and breathe. Take a few deep breaths, and breathe the symptom out. Keep taking deep breaths until it fades away. 

2. Emotional Empath


The most common empath type is an emotional empath. Like physical empaths, emotional empaths absorb the emotions of other people. Emotional empaths are good at reading others’ emotions without needing an explanation. The qualities of emotional empaths make them caring, compassionate, and understanding people.

You know you are an emotional empath if other people’s feelings resonate with you. Say a close friend won an all-expense paid vacation trip. You can feel their happiness as if you were the one who won the trip. 

Unfortunately, emotional empaths are magnets to complainers and narcissists. This causes exhaustion to emotional empaths. 

A Mantra for Emotional Empaths

Return to sender. This mantra does not only apply to parcels and packages. You may use this when you feel overwhelmed from others’ emotions. Saying this mantra channels the negative energy out of your system and back to the source. 

3. Intuitive Empath

An intuitive empath knows what needs to do in a situation without supporting data or logic. 

There are three common telltale signs to know if you are an intuitive empath. The first is getting spontaneous downloads. This is when a sudden something pops into your head that you didn’t know five seconds ago. Second, are physical manifestations. Your ears ring, jaw clenches, and headspace shifts. Third, is feeling other people’s energies. You can tell what their emotions are and how they feel.

Intuitive empaths are sometimes called claircognizant empaths. Claircognizant empaths vibe off the energy making them read people. 

Shielding technique for Intuitive Empaths

A picture of white and pink light around your body to shield you from negative energy away. This light protects you from stress and negativity and lets positive energy run to your body. 

4. Dream Empath

Have you ever picked out information about others through your dreams? If so, you may be a dream empath. This type of empath is good at remembering dreams. They source information from characters in their dreams such as a deceased relative. 

One can become a dream empath by opening up the mind to extrasensory perception.  If you are a dream empath, you are able to identify the symbolism about what is to come. Or your dreams are a replica of what’s actually going to happen.

Deja vu is most common for dram empaths. There is a strange familiarity when a dream is already happening

Dream diary for Dreampaths

You can harness your superpower by keeping a dream journal. Keep track of what dreams you experience and what they mean to you. 

5. Telepathic Empath

A telepathic empath can hear other people’s thoughts as well as feel their emotions. Have you ever answered someone’s question that other people are asking in their minds out loud? Do you hear someone’s thoughts from far away? Have you heard someone sing in their mind, join them and look at each other with astonishment on your faces? Then you must be a telepathic empath. 

Telepathic empaths are aware of what others are thinking without any evidence. Their timing is impeccable. They are in tune with others and can read nonverbal cues with ease. Energies, whether positive or negative, vibrate through them.

Imagine putting a telepathic empath in a crowd. It can be very bad. Their energies will deplete in minutes. They feel exhausted even if they are not doing anything. The rise and fall of energies from the surrounding environment will affect them. The more negative energy there is, the more overwhelmed they will be. 

Asking for telepathic empaths

If you’re thinking or feeling that someone is thinking and feeling something, ask. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. It only helps you identify your own feelings. 

6. Flora Empath

Also known as plant empaths. Flora empaths have green thumb making them excellent in gardening and landscaping. They love to be around plants, especially those they can take care of. 

Plant empaths can pick up on what plants need. Most empaths have a certain affinity with a specific plant. It is rare to be an empath with all plant species but it can happen. 

If you get affected or you affect plants, then you are a flora empath. You may experience things like deep emotion and connection to trees or other plants. You feel at ease when you are in a place where plants thrive. It’s like having a deep understanding of plants and the Earth. To bring up this empathetic ability, bring your plants into your meditation. 

Fostering connection for Flora Empaths

Unlike most empath types, flora empaths take less negative energy. Taking care of sickly plants gives satisfaction to these people. This allows the mutual exchange of energy which is beneficial. It helps the plant, the plant makes you feel content. 

7. Fauna Empath

fauna empaths

Fauna empaths are animal empaths. It is like having a telepathic connection with an animal. Animal empaths have the ability to understand the signals and communicate with animals. They know when an animal needs something like love and food. 

