Seeing Angel Numbers: Meaning of Angels in Numerology

seeing angel numbers

You might never have heard of angel numbers before. That’s okay. Most people who report seeing angel numbers tend not to know what they are. Numerology, after all, is a relatively less popular form of astrology using numbers rather than stars.

Seeing angel numbers can only seem more confusing when seeing numbers at all in our lives is confusing. Despite not being as popular as astrology, numerology isn’t that complicated. Angel numbers in numerology are just specific combinations and patterns of numbers. They communicate or relate bigger ideas from your angel to you.

The belief goes that seeing angel numbers means that the numbers are relaying a message to you. Maybe you keep seeing angel numbers in the form of numerical patterns that repeat themselves. If you find yourself seeing angel numbers repeatedly, this might be a spiritual or celestial sign.

Your head may be asking any number of questions, like what angel numbers are or what they mean. It can be disconcerting or even frightening, after all, to see these messages and not know what they mean. A message without a clear meaning is confusing at best, frightening at worst.

Why do you think angels always preface their introductions with “Be not afraid?” Celestial communication is always a little strange and scary. It’s not easy to understand messages from an entity that doesn’t exist on the same physical plane.

There’s any number of possible meanings for angel numbers and the numerical patterns you see. Given that there are many possible meanings, we’ve compiled a few of them in the list below for your perusal. If you’ve ever wondered what these numbers mean for you in the long run, here are a few potential meanings.

What Does it Mean When You Keep Seeing Angel Numbers?

So what are angel numbers in the first place? Put very simply, angel numbers are numerical patterns that you repeatedly see in your life. Maybe you see the numbers 1234 constantly or the numbers 666. There’s any number of potential number sequences you could see and they could mean anything.

However, when seeing angel numbers, it’s possible that they don’t mean anything malicious. They’re from angels, after all. Those entities are typically benevolent and seek to help humanity in general. So ultimately, what does seeing angel numbers mean? It just means that an angel is trying to communicate a message to you.

It’s not that hard to learn how to know if you’re seeing angel numbers. Repeating numerical sequences can only be coincidental for so long. Determining what the message is and what it means is the trickier part of this dialogue. 

When you see angel numbers, you’re clearly receiving a message from a celestial entity. Difficulty often results from not knowing what the message means. After all, what does it really mean when you see the numbers 1234 in sequence constantly? What about the numbers 666? Isn’t that the Devil’s number, not an angel number?

In the list below, we’ll tackle a few of the potential meanings for some numbers you’ve been seeing. Numbers like 1234 and 666 won’t be a mystery for you for long. Buckle up, strap in, and learn what seeing angel numbers really means!

Support for Your Journey

The number 6 is a particularly important angel number for you to see. In numerology, the angel number 6 often pertains to self-worth or self-esteem. Sixes in sequence can often mean that your angel is telling you to continue on your life’s current path.

seeing angel numbers repeatedly

Sequences like 1234 or repeating digits like 444 or 555 can mean the same thing. Your angel could be relaying the message that you need to continue whatever it is you’re doing. If you’re on some quest for self-improvement or you’re doing something good, your angel is encouraging you! That message is essentially “Keep up the good work!”

For the most part, seeing angel numbers in repeated sequences like this are a good sign. It means your guardian angel is looking out for you and approves of your actions so far. Whatever it is you’re doing, keep up with it. Don’t worry; if you’re supposed to stop, your angel will tell you. You can see their numbers and messages, after all.

Angels are otherworldly entities, yes. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t look out for humanity. A guardian angel is certainly hanging around you at this very moment to guide and guard your life. Other people have them too, so don’t worry too much about them or their choices.

Incoming Abundance

The numbers 2 and 6 in sequences can mean that abundance is on its way to you right now! Remember however, that this doesn’t necessarily refer to material abundance. Seeing sequences like this doesn’t mean you’re about to get a lot of money. It also doesn’t mean that you are about to get something material you want in great abundance

No, what these numbers mean is that you will get an abundance of something. What it is would be another question entirely. It may indicate potential abundance for time to introspect or reflect. Abundance may also come to you in the form of self-love or development.

What’s really important is also looking beyond the face value of certain numbers sequences. Dive into their spiritual aspects and try to understand what your angel is really trying to tell you. Otherwise, deciphering what your angel means by foretelling abundance is extremely difficult.

