What does the 3rd House Astrology Mean?

Learning the 3rd house of astrology is essential in deepening your overall understanding of your astro chart. As the 3rd house astrology is often the subject of infamous events such as the Mercury Retrograde, getting a good grasp of it will certainly deepen your knowledge. 

While this is often the most overlooked house, its meaning definitely plays a crucial role in your daily matters. From communicating to building networks, 3rd house astrology is at the heart of your engagement. 

But how does it influence your zodiac sign? 

Read on to find out!

What does the House of Communication Represent?

3rd House in Astrology Meaning

The 3rd house of astrology is commonly known as the House of Communication. Centering on your dealings and transactions, this house rules over how you express yourself to the world. 

Ruled by the god of communication, Mercury, this house also centers on other areas of existence. Generally, the list includes your transportation, immediate family ties, community engagement, early childhood education, and overall intelligence.

In totality, this focuses on one’s communication with others. While the different areas may seem distant, their vantage point is your engagement with others. 

For instance, transportation allows you to meet with your friends. As you commute your way towards that cafe down the street, the third house governs how and when you’ll get there. That’s why on a bad day, like the Mercury Retrograde, astrology fanatics often choose to stay at home and avoid all sorts of travel. 

Similarly, immediate family ties and community engagement are some of the most basic forms of connecting to the world. As no one is born out of a vacuum, these social connections integrate us to a bigger web of interconnectedness. With Mercury governing these, it is a no-brainer that its advice must be heeded upon. 

As such, the importance of 3rd house astrology is truly vital in how you live your life. Unless you want all of your social engagements to go down the drain, paying attention to this house of the zodiac is certainly a must. 

Even childhood education, which has a huge impact on your growth, is governed by this house. For all we know, our childhood has shaped the kind of beliefs and biases that we have, just as how the first developmental years can strongly define your characteristics as an individual person. 

By paying close attention to 3rd house astrology, you can learn when it is wise to be prudent with your words and actions towards the world.

What is my 3rd House in Astrology?

In order to find your 3rd house in astrology, it is necessary to check your natal chart. If you don’t have a copy yet of your natal chart, a quick google search will land you one for free. Just key in correctly the details such as date and time of birth, and you’re good to go.

Now, assuming you already found out your 3rd house sign, you can check in this brief list below which one is yours. The power of the 3rd house manifests differently depending on your zodiac sign. By looking deeper into how each sign fares with this house, you can ascertain how it affects yours.


Hailing from the god of war himself, the 3rd house on Aries means that you’re the rash type of person. Since you love engaging head-on, your “tough as nails” reputation is often taken over the top. 

Quick to anger and slow to relent, you are always head-on with your approach. Nothing can practically stop you once you’ve made up your mind, even if it means cutting ties with those you work with. 

Even then, you prove to be a quick thinker with swift movements. Regardless of the situation, you’re in, you’re confident enough to endure and find a way to make it through. Instead of admitting defeat, you’ll crawl your way up just to prove a point. 

This can be a double-edged sword, as it means you won’t think twice about disposing friendships and relationships. As long as you achieve your goal, communication and networks may mean everything or nothing to you. 


Being the fixed earth, you are slow (or even slowest) to move. Engaging with others instantaneously is not your best trait. Careful and cautious, your eye for detail forces you to take one step back, before doing two steps forward. 

On the brighter side, your ability to construct things properly can help build solid foundations for relationships. 

With your eye for detail, you can sort out undesirable networks even before they have a chance to drag you down. Like an immovable mountain, it is almost impossible to topple you over as individuals with sinister motives won’t even dare waste their time. 

More importantly, bearing the sign of Taurus means that you prioritize practical and material things. Relationships and connections are never the ends in themselves but simply means towards your goal. You are willing to build strong ties, but at the benefit of achieving a higher worldly status. 


If your third house boasts a Gemini, you’re in luck. This zodiac sign is one of the best communicators out there. Extremely sociable and highly intellectual, they are exceptional when it comes to expressing themselves. This, after all, is a manifestation of their close ties to Mercury itself. 

Even then, be careful. Gemini is also the most unstable and inconsistent sign. As such, this may extend even to your relationships, as you’re quick to cut ties just because you’re bored. 

Playful at heart, Gemini struggles to find consistency. Like a flirtatious playboy in the room, they can quickly lose interest and jump over to the next prey. This serves true to the way you extend yourself, often making you hop from one table to the other. While this makes you sociable, building a heartfelt and genuine connection with someone can be a gargantuan task. 


While this Cardinal water sign is known to be emotional, they are also quite intelligent. In fact, Cancer is good at channeling their thoughts into something else, allowing them to engage in a meaningful and fruitful manner. 

Whereas the previous sign, Gemini, is good at expanding networks but bad at maintaining them, Cancer is the exact opposite. It takes time for the latter to build wide networks, but easier to focus on more intimate ones. 

