Tarot Card of Achievement: The Nine of Cups Meaning

nine of cups meaning

Tarot cards are a small deck of playing cards, usually made of paper. Primarily, they find use for the purposes of divination. Each card can represent a state of your life you are in, or something that is to come, depending on the diviner. Tarot cards also carry their individual meanings, and in this article we’ll examine the card Nine of Cups meaning. We’ll go over what you can expect or realize in your life if you draw the Nine of Cups.

To start things off, let’s examine the card itself. As we can actually glean a little bit of meaning from just the card’s appearance. Each card is tailor made for the divination process, down to the most intricate detail! While there are many variations of the tarot card deck today, the classical and prevalent image of the nine of cups is that of a content-looking man, sitting under nine cups. It is an image we can associate with a sort of smug satisfaction.

Gleaning more into the details, the man’s hat is usually red, symbolizing an active and fruitful mind. The cups are usually golden, a color which has inspired success and victory. Nine of Cups meaning, at its most basic reading, is one that tells of prestige, accomplishment and victory. But there’s a lot more to the 9 of Cups meaning than that. Read on in this article to find out below:

  • What does 9 of cups mean?
  • Does it have a different meaning in a romantic context?
  • The card’s reversed meaning
  • And many more…

Drawing on Success: Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

What else is there to glean from the card? It represents the fulfillment of a goal or some deep, unfulfilled desire. But tarot cards are tricky business. Their meaning is usually tied to the context of a situation, and in fact many diviners will read more than one card during a fortune telling. The meaning of Nine of Cups then, can change depending on its adjacent cards.

Its meaning can also change depending on where you are in life. What you’re struggling with, or where you’ve been or are going also changes the card’s meaning. Our tarot aficionados reading this article will also acutely point out that tarot cards have two different meanings, depending on the orientation that the card is facing when drawn. The Nine of Cups upright meaning is different from the Nine of Cups reversed meaning!

We’ll go over as many of these as we can in this article, to prepare you for everything you’d need to expect after drawing this card. Maybe you’re a tarot card enthusiast brushing up on knowledge or maybe you’ve recently had or thought about getting a divination. Perhaps you’re simply curious and want to find out more. Whatever the case, we hope you find this article educational, enlightening, and most importantly, fun! Without further ado, everything you need to know about the Nine of Cups:

Upright: Everything You Need to Know(That We can Think of!)

After a long trial in your life, the Nine of Cups represents a positive, fruitful conclusion. The nine cups are sometimes interpreted to mean different ups and downs, or different challenges you’ve faced before now. Now is important, because the Nine of Cups encourages you to ‘drink up.’ That you should happily partake in the success you have worked and endured for. The tarot card is a wake-up call that you have entered a positive chapter in your life, and should enjoy it.

The Nine of Cups can also refer to something in the future in a different context. If you are yearning for something, and draw the Nine of Cups, there’s a good chance it will come true! Indeed, this tarot card is sometimes referred to as the wish card. Because of its association with fulfillment and plenty, the tarot card also has positive meanings in health, love, career and finances. We’ll go over each below:

In Love


For our hopeless romantics, the tarot card means great things in love. If you’re single, the Nine of Cups promises positive encounters of a romantic and passionate character. Yes, even the Nine of Cups love meaning is one of fulfillment of wishes and desires. Go out and have fun, meet new people. Because for you, love is in the air!

Remember not to exercise a self-conscious air. Don’t overthink. The Nine of Cups, as we said above, represents indulgence and partaking. Just have fun and go with the flow. Your positive, carefree and open nature will draw others to you, and the tarot card promises to reward you.

For those already in a relationship, drawing the Nine of Cups upright is still good news. You’ll find your relationship with your partner improving, with an abundance of sweetness and joy. Indulging yourself here means taking the opportunity to grow even closer with your significant other. Perhaps forge a new sort of bond with them. When applicable, it could mean preparing to take the next step in your relationship.

In Your Career

Career-wise, the Nine of Cups focuses more on the confident, successful man more than the cups of blessings themselves. You will find yourself taking in the admiration of your peers and workmates. It’s likely that tasks you found challenging or difficult before are becoming easier or even menial to accomplish. This is the time to look towards possible advancement in your position. Maybe move to a different job that holds better opportunities.

This is also a prime time to ask for a raise. Move confidently. Though arrogance is a fool’s errand, don’t shy away from the rewards waiting for you. Your superiors are likely more receptive towards such moves in light of your increase in skill. Most importantly, at the end of the journey symbolized by the nine cups, you’ve likely earned this.



Just as in your career, financially the Nine of Cups signifies blessings and comfort. This is the time to relax, to treat yourself a little. From tiny things like the raise you’re likely to score to a bonus on performance here and there, things will add up. While thrift is a virtue in itself, it can’t hurt to celebrate your success a little. You’ll likely need it.

