The Best Healing Throat Chakra Stones to Reveal Your True Self

throat chakra stones

A lot of people incorporate crystals into their self-care routine. More than being pretty, crystals have countless benefits. Crystals actually help in balancing the energetic chakras in our bodies.  The fifth of the seven main chakras is the throat chakra. Ranging from glistening dark blue crystals to brilliant translucent jewels. Throat chakra stones facilitate our communication and interaction with the outside world. The throat chakra is home to our knowledge, thoughts, ideas, feelings, and beliefs. 

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All about the throat chakra

The throat chakra, aka the Vishuddha chakra in Sanskrit, is the fifth chakra and energy center in our body. It is a vital chakra that promotes feelings of self-assurance and self-worth. Aside from that, it helps connect the heart and mind by bridging the two together. 

The throat chakra serves as our center of truth and how we chose to express our identity to the outside world. Our throat chakra is out of balance if we have trouble expressing ourselves. When there is a blockage in the throat chakra, we find it hard to express ourselves. 

A clear sign of blocked throat chakra is when we can’t speak and build bonds with the people around us. It can manifest as being shy, avoidant, and indecisive. We may also find ourselves speaking things we don’t mean which could hurt other people. Physical symptoms may also appear around the throat and neck such as thyroid and dental problems. An unbalanced and blocked throat chakra hinders communication, self-expression, and being authentic.

So, what do we do to restore the throat chakra? Keeping throat chakra stones nearby is great to get rid of the negative energy. 

10 Best crystals for throat chakra

There is a specific color assigned to each chakra. The throat chakra is associated with the color blue. Thus throat chakra crystals are in shades of calming blue. 

So, what are throat chakra stones used for? These blue gems encourage a flow of energy within the throat, heart, and mind. They resonate with traits like courage, compassion, and trust. 

To strengthen self-expression, here’s the list of the best crystals for the throat chakra. 

1. Amazonite 

The stone of warrior women

Amazonite is a shiny bluish-green crystal that promises strength, knowledge, protection, and positivity. It is a jewel that leads us to a position of autonomy and faith in our own power, much like the Amazonian warriors. 

This stone is one of the best throat chakra stones as it soothes anxiety and brings clarity. The soothing and calming effect of amazonite promotes clear communication and healthy boundaries. 

Its gentle angelic flow, like the rivers of the Amazon, brings us out of the shadows and into the light. Amazonite radiates energy that encourages us to put our needs first. This throat chakra stone promotes good throat health. 

Amazonite’s wild and soothing qualities balance out both masculine and feminine energy. It helps bring out the much-needed balance. Loving communication and harmony in relationships are possible with the help of Amazonite.

Tips for using Amazonite

Tap into your intellect and intuition with Amazonite. This will connect you to your truest self and be comfortable with your own skin. 

2. Turquoise

The stone of communication


A pretty stone with unique blue-green color that is commonly worn in pieces of jewelry. To Native American-Indians, Turquoise holds spiritual healing power. Kings, warriors, and shamans use this as talismans because it harnesses eccentric abilities. 

Turquoise, the stone of communication, helps us express our thoughts. Because of its gentle power, it restores our energy to have open conversations. Turquoise opens all chakras and enables effective communication. It can assist in letting go of old promises that no longer serve if it is placed in the throat chakra. 

Along with this, turquoise empowers the spirit to express itself in a genuine manner. Thus freeing us from the constraints and limitations of our past. 

Tips for using Turquoise

Wear turquoise near the chest. Not only does it make a statement piece, but also makes you have truthful and clear communication from the heart. 

3. Aquamarine

The stone of courage

Aquamarine, known as the water of the sea, beckons a mermaid’s loving embrace. We can, without a doubt, be cool and collected like the sea when we use this pale blue to green stone. The healing and encouraging effect of this stone calms our throat chakra. 

Using aquamarine results in a positive flow of energy through our throat chakra. An open vishudda chakra means that we have upskilled abilities.  With this, we create and sustain connections as a free expression of who we want to become. 

It is well-liked by public speakers. This is because it assists in overcoming speaking anxiety and promoting mental clarity. If we use this crystal, chances are we’ll develop our throat chakra and self-expression. 

4. Lapis Lazuli 

Stone of truth, and total awareness

With a name like poetry, Lapis Lazuli makes us ready to speak our stories and seek for greatest truth. Queens, pharaohs, and goddesses adorn its shimmering deep blue color. Lapis Lazuli looks like the starry night sky which holds the knowledge of the universe. 

