All about Affirmations: Signs Someone is Manifesting You.

signs someone is manifesting you

Affirmations have become a thing, especially on social media. People do affirmations or positive statements to manifest something. Some even do affirmations to manifest the people they like or love. In this article, we will be looking closely at signs someone is manifesting you.

Have you ever noticed how many times you and a certain person keep on bumping into each other? Or have you ever found yourself thinking about someone suddenly? Those could be signs someone is manifesting you. This write-up will be divided into different talking points to further understand the concept of Manifesting. 

  • What is Manifesting and what does it mean to Manifest someone
  • How to know if someone is manifesting you

What is Manifesting and what does it mean to Manifest someone? 

There are people who have been doing manifestations almost all their life. However, there are others who do not believe it. Moreover, there are also people who want to try it but do not quite know where to start or what manifesting really is. 

In simpler words, manifesting is the practice of thinking aspiration thoughts. A lot of people claim that by “manifesting” what they want, it becomes real. Furthermore, different people have their own ways of manifesting. 

Some say you do not have to follow any critical steps. However, some say that there is a right way to do it. There are even people who claim that you can use mathematics, specifically angel numbers like 1111 and 444. 

How to Know if someone is manifesting you

If you’ve been on social media, you might see posts like “Manifesting your crush to notice you, claim it”, and a lot of people actually do “claim” the manifestation by interacting with the post. With that said, how to know someone is manifesting you? What are the signs someone is manifesting you?

#1 They appear in front of you even though they are not Physically there.

Have you ever experienced seeing someone pass by but when you take a second glance, they aren’t there? Sounds creepy but this could be one of the signs of someone manifesting you, you are not being haunted. 

Moreover, when someone is manifesting you, you may think you saw them but it was actually someone else. Furthermore, you can also possibly hear their voice out of nowhere. When this happens to you, chances are, that person is manifesting you.

#2 You suddenly think about them


When you zone out, different thoughts and images fill your head. Moreover, you may find yourself suddenly thinking about the person who manifested you. What’s peculiar is the possibility that you do not even talk to them.

Most of the times, it’s hard to explain why they suddenly appeared in your thoughts. This can also be because they are also thinking of you. The universe is trying to find a way to make you think about them too. 

#3 It doesn’t center on you

When a person is manifesting you, it doesn’t always meen that your life will go through a big change. There are instances that a person is manifesting you not because they like you, but because of your little interaction with them. 

#4 You accept change

Some of us have that urge or desire to change our life. Although, you may not be able to explain it, you feel like you are ready to welcome change and try something new. 

The feeling of wanting something different may push you or lead you to them. Moreover, once you’ve done that change, you can already possibly meet the person who is manifesting you.

#5 Energy Change

If the person manifesting you is someone you know and they don’t have the same energy? That is another possible clue that they could be manifesting on you. 

You see, manifestation needs a lot of energy projection. Is your classmate, friend, or workmate being very happy, it’s because they want to radiate positive evergy towards you.

#6 You keep crossing paths

When you start noticing that you keep bumping to each other, that’s another clue of being manifested. Moreover, it will seems strange considering the fact that you either haven’t met them or aren’t close to them.

The goal in manifestation is to aligned with something. In this case, the person manifesting you is trying to align themselves with you. 

#7 You have the urge to contact them


Another one of the signs someone is manifesting you is that you might find yourself wanting to talk to them. Even if you and that person were never close, you will still feel the urge to either text or call them.

It’s a sudden feeling that suddenly takes over you. Moreover, when this happens, it’s possible that they are thinking about you. 

#8 They act differently

The way they act will start being different. When a person is manifesting love, they will have the tendency to act all lovey dovey with you. Moreover, it can be through different things like showering you with compliments. 

#9 You start having visions

If you are the type who does meditation, you will likely experience this. Having visions can be experienced when you are at your Zen mode. 

In line with this, during meditation, there is a possibility that the person who’s manifesting you will appear in your visions. The person manifesting you is trying to reach out and communicate.

#10 Angel numbers appear before you

We mentioned angel numbers are forms of manifestations. Moreover, this clue is harder to notice since you have to connect with the person who holds the angel number you are seeing

Furthermore, if you’r angel number is 2332, odds are 23 could be the person’s age or his birthday, or even the day you bumped into each other. The angel numbers will allow you to connect with them.

#11 You feel a connection

Being manifested is slowly feeling a connection with the person manifesting you. For example, you are at the library and you see a classmate you are not close with. You suddenly have this feeling that you are connected with them.

You are drawn to the person who manifested you. Moreover, this is because your connection with them is getting stronger.

