Water and Air: Measuring Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

scorpio and aquarius compatibility

Scorpio: a water sign famous for its dark and brooding nature. Aquarius, an air sign equally famous for its independent and amiable nature. One a realist, the other an idealist. It’d take us all day to compare and contrast the many other traits we can point out as unique to both signs. But what about Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility, how well do the two signs get along?

That’s exactly what we’re going over in this article. What sort of problems can the two signs expect to face? How easy is it for them to get things started, and how quickly do their bonds develop? Is Scorpio the most compatible for an Aquarius among all the signs? If not, where does it rank?

Maybe you’re a Scorpio or an Aquarius in a relationship with said other sign. Perhaps you’re a zodiac aficionado looking to brush up or test your knowledge. Or maybe you’re just looking for fun facts and trivia to share at a party with friends! Whatever the reason, this article has all the answers you need. Continue reading below, and find out:

  • Scorpio and Aquarius relationship
  • In the bedroom: Scorpio and Aquarius sexually
  • Are Scorpios and Aquarius compatible?
  • And many more…

Compatibility Between Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility is not necessarily the best between all of the other signs. As a water sign, Scorpio is better suited to other water signs. The same is true for Aquarius and other air signs. Both have a ‘safer,’ less volatile combination with their similarly-natured signs. Scorpio compatibility with Aquarius and vice versa, however, is very harmonious regardless.

As a water sign, Scorpio tends to snuff out a fire sign’s passion. The airy nature of Aquarius clashes directly with the stony, disciplined and grounded earth signs. Furthermore, they tend to aggravate fire signs, leading to very volatile confrontations. Water and air however, blend surprisingly well together. Both have a tendency to accept things as they are, go with the flow.

They may face emotional incongruity at times. During disagreements, both struggle to find common ground due to their equally hard-headed nature. The pairing certainly has its own challenges, but these issues however, are far from irreparable. Additionally, their opposite natures can lead to powerful and intense, passionate bonds. Without further ado, we’ll go over Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility, along with many of the facets and dimensions of their dynamic below:

#1 Compatibility in General

Let’s start things off by looking at the big picture of Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility. They’re holistically a great pair, as we said. The similarities between the two mean the relationship is at most times calm, with mutual respect on both sides. On the other hand, the minute differences make for a dynamic, oftentimes hot and passionate attraction. Both signs seem to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses well.

 Scorpio has a tendency to hold their friends and loved ones close. It takes a while to earn their trust, and they are very volatile and impulsive when it comes to their emotions. Aquarius is independent and idealistic, but too often loses out on the simple joys in life by simply coasting along. From this, we can see that both crave consistency, and can healthily provide each other with that need. Scorpio can provide this as a consistent, open book and Aquarius dependability is comforting to Scorpio.

Both signs are famous for their intelligence, and deep, introspective nature. Because of this, they keep each other endlessly entertained. They are also a constant source of growth and learning for each other. However, their strong personalities and learned disposition means that the two can end up having very heated debates. It’s here that the two signs need to exercise care, especially because of how dangerous an emotionally triggered Scorpio is.  

#2 Scorpio and Aquarius in Bed


In the bedroom is where a Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility really shines. As we’ve explained above, this pair is great for hot and passionate interactions, and this is brought all the way to bed. For starters, Scorpio’s heavenly rulers include Pluto and Mars, who symbolize fervor and vigor. Their shared intelligence also means creativity in the bedroom, to keep things fresh and spicy. This desire for creativity means both are comfortable with each other’s curiosities, and are understanding without shame.

Scorpio is already a passionate and creative creature in general. In the bedroom, their dark and possessive nature can shine and make for an exciting, unconventional experience. Their introspective nature means they’re constantly thinking. Obsessive creatures, that means more often than not, these thoughts will focus on the object of their affection. This sign is great at thinking up and trying exciting new experiences.

Aquarius, an idealist, loves trying out new things as well. Oftentimes however, this idealism means they’ll have overinflated expectations of their partner. Thankfully, the naturally seductive and vigorous Scorpio can often deliver. Their ‘go-with-the-flow’ attitude so well associated with the sign also means that they’re willing to try whatever Scorpio wants. Definitely a sexual relationship that leaves neither side unfulfilled or unsatisfied.

#3 Emotional Compatibility

Here, emotionally, the signs often struggle to meet halfway. Scorpio is famous for their emotional and brooding nature. They are very in tune with themselves and excellent at expressing their emotions, at least to the small circle of people they place their trust in. This means that they often express themselves to their Aquarius partner. Unfortunately, Aquarius can come off as uncaring in response.

Aquarius is famous for their amiability and logical nature. However, this seemingly uncaring, aloof response combined with a logical reprisal can seem off-putting to Scorpio. Aquarius may seem as though they do not care, or seem unaffected by Scorpio’s emotions. But in fact, more often than not, Aquarius does care, and this is the best way they know how to deal with emotions. Clearly, this leads to many misunderstandings.

Issues can arise when the vengeful, impulsive Scorpio feels uncared for. Here, we advise Scorpios in a relationship with an Aquarius to remember that their partner’s love language might differ from their own. But we also encourage Aquarius to get in touch with their emotions. Remember that Scorpio offers a stable, grounded point in their lives who they should stop and appreciate the little things with. Thankfully, with enough rapport and patience, both sides can end up understanding each other emotionally.

