Here’s What You Need To Know About The Four Archangels

Angels are otherworldly beings that follow God’s divine directives. The four archangels are angles that God puts in charge of lesser angels and greater tasks.

Thanks to the various holy texts, religious material, and artifacts discovered and handed down throughout history, we know of the four major archangels.

What Are Archangels

Essentially, archangels are angels that have a high rank. 

The name archangel came from two Greek words. The first word is “arche” which stands for ruler. And the second word is “angelos” which stands for messenger. So, archangel literally means ruler-messenger.

This name aptly summarizes what archangels do. That’s because they have two main jobs. 

Their first duty is to be a ruler over all the other lesser angels. With the sheer number of angels, God has formed a hierarchy upon which the archangels. 

Their second duty is to be the messenger who delivers God’s word to humanity.

Who Are The Four Archangels

There are many archangels. However, the exact number can vary depending on the interpretation you subscribe to. Take note that the exact number doesn’t really matter in the long run. After all, all the archangels are there to love and assist humanity.

Regardless, there exist the four archangels who rule over all the others. And it would be wise to know what are the names of the four archangels.

Archangel Michael

Of all the four archangels, Michael, the great defender, and protector takes his place at the summit. As the head archangel, Michael is in charge of leading and supervising the other archangels.

Michael possesses the following characteristics: integrity, courage, strength, truth, protection. His presence often brings a feeling of safety and inner warmth to you. When he is near, you can feel his power envelop you.

Archangel Michael

He is also associated with the color blue. This color probably stems from the blue of the sky, symbolizing the heavens and their protection of humankind.

In the bible, and more specifically in the old testament, Michael often plays the part of a prince. However, the new testament also refers to him as an archangel.

Archangel Michael is the one who God has tasked to save all churches and Christians on earth. Also, because he is the head of all angels, he is also the primary force behind divine judgment. 

Oftentimes, people look at Michael as a supreme power. Some people even put him on the same level as Jesus Christ. 

It is true that Michael has many varied and complex powers. Additionally, his many different descriptions and depictions add to his complexity. To this end, the details of Michael’s duty, identity, and powers are a constant source of debate for many people.

Archangel Gabriel

When Archangel Gabriel manifests, she often brings an important message from the heavens. Of the four archangels, she is the sole female archangel. Because of this, people sometimes refer to her as Gabrielle.

Gabriel is the primary messenger of God. As one of God’s closest archangels, her name means “hero of God.” With that said, her main directive involves the delivery of God’s most significant announcements. Aside from that, she is also the head of all the other messenger angels. And she is in charge of bringing Jesus and his followers closer together.

One of her significant achievements is her revelation of the plan of God to Daniel. Additionally, she was also the one who announced the birth of John to Zechariah.

Christians often pray to Gabriel when they feel the temptation of material possessions. Actually, Gabriel garners deep reverence among the many theosophy sects. This reverence is largely due to Gabriel’s announcement that she would mother the only son of God.

Gabriel provides fulfillment in life and gives direction towards your goals. She often appears to those that have a hard time communicating, often choosing to manifest in dreams. 

When the archangel Gabriel is near, she manifests with radiant white light. With that in mind, her color is also pure white. This is because it represents harmony, holiness, and purity.

Archangel Raphael

Also known as “He who heals” in Hebrew, archangel Raphael is one of the four archangels that rule over the others. 

When you call for him, he will come to your side quite quickly. More often than not, his coming often brings with it some form of action. This action may manifest like a stray gust of wind ruffling up some papers or a small object falling off a desk.

While Raphael is not one to work miracles, his guidance comes through in other ways. With his help, you can expect to gain some insight and information that you may otherwise not have come across.

Aside from that, Raphael’s domain encompasses healing. If you ask him to, he will also work to heal you physically, mentally, and spiritually. In the gospel of John, Raphael often associates with a particular angel. This angel was at the pool of Bethesda, spraying water to heal as well. 

According to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Raphael manifests in a human form with wings. Many depictions show Raphael in all-white attire and show him to be extremely beautiful.

Raphael’s color is green. The color green represents the natural state of being of the earth. This ties into Raphael’s duty to heal and provide assistance.

Archangel Uriel

Last but not least, the fourth of the four archangels: Uriel. His name means “flame of God,” and his depictions often see him wielding a flaming sword. He was a supervisor in the Garden of Eden and will oversee the distribution of human souls on the final day of judgment.

Archangel Uriel rules over the domains that are concerned with the mind. He is in charge of our thoughts and insights, our ideas and creativity, and our judgment in general. With that in mind, his color is gold. It represents wisdom, mercy, and courage.

His duty is to help humanity discern what is good and what is evil. While simple at first glance, this goal is profound and incredibly nuanced. 

Many people see the world’s faults and corruption and lose their way, falling out of faith and sometimes into sin. These people call on Uriel to keep them from going astray. 

When Uriel is near, the truth becomes more apparent and easier to understand and process. No matter what the problem is, Uriel is there to provide wisdom, should you ask.

Aside from clarity of thought, Uriel calms down those who are troubled and afraid. They allow people to align their thoughts with God and let go of their pent-up bitterness and sorrow. 

He seeks to resolve not only inner conflicts but outer ones as well. Truly, Raphael is the bringer of peace and justice to all of humanity.

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