Scorpio Spirit Animal: Which Spirit Animal is Your Best Match?

scorpio spirit animal

Which animals best complement the Scorpios? Are you a Scorpio that resembles traits of specific animals? If so then they may be your spirit animals. The spirit animals are the spiritual guides and helpers that help you navigate life. If you want to know more which Scorpio spirit animal best suit you, then this article is for you. 

This article includes …

  • What makes you a Scorpio
  • What are spirit animals
  • The spirit animals for Scorpio
  • Connecting with your spirit animals
  • And much more

What makes you a Scorpio?

The eighth sign of the Zodiac is Scorpio (October 23 – November 21). It is a fixed water sign ruled by the planet Pluto. Although they are water signs, Scorpios are often mistaken for fire signs because of their strength and passion. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, they are mystical and mysterious individuals. Because of their association with Pluto and Mars, Scorpios are very emotional and intuitive. But despite being very intuitive, Scorpios are very good at masking their emotions.  

As fixed water signs, Scorpios seek stability by following a routine. This trait makes Scorpios predictable. Along with the other water signs, Scorpios have a deep emotional connection with other people. Hence, their ability to perceive others’ emotions, but mask their own. Due to their water element, Scorpios are a bit reserved. You need to gain their trust to access their emotions. They do not believe that their life is an open book. Your Scorpio friends are your friends who will not give you a life update. Speaking of friends, Scorpios are one of the most loyal among other water signs. Once you are on a Scorpio’s good side, they will show empathy, commitment, and even unconditional love. 

Scorpio, as the name suggests, is often represented by the scorpion. Power-hungry scorpions are the main symbol of this sign. The Scorpio spirit animal can be traced to the Greek legend where Gaia sent a big scorpion that stung Orion to death. This resulted in having the constellation Scorpius. 

Scorpio’s spirit animal, the scorpion, takes time to tame. But once they start opening up, you will see how intense their emotions are. But like scorpions, their venomous sting will hurt you if betray and hurt them. Scorpios are great people, but never dare to hurt their feelings. 

Spirit animal explained 

What is a spirit animal?

Sometimes called the animal guide, spirit guide, power animal, or spirit helper. A spirit animal is a teacher or a messenger that is there to help and guide you. They are there to guide you in your journey to life. The symbolic meaning of your spirit animal also defines your core qualities. 

Spirit animals are significant to the indigenous culture. Many indigenous cultures believe that these animals are forms of spirit guides that carry lessons and messages. In the face of challenges, spirit animals are there to help you navigate your challenges. They will teach you to face your battles with ease, faith, and confidence. Aside from this, spirit guides also help you improve your intuition. Thus, guiding you on your spiritual journey. 

You may not notice their presence, but your spirit animal is always with you. These mystical creatures are with you from the moment you were born until your last day in the mortal world. In your lifetime, many spirit animals will come to you, but only one stays with you throughout your life. This spirit animal will protect you from negativity and danger. They guide you to the right path and steer you to meet the right people. Think of your spirit animals as your guardian angels. 

Your spirit guides play an important role in your life. And over time, you will reflect and resonate with their core traits and characteristics. 

Spirit Animal for Scorpio 


So, you are a Scorpio who is curious about Scorpio Zodiac sign spirit animals. Thankfully with luck, we will answer your questions now. The Scorpio placement relates to five spirit animals – the scorpion, eagle, snake, phoenix, and butterfly. Each one of them embodies specific energy and different characteristics. 

Although it is known that Scorpio is represented by a scorpion, there are other animals that can be spirit animals for Scorpio. Each one of the spirit animals represents the different personalities of the Scorpios.

The list below explains the five Scorpio spirit animals. Which Scorpio spirit animal matches your qualities and behavior?


The scorpion is the most known and obvious Scorpio spirit animal. There is a legend behind why Scorpio derived its name from the animal scorpion. In Greek legend, Gaia sent a giant scorpion to sting Orion to death before he completes his quest. Other versions of the legend tell the story of how Apollo sent a scorpion to kill Orion because he is a better hunter than his twin, Artemis. 

With the scorpion as a Scorpio spirit animal, Scorpios resonate the scorpion energy. A scorpion is a natural predator that has an instinct for survival. One trait of a scorpion is determination. They have an intense drive to survive the challenges of their everyday lives. Even on bad days, Scorpions can make their way out of it. 

Another trait of the scorpion is intuition. Scorpions develop a sixth sense as a mechanism to protect themselves against danger and attack from other predators. 

A Scorpio with a scorpion as their spirit animal is strong, enigmatic, and intuitive. If your core traits are the same, a scorpion could be your spirit animal. 



The eagle is a strong and majestic bird, known as the king of the sky. An eagle’s high-flying abilities represent the highest self-expression of Scorpios. These predator birds are notorious for their wisdom, fearlessness, and care. 

