Ophiuchus Horoscope: Getting to know the new Zodiac sign!

When NASA announced in 2016 that they reidentified a new constellation in the heavens, the astrology world rioted. Make an Ophiuchus horoscope? Who even is this guy?

Now, five years after this mega bombshell, people are still reeling. Is Ophiuchus a true Zodiac sign? If he is, then what are his features?

Read on to find out!

Who (or what) is Ophiuchus?

In ancient Greece, Asclepius, the son of Apollo, was known to be a gifted healer. Not only was he naturally proficient in curing illnesses, but he was also adept in reviving the recently dead back to life.

Ophiuchus Horoscope

Unfortunately, Hades, god of the underworld, didn’t like what he was seeing. Enraged by the imbalance between life and death, he asked his brother, Zeus, to have Asclepius killed. 

Zeus obliged, but this brought grief to Apollo, who loved his son. To honor Asclepius’s noble deeds as a healer, the sun god placed his son among the stars.  He became the snake bearer Ophiuchus who strangles a serpent that symbolizes death.

In astronomy and astrology, this constellation sits between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Thus, although people have been referring to it as the “13th Zodiac,” it would technically be the 9th.

What are the elements of an Ophiuchus horoscope?

Since its revelation to the world, many astrologers took the time to study Ophiuchus’ position in the divine scheme of things. Although some contest its inclusion, it’s still worth knowing how the Ophiuchus horoscope can be of aid to you in any way possible.

This sign channels the element of Fire, with Jupiter as its ruler. The Ophiuchus season also starts on November 30 and ends on December 17

Unfortunately, since it was sandwiched between two prominent signs, its natives are often confused about their Zodiac identity.

To put it simply, those born under this sign often have the best and worst of both Scorpio and Sagittarius. How? Let’s flesh out Ophiuchus’ character together.

Like Scorpio, Ophiuchus has a relaxed and calm demeanor. They have an aura of mystery to them and are also somewhat scheming and analytical when dealing with business and other people.

Their instincts are naturally well-refined, allowing them to see through situations accordingly. They could analyze things with near-perfect precision, which then helps them be in control.

Ophiuchus is also noted for being prideful… in a good way. They know that nothing is stopping them from achieving whatever they want, so they would only stop at nothing but win in life.

These individuals also keep a close connection with the darker, unknown side of the world. Their curiosity for the things that many consider taboo is a trait they’ve inherited from neighboring Scorpio!

On the other hand, Ophichus’ Sagittarian trait manifests itself through their zeal and enthusiasm for life. They are passionate about the things that they do and are highly intelligent.

Unlike Scorpio, who wants a sense of permanence, Ophiuchus feels comfort in spontaneity. Yes, they have fine-tuned instincts, but this doesn’t stop them from jumping into literally any situation with little to no thought at all.

These individuals are also fun to be with. They have a good sense of humor and are bright and cheery most of the time.

Because of this, they are also charismatic and can easily attract anyone’s attention. Add to that Ophiuchus’s traits of being good-natured and empathetic. With these they can quickly gain lifelong companions who would stick by their side no matter what.

More than anything, though, these people reject social norms. Ophiuchus hates labels and would instead forge their path in life.

When their Scorpio and Sagittarius sides come together, one can only imagine the limitless potential that an Ophiuchus native can harness. 

Intelligent, analytical, calm, yet full of passion and life- indeed, no sign can embody that many complex traits effortlessly.

Unfortunately, their bad side can also get nasty. Because of the influence that Scorpio has on them, their tempers can be short and fiery.

An angry Ophiuchus native is someone dangerous and potentially violent. When provoked, they might commit acts without even thinking and may even endanger themselves and others.

These people are also prone to let their hatred and resentment for someone or something fester. Unlike Scorpio, though, they tend to remember the kindness once extended towards them.

The Sagittarius within Ophiuchus lends some relatively negative traits, too. These people can become quite chaotic at times, leading to them earning a reputation of being unpredictable.

