The Top 8 Most Toxic Zodiac Signs, Explained

most toxic zodiac signs

Most of us have come across toxic people at some point in our lives. No matter how hard we try to curate our circles, some people won’t show their red flags to their partners until it’s too late. There are plenty of factors on why certain people are like this, whether it be rough upbringings or just for the heck of it. And sometimes, these toxic traits may already be innate to them according to how the stars are aligned in the night sky. To help identify these red flags, here is a list of the most toxic zodiac signs, ranked the least to the most problematic of them all. 

Not only that, we’ve also included how these signs would work in a relationship, platonic or otherwise, and why exactly they’re a pain to be around. What are the most toxic zodiac signs? Read on to find out!

Least to Most Toxic Zodiac Signs Ranked

But before we can proceed, we’ve got to ask ourselves: “What do we mean by ‘toxic’, anyway?” The meaning of the word can be rather subjective at times, depending from person to person. One may not be bothered with clingy partners, for example, while others would need more space between them. Still though, it is possible to gauge a person’s potential to become toxic with their zodiac signs. And as they say, prevention is the best cure.

So with that out of the way, let’s check out our rankings for the top eight most toxic zodiac signs that we know of. 

#8. Virgo

We all know that Virgos are signs with good taste and are exceedingly hard-working to a fault. They are the veneer of perfection who seem like they’ve got everything under control. They’re the least likely to break the rules too, as they do their best to behave and stay in their lanes. But their driven nature can often lead into perfectionism, which can clash with certain signs. 

To be fair, Virgos are inherent worrywarts deep down. They strive for perfection, after all, and one wrong step could be their undoing. Though if they don’t check themselves, they’d wreck themselves with the constant nitpicking and unnecessary criticisms they’d dish out to those who don’t even ask for any of them. Anxiety can do that to someone, and oh boy do these Virgos have them by the boatful. They don’t even realize that they have it half the time!

Virgos are ranked last in this list of the most toxic zodiac signs, but they’re no less vicious if left on their own. They will make themselves heard, for better or for worse, and you’ll never hear the end of it if you don’t tell them to lay off.

Incompatible Sign: Leo

Virgos and Leos will not mesh at all. First of all, Virgos are inherently critical. And since Leos are always in need of attention and assurances, the latter will be put off by the former for their sharp tongue. Moreover, Virgos would think that Leos are immature as well, because of how Leos can’t readily accept criticism without being sensitive about it. These two signs are better off being business partners than pursuing a more serious relationship.

#7. Sagittarius

On the surface, Sagittarius has the makings of a fun friend. Entertaining, talented, charming – all those nice-sounding words that one would describe a celebrity. But they’re also known to be unreliable friends at times. As a fire sign, they have an explosive personality to boot, and it’s no less annoying to deal with than the rest of them.

But what makes Sagittarius stand out from the rest of their fire siblings is their innate selfishness. Sure, every sign can be egotistical to some varying degree, but Sagittarius adds a more competitive edge to it. As an entertaining sign, they’ll have to contend with anyone who dares to share the same spotlight as them. Most of the time, they want to nip that in the bud as soon as possible.  And if you do bring this issue up with them, you’d better come prepared because they can and will hold a grudge. 

A little competition between friends is fine, of course. Healthy, even! But Sagittarius’ desire to be better than the rest is why they ended up being one of the most toxic signs in this list. Good luck trying to make them admit their faults when they’re too proud to do so in the first place!

Incompatible Sign: Taurus

Both Sagittarius and Taurus take after their respective elements quite well. Too well, one might say. Taurus is a sturdy Earth sign who does things at their slow and easy pace, while Sagittarius is an eager Fire sign who is always on the go. While that doesn’t present itself as a huge problem at first, Taurus are best known for being stubborn as a mule and Sagittarius would think them as restricting for being too rigid. You know, like a rock. Sagittarius would rebel and bite back while Taurus would stand their ground, and    you get the idea. Definitely one of the most toxic zodiac friendships for sure.

#6. Aries

Yet another fire sign, and perhaps the most infamous of them all. Aries is well-known for being hot-headed, daring, and for having an adventurous streak. That should be enough to entice most people, but Aries goes up and beyond when it comes to having a short fuse. 

