The Intriguing Truth Behind The Taurus Gemini Cusp

taurus gemini cusp

Do you know what it means to be born on cusps? Like what it’s like to be on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini? If you don’t, then the first thing to ask is, what are cusps in the first place? What does it mean if I were born on a Taurus Gemini cusp?

When you have a cusp sign it means your birthday falls at a time when the Sun exists, one sign then enters another. For instance, technically you’re a Cancer, but deep within you feel like a Virgo

If a person is born early or late in their life, chances are they were born on a “cusp”. This serves like transition period days between those signs. Such birthdays usually happen from the 18th up to the 23rd of the month. Just when a solar season of a sign comes to an end while another begins. 

In this post we will not only talk about the Taurus and Gemini cusp, we will also shed light on the following: 

  • Where do Taurus Gemini cusp dates fall?
  • How to find the most ideal Taurus Gemini cusp compatibility
  • Dealing with the contrasting Taurus Gemini cusp traits
  • What it’s like being with a Taurus Gemini cusp man
  • Is it easy or challenging to live with a Taurus Gemini cusp woman?

Let’s go right in and discover everything there is to know about the Taurus and Gemini cusp zodiacs!

Taurus and Gemini Cusp: An Overview

Here’s the first thing you need to know about the Taurus Gemini cusp. They’re the fastest among all the zodiacs. Not only fast, they’re also interesting and interested in both talking and thinking. Curiosity is endless when it comes to a Gemini

And then there’s the Taurus. This may sound as an insult to some but it’s actually a compliment. They’re the slowest of all the energies out there because that’s just how they function. Taureans have strength, fortitude, solidity, and endurance. Plus, they have the ability to get things done on time, all the time. 

Taurus Gemini Cusp: An Interesting Mix

No wonder it’s so thrilling to find planets here since they’re such a great mix of intellect and abstract thinking. And even if it’s not really Mercury, but Venus for instance that’s on the cusp. That power is still with that person. 

This means that Gemini has that same effect wherever he is in the chart. They show sharp analytical abilities and keen insight. And are sensitive enough not to waste anybody’s time. These people have the most practical, the most pragmatic approach anyone can have in life. Somebody who is always focused on the bigger picture. 

Then comes their predisposition towards things you can actually see, the tangible things. What you can see, feel, or prove. Things that interact with your senses. So they definitely have a very interesting set of gifts. 

Taurus Gemini Cusp: Biggest Challenges


This is one of the biggest challenges with this type of energy, especially those with Mercury Venus. Your Taurus side is sometimes frustrated at how slow you perceive yourself. Because Taurians are really patient. Plotting their steps is one of their gifts. 

And this is nothing to be ashamed of, as a matter of fact, this is considered as a beautiful thing. Giving them a unique perspective. They have their own set of energy that is not present in other energies. And then there’s your Gemini side that can’t help but generalize and overthink everything all the time. 

So an inner battle begins. You can be really slow sometimes when it comes to comprehending people around you. Slow to warm up to people and this can get really frustrating. Because your Venus in Gemini simply wants to be out there and mingle with the rest of the world. 

Taurus Gemini Cusp: How to Reach a Reconciliation

It is inevitable that there will be times when a part of you is so fast while the other part is so slow. The important thing is not to be judgmental of yourself. Gemini must remember this especially when the cusp comes into play. 

It can be a hard time for the Taurean. Because there can be several factors involved. Taurean depression, cynicism, dark thoughts and feelings. Just remember that everything is a choice, because we have free will. 

The energies are there, it is what it is. And know that you chose them to begin with. You need to find a way to make the best of them, the best of these energies. There is simply no such thing as bad energy. Even the most challenging ones possess amazing gifts that no other energies have- only you. 

Taurus Gemini Cusp: Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Take one step at a time, and be patient with yourself. Honor the timing, no matter what. Give it the pace that it needs since the less you beat yourself up, the more energy you are going to free up. Specifically mental energy. 

You will feel a lot better when you stop harassing yourself for being so slow. You need to make a conscious effort, you need to have intention. Anything that you repeat over and over again, and put your energy into will come into being. 

So it’s your choice if you choose to waste that energy. Or, you could use it to support and augment yourself. And more importantly, be at peace with who you are. 