But beyond its breathtaking color, this precious stone is valued for divine powers. This gem inspires beautiful emotions supported by the highest degree of self-awareness. It is one of the best throat chakra stones as ut enhances eloquence and self-expression. 

When there is a blockage in our throat chakra, feeling heard or understood is a struggle. We also find it hard to confront and express ourselves. Using Lapis Lazuli in clearing the throat chakra gives us a boost of clarity and confidence. Lapis Lazuli harmonizes our inner voice with our heart for better intuition. 

Tips for using Lapis Lazuli

When you are feeling angry, Lapis Lazuli is great for anger management. Use this if you find yourself stuck in a stressful situation. Place it near the throat chakra. 

5. Sodalite 

The harmonizing stone

Eurico Zimbres, SodaliteCC BY-SA 2.5

Sodalite’s meaning is communication and poetry. It comes in shades of royal blue and white. It is like holding a piece of a stormy sea in your hand. But despite how it looks, Sodalite is a sprinkle of salty serenity. 

This semi-precious stone blurs the line between mineral and magic. It is a powerful crystal that purges negative energies of fear and shame out of our bodies. Sodalite pushes us to confidence, clarity, and emotional intelligence which boosts our self-trust. 

Sodalite strengthens our connection so that we keep our feet grounded to the Earth while turning our eyes to the heavens above. It allows us to be logical while being spiritual and intuitive. 

This throat chakra stone gives us wisdom and helps us speak our truths without holding back. Using the strong vibrations of sodalite enhances creativity and communication. This is, without a doubt, helpful for performing public speaking.

Tips for using Sodalite

If you are a creative person, Sodalite is the stone for you. It is excellent in self-expression in a way that does not put your mind and soul on the line. 

6. Angelite

The stone of awareness

As the name suggests, Angelite is an angelic stone with a heavenly blue hue. It brings an essence of pure truth and higher thinking to those who use it. 

This is a powerful stone that taps into our psychic abilities and connects us to spirits and angels. By doing so, we can connect to divine universal knowledge. Because of its heavenly qualities, Angelite heightens telepathy, clairvoyance, and astral traveling. 

Angelite unblocks the pathways of the throat chakra. This makes sure that there is love, light, and balance in the thyroid and parathyroid glands. It helps us speak our truth but with compassion. 

Not only does this angelic gem foster our intuitive abilities, but also bushes us to look beyond. Furthermore, Angelite nurtures our telepathic communications. 

Tips on using Angelite

Welcome the whimsical wonder and feathery light brightness into your life with Angelite. 

7. Blue Lace Agate 

The stone of articulation

Our throat chakra benefits from a better energy flow thanks to this blue stone with white specks. Blue Lace Agate is one of the best stones that harnesses the power of the throat chakra. 

This is a great stone for clearing blocked throat chakras. This encourages us to express our thoughts and feelings better. Blue Lace Agate neutralizes spoken anger and counteracts feelings caused by judgment. 

This milky blue stone has gentle and calming energy like other throat chakra stones.  Blue Lace Agate is the most potent gem for activating and healing the throat chakra. 

Tips on using Blue Lace Agate

Speak freely, let go, and move forward. Let the tender energy of Blue Lace Agate wash away your anxieties. Let the milky blue hues cleanse your aura like water. 

8. Blue Kyanite 

The stone of attunement

The Kyanite stone, etched in white and blue, exudes love for the throat chakra. This water hued-gemstone is one of the most exotic. That is because aside from its pretty face, it deals with deep healing properties. 

Blue Kyanite inspires strong connections which leads to kind and compassionate communication. In times when frayed or hot-headed, Blue Kyanite soothes the chaos back into order. 

Keeping this stone opens our throat chakra which encourages self-expression. That being said, Blue Kyanite is useful when dealing with conflicts and negotiations. Using Blue Kyanite for the throat chakra helps to have a powerful voice. Hence, perfect for public speaking, vocal performing, or more clarity for writing. 

Tips for using Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a stone that does not hold negativity, so it never needs cleaning. Meditate with Blue Kyanite and be ready to move beyond your usual state of mind. 

9. Blue Apatite 

Stone of manifestation

Blue Apatite is notorious for its deep blue color and density. This stone loves to transform dark, negative energy and turn it into clear blue skies. It links to the throat chakra and invites you to always live in the light and truth. 