They’re impatient, first of all. When they want something, they want it now and they’d stop at nothing until they get it. Plus, they’re awfully impulsive. If they’re bored out of their minds or if something doesn’t go their way, they’d immediately call it quits right there. As a result, they accumulate a ton of work-in-progress projects that don’t get done. Relationships are also greatly effective with their flakiness as well! They tend to have short attention spans when it comes to dates, appointments – you name it.

And let’s not even get started on their temper. Aries peeps are prone to bouts of mercurial anger, and their wrath spares no one. Most of the time, they wouldn’t be aware that they’re going off about inconsequential things until it’s too late. This list of toxic zodiac signs wouldn’t be complete without Aries and we’re not even halfway through yet.

Incompatible Sign: Cancer

Like fire and water, Aries and Cancer simply cannot mesh well together. Both of them may be ambitious and hate to lose, but their respective dispositions make them starkly different from one another. Aries is more known for being forceful and aggressive, while Cancer is more peace-loving than most. The latter will retreat back into its shell when the former does so much as yell and disagree with them, which can turn bad real fast. It’s one of the most toxic zodiac pairings for sure.

#5. Cancer

Cancers are good folk. “Sweet and gentle” is the name of the game here, and they’re the type to live and breathe for their family and friends. Isn’t that nice of them? But as with every other zodiac sign on this toxic list, they have a dark side hidden within. Most of the time, they aren’t even aware they’re doing this.

The actual name of the game with them is “emotional manipulation”. The signs on this list so far tend to face their issues head-on, but Cancers tend to go for the passive-aggressive approach. They’re notorious for being moody, too. One would have to walk on eggshells around them because of how sensitive they are. It doesn’t help the fact that they’re born naggers as well. They’ll complain to you about everything nonstop until you’re forced to do their bidding. After all, you wouldn’t want to upset such a kind and loving sign, would you?

Be careful around them, especially the ones who can play the victim card with relative ease. By the time they start guilt-tripping you into doing their whims, it’d be a downward spiral from there on out. Avoid, avoid, avoid.  

Incompatible Sign: Aquarius

Cancers are generally emotional folk, but Aquarius can be more analytical. And sometimes, Aquarius can’t provide the same emotional support that Cancer would have offered to the former if they wanted. Furthermore, Aquarius can be rather critical which can set off Cancer’s sensitive disposition. The relationship between the two can potentially implode because of how one party will accuse the other for being too strict, or the other too casual. Must avoid it whenever you can.

#4. Aquarius

Aquarius are pretty hardcore, when you think about it. They’re born with a rebellious streak and a big brain, and most of the time they don’t care what other people think of them. Like the air sign that they’re associated with, they march with the beat of their own drum. But are they as chill as they claim to be?

Well, they made it on this list of toxic zodiac signs, so obviously there’s more to them. Smart as they are, they aren’t exactly intelligent in the feelings department. There is such a thing as having too much of one thing, and in Aquarius’ case it’s being too flighty to the point of detachment. They spend that much time in their own heads that they’ll end up thinking more for themselves than for others.

superior intellect

These traits might not sound as bad at first, but don’t forget about Aquarius’ superior intellect and unflappable attitude. Some of the worst Aquarius won’t turn down the opportunity to flex their brain cells and prove to everyone that they’re that smart. And as a result, it can be hard to build a meaningful relationship with this big-brained sign.

Incompatible Sign: Scorpio

There’s nothing more stubborn than these two signs, honestly. And the thing is that they don’t realize how incompatible they really are until they’ve had one too many fights – which should already be a sign on the onset. Neither Scorpio or Aquarius want to lose, least of all against each other. They both have this need to be on top of one another, and they do that by endless bickering and getting into each other’s nerves. This has the makings of one of the most toxic zodiac friendships because friendly competition might turn for the unfriendly if left on their own devices.

#3. Leo

We have made it to the top three most toxic zodiac signs, and here’s a sign with a lot of bite to them. Much like the animal, Leos are proud and confident about themselves, and they don’t like things that tend to bring negativity. But what if they’re the ones that are bogging people down?

Underneath their self-assured nature, Leos are actually a lot more insecure than they let on. They need constant affirmation, hogging all your attention to themselves in the process. Not surprising that they would have jealous streaks that go on for miles because of that. Additionally, their overconfidence may turn them into narcissists if they aren’t careful. With how much they’re sucking the life and fun out of people, they may as well be energy vampires who prey on the weak.