If you are an animal empath, you can also send a message to animals and communicate with them. Communication is rarely initiated by animals. If animals send you a message, it might mean that the animal needs help. Say a dog has a headache or cancer, you can pick up on that. This ability helps in catching illnesses before it gets worse. 

Animals don’t talk to fauna empaths through words but emotions. If you feel a deep connection to animals more than other beings, then you definitely are a fauna empath. 

Spending time with animals for Fauna Empaths

Being with animals or helping animals brings joy to your life. You could volunteer at animal shelters or tend to stray animals to foster this part of your life. 

8. Geomantic Empath

A geomantic empath has the ability to interpret signals from the Earth. They can perceive the happening of natural calamities and disasters. This is because their energy is attuned to the Earth’s. 

Geomantic empaths do not vibe with all of Earth. It can be a sacred place, house, city, or country. While you stroll to a new place and find yourself overwhelmed for no reason at all, chances are someone suffered there. As a geomantic empath, you can feel it. You feel a deep connection to certain places. 

Grounding for Geomantic Empaths

This ability is hard to control. The best possible way is self-awareness. Meditate as often as you can and get to know your emotions. This way, you’ll be able to distinguish which emotions are yours and which are not. For geomantic empaths, rooting to the Earth restores their energies. 

9. Psychic Empath

A medium or psychic empath communicates with spirits. They can communicate with souls on the other side. Psychic empaths bridge the gap between the living and the dead. 

Psychic empaths don’t necessarily speak with spirits. Only a few do, but they are rare.  Some spirits communicate through lights, sounds, and energies. You may feel like you are playing charades while trying to put the message together. 

If you find yourself to be a psychic empath, nurture your gift. Being connected to something larger than yourself may seem overwhelming but life-changing. 

Honoring the inner voice of Psychic Empaths

Connecting with yourself is the first step to connecting to the spiritual realm. Your spirit is the medium to connect with other spirits. Listen to your inner voice to create internal safe space.

10. Heyoka Empath

heyoka empath

The most powerful among them empathetic types are the heyoka empaths. Heyoka is a Native American word that means sacred clown. The role of heyoka is to see things from a different perspective and challenge the norms. 

Another trait of heyoka empaths is mirroring others. If you belong to this rare type of empath, you reflect people’s emotions and traits. Being a mirror, when people connect to you, they see the need for spiritual improvement. 

Heyoka empaths are intelligent but have childlike qualities. Other people may find this confusing especially when it comes to their desire to help. 

Embracing uniqueness for Heyoka Empaths

Be proud of who you are! Other people may find your mirroring ability overwhelming. But being able to reflect on one’s true identity is astonishing. By mirroring others, you help them heal and recover from negativity. 

Is it possible to have more than one empathetic type?

Yes, of course. Like intelligence, you may belong to two or more types of empaths. You are not limited to a particular type. 

Any of the types of empaths described above can expand your empathic gifts. You need to  open and be grateful for your abilities. Some of your characteristics might seem to fit more than one type of empath. But you exhibit dominance in one type. 

Taking care of yourself as an empath

No matter which types of empaths you belong to, it is very important to take care of yourself. You do not want your empathic abilities to interfere with your well-being. Keep in mind that your needs and emotions are more important than everyone around you. These tips will help you shield yourself from negativity and channel your ability to the right people. 

  1. Beware of toxic people and energy vampires. You are a magnet for them.
  2. Learn to differentiate and separate other people’s emotions from yours. 
  3. Take frequent breaks to meditate and maintain emotional balance.
  4. Maximize self-care to replenish and keep your energy levels up.
  5. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting, and supportive people.
  6. Protect your energy and mental health with mindful awareness. Practice mindfulness to reconnect to yourself. 
  7. Practice self-compassion. Treat yourself like a friend. Acknowledge your pain, respond to your suffering, and accept your imperfections. 


Being an empath makes you feel powerful yet overwhelmed in seconds. With a little practice and awareness, you can control your abilities to serve you best. 

So, now that you have the hindsight of the empaths and different types of empaths, what kind of empath are you?

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