Remember that the good times won’t last forever. Fear of what is to come often takes away from the now. Remember that you’ve earned the success and subsequent rewards that come to you. In fact, what we’re going over next has a lot to do with the opposite of everything you’ve read so far. The reversed meaning of this card in particular is a sign of the bad times to come.

Reversed: The Downside(Yikes)

Okay, so we didn’t mean to scare you with this next part. Ultimately, drawing the reversed Nine of Cups doesn’t necessarily mean failure. Everything you’ve built won’t necessarily fall to shambles. However, it’s not a great sign of things to come… or things as they are. It is most commonly associated with dissatisfaction and a feeling of unfulfillment.

When we say this, we mean that, maybe you’ve found a new job, a new romantic partner, or even a better life. But despite all this, something isn’t quite there. Maybe your new job doesn’t inspire you. Perhaps your feelings for your partner aren’t as deep as you thought (or you’re still holding onto feelings for another). And despite all the success and fortune you’ve amassed, you feel empty and discontent.

While you shouldn’t necessarily expect drawing this card to mean a dark and foreboding warning about the future, you should consider it a warning all the same. That perhaps whatever you’re pursuing isn’t worth it. Or, that you place value and celebrate things you shouldn’t. That you need to recenter yourself in things that truly matter. Things that make you feel happy and fulfilled in life. 

In Love

Alright, maybe you’ve got the framework for a great relationship off the bat. You’re both financially independent, respectful towards each other, and physically intimate. But something feels lacking. Maybe your bond isn’t as deep as you would’ve liked, that you’ve yet to grow that close to your partner. Drawing the reversed Nine of Cups often alludes to a situation such as this.

Thankfully, this is easily resolved with a heart-to-heart and enough effort from both parties. It’s also possible the two of you simply weren’t meant for each other. Maybe you were so wrapped up in getting a relationship, you haven’t worked on or given time for yourself to grow as a person. Re-evaluate your values, and your choices: consider the Nine of Cups as a call to action. Move towards better things in life instead of forcing contentment on what makes you discontent.

In Your Career


The reversed nine of cups is particularly disheartening in the context of your career. If the upright reading of the card promises the fulfillment of wishes and success, reversed it can mean deep discontentment and disillusion. Maybe you thought you’d find happiness after getting ‘that’ position. That getting that six-figure salary would solve everything in your life. Oftentimes, material possessions only offer temporary joy without tackling our inner needs.

If this rings true to you, we don’t necessarily advise storming out of the office and quitting your job. But if you’re truly unhappy where you are, don’t shy away from going back to the drawing board either. Luckily, there are less drastic actions to take to solve a feeling of discontentment in your career. Start a casual, relaxing hobby, such as writing or painting. You may find that you don’t need a job or financial success at all to find fulfillment in your life.


Financially, the Nine of Cups reversed can mean that things hadn’t exactly gone according to plan. Investments didn’t give you any good returns, or maybe a friend you lent money to didn’t exactly settle his debts. Don’t feel bad. Remember that the Nine of Cups teaches us that we go through many ups and downs before settling into success. You’ll need to work towards your goals.

Additionally, consider the reversed card a wake up call. Maybe in the wake of all your poor financial decisions, you need to slow down. Stop spending, start saving. Now is not the time for complacency or indulgence. Hold onto your material possessions or you’ll lose them.

Greed is the rich man’s sin. But prudence and thrift is a virtue when necessary. It’s important not to feel disheartened. Everything is temporary, and the good times will come rolling in again soon enough. You will thank yourself later on for your efforts getting to that point.

Wrapping it All Up…

To summarize, the Nine of Cups is a card of actualization, accomplishment and indulgence. It can also mean the reverse depending on its orientation. It holds significance in many areas of your life, from success and riches, to love and loss. Spiritually, it speaks to a feeling of fulfillment, and materially, it calls to plenty.

That was everything you might need to know about the Nine of Cups and the meanings associated with drawing the card. We feel the need to clarify that despite the orientation you may draw the card in, not to fret or become too complacent. The tarot cards do not control or enforce their readings in any aspect of your life. They tell a possible story, based on divination and your own vibrations that attract their energies. Because of this, you can play into the reading or shatter expectations completely.

Remember that even drawing the card upright does not mean you can sit back and good things will come to you. The card calls you to action to go after what you want, appreciate what you have, and indulge in the rewards. Conversely, drawing the Nine of Cups in reverse calls you to exercise caution, reflection, and self-discovery. This is because whether it’s the stars, a roll of the dice, or the draw of the card doesn’t matter. The Universe guides us, not shackles us to our fate, and ultimately you alone are in control of your life.

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