Also as expected, they can be control freaks with how much they want attention from a specific someone. They can be toxic towards themselves than to other people, but that’s no less better than affecting everyone around them. Just don’t expect a Leo to put other people ahead of themselves.

Incompatible Sign: Pisces

At this point, you should be aware that fire signs and water signs are simply not meant to be. The fiery Leo and the chill Pisces are not an exemption to this rule either, though not at first glance. They’d actually seem like a decent match at first, what with their penchant of the arts and love. But at the end of the day, Pisces is more sensitive than Leo can ever be, while Leos are simply not equipped with that kind of emotional intelligence. Both of them won’t be able to provide what the other will need. Misunderstandings as they attempt to fill the void in each other’s hearts. It’s not one of the most toxic zodiac pairings out there, but it has the potential to become one.

#2. Gemini

Ah yes, the Twins. Geminis do seem like they have enough energy for two, but that might already be a tad too much for most people. After all, what’s worse than one toxic person? Two toxic people inhabiting the same body, of course!

For one thing, they’re incredibly indecisive. Not as much as Libras, but Geminis are often at odds with themselves, as if they’re indeed fighting with their own inner turmoil. They don’t seem to know what they want in life, and it reflects on how they treat their relationships. As that old Katy Perry song would put it, they’re hot and they’re cold. At first they’d desire and show intense affection towards you, the next they’re giving you the cold shoulder with no chance of explaining yourself. It can be confusing for the uninitiated!

Oh, and they’re good at picking fights. If they aren’t fighting their inner battles, they’re going to lash out at anyone who’s unfortunate to be within reach. And when one fights with a Gemini they may as well be fighting two people at the same time despite there being only one person. It’s not fun! Because of that, it can be difficult to know what they’re thinking half the time. You may as well be dating for a two-in-one deal, and usually it’s not something you want in a relationship.

Incompatible Sign: Capricorn

Fun-loving Geminis and conservative Capricorns. Sounds like another case of opposites attract, right? Geminis do have enough energy for two people that they might not need a Capricorn for company, after all. Moreover, the planet Saturn rules over Capricorn, who are all about responsibilities. Flighty Geminis wouldn’t want to be held down by Capricorns, while Capricorns may detest Geminis for not being able to settle down or decide what they really want in life. It’s a disaster in the making, especially when there’s an age gap involved.

#1. Scorpio

 Let’s be real: Scorpios topping the lists for most toxic zodiac signs is a meme at this point. At this point it’d be easier to list their less problematic traits, such as their boldness and creativity when it comes to their ambitions. But that isn’t what this list is for, so let’s get right down to it.


Scorpios are well-known pessimists and have debilitating trust issues, and they will let you know of it. They have the tendency to bring down the mood at times with their glass-half-empty outlook in life. Most zodiacs on this list have displayed toxic traits such as immense jealousy issues, but Scorpios tend to stand out due to their bleak nature. Nowadays it is as if being a Scorpio is associated with every red flag there is, like breaking someone’s heart “because I’m a Scorpio, teehee!”

It may be unfair to people who can’t help but be born under this zodiac sign, but it’s very apt for these kinds of toxic people who thrive on doom and gloom. What can they say? They can’t help but be their sign.

Incompatible Sign: Leo

Two fire signs known for their aggressive personalities, what else could go wrong? A lot, apparently. Both of them tend to seek power in a relationship, but neither of them would back down. Moreover, Scorpios are mostly known to be possessive, which can set Leo off since they’re usually independent. Scorpios are into physical relationships more, while Leo is not afraid of indulging in a bit of romance in their love lives. Sparks will inevitably fly between them, but it usually means exploding into a trashfire if not careful. Indeed, these two may as well be one if not one of the most toxic signs in a relationship for sure.

Parting Words 

So there’s our comprehensive list of toxic zodiac signs, ranked from least to most! But don’t let this list get you down if you find your sign on here. As you might have probably noticed by now, there are a lot of shared red flags between these signs that are common in most abusive people who do possess these traits. But that doesn’t mean that you yourself is automatically toxic. Most of us have these attributes without being aware of them, and that’s… normal in all of us. No one’s born perfect.

The most important takeaway of this list is this: you should recognize the signs of a toxic person right away and take them out of your life. Or at least avoid them as much as possible. This list helps you gauge who is more likely to be soul-sucking to be around. Because even peaceful signs such as Libras aren’t immune to being toxic themselves.

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