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spirit guide tarot spread

Tarot cards are tools for guidance. They help people gain insight from the past, present, and even future. But did you know you can use Tarot cards to talk to spirit guides? There’s something that is Spirit guide tarot spread. 

Is it possible to talk to spirits using Tarot cards? The answer is yes. Moreover, you can even communicate with your spirit guides. Tarot cards have symbols that are beyond the ordinary. In this article, we will walk you through the Spirit guide tarot spread. Also, keep your eyes on the following topics:

  • What is a Spirit Guide
  • Spirit Guide Tarot Spread
  • Contacting your spirit guide
  • Things that Blocks your Spirit Guides

What is a Spirit Guide

Before we proceed to using tarot cards and learning about Tarot spreads that can aid with connecting to your spirit guide, it is important to know what exactly is a spirit guide. 

Spirit guides as the name suggests are spiritual beings that help guide you and give you wisdom. Moreover, there are different types of spirit guides that we will walk through.

#1 Archangels

If you read the bible, Archangels are the leaders when it comes to the world of angels. Archangels are considered very powerful and have immense energy. Most people archangels are attracted to are empaths or people who are sensitive to energy. 

When an empath calls upon an archangel, they can feel the energy in the room change. Moreover, each archangel has its own respective abilities and specialties. 

#2 Guardian Angels

You probably have heard people say that you have your guardian angel. Often times they are said to protect you from harm. Guardian angels are exclusive only to you. Furthermore, it is said that they give their whole lives to help you. 

You can call them anytime if you want assistance. Moreover, your guardian angels love you so much that they will stay with you forever. 

#3 Spirit Animals

Spirit animals have often portrayed your spiritual guides in TV movies or series. Just like in the movies and series, spirit guides do just that. Your animal spirit guide can even be a pet that you had before that passed away. 

Furthermore, Spirit animals can take the form of an animal that teaches you a lesson. For example, the spirit animal you summoned is a peacock. The peacock teaches you about beauty and being confident.

#4 Ascended Masters

Ascend masters are once people who have ascended into heaven. One example of an Ascended master is Mother Mary who was once human. 

#5 Departed Loved ones

departed love ones

Even loved ones who have passed away can become spiritual guides. We often hear relatives say that our departed loved ones are guiding us, which is true. Moreover, they can help you in a lot of ways like sending career opportunities to you. 

#6 Helper angels

Unlike Guardian angels who are with you your whole life, helper angels are ones that are looking for people to help in a certain event. For example, if you are in need of spiritual guidance in your new relationship, the helper angel can help you out. 

For some people, it might be scary to think that something is following you. However, spirit guides are there to guide, protect, and be with you. They do not wish any harm and only want to give you the lessons and guidance that you need. 

Spirit Guide Tarot Spread

Are you currently looking for some spiritual guidance? You can actually summon a spirit guide through a Spirit guide Tarot spread. Using tarot can be the bridge for you to communicate with your spiritual guides. You can make use of tarot guides to be your spirit guide tarot deck.

You can make use of this tarot spread to connect with spirit guides.

  1. A card that shows which guide is manifested

The first card you will draw is your spirit guide itself. Moreover, there are times the spirit guide you manifest is a reflection of your personality. Aside from that, the card you draw can also be the relationship you will experience with your spirit guide.

  1. There’s a message from your spirit guide

Another card you will draw is a message from your spirit guide. The card will hold meaning to you. Often times it is the message that you’ve been longing to hear. This is one of the most important cards that you will get in the tarot spread.

  1. Advice on how to establish a connection with my spirit guides. 

Now that you know your spirit guide, you have to now establish a connection with them. You can re-connect with them when you have to. You will be drawing a card on how you can exactly establish a connection with your spirit guide. 

Moreover, you always have to communicate through tarot readings. However, there are instances when your spirit guide can make use of meditation to speak to you. In addition, there’s also a possibility that you can see them in your dreams.

  1. An Area of Improvement

One card that you will also draw from the spread will show you the aspect of your life that you have to improve, Moreover, it can be for self-improvement or even related to loving yourself. 

The card that talks about your area of improvement can also be linked to relationships, work, or even leisure. There are also times that you may draw cards that talk about how you are drifting away from certain things. Instances like losing a passion can also be drawn from the tarot spread.

  1. Making the Improvement

You now know what areas you have to improve on, it;s time for you to make a move and work on those improvements. The next card you will get is how you should deal with the aspects you have to develop. 

