Two of Cups Meaning: Your Guide to Discover Your Destiny

two of cups meaning

The imagery of the two of cups looks very similar to the lover’s card. This is intentional as the two of cups meaning is pure love and strong partnership. The two of cups is part of the pseudo cards which tells the story about emotion, intuition, and affection. Readers often point out that the intention of the two of cups is pure, genuine, and divine. 

If you want to learn about the two of cups the right way, this article is your 2 of cups tarot guide. This article contains:

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  • Upright two of cups
  • Reversed two of cups
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Two of cups key facts

Before exploring the two of cups meaning, let us first understand its important details. 

The two of cups is a Minor Arcana card in the tarot deck. This represents the ordinary attributes of our life. They relate to the little things that happen daily in your life. It can reveal how the present will affect your future. This type of card also gives you insight into how to act to manifest your goals. 

In numerology, the number two corresponds to the moon. The number two means duplication, so there is a replication of what is happening. In a deck of tarot cards, when two of cups reveals itself, it is a representation of harmony. 

Two of cups has the water element. The water element’s ultimate form is love and acceptance. It is in the sign of venus on the planet of cancer. Cancer is the sign of people who are notable for being emotional, nurturing and intuitive. They are the people who are loyal to their friends, family, and loved ones. This means that when you get this card, it might be a reading about love and being receptive to it. 

Symbolism of the two of cups card

The two people facing each other while looking into each other with love and passion is the first thing you’ll notice with the two of cups card. The two people share their love and emotion through the cup they are both holding. Their hands slightly touching is a symbol of love and harmony. It symbolizes meaningful love between two people. 

In the upper part of the card is a lion’s head – a chimera – which represents bravery and fiery passion. The lion head floats above the Caduceus of Hermes. The Caduceus evokes balance in communication which is helpful in commerce and negotiation.

The bay leaf wreaths on the man and woman’s heads indicates celebration and victory. Their garments also represent femininity and masculinity. The white and blue colors are the traditional colors of water, and the yellow and red are the colors of fire. On the background of the card are houses which symbolize a peaceful and domestic way of living. 

Two of cups tarot card meaning

What is the meaning of two of cups? In the tarot, the two of cups card holds a water element. This means it corresponds to events that are emotional in nature. The general two of cups meaning in a tarot card deck is perfect union and a beautiful connection. Most of the time, the two of cups relates to romantic relationships. But it can also refer to platonic relationships such as friendships and partnerships. The card signifies the creation of positive energy when two people come together. 

The two of cups signifies a deep and positive connection between two people. This is the reason why it is also called the soulmate card. It is a card that connotes love, union, equality, and harmony. When you see this card, it is a sign that you are attracting a sacred partnership. This relationship strengthens on mutual respect, and gives off a soulmate connection energy.

The two of cups meaning is very uplifting and positive. Whenever this card shows up, it means you ought to enjoy your day to day life and live a tranquil life. This card will bring you genuine emotions with no bad intentions. 

The two of cups upright meaning


The upright two of cups depicts strong bonds. This bond is not only limited to romantic relationships. Upright two of cups meaning could also apply to money, career, health, and spirituality. When the upright two of cups is in your spread, a mutual spiritual connection will begin. 

Two of cups in upright symbolizes partnership. You might build a successful alliance  with another person who reciprocates your genuineness. A partnership that roots in natural compatibility and connection.

Another key point of the upright two of cups is a union that grounds on mutual understanding. It predicts a collaboration of two peple who will forge union of two people which will evolve into something rewarding. Two people come together to combine forces to create a win-win situation for both parties. 

If you are already in a relationship or a partnership, this card is a sign that you should be grateful for it. When you see this card, it is a confirmation that the connection you have with this person will blossom. The bond you have with this person will prosper for as long as there is a continuous and open communication. 

Two of cups in love and relationship

The upright two of cups meaning is the beginning of a new partnership. In love, the two of cups represent a very close couple who equally love each other. It signifies the harmony between two people in love who work hand in hand for unity. The more these two people encourage each other, the more they benefit. The card suggests that communication will make your relationship stronger. 

If you are single, the two of cups foretells that you will meet someone who will spark joy in your life. The bond you will create with this person is unique and magical. This person coming your way will end your days alone. 

The two of cups love reading for people who are already in a relationship is cooperation. You need to encourage each other and support both of your strengths. As two people who share strong feelings, you need to build each other as individuals and as a team. If your relationship is blessed by this card, you are in a supportive and loving relationship. 

The energy of the two of cards in love and relationship is very positive. The love you have with your person, or the person who will come to you, is a once in a lifetime kind of love. The two of cups is a confirmation that this person is the one that’s meant for you. 

Two of cups in money and career

working together

In work and finances, the upright two of cups indicates two people who will work well together for career growth. You will have the same wavelength with this person. There will be new opportunities in partnership and expanding your network. 

Expect success in your finances and career. There will be positive and strong relationships with your colleagues and business partners. This card might also bring you a mentor who will help you in you move forward in your career. You will build a harmonious setting that helps you achieve your goals together. 

The two of cups in money and career does not necessarily suggest wealth. But it indicated financial security and freedom for a long period of time. With the meaning of two, the two of cups is a reminder of balance. There should be a balance in earning and spending of your funds. 

The upright two of cups meaning in money is financial wisdom. You have to be wise or else your stability will end. Take this card as a sign that you should be wise in handling your money. 

Two of cups in Health and spirituality

The upright two of cups in health and spirituality represents a close friend or a partner providing support and care to encourage strong health. This card indicates that your health problems will soon be resolved.

