Shades of Power: Taurus Colors to Help the Bull Shine

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Dear readers, we’ve got a real fun question for you all today. What’s your favorite color? According to Astrology, each zodiac sign has zodiac colors or a preferred set of colors that brings them luck, money, power or inner peace. Today, we’re looking at one such zodiac sign, Taurus, and examining each of its ‘power colors’. What do you think are the Taurus colors? 

Everyone has a favorite color, or a whole palette of colors that they like, consciously or subconsciously. Consciously, because usually, we can see someone’s color preference in their wardrobe, by tallying the most frequent colors in their shirts. Subconsciously, because sometimes, we may not even know it. But when we buy a new house, car or even something as simple as picking a restaurant, we do so because it has a color that speaks to our souls. Whatever the case, these colors clearly play an influence on our moods, feelings and thus interactions and events in our lives!

With such an importance on color that connects our spirits to the stars, it’s a good thing we’ve compiled this list for Taurus, the lovable bull of the zodiac. Are you a Taurus, looking to freshen up your color scheme? Maybe you’re a zodiac aficionado, looking to refresh your knowledge? Or are you just plain curious? Whatever the case, this is the article for you, so sit back, relax and most importantly have fun!


  • Each and every Taurus power color
  • What is the best color for Taurus all in all?
  • Create a Taurus color palette
  • And many more…

Colors for Taurus that Bring out the Best in The Bull

Before we get into all the Taurus lucky colors, let’s talk about the zodiac’s lovable bull themselves! It’s important to start our journey by grounding our search on who they are, their strengths and weaknesses, so we know what they need in a color. An earth sign with the symbol of a bull, Taurus governs the period in a year from April 20 to May 20. Taurus is a stubborn creature, but they are also loyal, steadfast and kind to their loved ones. They have an appreciation for love and beauty, as well as a soft side, thanks to having Venus as a planetary ruler.

What sort of colors does Taurus need, then? And what difference exists between colors that make them special? Well, did you know dear reader, that green has been proven to calm someone’s mood? Or that red is a color that stimulates attraction, desire and attention in the human brain? When looking for colors that best suit Taurus, we need to remember to suit them to the zodiac sign and what they need.

For example, pink is one of the colors that go well with Taurus. Pink blends well with Taurus, though it isn’t earthy like their nature, nor does it invoke the color of a bull. Maybe it’s because of Venus, the planet named after the goddess of love, that shades of pink go so well with the bull. Pink has shown to bring Taurus luck, whether that’s in their love life or even their business! Now, without further ado, all of the Taurus colors that bring good vibes and fortune, below:

Green for Power

green color

The first of the Taurus colors is green, and not just for its psychological connection with putting the mind at ease. Green has over the centuries been associated with wealth and fortune, such as the color of jade from the East. This is something which the hardworking and dependable Taurus would definitely love to have. Green is a power color for Taurus because it brings them closer to their goals. But also because it brings them closer to their roots.

That’s because green is also an earthy color, in itself. Representing nature, and transitively the soil, green is a color for Taurus’ element. Aside from this, green is also associated with the verdure. That is to say, it’s associated with the growth and blossoming of life. A color that brings out all the life and plenty that the hardworking Taurus needs.

Going Green

Where would Taurus use or keep green around as a color to gain its benefits? If you’re so inclined to lucky charms, four-leaf clovers are something that you can pin to your bag strap. But you don’t necessarily have to wait for a certain Irish holiday to wear green. Green comes in shirts, jackets, shoes, even ties for more formal gatherings. There’s also more you can do than just wear green.

Green is a warm color you can decorate your office or home with. For instance, green is a great color to coat your bedroom walls with, as it promotes relaxation and better sleep. You can use green in your office to promote an image of wealth and class with paperweights, paintings and the like. There’s also keeping an indoor garden, or something as simple as keeping a potted plant in your living and work spaces. It’s great that Taurus can keep green almost anywhere with ease!

Pink is a Loving Color

pink color

If green empowers Taurus to greater heights, then pink, as we said above brings them good fortune! Pink is connected to love and tenderness, and serves more than just Taurus’ connection to Venus. Aside from the connection to the planet named after the love goddess, pink also helps smoothen out Taurus’ more rough qualities. Taurus is a little misunderstood, their stubborn and strong qualities often coming off as rough and abrasive to many. But with the color pink, Taurus appears much more approachable and pleasant.

This is why pink is such a good color for Taurus. In their romantic life, it means they are more likely to meet someone and hit it off. While, in their career, it means they are more pleasant to work with, and will probably secure an advancement, raise or promotion. In either scenario, this is a lucky outcome for the lovable bull of the zodiac. Go grab yourself more pink, Taurus!