Eagles are smart predators that could catch their prey the moment it strikes. Their sharp eye and their high vantage point are their advantages. When eagles soar high in the sky, they can see everything, even the smallest prey, from their position. An eagle’s wisdom and intuition are perfectly in tune with its surroundings. Their intuition is so strong that they could notice even the slightest movement and vibration. 

Being the kings of the sky, Eagles are fearless. As Scorpio spirit animal, they also show this trait. Scorpios with eagle spirit animals can be courageous and quite intimidating. But they are also caring and nurturing. Eagles may appear tough and intimidating, but they are very caring, especially to their hatchlings. 

Like their spirit animal, the eagle, Scorpios also show these traits and characteristics. 


Snakes are one of the most misunderstood animals. They may have negative meanings, but the snake is a symbol of renewal, rebirth, and regeneration. 

Among the other Scorpio spirit animals, the snake is the most appropriate spirit animal. Scorpios share the same mysterious and strange personalities as snakes. Snakes are often misunderstood as dark, dangerous, and deadly. But, in reality, snakes represent transformation and growth. 

The shedding of the skin of the snakes, Scorpio also shed their past self leading to a renewed new self. Hence, the symbolism for renewal, rebirth, and regeneration. They learn from their past mistakes and grow out of them. 

Snakes also love to stay in dark and isolated places. Scorpios share reserved and introverted qualities with snakes. They take extra measures to guard their private lives. Attention from the public eye is too much stimulation to them. A loud and flashy environment easily overwhelms them. 


Phoenix is a mythical creature. You can say that it has an infinite life after being born again from ashes after dying from burning in flames. The energy and traits of these mythical birds also resonate with Scorpios. 

Scorpios navigate through life by learning from their past mistakes and overcoming them. They do not dwell on their mistakes, but instead, they take this opportunity to grow and be better. Despite facing challenges and hardships, they shine bright and evolve. 

Having the phoenix as a spirit animal means you are wise. This means that you are bound to experience many meaningful transformations. These transformations help you meet the highest form of enlightenment. 

A phoenix is a wonderful spirit guide for the Scorpios. This means that you will prosper from the hardships you experience now. 



Butterflies may seem out of character for the aggressive Scorpios. Like the snake and the phoenix, butterflies undergo metamorphosis. The life cycle of a butterfly is symbolic of a Scorpio’s life transformations. 

The beautiful colors of their wings radiate a positive and optimistic energy. This spirit animal is a symbol of an easy and joyous transition. The butterfly inspires you to enjoy your transition period – to live in the moment while waiting for your metamorphosis. 

Butterflies also symbolize reassessing your inner self. This Scorpio spirit animal reminds you to look at your character, morals, and habits. Having a butterfly as a spirit animal means you live a life of reflection and transformation. 

Connecting with the Scorpio Spirit Animals

Spirit animals appear in your life to guide you on your spiritual journey. They may appear in your life through dreams or apparitions, or they may appear right in front of you. You embody the symbolic meaning of your spirit animal. Whether they are scorpion, eagle, serpent, phoenix, or butterfly. 

If you are unsure how to match with your Scorpio spirit animal, the following list will help you. There are many ways in which you can connect with your spirit animals, there is no one way to do it. These simple steps will definitely help you connect with your spirit guides. 

Improve Your Intuition

Intuition is an important part of you. Hone your intuitive skills by practicing your strengths and improving your weaknesses. There is an infinite option you can choose from to improve your intuition. You just need to find what best suits you. 

An improved and developed intuition allows easier communication with your spirit guides. Your spirit animals cannot verbally communicate with you. They talk to you by sending intuitive messages. And the only way to understand their message is to improve your intuition.

Create Rituals

Believe in the saying consistency is key. Develop regular rituals that work with your schedule. These rituals will make your spirit animals happy and feel honored. 

By doing so, you grow a deeper connection to your spirit animals. You can do this by making an altar, wearing their symbols, or expressing your gratitude. This will make your spirit animals feel your gratitude. 

Have Constant Communication with Your Spirit Animals

If you want to talk to your spirit animals, then the easiest thing you could do is to communicate. Have constant communication with your spirit animals. Talk to them as if you are talking to a friend – because they are on your side. 

Although they may not answer you by talking, constant communication with them creates a strong bond between the two of you. It may seem awkward to talk to them at first, but it will feel natural as time goes by. 

Keep a Spirit Animal Journal


Keep track of your interactions with your spirit animals. This way, you will learn the ways they communicate with you and what their messages are. You can better comprehend them by keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings as you engage with them. 

You will see the patterns and routines that you have created with them. Your journal will also record the improvements you have with your spirit guides. Maintaining a record of your development will most certainly aid you in making independent decisions in the future. 

Bottom line

Your spirit guides are your allies and friends. They are with you since day one to protect and guide your journey on Earth. The spirit animals of the Scorpio placement represent the much needed transformation journey. 

Scorpios are intuitive, wise, strong, and caring. These traits are also held by the abovementioned spirit animals for Scorpio. 

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