In your physical health, the upright two of cups is an omen that your health will improve. If you are suffering from health problems, it is a sign that your good health will return soon. This card is an indication of full recovery from dealing with sicknesses. Two of cups confirms a harmony in one’s physical well-being

If you are expecting to bear a child, it can indicate that you will have a twin pregnancy if this card shows up. This also a sign that your pregnancy is very healthy.

As to referring to spiritual health, the upward two of cups signals a balanced and harmonious connection to your spirituality. This means that your conscious and subconscious mind will align. Practice meditation and inner child healing to live a seamless and authentic life. 

The harmony and balance in your physical and spiritual health are interconnected. Open your heart to receive the positive energy and love that the universe is sending you through the upright two of cups. 

The two of cups reversed meaning

The two of cups is a very positive card, but when in reverse, it can mean two things. First,  you need to reflect more on yourself and learn to love yourself before you make a connection. The second meaning of an upside down two of cups card is a fallout or disharmony in your connection or relationship. 

The reversed two of cups is a sign of inconsistency and incompatibility in your life. It represents a parting of ways in your relationships, friendships, or partnerships. There might be a lack of communication and compassion between you two. This might be because of a disagreement between partners, friends, relatives, or workmates.

The reversal of the two of cups reminds you to reevaluate the connection you have with the people in your life. Be attentive to the energy you give off and the energy that you receive. Because you might be investing too much or too less in this relationship. If you wish to resolve the dispute in your relationship, consider reaching out. The appearance of a reversed two of cups card is to be the bigger person and swallow your pride. 

Two of cups in love and relationship

The two of cups in reverse is not a good card in love and relationship. When this shows up, it can signify arguments, misunderstanding, or even separation. This could also be a sign that you and your SO have not been communicating and are being lax with the relationship. 


The reversed two of cups may project a breakup or fallout. This can be because you do not share the same connection now compared to when you started dating. Sometimes you do not notice the small changes in your connection, but there might be out of sync. You and your significant other might be experiencing lack of trust and communication. This restricts the positive flow of love and energy in your relationship. 

If you are in a new romantic relationship, this card might symbolize that you are dating someone not suitable for you. The card helps you realize that you are receiving mixed signals. One moment, they are smitten by you and then give you a cold shoulder the next second. It implies that you two are incompatible. 

To counter this negativity, both of you need to work together and build a safe space for opening up and expressing your emotions. This might not be a grand gesture but you will be amazed how it heals your relationship. Do not dwell on the negative implications off the reversed two of cups. Instead, take this as a sign to be mature and repair the damage. 

Two of cups in money and career

The reversed two of cups meaning in money connotes a negative implication. It predicts that your financial situation is unstable. There is a problem with your income and expenditure. You overspent your money in an unwise manner. If are not mindful of your money, your situation will keep on spiraling down.

Careerwise, the reversed two of cups is a foreshadowing of the end of your career. Or it might be a sign of conflicts and issues with your colleagues or business partners. These contradictions will lead to tension and issues. 

Do not be afraid when you pull a reversed two of cups card. Although the reversed two of cups represents a whack in your money and career, you can still see the light in it. This is your sign to think with a straight mind, take a closer look at the issue, and fix the problem. 

Two of cups in health and spirituality

In health and spirituality, the reversed two of cups means that the body, mind, and spirit lost its balance. You face health issues and they could manifest as physical symptoms. This will be in the form of anxiety, headaches, or even the spiking up of your blood pressure. There is disharmony from within that no matter what medicines you take,  the symptoms will not subside. 

Your spiritual well-being is also affected with this. Both of your conscious and subconscious mind are in chaos. You will feel lost and disconnected from the energy of the universe. The energy you have at this moment feels off and unbalanced.

For you to overcome this crisis, listen to the advise of this Minor Arcana card to take good care of yourself. The reversed two of cups is your sign to put yourself first and do things that could help you recover from the sickness. Being sick means you will not be able to function to your highest potential. 

You can try to meditate, use crystals, or go on nature walks to bring back yourself and align your physical and spiritual wellness. 

Two of cups meaning in a reading

So, what is the two of cups meaning in a reading? The two of cups reading has three positions – the past, present, and future. The past position means that a past relationship or connection has had a huge impact on your life. The connection you had with this person may have ended but the effect if has on you stayed. It influenced you to be the person you are today.

The present position of the two of cups advises you to strengthen the bonds you have with the people around you. Two of cups signify that you should exert a lot of effort so that your current relationship would thrive. 

Two of cups in the future position foretells a new partnership, romance, or mentorship. The appearance of this card is a sign that a new beginning in the form of a relationship will bring love to your life. 


For readings where you ask a yes or no question, the two of cups the answer is yes. Most likely, it appears if your question is centered on love and relationship. The two of cups expresses a positive energy, one that reflects love and unity. 

Two of cups advice position

Two of cups is the image of the heart making a vow. A metaphor for love and promises. The advice this card tells you is to speak your heart because it is likely that the other person also feels the same. The two of cards showing up is the push that you need to be honest with yourself and to the other person. Be honest but do not forget to be kind when expressing yourself. There is no need to worry about negative outcomes because the two of cups is a very positive card. 


Two of cups is a card of people coming together and connecting together. It is a great card not only for romantic love but also for any other kind of partnership. While the two of cards is a symbol of a new strong connection, you should not go easy with your connections. The two of cups is a message that in order to reach the pinnacle of your relationship, you need to nurture it. Because the more you put effort into your relationship, the more it grows into something beautiful. 

That’s it for the two of cups meaning. Did it make sense to your situation right now? 

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