Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility: What Makes These Two a Perfect Match?

scorpio and pisces compatibility

Water signs have strong emotional depth, sensitivity, and intuition. So what happens when two water signs meet and date each other? If you think that this emotional couple is the most romantic and a match made in heaven, then you are right. The Scorpio and Pisces compatibility is so strong that you can literally see their soul connection. But what really makes these two water signs compatible?

We’ve written an extensive explanation that makes sense of their personalities and compatibility. If you want to know more about Scorpio and Pisces compatibility, this article is for you. 

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The personality of a Pisces


The Zodiac sign Pisces (February 19 – March 20) is the 12th and last sign of the Zodiac. Pisces is a water sign and has the symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions. Its symbol represents the Greek mythology of Aphrodite and Eros. According to the story, they jumped together into the water to escape Typhon. They changed into two fish which brought them to safety. The symbol of Pisces represents their ability to be flexible and connect with others. This means that Pisces are notable for being adaptable, compassionate, and empathetic. They are also very romantic and artistic – they like to express their feelings in different art forms. 

Pisces is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Like fish in the water, they swim in the depths of emotions, spirituality, and psychology. They are born with the ability to understand other people on a deeper level. Being around them makes you feel warm and comforted, thanks to their empathetic nature. However, Pisces has its fair share of flaws and imperfections. Being too empathetic makes them absorb negativity. And when this happens, they drown in hopelessness, illusion, and pessimism. The mystical Pisces should keep swimming to avoid getting sucked by their emotions. 

The personality of a Scorpio


Scorpios are born between October 23rd and November 21st. This water sign is often mistaken as fire a sign because of its fierce and passionate personality. Like their symbol, the Scorpion, Scorpios can be hard to handle. It takes quite some time for them to open up to new people. But once they do, they can have deep emotional and intellectual connections to others.  

Despite their love to be in the shadows, Scorpios live an interesting life. These passionate individuals will do everything that they want – even if it puts them in danger. They love the thrill of taking a risk, nothing can stop them. Scorpios will do everything in the name of ambition, connection, and privacy. 

Scorpio’s emotions run deep, thanks to its two planetary rulers Mars and Pluto. Mars represents aggression and desire, while Pluto represents transformation. A Scorpio’s life will be full of transformations and evolution, like a scorpion coming out of its shell. But the transformation will depend on how they use their qualities. Positive change will arise from the passionate and diligent nature of a Scorpio. On the other hand, a Scorpio dwelling too much of its negative traits could lead to poor outcomes. Scorpios can go a long way as long as they don’t let their negative traits sting them. 

Pisces Scorpio Compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio are both water signs meaning they have a lot of similarities. Being both water signs, is there really compatibility between Scorpio and Pisces? This section will discuss the dynamics of Scorpio and Pisces compatibility. Let’s take a deeper look at why these two mystical water signs are perfect for each other. 

On Connection and Communication

Scorpio and Pisces fit into each other’s lives like a missing piece of a puzzle. The undeniable connection between these two came from their empathetic and emotional personalities. They share similar values that connect them on a much deeper level. Sharing the same water element help with this connection. Like water, the connection between them just flows right through. You can say that these two are the ultimate soulmates. They both seek meaningful connections as well as possess the same emotional intensity. 

As for communication, the Scorpio and Pisces compatibility is undeniable. The pair’s strong intuition allows them to read the situation and not cross boundaries. Their communication goes beyond the conversation. They understand each other on a much deeper level. Communication issues between them may arise because they like to keep things private. But their love for privacy cannot hinder their intimate and empathetic nature. These two have an undeniably strong connection. 

On Friendship

platonic relationship

Have you seen a Scorpio and Pisces in a platonic relationship? Don’t they look like the best of friends? A Scorpio and Pisces friendship is special. They bond over similar interests, and they understand each other so well. Yes, they have differences, but they manage to conquer these and help each other grow. This friendship is one that will last a lifetime. 

In the course of their friendship, Scorpio and Pisces compatibility only grows stronger. They can do all things they put their mind to by working hand in hand with each other. No matter how big or small their goals are, they are there to help each other out. They both have persistence in achieving their goals. Both of them will constantly uplift each other during a crisis. One having the other’s back makes them an unstoppable tandem. 

On Love and Marriage

Scorpio and Pisces are two of the most emotional Zodiac signs. Since they are both the same water signs, the Scorpio and Pisces love compatibility is strong. They are the perfect match. 

This pairing wants the same things in life and complements each other’s personalities. When these two start dating, they will be able to enjoy each other’s passions, interests, and hobbies. Since they are creative, they will enjoy doing things that show their love for their partner. Both of them are also intense with their emotions, thus commitment will never be an issue. Instead, they enjoy being in a committed relationship with each other. Indeed, both are drawn to each other both physically and emotionally. 