Staying Pretty with Pink

woman wearing pink lipstick

Yes, gents, tough guys do indeed wear pink! While it’s harder to find a formal or classy approach to pink outside certain galas with liberal dress codes, casual is easy. There are pink shirts, shoes, even pants in salmon pink if you’re willing to get wild. For the ladies, there’s pink lipstick, earrings and jewelry such as rose quartz to keep you closer to the Earth. Pink is also a great accent color for gadgets and bags.

Painting your office as pink might not fly too well in every workspace. But there’s a lot of ways to keep pink in your career. Picture frames, paperweights and pens to name a few. At home, pink is a great color for throw pillows, decor and carpets. Using pink in this way adds a soft and feminine touch to your interior design.

White is Calm and Pure

While not a power or luck color like green or pink, these next two colors are still important to Taurus. Starting with white, which evokes serenity, peace and calm. Taurus, while naturally calm, can use the extra help, especially since they are creatures of structure and habit. Whenever things get a little messy in Taurus’ life, like the bull, they tend to charge. White is a great way for Taurus to keep a cool head.

In their career, white also evokes a fresh start. It’s a calm, neutral color that dissuades aggression or negative first impressions. White helps Taurus think clearly, as it fosters creativity. Think of white as an empty canvas, and Taurus as an eager painter. A simple color, it speaks to Taurus’ soul.

Keeping it Cool with White

There’s no shortage of wardrobe options when it comes to white. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you all the ways you can use the color white in your outfit. Whether it’s a formal or casual setting, white will work just fine. But you can also carry around rabbit feet charms for good luck in the shade of white. Highlights for your glasses or jewelry can also come in the color white.

living room

For the home, white is a great color you can use to paint fences, vehicles and doors with. It blends well with other colors, especially pastel colors, like peach. While not usually used for bedrooms or dining areas, white is a great color for hallways, door frames and living areas. If not, consider just using it as an accent color, because of how well it goes with basically everything. Get creative and see how you can use white as a balance to your other colors.

Black Gives Off an Air of Sophistry

black color

Last on this list but certainly not least is the color black! Whatever white does for Taurus, black (very thematically) does the exact opposite. Black evokes a sense of power and sophistry, of ambition. Ambition is very good for Taurus, who is usually simply content to leave things as they are. Black allows Taurus to look forward, and beyond.

Besides that, black adds an air of mystery and class. This adds depth and power to Taurus’ already magnetic attraction due to having Venus as a planetary ruler. The sophistry and class also goes far in the workplace. Taurus looks more competent and professional in black. Black is thus a great color for both Taurus’ career and love life.

Classy with Black

Just the same as white, black comes in many options with Taurus’ wardrobe. Taurus definitely kills it in a suit, but just as well in a leather jacket. Aside from that, just as with white, black is a safe, neutral, universal accent color that you can use with almost any outfit or getup. Shades, neck and bowties, handkerchiefs, accents to your glasses… the list just goes on! Black also has a place in the home and office.

office desk

For instance, pens, notebooks, planners, even office chairs and tables come in black. You wouldn’t want to paint your walls black either at home or at the workplace, though. Still, at home, you can use black to offset brighter color schemes and balance out stark contrasts just like with white. Black is also a very common color for phone cases, bags and the like. So, you can bring the color around with you wherever you go.

Taurus Color Palettes

What’s a Taurus color palette, you may ask? A color palette, first of all, is made via matching and mixing several colors together to make a spectrum. By using this method, we bunch together all of Taurus’ lucky colors to prevent one from overpowering our lovable bull. For instance, too much black might come off as frightening instead of mysterious. Too much pink may make Taurus too soft of a person.

But if we mix pink and black, we create a balance that is both attractive and powerful. Mixing green and white helps Taurus attract wealth while at the same time keeping their mind clear. Look for colors that are made up of each individual shade separately, or look for variant shades of the existing colors for Taurus. What do you think is a good mix of colors for Taurus? Have fun while mixing and matching!

Wrapping Things Up…

That’s everything you need to know about Taurus and their colors of luck and power. To our non-Taurus readers, is there anything you can take away from this? Yes, in fact! You can use these same colors for roughly the same effects, though you may not have the same compatibility as Taurus does. It’s great to have colors you can relate to or feel comfortable, powerful or lucky in!

Lastly, if you’re a Taurus and can’t relate to this list, don’t feel bad. Everyone is different, even those that share the same zodiac signs… so, not every Taurus might vibe with every color on this list. Astrology is not a precise science, we always say. At the end of the day, the stars were never meant to control you, only guide you. You are still the captain of your own ship and the master of your fate.

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