  1. Life purpose

If you are the type of person who has existential crisis most of the time, then a Tarot reading can help. You can draw a card that will guide you on your purpose in life. The card can show you a career-related purpose. 

Trusting in your spirit guide means that you allow them to enlighten you when it comes to making life decisions. Moreover, it is important to remember that this does not happen in a span of one day or night. Now that you know the spirit guide tarot spread You have to further practice the spread. Moreover, it is also up to you want to interpret the message from spirit tarot spread.

Contacting your spirit guide 

There are many ways you can contact your spirit guide. Moreover, there are different tools you can use. You can either meditate, make an altar for your spirit guide, or even through automatic writing. 

Furthermore, you can even also use tarot cards to talk to your spirit guides. Some people find it very rewarding to be able to contact their spirit guides. According to the Tarot reader and Astrologer, Taylor Urusal, it is better to “Start simple, clarifying questions”. Through this, you will be able to make sense of who you are trying to connect with and what effects they have on you. 

However, there are also instances when you have to be mindful of connecting with your spirit guides because some of them do not have the clearest intentions. 

Factors that May Block your spirit guides

Are there instances when you cannot seem to connect with your spirit guide? There’s a possibility that they have been blocked. Here are factors that may have contributed to blocking.  

#1 Inexperience

When you are new to the spiritual work thing, it is likely that your beginner’s luck does not really apply to connecting to your spirit guide. Moreover, you do not have to worry when it does not work for the first time. Calling or connecting with your spirit guide takes time and lots of practice. 

What you can do is keep an open mind and an open heart. Relaxing is also a great way to start when you plan to connect with your spirit guide. Another way you can start out is to practice developing your senses and be more aware of the things around you. 

#2 You are not organized

People say you attract what is around you. For example, if your room or house is a mess, you can attract negative energy because of it. The state of your surroundings affects your heart. That is why a clean space equals a clean spirit. 

#3 Expectations

Some people think that spirit guides are always there to give you grand signs for your questions.  Moreover, there are instances when you expect too much which results in you limiting yourself more often. 

#4 You are impatient

Are you constantly looking for an answer or response from your spirit guide, it actually leads to trouble and your anxiety can be building up. Moreover, if you are in this state, your connection with your spirit guide will not be strengthened. 

Furthermore, you have to practice building up your trust in your spirit guides. Through this, it don’t seem like you are too impatient about getting answers. 

#5 Drama

negative thoughts

The bottom line of summoning your spirit guides is that you have to have an open mind. Moreover, if your mind is in a fiasco because of certain drama or situations, there’s a high chance that you are distracted. 

What you can actually do is ask your spirit guide to help you clear your heart and mind. You can ask them to aid you in getting rid of negative thoughts and fears. They can help you attract positive and peaceful energy. 

In addition, you can ask your spirit guide to help you with a relationship that has outgrown and is slowing you down. 

#6 Food

To be able to connect with your spirit guide, you need a lot of energy. As a human, food is the main source of energy that you have. It is important to pay attention to the food that you eat. There are foods you have to avoid like Genetically modified foods, white rice, and flours, sweets. Sodas, alcohol, and overall unhealthy foods. 

Start learning more about greens and healthy oil and fat. You need to have a joyful state for you to be energized. Do not engage in connecting to your spirit guide if you are hungry, distracted, and emotional.

#7 You analyze too much

When you overanalyze, you can break the bond between you and your spirit guide. You have to have faith in your guides and trust they will do you good. 

You have to act upon them now that you know what might have been blocking your connection with your guides. Make sure to do these things with caution and put in mind your best interest why you want to communicate with your spirit guides. 


Using tarot cards to summon spirit guides is a common practice. However, you still need a lot of practice and patience. It is important to remember that you cannot ace it on the first try. You have to try multiple times to be able to successfully connect with them. 

Furthermore, there are a lot of things your tarot spread can tell you when it comes to your spirit guide. Moreover, whatever the cards read, they are still up to your intuition if you wish to acknowledge them. In addition, remember to take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. 

The art of spirit guide tarot spread is that it helps you gain insight on who or what your spirit guide is. Be sure to be careful when summoning your spirit guides because not most of them have the best intentions. 

Now that you know your tarot spread for spirit guides, it’s time for you to try it. There’s no harm in trying, it just means you want a little guidance in your life.

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