Saturn in Pisces: The Power of Purpose and Imagination

Saturn in Pisces

The planet Saturn, named after the lord of time and a symbol of power. As it traverses through the star signs, it places great expectations and exacts purpose on each. Pisces, a zodiac sign known for emotional maturity, kindness and introspection. More often than not, Pisces is aloof and unfettered by the material world around it. What can we expect when these radically different Astrological entities interact during a Saturn in Pisces transit?

Well, what exactly do we mean when we say Saturn in Pisces, first of all? The same way we track the zodiac signs through the stars, we can track planets based on their position in the night sky. Long story short, when Saturn is in the same astrological zone in the sky as Pisces, we call that intersection Saturn in Pisces. This intersection brings about changes in Pisces, due to the nature of Saturn taking effect while interacting with Pisces. Today, that’s exactly what we’re discussing: learn all about what happens when Saturn and Pisces come together!

Are you maybe a zodiac aficionado, looking to brush up on your knowledge? Maybe you’re a Pisces yourself, and want to know what to expect while Saturn intersects with your lucky stars? Perhaps you’re just curious, and want to improve on your Horoscope trivia? Whatever the case, this is the article for you. So sit back, relax, and most importantly, have fun!


  • What traits does a Saturn in Pisces person have?
  • How else does the intersection between Saturn and Pisces affect their lives?
  • Are the two compatible?
  • And many more…

Astrology Introspective: Saturn in Pisces Meaning

What does it mean when Saturn and Pisces come together? Are the two compatible, or is this too chaotic a time for our poor Pisces? Surprisingly, this high energy pairing can give rise to many positive and powerful changes in Pisces’ life. Don’t worry, dear reader, since we’ll explain exactly how here. Keep reading and find out how Saturn impacts Pisces life.

Pisces has a knack for looking inward, rather than focusing on the material, the physical world around them. They’re labeled as starry-eyed dreamers, idealists and are usually lost in their own fantasies. When the commanding Saturn comes into their range, however, they don’t buckle under pressure. Saturn gives them the power and authority to shape their ideas into a reality. To turn dreams into goals and actualize ideas.

The pair work so well because Saturn literally brings out the best of Pisces. The time that Saturn falls into your rotation is the time that you are meant to succeed and attain your goals. For Pisces, this doesn’t mean an end to the aloof and creative nature you possess. It means bringing that nature to bear for the world! Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Saturn and Pisces together, below: 

Saturn in Pisces Man

To the men concerned: this is your time guys! Saturn passing through your sign means you command more respect and authority, so use it. Ask out that new flame that’s been on your mind. Talk to your boss about a raise or a promotion, furthering your career. This isn’t the time to pull your punches: you’re full of ideas for the world, so use them.

Saturn in Pisces Woman


Don’t worry ladies, this is a great time for you, too! Your creativity will reach its highest point, and so will your initiative at this time. Strike while the iron is hot, and make your ideal world into a reality. People are more receptive to your ideas and perceptions at this time, so use this new power of persuasion to make a big splash! Broaden your horizons, strike up a conversation with a crush, even start a business, the world is your oyster.

Suggested Saturn in Pisces Career Path

There is a wide variety of careers for Pisces, especially while Saturn is in your rotation. Due to Pisces creativity, they naturally make great artists and entrepreneurs. Starting up new things and businesses that captivate whatever customer demographic they choose. While Saturn is in Pisces, this creativity is more noticeable than ever! So don’t shy away from sharing your ideas with the world.

Other career options include work with charitable institutions and in the field of psychiatry. Pisces naturally has a bleeding heart for those who suffer, they can’t help it! It’s part of their overly empathic nature, and now is the time to use the persuasion of Saturn to get the needy help. Psychiatry and Psychology are also excellent fields that utilize Pisces ability to introspect. It allows them to share their ideas while also utilizing their emotional intelligence and empathy to help others.

Saturn in Pisces Traits

What happens when the imaginative Pisces meets the authoritative Saturn? Which traits does Pisces retain during this period, or do these traits become magnified? On the other hand, while Saturn is in Pisces, are there traits that Pisces loses in the meantime for something else? Don’t worry, dear reader, we’re listing them all here! These are the traits to expect for a Pisces and Saturn combo.


It’s normal for Pisces to spend a lot of time in their own heads. They are the daydreaming sign, after all, and would rather focus on creativity and fantasy than reality. While Saturn is in Pisces, does this change? Well, dear reader, not exactly: Pisces will still spend a majority of their time in their heads. However, this isn’t just Pisces usual daydreaming.

During this time, Pisces finds itself firmly rooted in objective reality. Specifically, how they act, how they think and feel, and what they’ve done for the world around them. This behavioral shift motivates Pisces to turn their dreams into reality. Truly, this is the time for the normally aloof Pisces to take action. And this self-awareness helps with that.



