The Pluto Return On U.S.: Death, Transformation, Rebirth

pluto return

Many people are on their toes wondering what the Pluto return has in store for the United States and the world as a whole. The US Pluto return is a major concern because the US is interconnected with the entire facet of the global economy.

So exactly how long is a Pluto return? What are the things to expect and dread during a USA Pluto return? In this post, we will discuss how this phenomenon will affect all of us and how to successfully navigate through it to our advantage. We will also discuss the following:

  • When will the Pluto return of the United States begin?
  • What does the Pluto return represents on a global scale?
  • Where can the biggest impact be expected during America’s Pluto return 2022?
  • Is there a retrograde expected during 2022 Pluto return?
  • When is USA’s first Pluto return?

So let’s go ahead and take a deep dive on this Pluto return!

US Pluto Return: An Overview

The first thing to take note of the US Pluto return is that it’s not just going to affect the United States, but the world in general. This is the chart of the US on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia during the Declaration of Independence. It is the birth of the United States. People wanted to break away from these ominous taxes originating from the United Kingdom. Everyone felt they had no representation from the government of the latter.

Overall, it was the combination of a controlling government plus oppressive taxes. Where people felt they had no say, no representation, no proper taxation. Thus, their breakaway and this Declaration of Independence is the one that set out the main truths to abide with. First, that all men are created equal. Second, all men have their rights given by God. And finally, these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So we are talking about an entire state looking for their freedom and equality during that time. All of these themes are quite interesting to serve as background at what we are about to look at. Pluto’s symbolism is very much linked to default, deficit, debt, and taxes. This chart in the US is where Pluto falls in the Second House. Take note that this house is the country of the colony. This is where the focus will be.

Pluto Return: The US Economy, Finances, Values

This links not only to the country’s finances and economy but also to its values. Therefore, it is a widely used chart by astrologers. So many events throughout the years have nailed its amazing accuracy. Take 9/11 for instance. Transiting Pluto at that time was 12° of Sagittarius. It’s right on point of the most important identity of the United States. A most important point on anyone’s natal chart.

Remember that this is about the US identity. And Pluto is all about trauma and survival issues. Sagittarius relates to flight. And transiting Pluto was exactly 12° on this ascendum. Saturn then was opposing at 14° of Gemini. Saturn was the building, and Gemini was the twins. Can anything get more literal than this?

Therefore it was a Pluto-Saturn opposition. Back in 2020, there were hard aspects between Pluto and Saturn. The squares were the hard aspects, oppositions, conjunctions. They tend to bring about difficult times. More rules and regulations, more control. This was very much the case here. Everyone became very aware of the permanent changes that took place. Now you have gels, liquids, and plastic bags you need to check-in prior to your flight. These were just some of the permanent changes that 9/11 brought about.

Pluto Return: Pluto Moving Through Capricorn

pluto moving through capricorn

Notice that was very clearly and tightly around the very important axis for the United States. There were a lot of things that were nailed in this chart’s use. In this chart, Pluto is 27° of Capricorn. It is on the Second House of the country’s finances, economy, money, and values.

Bear in mind that Pluto bears a 246-year orbit. It is coming down its track right now towards Pluto for the U.S. The transiting Pluto is at 24° Capricorn. People can already feel the energy coming down its track. It will be exactly on this Pluto on February 20, 2022. This will be an immensely powerful time of death, transformation, then rebirth. Because this is what Pluto’s symbolism is all about.

The transiting Pluto that’s moving through Capricorn pertains to revealing. Unearthing, and excavating traces of corruption existing from top-down structures. Thus, Capricorn is highly linked to big businesses, banking, and finance, investment companies. Everything about governments and corporations, Pluto will be able to unearth those.

Now it is coming back to its birthplace for the U.S. chart. This is not talking about a repair job. Again, it is death, transformation, and finally, rebirth. It is Pluto’s unique process, just like using the analogy ‘when the tree dies in the woods’. It has to fall first and rot down completely before it is able to form fresh, fertile soil and new life to form within. This is exactly what we are into.

Pluto Return: Breaking U.S. to the Bare Bones

As everyone knows, the U.S. economy is totally linked to our global economy. That is how it is all interconnected. Pluto will then take things down to their bare bones. Then it will rebuild, although in a different and better form. This will become a permanent change.