On the other hand, their intense emotions could have a negative outcome. Scorpio’s passionate nature sometimes crosses the boundaries of a Pisces. But with the strong Scorpio and Pisces compatibility, they will come up with a solution by having a mature conversation. Both parties must make a compromise to keep their bond strong. And when they finally have to, their romantic relationship will prosper and bloom. 

As a highly emotional water sign, a Scorpio is a perfect match for a Pisces. A Scorpio and Pisces marriage will have a strong spiritual and emotional connection. From the start of their relationship, they have had a strong emotional foundation.  

On Sex

Are Scorpios and Pisces sexually compatible? Simply put, this pairing’s sexual energy matches each other. They have an ecstatic sexual compatibility thanks to Scorpio’s high sexual energy and Pisces’ love for intimacy. The Scorpio brings out Pisces’ sensuality and fantasies. 

Their planetary rulers, modality, and elements primarily affect their compatibility in bed. Most Scorpios are dominant. They ooze with power and hotness. On contrary, Pisces are submissive. They enjoy intense emotions and sexual connection. The push and pull of their sexual energies keep the fire burning between the sheets. 

The two of them crave for intimacy and genuine connection. They do not hold back on exploring their desires. Instead, they have an uncanny way of arousing each other which makes their compatibility even stronger. 

What Makes a Scorpio and Pisces a Perfect Match?

Have you seen a Scorpio and Pisces together? Whether it is a platonic or romantic relationship, you’ll see crystal clear Scorpio and Pisces compatibility. The intricacies of their dynamics are easy to understand. Their attraction for each other exists naturally. Such that, here are the three reasons explain the attraction between the two. 

They trust and respect each other

Pisces’ compatibility with Scorpio roots in their empathy. Both the two water signs show a high level of trust for each other. They trust each other to the point of being comfortable in revealing their deepest and darkest selves. With the wrong person, it is unlikely that Scorpios and Pisces show their true colors. When there is trust, there is also respect. Opening up to another soul is scary – it is like walking into a room naked. But with these two, trust and respect overflows. They do not judge, but instead, there is mutual respect and support for each other’s dreams and desires. 

They have a strong emotional compatibility

scorpio and pisces couple

Scorpio and Pisces place great importance on their feelings. Their emotions, feelings, and values perfectly complement each other.  This strong emotional compatibility creates a safe and secure setting for love to grow. In much simpler terms, they are each other’s motivation and home. Scorpios provide what Pisces needs, and vice versa.

There will be no relationship without emotional compatibility. Thus, Scorpio and Pisces pairing is a lucky one because both of them are highly emotional. 

Both of them are goal-oriented

Scorpio and Pisces couple is a power couple, the ultimate relationship goals. They aspire for growth and development while having fun. Having a goal-oriented personality helps them build a meaningful connection. They bond by helping build each other up. 

This couple strives for goals and achievements. They are passionate about achieving their goals. Even if it requires them to go out of their comfort zones, this couple will not back down. When they start to work together, they become unstoppable. 

The Scorpio and Pisces couple fight for their dreams and aspirations instead of fighting each other. Pursuing their goals is also pursuing their relationship. Indeed, they are the ultimate relationship goals. 

Challenges of Pisces and Scorpio Relationships

Conflicts arise in every relationship. Like other couples, the Scorpio and Pisces couple also face challenges. Their biggest problem will be the Scorpio’s aggression and Pisces’ shutting down.

We already know that Mars, the planetary ruler of Scorpio, is the planet of aggression. Scorpios will blow their sweet poison immediately, and chew you up only to spit you out. Their aggression makes them very dangerous and violent. Scorpios also hold grudges especially if it is about they feel jealous. They get paranoid resulting in being possessive and obsessive. 

Pisces on the other hand dislike conflict and criticism. Despite their emotional nature, they keep their coldness during heated arguments. They also control their distance and make sure that the other party witnesses it with their own two eyes. Pisces will not throw a fit, but instead, they become passive-aggressive and petty most of the time. 

Pisces and Scorpios have very different ways of facing conflicts. But when these two can have a healthy, loving, and passionate relationship. Like any other conflict, they can win over this challenge through communication. Only if they set aside their raging emotions and focus on communication will they be able to resolve their disagreements. 

Final Thoughts

Birth charts are important. It tells you your personality and how you can find your perfect pair. Astrologically, Scorpio and Pisces are a good match. This duo perfectly match each other that they could finish each other’s sentences. They complement and understand each other. The strong emotional bond and support they get from each other make their relationship flourish. This astrological pairing is bound for a lasting loving relationship. 

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