Is tarot card reading accurate? A crash course on the four factors that makes tarot card reading effective

How and why are people still into “reading” a bunch of cards? Like for real, is tarot card reading accurate and reliable? How do they even know the thing they “read” is real? Aren’t tarot readers just a bunch of fraudulent weirdos?

Questions like these are commonly encountered by many a tarot reader. And for centuries, the tarot community has endured the seemingly unending criticism of non-believers.

But come to think of it, if tarot reading is not reliable, how would it survive all these centuries? If tarot is not what it seems, then why are still many people today relying on it?

How is tarot card reading accurate, in the first place? 

1. The question is at the heart of a tarot reading

a question mark drawn on a wall represents your question for an accurate tarot card reading

Tarot readers consistently emphasize this point as one of the most vital components in a tarot session. This is because a person does not consult the tarot without something bothering them for one reason or another.

Of course, tarot cards channel the energies of its environment. However, they do not come up with the tarot questions since they do not have mouths and a sense of cognition.

Tarot questions are essential since it allows the tarot deck to assess the situation carefully. As a general rule, yes or no questions are a big no-no since self-thinking humans can answer them independently.

Make sure that your questions are specific and straight to the point. The closer it hits to the core of the conflict, the better.

Mastering how to ask a tarot question can be quite a chore, but it does not need to be complicated. To learn more about how to make these kinds of queries, check out this article. [insert link on how to make tarot questions]

2. Only you can determine your future

Tarot cards deck

A common misconception about tarot cards is that it (allegedly) predicts the future the way they should be. In truth, a tarot deck only shows what comes next based on the past and present.

Tarot cards are mainly there to fill in the gaps and guide you in your course of action. The “accuracy” only comes in if you choose to do the advice given by your cards.

But you also have the choice of doing the opposite of what the cards are seemingly telling you. Doing this may change the outcome of your situation since tarot predictions are based on your current actions.

So, the question stands: is it advisable to do precisely what your tarot reading is telling you? Generally, yes. But as a person gifted with a rational mind and free will, how you make out of your future is up to you.

As always, remember that no one brings the good, the bad, and the ugly into your life but you. Choose your actions wisely!

3. The interpretations may vary

a luminous sign where is written psychic reader

Each tarot card has a distinct meaning to it. Yet how it is interpreted depends on who is doing the reading and the tarot session’s premise.

Being human, tarot readers may be susceptible to biases and personal views towards the spreads they are making. Other times, it may be the clients themselves who have differing outlooks about the tarot’s messages.

If you and the tarot reader are not in sync, this may cause a communication breakdown. It may then affect the message you will receive from the tarot cards and effectively confuse your situation.

Because of this, you have to make your intentions clear to the tarot reader. You also need to be as objective as possible since the messages that you receive from the tarot session may not be agreeable to you.

What you make out of these interpretations is up to you. Be gracious, and use them as a reference point on what you will do next to help resolve your problems.

4. Keep your intentions pure

a sign showing the word "pure" as it's important to have the right intentions while doing tarot card reading

A tarot reading aims to find the means to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Indeed, most questions focus on achieving this, such as financial success, relationships, and others.

Still, some people wish to exploit the power of the cosmos for their own evil intentions. Whenever someone with such mindsets consults tarot readers, tarot decks have the tendency to go haywire.

This also happens when someone who wants to have a tarot reading is unaware that their intentions will harm people. As a result, tarot cards “rebel” and give wrong messages to discourage people from doing bad things.

So, before going to a tarot reading session, ask yourself: are my intentions favorable for me alone? Why do I even want clarification? Will my actions hurt others and incur collateral damage?

When you know what is genuinely in your heart, you will receive the sufficient answers you need during the tarot session. As the Latin saying goes: primum non nocere- first, do no harm!

Final Word, is a tarot card reading accurate?

For centuries, tarot cards have were used for divination. As the art refined through generations of talented readers, the reliability of using the tarot as a means of knowing the future has become increasingly high.

As presented above, there are so many factors that determine the accuracy of a tarot reading. It is not just simple card pulling and meaning-making, but also an examination of the intention of those involved.

Like most things, human error may contribute to unfortunate misreading or, worse, downright inaccurate predictions. Nevertheless, it does not invalidate that the cards themselves are simply presenting what they have seen through the divine.

Despite this, you must still open your mind to the many possibilities that the tarot may not have presented. Again, the predictions that a tarot shows are the ones most likely to happen considering your present- who knows if you’ve done something else after the session?

When done correctly, tarot cards will reveal what the cosmos have in mind for you. It is up to you whether you will take the path shown by the tarot or forge your own destiny.

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