Instead of using our physical strength, Blue Apatite invites us to calm communication. With this, we can ensure that we live an authentic life without fighting. 

The advantages offered by Blue Apatite are quite a lot. It has the ability to both stimulate personal truth and eradicate negativity. This can boost our mental well-being. Additionally, it encourages social comfort and openness. Moreover, it can help us in making decisions by raising awareness of our past experiences.

Tips for using Blue Apatite

Use Blue Apatite to set your intentions and see them through. Manifest with it as it is the stone of manifestation. Sit in a quiet place, hold the stone near you, and breathe in its positive power. 

10. Azurite (Stone of Heaven)

Stone of Heaven

Azurite’s radiant velvet blue hue is reminiscent of Egyptian royalty. It reminds us that like the ancient Egyptians, we too can own the power of gods and pharaohs. This stone is well-known for its cosmic connections while serving the physical body. 

This vibrant blue stone helps with verbalizing our past issues which held us back for a long time. Azurite excels in promoting clear communication that happened in the past and present. 

Azurite is perfect for people who practice psychic abilities. It is great for developing psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and intuition. Heavenly and spiritual powers flow through this stone. 

As an aura cleanser and chakra healer, Azurite removes blockages from energy points. The blue color of Azurite radiates health to the throat chakra. It encourages us to believe in our powers and have the courage to speak up. 

Tips on using Azurite

Azurite fades its color to black when exposed to direct sunlight. Do not place it in direct sunlight. If you wish to incorporate it into jewelry, make sure to keep it away from heat. 

How to use throat chakra stones

There is a vast array of throat chakra stones out there. It might seem overwhelming to decide which stone to trust. Yet, crystals are reminders that we keep in tune with our intuition and trust in our own understanding. 

There are many ways we can use these 10 stones for the throat chakra to activate and balance the Vishudda. Although we want to remove blockages in the throat to ease clear and open communication, we cannot use all these stones at once. 

Follow these tips so you get the most out of your crystals. 


Finding the right crystal is a challenge. You have to feel which crystals draw our energies. Or sometimes, which you are drawn to. Most of the time, you will feel pulling energy that directs you to that exact stone. It will feel like you have a deep connection with the stone. 

It is also important that you know the purpose of getting a crystal. Whether it is for healing, guidance, or protection. Your awareness of your needs and the crystal’s qualities will direct you to the perfect stone. 

Using the zodiac as a guide to crystal selection is another option. Know which zodiac signs correspond to the crystals. Some crystals work in accordance with the stars. Having this information can help you harmonize your stones with the stars. 


Harness the power of your crystals. Activate and attune their energy with you. Use them in specific ways which would benefit you. 

There will be times when you can’t place your throat chakra stones on your throat. Especially when presenting or conversing to a large crowd. The benefits still flow without placing the stones directly on your neck.  

You can do these things to use your crystals to use their full potential

  • Crystals are pretty stones. The simplest and most fashionable way you can use crystals is to wear them as jewelry. Aside from being a statement piece, this makes the crystals touch your skin. Contact with the skin help raise energy vibrations. 
  • Carry small pieces of crystals in your pockets or purses. But you have to make sure that you wrap it in a piece of cloth to avoid scratches.
  • Meditate with your crystals. You can manifest your intentions in a quiet palace while keeping the crystals close to you. 


Crystals do incredible work to bring love, light, and healing to you. All crystals need a little TLC from time to time to keep their energy fresh and flowing. Keeping your crystals clean and recharged is a way to connect with them. 

Your crystals soak up a lot of negative energy and they work better when they are out of this negativity. They need cleaning and recharging from time to time, especially after soaking up huge loads of energy. 

There are different ways that you can clean your crystals. Some crystals are more delicate than others. These ways might help you provide the TLC your crystals need.

  • Quick cleanse them under running water
  • Soak them with moonlight during the full moon overnight
  • Place them in places where there is morning sunlight
  • Lightly wipe sage or your favorite incense
  • Use cleansing crystals 

Bottom line

lapis lazuli

The throat chakra plays a crucial role in our daily lives. We become confident when we are being heard and understood. Throat chakra stones equip us to communicate our truths so that we don’t succumb to fear and frustration. 

These healing stones for throat chakra are one of the best ways to feel yourself in your own skin. Since no one will speak up for us, these beautiful blue stones help us heal and reclaim our inner voices. 

Now that you know about throat chakra stones, which do you think is the best healing stone for throat chakra?

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