Neptune in Aquarius: What this means and what you can do about it in your life

neptune in aquarius

Neptune in Aquarius may not exactly be the first planetary transit that you have in mind. Indeed, it happens ever so rarely that it often eludes whole lifetimes! But just because it happens once in a while, it doesn’t mean it isn’t noteworthy. In fact, it is the opposite! This transit defines entire generations, and you may even be one of the people it represents.

What are the Neptune in Aquarius meaning (s)?

Neptune is a massive, slow-moving planet in our solar system. It does not concern itself with the mundane, but rather in the groundbreaking. Because of its position, it brings people closer to the secrets of the universe. On the other hand, Aquarius is all about innovation. Progress, compassion, and imagination is what this Zodiac sign is all about! 

Taken together, Neptune in Aquarius calls on everyone to look within themselves. Each person has the ability to change the world, after all. Together, people can move forward towards a brighter, more advanced future. People no longer have to concern themselves with things that are superficial. This is the age of profound thinking and willingness to embrace everything that is yet to come. Whatever happens, as long as people are willing to embrace the unknown, good things are bound to appear.

What are Neptune in Aquarius traits?

Understandably, this question has been hanging on your mind for some time now. After all, you wouldn’t be scouring through the internet if you didn’t find yourself thinking about this! But before answering this question, you must understand how Neptune operates. Its movement largely forms the context behind it. What’s more, it does not just influence an individual. What it does is define an entire generation.

What does a Neptune in Aquarius generation mean?

As said, Neptune is a slow moving planet. It takes about 164 years for it to complete a rotation around the sun. As a result, it stays in a Zodiac sign for about 12 to 13 years. Regardless of the other variables in an individual’s birth chart, those born within those 13 years will share one general trait. Perhaps one of the more popular members of this cohort are those born from 1998 to 2012. These individuals form a huge chunk of what is now known to be the Generation Z.

As many people have come to observe, Gen Z individuals are highly imaginative, energetic, and progressive. Sticking to tradition is generally not their thing. These people always ask the question “Why should we obey the rules?” If anything, the things that older generations value are precisely what these now-young adults do not appreciate. For them, the confines that society has created is not worth pursuing. It is time for the world to go out of the proverbial box, so to speak!

These individuals also have the ability to connect with others easily. They believe in the power that collective action has. For them, no man is an island. No matter if the people around them are their peers or not, having an ally for change is good. Unfortunately, their tendency to rationalize everything can also make them out of touch. These people simply love petty conflicts. It gives them a sense of excitement unlike any other! However, their commitment to make others look dumb can affect their relationships. Their pride that helps them become leaders for progress is precisely what can cause their downfall. Thus, the people born during this planetary transit must learn to pause and listen. There is wisdom even in the “old” stuff, after all.

How will I know that a person is born under Neptune in Aquarius?

Now, obviously, the description above depicts Gen Z as a whole. But there is an easier way to know if someone was born during this transit. Their tendency to fight for change isn’t always apparent after all. Additionally, accessing someone’s birth chart is not always easy, especially without their consent. However, there is a far easier method to track these individuals- through observing them closely.

These people tend to shine during uncertain moments. Their unorthodox personality would emerge naturally, making it easy for others to know that they are born under this transit. They can also be quite moody, too. The way they act is highly dependent on their emotions, and they need to be careful. When they are feeling great, they can be the best people one will ever see. They will help others, and can be very compassionate! 

But people should beware if they are exhibiting negative energy. Literally anyone can fall victim to their anger! They wouldn’t think twice about raising their hand against someone. If anything, “vengeful” just might be the right term to describe them when they are feeling unhappy. Because of this, the people around them might think that they are two-faced. After all, they claim to stand for goodness, but can also be quite evil! However, this is just them being who they are. The confluence on Neptune in Aquarius simply signifies that these people are more than what meets the eye.

Their strengths


These people are born with a vision of what they want the future to look like. Indeed, anything is possible for them! Nothing is too outlandish, or too simplistic. As long as something is new and has potential, these individuals would be too happy to entertain them. If they don’t think that their resources are enough, they would make the things that they need! Indeed, the sky’s the limit for them. Once they have committed their minds and hearts on something, no one can stop these people from pursuing their goals. They also want constructive criticism, too. Because they believe in the power of the collective, they want to know how the people around them see things. If they discover that what they are doing will not serve the greater good, they are willing to correct it ASAP.

Their weaknesses

However, these peoples’ commitment to their tasks might render them too bossy. When they feel like things are not going as planned, they can become aggressive! The desire to control the narrative is inherent in these people. When they lose their grip on it, they become uneasy. Their pent up frustration will inevitably rub off on the people they work with. These traits can make them difficult workmates sometimes. The belief that they are doing things the best way can then cause conflicts between them and the people around them. What’s more, they are not above engaging in petty activities such as gossiping to show their disapproval towards someone.

What is a Neptune in Aquarius man like?

A man born under this transit is quite unique in that he can be quite unbound and unconventional. People may call him eccentric, but that is just his unique worldview at play. He sees the world differently. As such, the way he approaches things can be quite out of the box. Others may call him delusional sometimes. However, this does not do him any justice. In fact, this man understands the universe better than anyone else around him. For him, the world around him is not just a means to an end. Instead, it is the end itself which is why he is willing to fight for it. After all, there is no other world which can provide opportunities and excitement than the one he is in.

As an individual, he is extremely reliable. No matter what the situation may be, he is more than willing to rush to a friend’s side. He does not exist for the good times alone. He is also there even during one’s lowest points. Whether you need someone to ask for advice, or just a shoulder to cry on, he will always be there. It is also important to note that he can be honest to a fault. He sees no point in lying to the people that they value. This can make him quite straightforward, but it also does add to his charm. This only proves how loyal he can be to the people whom he thinks are deserving of his respect. Indeed, having him in your life is probably the best thing you can do to yourself!