As such, people often cherish your company. Pictured as compassionate and loving, your nurturing nature extends to the way you reach out to the world. 

Be careful, though. As the classic adage goes, overfamiliarity breeds contempt. Exposing yourself too much or over-encroaching other’s lives can silently severe the strong ties you’ve built with those you’ve nurtured. Before you know it, you already blurred the lines of the personal and the private. 


Wanting to stand out, Leo knows that it is their destiny to do so. After all, this fixed fire sign is the most dominant among the 12 zodiac signs. As such, they are also the most authoritarian and governing. 

At the bare minimum, Leo is unafraid to voice out. And when we say so, you can imagine oppressive leaders expressing their radical thoughts without fear or remorse. 

But while this can be viewed negatively, their decisiveness can also create a stable ground for communication and relationships. Coupled with the right people, Leo can make some lasting change, especially when they become benevolent rulers in their own ways. 

If not, like kings who can be easily bored with their subjects, they’ll simply ask another jester to entertain them. 


Perhaps the most workaholic sign, they take everything with a degree of seriousness. Aware of their responsibilities, Virgo is good at making things happen. Coupled with strong organizational skills, they know exactly what to do at precisely the right moment. 

Communication is no exception. If they need to learn a new skill, Virgo will not hesitate to get their hands dirty. Being practical, they embody that “millionaire mindset,” which, of course, dictates the importance of proper communication and networks. 

The downside, though, is they may view relationships as a mere means to an end. While they can form strong ties, at the back of their mind, they’re always ready to severe them if necessary. 


Like the air that blows anywhere and everywhere, Libra’s knowledge comes from a wide variety of sources. With their ability to connect with many people, it is safe to say that they can end the careers of talk show hosts!

Libra, the cardinal air sign, is the best communicator among the 12 zodiac signs. So if you have that libra on your 3rd house, this means nothing but good tidings. 

To begin with, Libra has an unparalleled sense of morality and judgment. Symbolized by the scales, they are good at ascertaining the veracity of one’s statements. Thus, they are not easily swayed by click baits or whatnot, since they are masters of decision-making themselves. 

Add to that, they have a strong set of actual communication skills. From body language to choice of words, no zodiac sign comes close to Libra. Thus, you’ll often find them loved by the crowd, as the party won’t start without them. 


Perhaps the most mysterious sign, coming second only to Pisces, Scorpio is the embodiment of emotional communication. Able to relate to others at an extremely deep level, they are the type who can sway you even at first sight. 

Though they aren’t really known for their words, Scorpio is actually great when it comes to communicating with others. Since they can instantaneously build connections, this sign can melt even the most solid hearts out there. 

While they may have difficulty expressing themselves, at least verbally, Scorpio can actually make others feel their thoughts. Though this may seem to be a bit egocentric, engaging with the right people also means lasting relationships for them. 


Like a straight arrow, it can be quite challenging to sway Sagittarius. They are always the type who seeks their own path, even if it means dwelling away from others. Like hermits in the mountains, they don’t mind being secluded from the rest of the crowd. 

Even then, this sign is extremely intelligent. In fact, their distancing is a result of a genuine attempt to find happiness and truth. 

While they may seem to have difficulty connecting with others, don’t be fooled. Sagittarius is not a blazing arrow for nothing…


Being the most vigilant sign, communication often comes as a challenge for Capricorn. If you have this on your 3rd house, then you need not wonder why you’re naturally distanced from everyone else. Your cautiousness prevents you from knowing people genuinely, and you simply don’t care. 

Add to that, you’re the cold and calculating type. Emotions are out of your formula for success, so networking (at least in the eastern context) can be quite a struggle. Even then, don’t be discouraged. Capricorn can sway the tides of communication should they need to, as they are one of the most utilitarian signs out there! 


Being the fixed air sign, Aquarius is naturally good at communicating. Since they are hailing from the air element, engaging with others takes little to no sweat. Especially true with Aquarius, no topic can faze them since they’re the “know-it-all” type. 

Add to that, Aquarius’ transformative abilities allow them to be brilliant negotiators. Able to sway conversations to their favor, they can change the direction of the conversation whenever they want to. 

Even then, be careful not to get too ahead of yourself. Having this sign means that you’re also prone to being rude and arrogant, often to your own detriment. 


Being the wisest among the zodiacs, Pisces is the symbol of synthesis. Like the two fish signs, Yin and Yang are immortalized by this zodiac.

This sometimes proves to be quite a challenge. You can think of Pisces as often the most spiritual person in the room. On the onset, breaking the ice with them is often a gargantuan task, especially when you’re not that spiritual yourself. 

Even then, getting to know them closer proves to be more than what meets the eye. If you have this sign on your third house, make sure to extend your reach to others as they might find it “strange” to engage with you.