Thrive, Not Just Survive a Taurus and Libra Friendship

taurus and libra friendship

Taurus and Libra friendship can get a little tricky. And just because they’re both ruled by the planet Venus, doesn’t make it easy. It doesn’t automatically spell a smooth-sailing relationship from beginning to end. These signs have totally different Venusian tendencies. So exactly how can you make this friendship work?

They understand each other. No, they don’t always agree, but they ‘get’ the other one enough to make leeways and concessions to reach some compromise and love each other anyway.

So read on as we discuss the intricacies of the Taurus and Libra friendship compatibility. And as a bonus, discover if their friendship can take it to the next level as lovers, parents, and lifetime partners. You’ll also learn surprising details about the following:

  • Is Taurus Libra friendship really possible?
  • What are the conflicts that may arise in a Libra and Taurus friendship?
  • How can they work on their Taurus and Libra differences?
  • When do you end a friendship between Libra and Taurus?
  • Is friendship compatibility for Taurus and Libra enough to turn them into lovers?

So let’s get it on and enter the world of these Taurus and Libra best friends!

Taurus and Libra Friendship Compatibility: An Overview:

Taurus and Libra friendship compatibility is definitely possible. Because both these signs are peace-loving people. Both wish for a stable life although their temperaments vary a whole lot. Taurus is practical while Libra is an intellectual who’s also a bit dreamy. But they still manage to work things out since Libra is flexible and gives way to Taurus as long as they see it is reasonable.

Air and earth signs couldn’t be any more opposite than the other. Earth signs find it difficult to build stability with an air sign friend because they are so volatile. They find it difficult to turn a blind eye when they’re always scolding them about responsibilities.

Earth sign Taurus is calm, patient, and reserved. They will always choose quality over quantity when going through relationships. Taurus doesn’t take their friendships lightly. Libras on the other hand can be loud and social creatures based on their air sign. This makes them well-liked by the people around them.

Taurus and Libra Friendship: Taurus

Taurus and Libra friendship works because Taurus is very patient, generous, and loyal people. Their capacity to give is more than you could imagine. They always have a soft spot for the people they care about. This sign does not mind going the extra mile over and over again if it means making a difference in your life for the better.

They prefer to keep a close-knit circle of friends and rarely go out and see other people apart from them. Even if they value their wealth and finances very much, there is also a tendency for them to be very emotional.

Taurus is a hard worker and chooses to be modest. These stubborn creatures always have both feet on the ground. Sometimes they’re misconstrued as pessimists. But this stubbornness stems from their convictions. Things that they believed in and aimed to achieve all their lives. And they will protect them at all costs.

Taurus and Libra Friendship: Libra

charming libra woman

It’s easy to like and love Libras because they are such charming people who are full of wisdom. They are blessed with a kind of beauty that radiates from within. Always wearing a lovely smile, and a soft, calming voice that will simply put one at ease. But this same smooth style allows them to pounce at their enemies in self-defense.

Libras value everything around them, and every day is a blessing. One should never take them for granted. They know that haste only makes waste, so they make sure to always think things through before arriving at a final decision.

Libras will not simply accept anything that is presented to them. They will do their own research behind the scenes, just to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. This sign weighs the facts and evidence presented. But once they come to a decision- it’s final.

Taurus and Libra Friendship: Creating the Delicate Balance

Basically Taurus always do things they are accustomed to. Things that they did in their closely-knit community. Not because they don’t believe anything outside these practices is wrong or inadequate. It’s just that they are more comfortable doing what they are used to. They feel going out of their comfort zones might spell trouble or disharmony that may disrupt their lives.

This serves as food for thought for Libra. Are they willing to adjust to this way of thinking? Knowing that Libra’s eagerness for change and growth may cause Taurus to be weary and resentful. Thus, they need to talk this out and reach a mutual understanding. This is the only way to maintain peace and harmony in their relationship.

When they manage to do this, then well and good. They can go on being happy, being themselves. But if not, they may have no other choice but to cut ties and cut clean.

The thing with Taurus is that they will never start any trouble. Nor will they waste time arguing over something so trivial. They’re not really concerned if it’s not something of real significance or value. But the moment you push them against the wall, expect their inner beast to come out. of its shell.