#4 Compatibility in their Passions

While the two signs may strike each other as polar opposites emotionally, they share interests and passions rather easily. Both spend a lot of time in their own heads. Unlike solitary Earth nature signs (we’re looking at you, Capricorn) however, both love sharing the ideas they come up with. Scorpio loves discussing their feelings, dreams and ambitions. Aquarius is big on self-discovery, the future, and idealistic goals.


This dichotomy of ideas means neither will ever grow bored of the other in conversation. Small talk bore both signs to death. Scorpio and Aquarius would rather discuss the stars, their purpose, and other profound topics. Having the planetary ruler Saturn, Aquarius is particularly excited over new inventions. This can fascinate a Scorpio to no end. 

Being on the same wavelength also means they respect each other’s intelligence, which is healthy in a relationship. However, as we said above, both are equally strong-minded and hard-headed. Problems can arise because of their strong personalities. Both need to remember to debate and discuss respectfully, keeping love at the center of their interaction. Disagreements between both signs can quickly escalate into fights fatal to their relationship.

#5 Communication

Finding things to talk about might come naturally to both signs. But that doesn’t mean they communicate together rather well. Just because you’re on the same wavelength, doesn’t mean communicating your point comes easy. Strong personalities notwithstanding. Scorpio and Aquarius, right off the bat, face many issues with communication that we’ll go over.

Firstly, Scorpio’s tendency to keep emotions at the forefront of their communication can overwhelm an easygoing Aquarius. Likewise, Aquarius’ logical, easygoing nature can frustrate the impulsive, impatient Scorpio. Adding further to this is how they process things before discussing them. Scorpio is confrontational, and would rather discuss something as it comes up. Aquarius needs time to digest experiences and reflect on them. 

This all leads to friction between the two, especially when the point of conversation is stressful in and of itself. And disagreements are common in relationships. Scorpio needs to take extra care not to let its dark and domineering nature steer a conversation too harshly. Aquarius may go with the flow on the surface, but inwardly feel as though they are talking to a wall. Communication is easy to work on at least, and once these two signs start they never stop.

#6 Biggest Issue that may Arise

What’s the hardest part for either sign to date the other? The greatest issue arises in Scorpio’s dark and controlling nature. While this can turn out exciting in the bedroom, it is ultimately fatal to Aquarius’ lifestyle. Aquarius, while not inherently wild or disloyal, values their independence. The air sign needs time alone, and space to spread its wings.

As you may have guessed, this directly clashes with Scorpio’s need for power in any relationship. Once Scorpio crosses the threshold of personal freedom, the relationship quickly deteriorates. Aquarius might grow feelings of resentment which poison the well of their discourse. Alternatively, Aquarius might just rebel, which could flare up a Scorpio’s frightening temper. Either scenario is inherently toxic and can lead to a violent breakup.

Again, proper communication is important here. Good relationships must have these three pillars: communication, trust and respect. Both signs need to communicate their needs, trust the other, and respect their boundaries. Every person, no matter how deep their bond in a relationship, has boundaries. Oftentimes, these boundaries may conflict, and working around these boundaries through compromise is the only fix.

#7 Fixing the Pairings Strongest Issues

Compromise is the only fix for problems in a relationship. Anything else is unfair, and jeopardizes the power balance in a relationship to an unhealthy degree. But how well do these two signs find compromise? Unfortunately, just as in their communication, their strong personalities make it difficult for them to meet the middle ground. It is possible however, and truly loving a person means making an effort to meet their needs.


If that’s done, the first and most vital pillar to address is communication. Aquarius needs to make an effort here to exercise honesty and emotional expression. Once both sides have communicated their needs, they can decide whether to salvage the relationship… or move on. If no compromise is possible, the next step is often to end the relationship. This may sound rather drastic, but truthfully the latter is for their own good.

We’ll explain exactly why. If the level of control Scorpio needs to exercise is too smothering for Aquarius, there’s already a big problem. Especially if they cannot find a compromise. There is no trust to work on if Scorpio cannot allow Aquarius their essential freedoms, and Aquarius cannot respect Scorpio’s boundaries if they cannot follow their rules. Only if both sides can work on a healthy system of boundaries and compromise can their relationship stay healthy.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility: To Sum it All Up

Let’s sum everything up. Aquarius is an air sign big on logic, independence and space. Scorpio loves control, emotions and is a creature of impulse. Their nature and interests coincide, and in a healthy relationship they exude passion and love. However, they also tend to clash in communication style and needs.

That’s everything you need to know about the compatibility between both signs. Hopefully this helps any Scorpio or Aquarius in a relationship with the other. We’d also like to remind everyone that this list is not an absolute. The zodiac certainly influences our nature, but every single person is unique. It’s perfectly normal if not everything on this list resonates with a Scorpio or Aquarius reading this right now.

We’ve said it before, and it bears repeating. The stars aren’t meant to control our fates while we spin helplessly on a Universal scorecard. They’re meant to guide us. And there’s only one person in control of your fate. That’s you.

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