But he also gets bored quite easily. He is in constant need of stimuli, and is very restless! He dislikes routines, and instead craves excitement. The world is vast, and so to his mind, there is so much that he can make happen! He will look for people, activities, and other things that will make him use his intelligence. The greater picture is what matters to them. This is also why they keep themselves ahead of everyone else. As much as he wants to do things, is also his desire to feel amused seeing people flail around.

Amazingly enough, he is not arrogant. He prefers to stay away from the limelight and wants to do things away from prying eyes. His acute awareness of what makes him unique drives him to enjoy his own company. The things that make him unique are what he treasures the most. As such, he would do everything he can to protect these to the end. This makes him elusive and mysterious, adding to the irresistibility that people are more than willing to assign to him.

What is a Neptune in Aquarius woman like?

This woman is a force to be reckoned with. She charms people wherever she goes, and makes friends easily. No matter what a person is to her- friend, family, lover- she will do all she can for them. She is very devoted to the people around her, and will not hesitate to do things for them. This can lead her into rather odd situations, but it’s just all good fun for her. Even if she may be a bit impractical at times, her zest for life and eagerness for everything is inspirational.

This also means that she can be quite an idealist. She has a different, all-encompassing idea of what the world should be. Those around her might try to wear her down, but in fact, it only pushes her! She uses negativity as her fuel to find positivity in this life. For her, pursuing goodness in everything will not only create a good life for herself alone. She is of the belief that everything she does will pass on forward to the people around her. Thus, she does things out of the sincerity of her heart, and desire to change the world.

power of change

She also believes in the power of change. People may call her unpredictable, but really, she is just being herself. Constant transformation is what motivates her. She believes that she can be someone greater, as long as she welcomes change. Her primary weapons to achieve this goal of hers is her brilliant mind and creativity. With her great ideas and willingness to break boundaries, she is well on the way to shaping the future.

Attention is also crucial to her. She believes that when people have their eyes on her, she can raise awareness in what she believes in. Inflating her ego is not in her agenda. What she is all about is encouraging people to fight for what is right. When people start noticing her for what she is, she barely cares for it. Having the spotlight doesn’t mean much to her, especially if it doesn’t really help her interests. This also prompts difficulties to emerge in her relationships. Because of her emotionally detached approach to things, people aren’t too certain if she is really into them or not.

What does Neptune in Aquarius mean for the world at large?

Now that we’ve discussed the people born on this transit, what about those who are living through it? Surely there is something that is going to happen? There certainly are going to be lots! Just as this transit encourages people to transform the world, the world itself will also go through so much change.

The world will be experiencing a surge in terms of secular pursuits. Spiritually-related things won’t be much of a concern. Changing the world into something that is more modern is what will encourage people. Thus, technology will see advances unlike any other. But people will not abandon their humanity entirely. In fact, this is a time when human emotion will help propel everyone. So much of what motivates people during this period is the hope and optimism in what is yet to come.

Tradition will also be increasingly questioned during this period. While the old has kept stability over the years, the new will usher in social upheaval. The norms that older people have nurtured for so long will gradually become obsolete. A fresh new approach to everything will emerge, and people will see a transformation unlike any other.

Yet all these new things doesn’t mean that everything will be going perfectly. Basic social structures such as cliques and neighborhoods will find their relationships erode. Mass deception will be characteristic of this time, too. Many will weaponize all the new advancements of this period for their own ends. The idealistic and hopeful air of this era may obliterate itself because of personal interests. If anything, the negative features of this time can undermine all the good that happened to the world.

What happens during Neptune retrograde in Aquarius?

Contrary to the usual confusion that retrogrades give, this transit can actually bring in mental clarity. People will see the world in a much clearer light. There will then be a consensus to approach things with rationality, eagerness, and an increased desire to use one’s mind. As a result, people can then approach things with a view of the future that is more all-encompassing.


The collective consciousness would then lean towards changing the world as a whole. This is no longer the time to walk blindly towards the future. Rather, this is an era to institute change with a renewed consciousness for possible consequences. As long as everyone approaches the future with a clear mind and clear heart, the best will surely come.

Who are the Neptune in Aquarius celebrities?

Now, we have finally come to the much awaited part: the celebrities born under this transit! If you haven’t heard of them, that’s okay! They were born nearly 200 years ago, again owing to Neptune’s slow movement. This does not mean that they are worth overlooking. If anything, these people have helped shape the modern world we live in today.

Friedrich Nietzsche

This infamous philosopher ruffled some feathers during his time. With such an iconic line as “God is dead!” in most of his works, this man is unlike any other. He has critiqued traditional religion, a known nihilist, and favoring perspectivism. His ideas have since been passed down over the generations, prompting a renewed way of seeing things- and the world.

Thomas Edison

Also known as “the Wizard of Menlo Park,” history knows this man as an inventor and innovator. Although he has quite a lot of controversy to his name, he is admittedly brilliant. His genius served as the blueprint for the modern tools we use today, the most iconic being the lightbulb. Regardless of what people think, his drive to push mankind towards modernity has placed the world to its advanced state.

Claude Monet

A titan of the art world, Monet is one of the forerunners of modern art. His groundbreaking Impressionist techniques went against the academic art style of his era. As such, he was shunned by traditionally-minded artists and critics. Yet his desire to create hinges on his impression of them has fueled his talent. His iconic paintings are known all over the world, making him a household name in his own right.

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