Taurus is always prepared to use their strength and courage. If needed to protect their personal convictions and their loved ones until the end. But Libra is quite different. They don’t care how minute it is, they will argue even over petty things and will not stop until you acknowledge that they have won. This can irritate Taurus to no end, especially if it clashes with their ideal order of things.

Taurus and Libra Friendship: When Differences Begin to Surface

Libra’s energy is boundless and it focuses on one thing after another. They find it challenging to get into arguments or fights with the strong ones, such as Taurus. Taurus can find this really unnerving and exhausting.

Taurus will try their best to listen to Libra as they go on endlessly about everything that gets in their heads. But this can make Taurus really weary and tired. Libra like a child, takes pride in winning these so-called ‘debates’, whether Taurus agrees to play along. Or not.

This will not stop anytime soon until Libra realizes Taurus’ need for some peace and quiet. Taurus on the other hand, can be less agitated with Libras once they agree to play fair and square from beginning to end.

On Taurus and Libra Falling In Love

Again, Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Which means they both have Venusian qualities. Taurus leans more towards the earthy five senses version of the planet Venus. And the pleasures of Venus rules in them. Libra on the other hand is also this Venus, but since it is an air sign, it’s more mindful. They’re all about art, music, and endless possibilities. Even the very idea of love.

So naturally, when they come together, they will have a blast with the most delectable dishes. The most enjoyable travels, and experiment with their sexuality. Taurus will appear mysterious to Libra initially, and Libra may appear quite refined for Taurus’ taste. But all these things will change as the relationship also evolves.

Taurus and Libra’s interaction may see the former pushing the latter too far. Rarely will Taurus budge from their position. While Libra will be the one who will adjust for Taurus since they are emotionally flexible.

However, this could take a toll on Libra in the long run. Libra may start to get really irritated and find this absolutely unfair on Taurus’ part. They are becoming bossy and so used to getting their way. One cannot bulldoze Libras for long.

On the other hand, Libra’s flirtatious ways could also get into Taurus’ nerves. Taurus understands that Libra is an air sign, but feels as though they are pushing their boundaries a little too much. One may start to question their loyalty when their flirtatious nature gets the better of them. But they also need the opposite sex who just happen to be their friends.

Conflict arises when one person is so stubborn while the other is more vacillating. What happens then is that the stubborn person gets irritated by the vacillation and vice versa. And so the butting of heads begin.

Taurus can also be a bit crude while Libra’s more refined. Female Libra’s specifically can be earthy in a very interesting way. They will also draw the line in the sand that they will never cross.

This goes out to Taurus’ overtly gross innuendos or sexual jokes. To a certain extent, they will think it’s funny and actually go along with it. But when they feel you’re going to that crude area, they will brush it off immediately. This may also be evident when they’re enjoying their meal. Taurus may be eating their food a little too fast without noticing the noises they’re making. Or eating and dropping crumbs, and sauce, and the likes all over the place.

taurus and libra falling in love

So this difference in their level of refinement is something that these signs need to discuss. However, there will be long-term harmony because basically they still enjoy the same things. Eating together, or vibing to the same music. This is really an interesting partnership where you have the solid and grounded quietness of Taurus. And the bubbly, cheerful attitude of Libra.

The biggest conflict though may be Taurus’ not being as showy as they’re supposed to be. Or at least in Libra’s opinion. For example, sure, Taurus will tell you they love you. But that’s it, you can’t expect them to say it to you on a daily basis. Like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Libra’s on the other hand, finds love and security in this type of verbal affirmation. They appreciate an open communication type of love.

When Love Conquers All

Let’s face it. Just like all other zodiac partnerships or combinations, Taurus and Libras will have their highs and lows. But beyond that, they are truly sincere and serious about making their differences work out for them. Whether they are friends, family, colleagues, or relatives. They know how to turn things smooth-sailing if it’s for the greater good.

Their love is bigger than their ego. They allow each other to have as much space and time if the other asks for it. Also, they have a lot to teach, and a lot to learn. This makes it even more thrilling and wonderful when it comes to their future endeavors.

Failures and losses can definitely be prevented if both have the same goals and visions in life. If they plan together and work together in achieving them. This romantic relationship can be the best thing that has ever happened to them. But only if they can get past all the seemingly negative hurdles around them.

Furthermore, both Taurus and Libra enjoy becoming parents. They cherish their childhood and family is the most important thing in life. Thus, these are more than enough for Taurus and  Libra to make it through the storm and find their silver lining.

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