The Archer and The Bull: Taurus and Sagittarius Friendship

taurus and sagittarius friendship

Aristotle once said: “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Indeed, no man is an island and we all need friends. For some people, a positive companionship is all they have that keeps them going in life. Did you know that we can actually turn the zodiac when looking for healthy, strong and long-lasting friendships? Today we’re looking at the compatibility between two such zodiac signs as friends, specifically a Taurus and Sagittarius friendship.

Friendships can turn sour quickly, and arguments can develop between even the closest of friends. Sometimes, the people think you know well, the people you trust to never hurt you… drift apart from you all the same. Compatibility is an important aspect in determining friendship then, since these situations are less likely to happen with a compatible companion at your side. The zodiac is able to tell us who we’re compatible with. It can do this because compatibility is based on things like personality, beliefs, priorities and behavior… all things the zodiac tells us about a person!

Are you perhaps a Taurus or a Sag, hoping to find out if the other will make a good friend? Perhaps you’re a zodiac aficionado, looking to brush up on Astrology knowledge and trivia? Maybe you’re just plain old curious, and the article caught your eye. Whatever the case, this is the article for you! So sit back, relax, and most important, have fun!


  • Friendship compatibility between Taurus and Sagittarius
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of the Friendship
  • Can you learn something from this, dear reader?
  • And many more…

Headfirst and Headlong: Sag and Taurus Friendship in a Nutshell

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Sag and Taurus’ compatibility (or incompatibility) as well as their friendship dynamic, let’s take a refresher course. It’s easier to understand how both signs can get along or fall apart when we know the basics about each, starting with Taurus! Taurus, the lovable bull of the zodiac, is an earth sign that governs the period from April 20 to May 20. They have the famous personality traits of: strength, loyalty and stubbornness. But due to having Venus as a planetary ruler, they are also famous for having the qualities of having a loving disposition, an appreciation for beauty and tenderness.

Sag is the zodiac’s premier archer, and like their namesake, shoots straight as an arrow! They govern the period from November 22 to December 21, and have Jupiter as their planetary ruler. With the symbol of a bow and arrow, and the element of fire, you know Sag is a headstrong, reckless and aggressive individual. However, they are also truthful, refreshingly straightforward and exciting. That just about covers the signs, but what if you’re neither a Taurus, Sag, nor interested in a friendship with either?

Even if that’s the case, there’s still something in it for you, dear reader! The secrets to the success or failure of a Taurus and Sag friendship doesn’t just apply to them. The zodiac teaches us that these traits and overall compatibility isn’t limited to the signs on this list. You can learn friendship tips from these two signs and use them in your own relationships! Now, without further ado, the ins and outs, the ups and downs of a Taurus and Sagittarius friendship, below!

Friendship Between Sagittarius and Taurus: General Compatibility

Do Taurus and Sagittarius get along as friends? According to the zodiac, it’s a surprising yes! Despite the fact that the two signs don’t usually get along due to their natures, a powerful bond can form between Sag and Taurus. There is, however, an equally likely chance for the pair to have a violent split-or to simply drift apart from each other because of their harsh differences. Basically, it’s a lot of work, and they’re not naturally drawn to each other… but it can work.


The greatest strengths of the pair is their similarly strong personalities, the way they like to care for their friends, and the fact that they balance each other out. On the other hand, their greatest weaknesses are: the harsh difference between the two, incompatible personality types and an unwillingness to back down. That last one in particular can lead to explosive fights that could end the friendship. In order to make the friendship work, mutual respect and compromise must exist. But all in all, if everything goes well, they can become great friends!

What You Can Learn from The Friendship

Your level of compatibility with your friends is less important than your ability to adjust. Sag and Taurus have their differences, like any other pair. But it’s sad to think that many of these pairs won’t see their similarities, the strength and beauty of their bond. All because they couldn’t compromise or adjust to the other and give the friendship a chance. Instead of focusing on what makes you and your friends different… celebrate the variety and think of ways to support each other!

Pros and Cons of the Pairing

We’ve answered the question, “Are Taurus and Sagittarius good friends?”. Now let’s go over the nitty-gritty of the relationship between the two. We usually list a pairing’s pros, cons and then how to work around them. But the funny thing about this pairing is that the same things that make the friendship strong can also tear it apart! Let’s go over each below: 

Polar Opposites

Taurus loves consistency, structure and control while Sag loves spontaneity, exciting adventures and the unknown. Sag can’t sit still, while Taurus wants nothing but. Even their personalities as zodiac signs clash with their nature. Taurus is Earth; prefers stability and predictability while Sag is fire, an unpredictable, dangerous force. This makes it hard for the two to get along… but it’s also a way for them to grow close.