Seeing the sequence 222 can also mean that you’ve tripped yourself up by being much too comparative. It’s not healthy for us to constantly look at other people and think we’re not at a certain progress point. When you see the number 2 everywhere, it can mean your angel is telling you to be present. 

Trust that where you are right now is where you need to be and enjoy the moment. Instead of thinking you need to be at a certain point in your career now, try relaxing. Don’t work yourself into a frenzy trying to measure up and catch up in a rat race. 

Toxicity emanates from that kind of mindset and it only hurts you. It stresses you out and frustrates you instead of helping you advance with happy inspiration. Your angel’s telling you that it’s not good to drive yourself with desperation instead of inspiration.

A Need to Heal

The human body and spirit are some of the most objectively resilient things on the planet. In terms of distance running, no animal on this planet can beat a human. Every other land animal will tire out at a certain distance long before a human does. 

This is because distance running for humans isn’t as much a question of direct energy or stamina. The greatest runners among us know that running is as much a mental exercise as it is physical. Our spirit to run certain distances far outstrips even something like a cheetah.

Despite this, our bodies and spirits still need time to heal. We need time to recover our spiritual and emotional health, just like our physical health. Trauma puts us in a state for recovery mode; your angel will let you know when you need it.

The angel numbers for a healing signal are 8’s and 3’s repeating. Those numbers let you know that it’s time to heal yourself of the various traumas you’ve suffered. Seeing this message is important; it’s your angel letting you know you need a break.

a need to heal - relax

Find time to recover and heal up. Your battles aren’t over yet for sure, not by a long shot. Sequences like 88 or 33 are your angel reminding you that discretion is the better part of valor. Don’t run yourself ragged instead of healing from your traumas.

Angel numbers like these often appear when you’re on the path to a goal or ambition. It’s not uncommon to see the numbers 1234 first, then 88 or 33 later when you’re tired. That’s your angel telling you you’ve done great, but you need to relax for now and heal before pushing on.

Opportunities Nearby

Combinations of 1’s and 9’s indicate that opportunities are nearby for you. Your angel is pointing their presence out to you, so expect an opportunity to knock on your door any second. Keep an open eye for things around you that indicate some form of improvement in your life.

Opportunities may include chances for personal development or career opportunities. Your angel may even be sneaking you a hint at a potential love interest! However, you need to attune yourself to the signs of the angel numbers.

Keep your eyes open for sequences of 111 or 999. These are sure indicators that your angel is pointing out an opportunity about to knock. You need to take advantage of this chance to grow and make a vitally successful transformation.

If your angel is signalling that opportunity is nearby, take the chance to look around more decisively. It’s possible that your angel’s just pointing out an opportunity that was always there that you just couldn’t use yet. With that in mind, don’t forget to look under your nose when looking for the signalled opportunity.

Opportunities most often slip by, after all, when we think they’re in the distance. Frequently, they’re never that far away; they’re actually right under our nose. Think about an opportunity for love. Maybe the one for you was never some far-away, haven’t-met-you-yet hottie. It’s possible it was your best friend all along.

As to careers, think about the opportunities you want to happen to you. Don’t forget to temper your expectations; your angel might be signalling something other than your expectation. The career opportunity your angel is telegraphing may be just a step to the one you want.

Seeing the “Devil’s” Numbers

The numbers 6, 66, and 666 are all typically associated with the name “Devil’s numbers.” Fear accompanies these numbers as they supposedly herald the “mark of the beast” in Revelation. Seeing these numbers tends to scare most people because they think the Devil is talking to them.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s not the Devil trying to foretell the coming of the Rapture to you. And it certainly isn’t an implication that the biblical Beast of the end times is coming.

Number sequences of repeating 6’s represent a message of self-value and fulfillment from your angel. It’s a message from your angel to love yourself and find things to empower yourself with. Your angel is telling you that you need to distance yourself for a second and find yourself again.

seeing the “devil’s” numbers meaning

That message for self-care could mean anything from treating yourself to a spa trip or leaving a toxic relationship. Take your own life into context when you see this message for self-care in the form of 6’s. What’s happening in your life that your angel would think it necessary to tell you to love yourself?

Regardless of the cause of your angel’s entreaty, try not to panic when you see this angel number sequence. It doesn’t actually herald the Rapture or the end times of Revelation. Relax, and don’t stress yourself into a frenzy thinking the sign of the apocalypse was somehow revealed to you.

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