Pluto at 27° Capricorn is triggered by full moon Aries at 27°. Twenty-six minutes of Aries on October 20. Essentially it is six minutes away. The Sun is over Libra, and the moon is at 27° Aries. Sun also conjuncts Mars at 23° Libra, and the moon conjuncts Aries at 24° Aries.

They are not merely square to transiting Pluto, but this natal US Pluto as well. It is massive since it is cardinal energy. Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn are cardinal signs expected to have dynamic action. A warrior energy is emerging. And Aries’ warrior energy on October 20 during a full moon.

Nevertheless, the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Aries are going to be in the hard aspect of the natal Pluto on the U.S. economy Second House. This dwarf planet will be moving back from Sagittarius to Capricorn. The last time it moved to the start of Capricorn was March 2020, during the start of the pandemic. It is when the major market drops happened as well. So we must prepare to expect something similar during this time. Furthermore, it is going to be on the world axis, so it will be very public.

Pluto Return: Power of the People On the Rise

What the world is going to see is not merely the transformation of the economy. The event that happened in October was just the start of it through a strong six-month process. Themes are beginning to pop up such as taxes, debt, and default. These are economic consequences brought about by the pandemic. Taxes may increase since this is fairly inevitable. Perhaps even an increased control by the IRS, in order to incur more taxes, etc.

Now, remember what the colonists did. There might be an echo of what they did. So expect to see a repeat of the Declaration of Independence in one form or another. We do not know which form exactly, or how it is going to take place. But it is going to be the power of the people. Remember you have Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. That is the power of the people.

This involves the grassroots. There will be themes linked to overthrowing oppressive financial systems, taxes, economic systems. That’s how it will work. It is a concentrated six months duration. A vortex on a 3D level.

Just know that it will happen. There is a need to demolish the old house before you can build a new one. And Capricorn is also about constitutional matters and government. Not just taxes and economic issues.

Pluto Return: Sudden and Unexpected Eclipses

total solar eclipse

It is interesting, looking down at the timeline. You have a total solar eclipse on December 4 at 12°, 22 minutes of Sagittarius. You feel the solar eclipse a month before and six months after. It is a whole process.

Uranus transits and eclipses are similar. They are sudden and unexpected, usually comes out of the blue. But since it is a solar eclipse, it is this big new moon. So something is born during this time. Not only is this a spiritual transformation in the United States in terms of their economy and values. It is their identity’s rebirth as well.

Again, we do not know what form it will take. It is beginning to collect consciousness. So reinforcing everything in place, you have Venus that is tracking through Capricorn in December. On December 19, 26° on Capricorn.

Remember that Venus is also related to money, wealth, banking, bank payment systems, and currencies. Especially when it is on Capricorn. Therefore it is linked with relationships. So 19th of the month Venus retrogrades at 26° Capricorn. It is a time to rethink the economic system.

Transiting Pluto is at 25°, 43 minutes of Capricorn. Thus transiting Venus, Transiting Pluto is 2° away from the US natal Pluto on December 25. On Christmas Eve, the final third exact square happens between Saturn and Uranus. Everyone links this to economic volatility. Like them being on the hard aspect when they were opposite each other during 2008.

The Effects of Venus Retrograde

So there are very clear messages to take into consideration. It’s a very long period. Normally Venus is just conjunct with any planet for a day since it moves on fast. But because there is a retrograde it is hovering around.

Transit Pluto comes back to natal Pluto this February. Then stays there. It hovers about there through 22 and 23. Therefore there will be a process to get through there. Transiting Venus will be staying in Capricorn through all of January and February. It comes back in order to conjunct Pluto at 27°, bullseye. U.S. Pluto will be on March 3 along with Mars. Transiting Venus, Pluto, Mars, everything will be 27° Capricorn.


This is the theme of the new economic system that is going to be born. There will be some economic turbulence and collapse to serve a great purpose. In order to have rebirth and re-emergence. For Mars to energize in early March.

This won’t happen overnight. It will need time in order to stabilize, which makes it even more clear and interesting. November 19 was the Lunar eclipse of Taurus Scorpio. On January 22 they will stay there for a year and a half. The Taurus Scorpio axis interconnects with wealth, money, and taxes.

Thus, it is very clear the world is rebirthing. And interestingly planet Venus rules Libra. So we are going around this cycle. She is the element of a highly strong surge of rebirth and energy. So this is going to be colossal. It’s nothing to be afraid of. Just like anything, the key is to be as knowledgeable and prepared as you can.

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