#12 Feeling of Cheerfulness 

feeling of cheerfulness 

Everything makes you happy? That’s a sign that someone could be manifesting you. However, you have to find out what caused your happy mood to happen in the first place, just to be sure. If you are certain that nothing happened, then odds are someone is manifesting you.

This has something to do with empathy. It’s a bonus if you are an empath. This means that their mood affects yours. 

#13 You’re having a hard time

It’s normal to have a hard time. Having a difficult time can happen when you are hurting or at your lowest. Moreover, the good things happening to you may seem temporary and uncertain.

However, you have to find the light at the end of the tunnel. The struggles you are facing now may lead you to the person manifesting you.

#14 Symbols appear before you

Aside form angel numbers, symbols can also appear before you. Moreover, it can abruptly pop up out of nowhere. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you see something that shouldn’t be in the area in the first place? Like roses growing out of nowhere? That’s a sign that someone is manifesting you. It means love is gonna enter your life.

#15 They visit your dreams

Some say that dreams happen when we think about people or events too much. However, it can be a bit weird if you dream about a person you rarely think about or don’t think about at all. That is a sign that the person is manifesting you. 

Appearing in your dreams is their way of reaching out to you. They want to form a special connection with you by going to a place that hey’d know you’ll see them.

#16 You want to end things with your partner

unhappy relationship

Now this seems like a bad thing but most people who are starting to be drawn towards their soulmates are often in an unhappy relationship. Furthermore, if you feel like you want to end things with your partner, trust your intuition and gut feeling.

#17 Your fascination towards them develops

You suddenly feel fascination towards a person you barely know. This is a huge sign that they are manifesting you. Moreover, it would become weird for you since they did nothing to change your view about them. 

Furthermore, it’s always like your gut is telling you something about them. Everything that person does suddenly looks attractive. 

#18 Everything is going to fast

Find yourself getting attracted to someone very quickly? Then that’s another sign of manifestation. Moreover, things could escalate quickly than usual.

The changes that are happening are normal and that person now becomes a part of your routine. You see them everyday you always connect, and so on.

#19 You’ll feel like you’ve seen them before

Deja vu. That’s when you feel like something already happened before or you are meeting someone you think you have already met before. Moreover, if the person is manifesting you, it can seem like they look familiar.

There are even instances that you feel like you’ve known them for a long time. In addition, you both have a vibe of energy that draws you closer.

#20. You can feel your life changing

Almost everyone gets a gut feeling that something big is coming into their lifes. Moreover, you will start to notice big changes in your love life and feel like you are finally going to meet your soulmate.

#21 Wishing for spiritual awakening

signs someone is trying to manifest you - spiritual awakening

If you are a person who was never spiritual in the first place and suddenly ask for a spiritual awakening? That says a lot when it comes to being manifested by someone. 

Moreover, your spiritual balance is one of the factors that can make a manifestation process succeed. If you feel the urge to have a spiritual awakening, it’s likely that you want to contribute in the success of the manifestation process.

There is also a possibility that the person is manifesting the newer version of you. Of course, it is still up to self progress.

#22 People start talking about them

Have you ever had that childhood friend that you lost contact with? And then suddenly your mom starts telling you that they moved in next door. It can be sudden however it is another sign that someone is manifesting you.

They could help lead you to your soulmate or the person manifesting you. Even people who don’t have that much importance in your life are per se vessels in leading you to that person.

#23 You get a helping hand

Rom-com movies or chik flicks often have that scene where someone helps you out. It’s either they help you reach a book and then one thing lead to anotherm you both start talking.

This happens in real life too. Moreover, this is a sign that your energy draws them to you. 

#24 The universe answers you

And lastly, the Universe answers you with a yes! This is when you ask the universe for signs. If you are still unsure of the signs, you can ask to be given a sign. Furthermore, when the universe gives you that sign or answer then it is definitely that someone manifests you so bad.

If you feel like someone is indeed manifesting you, check out these signs to give you the answers or closure that you want. Moreover, what’s important is you have self trust as well. If you do want the manifestation to continue, you also have to do your part.


Manifestation is a powerful thing. It has been used by many people for many years to get the things that they want. However, it is still important to remember that doing manifestations is a big responsibilities and that is should only be used for good. 

Manifestation is not only to get someone to like you nor to get what you want. It is both a spiritual connection to your inner self and the person and thing you want to manifest. Moreover, use it to improve your life as well as others. 

Now that you know the signs someone is manifesting you, make sure to go through them one by one. Moreover, learn to read between the lines and observe. Furthermore, you might ask “what does it mean when someone is manifesting me?” It means that person genuinely likes you and would want to form a connection with you.”

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