How is it that having exact opposite natures can become a good thing? For one thing, the two strike a delicate balance. As we said above, no man is an island. Aside from keeping each other in check, Sagittarius provides Taurus with much needed thrill and excitement. On the flipside, Taurus is a presence of stability and structure in Sag’s otherwise chaotic life.


It’s obvious how being too different can lead to disagreements. But the main issues are in communication. For instance, Taurus takes a while to trust someone on first meeting… especially those who feel too familiar. Sag, on the other hand, is nothing but straightforward and familiar, even though they’re sincere. All in all, Sag’s radical and spontaneous energy frightens and has the potential to scare away Taurus from even starting a potential friendship.

What You Can Learn

People are different from each other, some even more than others. But these differences don’t necessarily mean you can’t strike up a friendship with someone different. Once again, you always have a choice. You can fear and shun what you don’t understand, though you may lose a lifetime companion. Or, you can take a chance and celebrate the unique experiences someone different brings into your life.

Supportive Relationship

giving advice to a friend

Not everything about Taurus and Sag is irreconcilably different. Among their similarities is that both like to care for their friends. Though this manifests itself in different ways when it comes to their methods. Taurus literally cares for their friends, providing loyalty, strength and protecting them. Sag, on the other hand, is more of a ‘life coach’, straightforwardly giving their friends advice.


Having a friend you can depend on is always a nice feeling. Taurus is certainly someone that has your back, and will care for and protect you. Meanwhile, Sag might irritate or turn others off with what is perceived as their ‘constant harping’, but not Taurus! Taurus is one of the only signs that actually appreciates Sag’s constant doting, as well as brutal honesty. The lovable bull feels at peace when someone worries for them, and their love for safety and consistency helps them appreciate the crushing honesty of Sag like no other.


There are limits, however, to honesty. Sag can really say it like it is, and Taurus is a sensitive soul at heart! Taurus’ overprotective nature may also suffocate the free spirit of Sag, who needs adventure to feel happy. Both of these can create conflicts in between an otherwise tight-knit friendship. It’s sad to think that even something as seemingly innocent as care and support can tear friendships apart.

What You Can Learn

Of course you’re supposed to care for your friends and support them! But Taurus and Sag have for us a cautionary tale. There’s only so far you can push before you reach someone’s limit. The overprotective Taurus and the brutal honesty of Sag can tear a friendship apart. You should also exercise caution when caring for your friends: don’t give too much.

Stubborn Pair

Another similarity between the two is their stubbornness. Sag doesn’t just shoot straight like an arrow, it refuses to back down or think twice on its course. We don’t need to introduce Taurus, of course. The stubborn bull of the zodiac is already famous for its hard headed nature. This duo is certain to never give up.


There is a mutual respect that exists between Taurus and Sag. Taurus with Sagittarius friends admire how brave (if not reckless) Sag is when it comes to getting what they want. Likewise, Sag admires Taurus’ iron will and strength of heart when it comes to their determination. This stubbornness can also extend into keeping their friendship alive. Neither wants to ‘give up’ on their bond, even when things get rough.


friends arguing

Unfortunately, their mutual stubbornness is also a large obstacle in their friendship. The smallest of disagreements spiral into massive, unending arguments. Everything becomes a contest, and neither is willing to back down. Always, painfully, to the detriment of their bond. The greatest struggle in the Taurus and Sagittarius friendship the pair may face is themselves.

What You Can Learn

As we said above, the key to keeping any friendship alive lies in mutual respect and the ability to compromise. Compromise and let go of your pride if you want to keep your friendships alive. Have humility, patience and the willingness to have an open mind. This will make your friendships last in the long run. More than that, you’re bound to make even more friends with such an attitude.

The Takeaway…

That’s everything there is to know about the compatibility between Taurus and Sag as friends. If some of our Taurus and Sag readers feel called out by this list, we apologize. We’d like to add that that wasn’t the point of the article. If you feel unfairly accused or that these traits don’t describe you, that’s fine. Everyone is different, even among those that share the same zodiac signs.

Ultimately, Astrology and the zodiac teaches us that the stars were never meant to control us. They were meant to guide us. As human beings, we have the potential to grow and change beyond whatever our sign predicts for us. You, at the end of the day, are still the captain of your own ship. The master of your own fate.

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