Don’t think that this desire for movement, change and actualization stirs Pisces, however. Pisces remains as patient and tranquil as ever, unfettered and undisturbed by the going-ons around them. However, unlike before, Pisces isn’t tranquil due to their knack for getting lost in their own heads. Now, it’s also their confidence and how people respond to them that keeps them calm. Pisces is at the front and center stage, and is owning it like a star.

Spiritually Inclined

This sudden dive into the material doesn’t faze Pisces’ spiritual nature. While Pisces may start to delve into material, physical pursuits, they remain a powerhouse for introspection, as well as emotional and spiritual connection. What drives them, in fact, to work so hard is for the actualization of this spiritual vision. They want to change the world out of some higher calling. Pisces genuinely believes that there’s a reason behind their seemingly endless creativity and idealism.


Maybe it’s this belief in a higher calling that gives Pisces such a kind heart. Pisces usually finds themselves in positions where they can help those in need, such as charity drives. That, or they start businesses with a goal of improving people’s lives, fighting diseases or improving living conditions. Finally, as we said above, some Pisces delve into Psychology, battling a person’s inner demons with them. Pisces is truly one of the kindest souls you’ll meet.

Still, altruism has its downsides. Sometimes, Pisces can emotionally burn themselves out with how much empathy they possess. It’s equally dangerous then, that Saturn encourages physical, material action. Now Pisces is in danger of becoming physically exhausting themselves to burnout. To all our Saturn in Pisces friends: take care of yourselves.


What helps Pisces work themselves to burnout? The same thing that keeps them dedicated to seeing their ideas and dreams come to fruition. Pisces, especially when Saturn comes into their orbit, are incredibly persistent creatures. Not to the level of stubbornness of the bull of the zodiac, Taurus, of course. But nonetheless, Pisces can take a lot of punishment before throwing in the towel.

Just what makes Pisces so persistent? We’re not sure of the exact reason, but we have a couple of guesses! Maybe it’s their belief in their dreams and ideals, that they truly want to see blossom and take shape in the world. Perhaps it’s just their overwhelming patience and emotional intelligence that keeps them calm. Whatever it is, Saturn and Pisces together make a surprisingly resilient combination.


Alright, we suppose it’s obvious this comes with altruism, but we need to call it. Pisces is also super generous, and even more so while Saturn is in their orbit. Saturn brings out the best in Pisces and their bleeding heart. Pisces just can’t stand to see people suffering, and Saturn helps the normally indecisive Pisces take action. In the zodiac, there are few hearts as charitable as Pisces.



This idealism is perhaps Pisces’ greatest weakness while Saturn is in their orbit. It may confuse you, since idealism isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But this idealism tends to stand at a disconnect with reality, and yet it guides Pisces in their actions. Pisces wants to see its ideas bear fruit, even if they are at times unrealistic. Unfortunately, this often gets in the way of their goals, not helps them.

It’s nice to believe in whatever you’re doing. But sometimes, Pisces takes it a bit too far and refuses to see the downsides to their plan. Our advice to Pisces is to accept that not everything is going to go the way they envisioned it, and learn to adjust. Just because things don’t happen exactly as you thought, doesn’t mean your vision can’t become a reality. These things take time, and often a lot of hard work before they come to fruition.


Unfortunately, despite Pisces taking more action and living in the material, they still appear rather aloof. Pisces is still one of the most reserved and withdrawn zodiac signs, true wallflowers even when Saturn is within their orbit. This is, however, not because of their usual nature to imagine, but because of the intensity of their drive. They have a clear vision of what they want, and are so focused on achieving it they often tune out everything else. It’s a little funny that even while they’re so driven, Pisces appears not to have changed at all.

Again, similar to their idealistic nature, Pisces is a little too reserved, definitely to a fault. Pisces needs to understand that success is more possible when you make connections, build your network and share your vision with others. Thankfully, as we said, while Saturn is in their orbit, this is more than possible. People are more receptive to their ideas during this time, and Pisces should definitely take the time to strike up a business conversation and persuade others. If Pisces can get past their reserved nature, they can definitely reach success.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces

When Saturn retrogrades, it’s time to take it easy. Almost entirely in-tune with Pisces burning themselves out after intense activity, Saturn starts to leave its orbit. During the retrograde, Pisces should ask itself some serious questions, and not just to catch their breath and recover. This is the time Pisces should look back on and feel proud of its accomplishments. Becoming aware of their growth helps Pisces continue to take action even after Saturn leaves their orbit.

In Conclusion…

That’s everything you need to know about Saturn and Pisces combination together. They make quite the interesting pair, with new strengths and weaknesses. To all Pisces reading this, don’t let your perceived weaknesses on this list get you down. Astrology teaches us that we can grow as people beyond our limitations: the stars aren’t meant to control us, only guide us. You are still the captain of your own ship, the master of your fate.

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