Sister Signs Zodiac: Which Sign Works Best with You?

sister signs zodiac

Opposites often attract in real life and the same is easily true of the sister signs Zodiac. Signs like these are often two sides of the same coin; total opposites that work perfectly together. What one lacks, the other has in abundance. They offer whatever that is to each other in perfect complementarity.

Besides being the sister signs Zodiac, these opposite signs also run under the identity of soul mate signs. Ever get that feeling that you just really vibe with this specific person? Like you just get each other so well?

A person like that is sometimes your best friend. Other times, it’s your actual sibling or even a romantic partner. With the sister signs Zodiac, it’s often very clear why you and this person get along so well.

Knowing the astrology sister signs may lead to knowing how to make better quality relationships. After all, then you’d know which signs you’re most compatible with and why that is. With this in mind, you’ll learn what qualities are typical to each sign and how those complement their sister Zodiac signs.

Zodiac Sister Signs

Take a look at any natal chart and you’ll see that there are twelve Zodiac signs on a circle. Every circle has a total of three hundred and sixty degrees, so every Zodiac sign is apart by thirty degrees. Because of that, the sister signs Zodiac are the ones directly opposite to each other on the circle.

Opposites do attract in real life and in astrology. Each of the sister signs in astrology exist on opposing polarities. This means that the first among the sister signs Zodiac is opposite to the seventh. The second is opposite to the eighth and so on.

Sister signs Zodiac also share astrological modalities. Modalities are cardinal or fixed. They are also mutable. Congenial elements are also common between these signs. Fire and air are examples of such active elements. So are water and earth as passive elements.

Astrological modalities refer to the personality archetype that the Zodiac signs have. Cardinal modalities are initiator signs and are colloquially the “bosses” of the Zodiac. Signs like this include Aries and Capricorn. Libra and Cancer are also of the cardinal modality.

Fixed modalities are the more steady and deliberate of the signs. Fixed signs are the “my way or the highway” type, so good luck trying to change their mind on anything. Taurus and Leo are such stable folk. So are Scorpio and Aquarius.

Finally, mutable signs are more flexible and versatile in their personalities. “Go with the flow” signs like Gemini and Virgo are among the mutable signs. Sagittarius and Pisces roll with the punches just fine too.

Aries: Libra


Sitting opposite to each other on the Zodiac wheel are the first sign of Aries and the seventh, Libra. Fire signs tend to get along with air signs, which is why fiery Aries gets along just fine with Libra. Both of them show great initiative in acting on their desires and moving towards what they feel is right.

Ambition is also a shared quality between Aries and Libra. This lends itself to Aries and Libra understanding the other sign’s goals and the drive to achieve it. Because they understand each other’s goals well, they are both willing to help each other get it.

Balance between Aries and Libra exists with Aries motivating Libra to chase goals with more enthusiasm. This is while Libra tempers Aries from acting without thinking. Through this, these two sister signs are a powerful romantic or platonic couple easily.

Taurus: Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio are both of the fixed modality. Because of this, the second and eighth signs are both stubborn and never bow to the dictates of another person. The earthy Taurus meshes well with Scorpio, a water sign.

Both of them are loyal to death and creative in finding solutions to their problems. As friends and partners, you’ll never find any other people more supportive. Despite Scorpio’s general air of mystery, Taurus’ grounded nature helps them understand their sister sign very well.

Of course, because they’re both extremely stubborn, it is difficult for the two to listen to each other without issue. Scorpio can’t just direct the bullish Taurus and Taurus can’t just tell Scorpio what to do. However, that stubbornness is something that they can help each other direct once they listen to each other sometimes.

Gemini: Sagittarius

Gemini are normally chatty and intellectual creatures. This balances them well with the equally social Sagittarius. Knowing a little about everything is particular to Gemini and this makes them a general fount of knowledge. Like Gemini, Sagittarius is also a seeker of answers to their many questions. They don’t stock up on fun factoids like Gemini but they are no less capable at figuring out answers.

The third and ninth signs are an air and fire sign respectively. Both of them are mutable, so they easily follow each other’s flow and life’s flow in general. Their best work is when they are bouncing ideas and information off of each other. It helps them see things in a new light all the time and more learning is always good for the two of them.

Cancer: Capricorn

With the fourth and tenth signs, there’s a lot of nurturing to go around. Both Cancer and Capricorn are cardinal signs, so both are familiar with leading in the relationship. As a water sign, Cancer is famous for being the most maternally caring sign on the wheel. Earthen Capricorn takes on a tougher approach on love, but it’s no less valuable or nurturing.

Cancer has a stronger take on maternal nurturing and their intuition guarantees they’ll be there for you. Capricorns show much tougher love, whether romantic or platonic. Their love stems from a feeling of responsibility over you, so they’ll do everything to point you in the right direction. Even if it means kicking you in the pants sometimes.

They work well together because of their mutually nurturing natures. However, tensions can flare when one misunderstands the other’s attempts to nurture or fails to see it as nurturing. Constant and honest communication is key to making sure that Cancer and Capricorn don’t try to toxically out-nurture each other.

Leo: Aquarius


The fifth sign of fire works great with the eleventh sign of air. Leo connects fantastically with people on a physical level; they’re touchy people, so be ready to get hugs. Aquarius connects with their friends and loved ones on a much more emotional and mental level rather than physical.

As fixed signs, they can be as bullish as Taurus is at getting their way. Fortunately, this signals determination in their attempts to connect in their relationship. Leo and Aquarius form bonds differently, but both form them deeply. A great Leo and Aquarius relationship is one that finds chances to speak each other’s love languages.

Tensions arise between them when their uncompromising natures determine how they connect. For example, Leo shouldn’t overemphasize physical contact as the only real way they can feel loved. Aquarius shouldn’t treat emotional connection as the only real value in their relationship.

Virgo: Pisces

The sixth sign of earth is sister signs with the twelfth sign of water. As dual mutables, both Virgo and Pisces are incredible at going with the flow of life. Virgos are particularly realistic, which leads to them valuing authenticity over other values. Lives based on facts and truth make it so important for Virgo to find something or someone real.

Pisces is not so grounded; their heads are very often in the clouds. Despite this cardinal difference from Virgo, this is exactly what makes them extremely compatible. Their fantastical perspective helps Virgo keep an open mind. Virgo’s pragmatism prevents Pisces from floating too far away and grounds them in reality.

Because of this, they can question each other while keeping open minds. However, tension can arise when Pisces feels like Virgo is dismissive of their dreams. Or when Virgo gets angry at Pisces for never grounding themselves in reality. Understanding is something that the situation calls for, so their unique relationship can truly take flight.

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