The 13th Zodiac Sign? Ophiuchus Personality Traits and More!

Ophiuchus personality traits
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When Ophiuchus surfaced as a possible 13th zodiac sign, everyone went nuts over the whole deal. And for a good reason! People suddenly have an astrological existential crisis over their sun sign. In the end, some people embraced the idea while others remained skeptical. Regardless, we at least know what the Ophiuchus personality traits are.

Many of the Ophiuchus personality traits come from its depiction as a constellation and the mythology surrounding it. The constellation depicts a man struggling with a snake. This image falls in line with the story of a man named Asklepios, or Imhotep depending on who you asked, who saw a snake and killed it. However, another snake with an herb in its mouth came to its aid. The snake placed the herb against the other snake’s wound, revived it, and both snakes escaped together.

His curiosity about the herb allowed him to learn how to treat other people suffering from illnesses, which makes him the first doctor. It is why the medical symbol has snakes twirling around a staff, as an homage to this origin story of medicine.

However, the good doctor earned the ire of the gods as they figured that men were meant to fall to illnesses and that only gods should be immortal. In their fit of jealousy and rage, they struck him down. But they honored him and his legacy and gave him a place in the stars. Hence, the constellation Ophiuchus came to be and along with it: the personality traits of Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus the 13th zodiac sign

In the Zodiac wheel, Ophiuchus sits comfortably between Sagittarius and Scorpio. As such, it claims the dates between November 29 and December 17. But what are the Ophiuchus personality traits?

Due to its position, astrologers consider Ophiuchus personality traits to be a mix of both Sagittarius and Scorpio traits.

Good traits

  • Always on the lookout for something new.

Ophiuchans absolutely hate routines, and so they wholeheartedly jump into new and exciting things that they come across. While they may quickly feel bored, they’ll always find something to do.

  • Intellectual and knowledge-seeking

Generally, Ophiuchans are notorious for living life brain-first and are comfortable analyzing the situations they find themselves in. Aside from that, they love learning new things and usually take an interest in intellectual pursuits.

  • Optimistic and good-natured

By nature, Ophiuchans enjoy life and always look forward to the bright side of life. Alongside their optimism, they put a premium on humor and would never pass up an opportunity to share a laugh.

  • Passionate and Fiery

They enjoy their lives and always live passionately. If an Ophiuchan finds something worth pursuing, then expect them to go at it with gusto as they are not the type to do anything half-heartedly.

  • Uncomplicated and Straightforward

Ophiuchans do not care much for the mind games that many other signs play. When it comes to their innermost feelings, they do not like hiding them and feel frustrated if they can’t let people know what’s on their minds.

  • Creative and Imaginative
ophiuchus - creative and imaginative

Artists by birth, Ophiuchans are creatives at heart and love thinking of new things to do and explore. Things like fine art and music awaken something in them that makes them feel alive and stimulated. Combined with their intellect, their imagination knows no bounds.

  • Charismatic

They are social people who find it easy to make new friends. Their passion and wit give them their trademark charisma. Since they are also humorous and optimistic, they are a joy to everyone they attract.

  • Free-spirited 

Ophiuchans value their freedom and shun everything and everyone that tries to take that away from them. Their need for independence goes hand in hand with their creativity and constant need for excitement. Because of this, they often find themselves in new and unusual situations.

Bad Traits 

  • Impulsive

Generally, Ophiuchans are excitable to a fault. Oftentimes, they will rush into something new and exciting without thinking everything through. Because of that, Ophiuchans often find themselves in danger or trouble.

  • Prideful and Arrogant

Apart from being impulsive, Ophiuchans are proud people, and so they can be pretty arrogant. They can drive away some people with their need to sing their own praises and can be insecure about their faults and mistakes.

  • Flirty and Prone to Cheating

Ophiuchans’ constant need for new things in their lives can spill over in their romantic affairs. Because of their need to rove, they can often find it hard to settle down with a long-time partner. In a committed relationship, they may have to stave off the constant temptation of entertaining others.

  • Jealous and Possessive
ophiuchus - jealous and possessive

In an ironic twist, Ophiuchans also have trust issues. Perhaps it’s because they know how fickle people can be. Regardless, their possessive nature may make them hard to deal with, and their inability to trust others can cause trouble for them as well.

  • Blunt and Hurtful

They are straightforward, which is good. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be too direct to the point where they can hurt other people’s feelings with their lack of tact. Since they are okay with being blunt about their own feelings, they can often be blind to other people’s emotional sensitivity.

  • Sarcastic and Off-putting

On that note, Ophiuchans can also be particularly sarcastic and vile when they get mad. The dark side of being intellectual and expressive is that they can be extra hurtful with their words.

  • Anxious and Prone to Procrastinating

Ophiuchans often aren’t satisfied until everything is absolutely perfect. However, this need for perfection can often leave them paralyzed with anxiety. Furthermore, they tend to cope with this anxiousness by putting off the work they should do.


As the 13th Zodiac sign, the Ophiuchus is quite a unique specimen. Its status in the astrological world is usually argued about and met with mixed reactions. Naturally, this can also cause those who may fall under its sign to be anxious and wary of Ophiuchus zodiac sign personality traits. 

Do you accept the Ophiuchus as a valid sign? If your birth date falls under its rule, do the Ophiuchus personality traits resonate with you? 

Hopefully, this analysis on Ophiuchus personality traits can shed some much-needed light on what makes Ophiuchans tick. Whether you embrace this potential new sign or not, at least you can contemplate the matter from a perspective of knowledge.

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