Most Sexual Zodiac Signs Revealed: Are You One Of Them?

most sexual zodiac signs

Are you curious about who the most sexual zodiac signs are, those who love thinking about sex almost 24/7? This is a big deal when it comes to relationships since a lot of them fail due to incompatibility in sex drives. Those who believe that sex is negligible in a relationship will eventually have troubles with their partner who see this as a need, as a priority to keep a strong level of intimacy. 

In this post, we are going to have the most sexual zodiac signs ranked and find out what emotional and physical benefits it has on the couple. You will find out the role it plays in helping them connect with other people. We’ll also touch base with the following: 

  • How does the intensity differ among the most to least sexual zodiac signs?
  • Do most sexual signs have fantasies that go beyond the bedroom? 
  • How are the most sexual astrology signs mindsets different from those that aren’t? 
  • With whom do most sexual signs of the zodiac feel the need to make love?

Let’s go ahead and have the most sexual zodiac signs ranked!

Most Sexual Zodiac Signs Ranked from Most to Least

Do you want to learn how to become an irresistible ‘sex machine’? After reading this post, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what it takes to turn into one. Put on your seatbelt and get ready for a bumpy ride. Here are the most sexual zodiac signs revealed. 

No. 1: Scorpio (October 23- November 22)

Heading at the top of our list of the most sexual zodiac signs is none other than Scorpio. This water sign is great in bed and for good reason. They are very passionate and few other zodiacs are able to match their sex drive. Sex for them is a way to be one with the person they love the most, so they’re not the type to sleep around or have sex with just anyone. It is imperative that they have a deep connection with you before they allow themselves to become intimate. 

Scorpios are super picky and have quite high standards when choosing their partners. Thus, if you’re fortunate enough to become their sexual partner, you’re in for a treat. You could go on a sexual marathon for days. Just taking short breaks for meals or going to the bathroom. Then, off you go again. 

No. 2: Aries (March 21- April 20)

This fire sign sees sex as a form of reprieve. A way to let off steam, escape from reality and its troubles, and find bliss for a few hours. Aries have some of the highest sex drives in the entire zodiac. And because Mars is their ruling planet, they are full of desire and are action-oriented, making them passionate people who will do whatever to conquer and satisfy the person who will share their bed. 

They know what they want and know how to please their partners in bed, thus, it doesn’t take a long time to reach their goal of finding the love of their life. Sex to them is as natural as breathing, and because they know they’re good at what they do, their confidence translates to long and thorough lovemaking. However, this comes at a price, for they need something to motivate them to keep going. Hence, it’s best to maintain a healthy diet and stay fit to continue enjoying steamy sessions with this zodiac. 

No. 3: Taurus (April 21- May 20)


This earth sign is ruled by the planet Venus, which influences love, pleasure, and relationships. Taurus is a pleasure seekers and sex comes first and foremost in their minds. These are highly sensual beings who love luxurious experiences to make their date a night to remember. They won’t spare a penny if they know it will help in ‘feeding’ their sexual appetite. 

Furthermore, Taureans are grounded and tend to be loyal to their chosen partner. What’s more, they put their sexual partner’s needs first. They take their time, pleasuring each other, without the pressure of having to climax at certain periods. Taurus believes in savoring every sexual encounter- thus the power of foreplay. They will woo and lure you into their arms, making your lovemaking a magical and memorable experience. 

No. 4: Pisces (February 20- March 20)

Number four on our list of the most sexual zodiac signs is Pisces. Don’t be fooled by their seemingly quiet and withdrawn demeanor. Even if this water sign does not come across as a very sexual creature, know that they are in every way possible. They are passionate and possess a wild imagination, so their partners are definitely in luck. 

Pisces is not sloppy with their lovemaking, rather, they see it as a masterpiece, a form of art. They can reenact an award-winning scene from a movie all night long. These natives may also spend a lot of time alone watching highly suggestive videos. Not out of perversion, but simply because they want to discover and explore other creative ways to make their sexual experience more pleasurable with their partners. 

Be prepared to try doing role play, dressing up, or using disguises to bring in more zest and flavor to your foreplay and actual lovemaking. So their innocent and quiet exterior won’t prepare you for the delightful surprise they divulge from within. 