Remember, just because Taurus is slow does not mean it is stupid. On the contrary, Taurus is very intelligent, wise, and reflective. And they become even more powerful when they pair it with love. Now, that’s an awesome gift with this cusp. 

On Love and Compatibility

passionate romantic

You are a passionate romantic who enjoys bonding with your significant other. Not only do you love traveling, good food, and experiencing new things together. You’re also capable of engaging in mind-blowing sex. Adventure is always part of your relationships, whether with your lover, friends, or family. You need someone who can keep up and read you like a book. 

Just remember that fire signs are always willing to try new things and have fun. However, they may not be that good at expressing how they feel. While the air signs have communication as their forte and are willing to adjust depending on the level they need to be with a person. So you can only guess which side will be dominant on that day!

The Male Energy Cusp

Men in this cusp have boundless amounts of energy! He easily gets bored and once he’s done trying one thing, he’s off to the next. These men love it when things work out in their favor. He enjoys his independence but also wants to make sure the love of his life is not going to drop him like a hot potato. And when he loves you, you can expect him to always be loyal and true. 

These guys spend, but not necessarily splurge. They have their limits and know when to put a lid on it. He makes sure he controls his wealth and money, and never allows them to control him. To him, money is just a means to reach his goals, nothing more, nothing less. 

The Female Energy Cusp

These femme fetales are realistic, consistent, and will never settle for less. She remains focused and keeps her eye on the prize. This woman is very patient and tolerant. But when this female cusp reaches its limit, she has no qualms about drastically ending a relationship. 

The Male and Female Energy Cusp In Bed

He wants to have his way with you and wants certain things done. But this doesn’t mean he can’t be a gentle and generous lover. Give him a chance to fulfill his deepest desires. And in exchange he will do the same thing for you- even more. You can expect something new and delicious on the “menu” each and every time. Your sexy time together will always be something to look forward to. 

The female energy on this cusp on the other hand wants to keep things exciting. She will hold back until the right moment comes and finally gives in. By then it will feel like the ultimate sexual satisfaction for the both of you. She’s not afraid to experiment or try anything (at least once). No matter how quirky it can get. She doesn’t take these things so seriously so you always feel good and never insecure when you’re around her. 

How Can You Make Things Work?


Avoid nagging or pushing each other to your limits. Having a great sense of humor can do wonders for your relationship. It can save you from a big fight or argument if somebody suddenly cracks a joke and breaks the ice. 

Never stop being kind and patient towards each other. Argue in private, but protect each other in public. Do not make yourself look good at the expense of your partner. Never humiliate or put them in cringe-worthy situations. They may harbor these ill feelings for life. Yes, they can forgive you, but what you did will be etched in their minds forever. 

Accept that neither one of you is perfect. So learn to embrace each other’s flaws. They may seem indecisive or self-centered at times. But deep in their core they are kind and gentle human beings. 

Don’t Trigger Each Other’s Pet Peeves

Taurus is a planner and is proud of the quality of their work. So it’s no wonder they get irritated with people who do not think things through. Those with bad judgements, who don’t seem to have any common sense. Or people who are not self-sufficient really drive them nuts. 

Gemini on the other hand hates the idea of missing out on things. Missing out on a planned high-school reunion with friends. Or a job-opening that suits their passion. Even that caesar salad they failed to order at the last minute. The thought of missing out on things really eats them up.

So what is the moral lesson? Learn each other’s pet peeves and by all means try to avoid them. But better yet, think of ways how you can help and support each other get through it. 

Final Takeaway

People born on this cusp may be a bit slow-moving, but they’re definitely quick-witted. As astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss puts it, they seem like they’re taking their time languidly. Stretching, as their first cup of coffee in the morning starts winding up their brains. 

Since you are born on a cusp, you always have two sides to deal with. The slow and patient side is extremely valuable. You were born on a cusp of energy. Unsurprisingly, you’re always energized and on-the-go. Remember to slow down though on situations and relationships where you need to analyze and think things through. 

Yes, you always like to push things to their limits. And the word moderation sounds like a bore. But this is crucial if you wish to have a balanced life. Slowing down your pace every now and then reminds you to be present and enjoy the moment. Enough time to recharge, reboot, and get back to work!

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