These individuals often act on impulse. They are wild and unbridled spirits, the same way that Sagittarius channels the centaur. Ophiuchus, for its part, combines this chaotic streak with the mysterious aura it inherited from Scorpio.

This trait makes this sign unique since the more people get to know them, the less predictable they get. There is no telling what Ophiuchus has in mind at a particular moment. For all you know, they could be planning on what they’re going to have for dinner or creating concrete plans to dominate their workspace.

But Ophiuchus doesn’t just borrow elements from its neighbors too! It also has its very own characteristics that come directly from its namesake. 

Those born under this sign are reputed to be healers. Despite their seemingly chaotic personalities, they always put other people first.

Causing harm to others is also a no-go for them. As much as possible, they would prefer to be on the defense side of a conflict.

These people are also nurturing and would like to ensure the safety and well-being of the people whom they value. If anything, they embody the Latin maxim and motto of the medical world primum non nocere- first, do no harm!

These traits mentioned above, along with many others, make Ophiuchus not just a photocopy of Scorpio and Sagittarius. It is a celestial body of its own that holds court and gives a unique and fresh twist to an otherwise long-standing tradition.

Now that the Ophiuchus horoscope exists, what does this mean for the other signs?

In terms of traits, the other signs would still retain theirs. Just because there’s a new kid in the block, it doesn’t mean they’re going to lose everything they have!

But there is also a catch: the dates for all Zodiac signs have to move. This readjustment is necessary to make way for a complete overhaul of the system.

Here are the readjusted dates for all thirteen Zodiac signs:

Aries- April 18 to March 13
Taurus- May 14 to June 21
Gemini- June 22 to July 20
Cancer– July 21 to August 10
Leo- August 11 to September 16
Virgo- September 17 to October 30
Libra- October 31 to November 23
Scorpio- November 24 to November 29 (Yes, Scorpio only lasts for less than a week!)
Ophiuchus- November 30 to December 17
Sagittarius- December 18 to January 20
Capricorn- January 21 to February 16
Aquarius- February 17 to March 11
Pisces- March 12 to April 17

If you’ve seen your Zodiac sign change, don’t fret! If your birth date falls within three days of the start and the end of a Zodiac’s cycle, you embody both the sign assigned to you and that of the previous one.

If it is a new Zodiac sign, why do some people say that the Ophiuchus horoscope isn’t accurate?

Since Ophiuchus was revealed to the world, he has been the center of many astrological debates. All the arguments are valid because astrology is a tradition that goes back thousands of years.

Ophiuchus Horoscope and Its Sign

Those who do not believe in Ophiuchus point out that it was already a recognized constellation ever since ancient times. The mere fact that astrology’s forebears didn’t even consider it to be part of the 12 Zodiacs is enough evidence to reject it.

Add also to this the fact that Western astrology is rather frigid. The calculations that we use at present have been made almost one thousand years ago and are still accurate. 

But consider this: the world is constantly changing. And astrology, being a part of this world, also has to adapt to new changes somehow. 

Ophiuchus may seem foreign, but over time, he will be exerting his influence in this world even more. Maybe he already is, but people refuse to acknowledge it.

We keep on emphasizing that we should welcome change, especially those that are positive. The inclusion of Ophiuchus is one of them.

Since it has been a few years since the first time the world recognized him, we won’t be able to see yet how indispensable he is to our lives here on earth. But as the stars glow bright and our earth experiences changes that we didn’t expect will happen, it only fits that we welcome Ophiuchus’s presence in our cosmic lives.

But as always, astrology will never have a formal structure and will continually adapt to how a person wants to live their lives. The final decision on whether you should adapt Ophiuchus’ presence in your Zodiac readings is up to you.

So, going back to the question: is the Ophiuchus horoscope a real thing? YES, IT IS! But whether or not you will have him in your daily Zodiac lineup is up to you. 

Happy Zodiac reading, and see you in the Ophiuchus season!

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