No. 5: Leo (July 23- August 22)

Leo is another fire sign oozing with passion and sex appeal. There’s no need to pay for a premium show when you have them in your bedroom. As long as you shower them with love, attention, and an equal amount of passion, they will give you the best performance of their life each and every time. 

Leos have this insatiable hunger to please their partners in bed, however, this need must be reciprocated. You can’t just be lying there like a log and expect them to do all the work for you. Their partners also need to learn how to seduce and flatter them, show some appreciation, and let them know they had an amazing time. 

When you do, their gratitude will be manifested ten folds as they will continue giving you unforgettable sexual experiences time and time again. They will not allow you to get bored or tired of the same routines. This sign is very creative and is willing to try anything to make you happy. And most importantly, your love and loyalty serve as the best ego boost for them. 

No. 6: Cancer (June 21- July 22) 


It’s unlikely that Cancers will give their body to you unless they are truly, madly, and deeply in love with you. The closer they are to you emotionally, the more intense their sex drive gets. However, this doesn’t happen overnight, you need to let them grow on you. You need to be patient to earn their trust, for them to be able to open up to you. Because to them, it’s not just about their body, it’s also about baring their soul. 

Cancer can get pretty shy about letting you know their sexual desires, but once they get comfortable enough, you may never hear the end of it. But they are just as eager to make you happy and are more than willing to try out the most complicated sexual positions if they will both give you pleasure. They love petting, doing finger and tongue stimulation, and nothing pleases them more than oral sex. 

Even if it’s difficult to lure a Cancer into the bedroom during the early dating stages, you can be sure it is worth the wait. Cancers love freely and thoroughly, and they are bound to give you the most unforgettable sexual experience possible. They will leave you wanting more as they are gifted with the ability to go full throttle when they are in the mood. However, they also know how to shift gears, from wild and crazy, to tender and gentle caresses. 

No. 7: Gemini (May 21- June 20)

One of the best things about this air sign is that it won’t keep you guessing about the things you want and don’t want in bed. They are pretty straightforward when it comes to these things for they don’t see any point in doing something that they do not enjoy in the first place. Yes, they’re usually indecisive at home or in the workplace, but that does not extend to the bedroom. They know exactly what they want when they want it. 

However, this doesn’t mean that they are insensitive to their partner’s needs and only care about what gives them pleasure. They are still willing to try out different things if this will bring passion and excitement to the table. But if they don’t, they patiently give suggestions on what could possibly work for them both. These are great communicators and you’ll be surprised how easily they talk about sex while putting you at ease. Best of all, they are tender lovers who are not the least bit intimidating in bed. 

No. 8: Virgo (August 23- September 22) 


Last but definitely not least who made it to our most sexual zodiac signs list is Virgo. This earth sign is an extremely observant creature. Yes, sometimes people will moan and complain about their critical personalities, but strangely, this works wonders during their lovemaking. Virgos notice things their sexual partners are insecure about while doing sex, and they know exactly what to do to forget about them and make you feel at ease. 

They’re all about making you feel good and giving the best performance of your life. Virgos will pay close attention to how you react, what you want, and what turns, you on, and if anything gives you discomfort, they will stop even if they like it. They will not gain any sexual pleasure if they know you’re not equally happy or satisfied. Most of the time they’re willing to forgo their own desires as long as they know you’re having an amazing sexual experience. 

Most Sexual Zodiac Signs: When Sex Is More Than Skin Deep

Every zodiac sign has the potential to be great in bed. Of course, sex could mean different things for different people, based on their past, their upbringing, or their experiences. But generally, unless it’s utterly disgusting, traumatic, or painful, sex can be fun, joyful, and thoroughly satisfying. And having sex with someone you absolutely love and trust with all your heart is more than an added bonus. 

Amazing sexual encounters will go through a hit-or-miss phase for many couples, and that is perfectly alright. It may be weird and awkward at first, but you shouldn’t take yourselves too seriously, and it would be even helpful if you can laugh out loud while doing it. After all, sex is sharing, about having a good time, in short, it shouldn’t feel like a chore. 

Be patient to learn and relearn everything about each other, because when you put your partner’s needs first, everything else will follow. They will be more inclined to reciprocate whatever you’re giving them. In the end, everyone just wants to be loved, valued, and accepted. And of course, have mind-blowing sex whenever possible!

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