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most powerful tarot card

Open-ended journeys and meanings signal great potential in anything. No card in the deck signals more potential than the Fool, making it the most powerful tarot card. As Card 0, the Fool starts at the beginning or end of the tarot deck to signal beginnings and ends.

When the nature of life is change itself, the strongest forces are the ones that can make change happen. Few cards in the tarot deck signal change as well as the Fool, the most powerful tarot card. Risk is always there for anyone who draws this most powerful tarot card but the decision will always be important.

The upright and reversed meanings of this card are as different as night and day. But never fear! That’s why this handy tarot guide is here: to help you learn it quickly and easily. Changes come to your life easier when the Fool is your fate. Like the Fool’s own presentation on the card, getting the best out of it is always an adventure.

The most powerful tarot deck always has this card in its repertoire. Signifying endless potential, the Fool is a card that brings great chances for an adventure in your life. Adventures aren’t always fun, but the Fool is a sign that it’s time to take one.

Whether it’s through yourself or out in the open world, take a chance with the Fool. See where it goes and your eyes may just pop at the incredible change it brings you. Read on to find out how the Fool is a force for change in your life!

What is the Most Powerful Tarot Card? 

So what is the most powerful card in the tarot? It is the Fool. On the face of the card, a brash youth is about to walk off a cliff with his rucksack. His eyes gaze upwards at the sun, signifying his optimism for fresh starts. A white flower hangs from his rucksack, representing innocence.

His rucksack is neither too heavy or too light; he left in a hurry. Bags for travelers like this only carry the absolute necessities and no more or less. A white dog yips at his heels and follows to represent the lessons the Fool learning on this risky journey.

Is the Fool the most powerful tarot card? Yes! You are lucky if you draw this card. Numbered 0, it is the most powerful card in the tarot deck. The Fool represents boundless potential and change, inside or out. Moving and life-changing adventures are in store for whoever should draw the Fool in a tarot reading.

Sometimes called El Loco or the Idiot, it is the most powerful tarot card but also controversial. Not many agree that the Madman is the most powerful card necessarily owing to its unpredictable nature. Card number 0 also means it is the only tarot card that doesn’t adopt a Roman numeral.

Naming it the Idiot doesn’t do any favors for the card either. That gives it a negative connotation in some languages of the tarot. However, it is a strong position to take that this card is still the most powerful tarot card.

All of the possibilities it represents for the beginning and end of your life have a powerful impact. Tarot spreads can have an impact on the past, present, and future. The Fool has the potential for direction at essential persons in the reader’s life.

The Fool in Time

All of this potential makes it the most powerful tarot card, capable of leading the reader to change themselves. Consider your paths in life and ask questions; a good tarot reader knows what El Loco will represent. Times in the spread that you draw El Loco in changes the meaning too.

In the past, the Fool may mean that you wasted your time on a frivolous thing instead of self-improvement. It can also mean a lover from your past who took you on a special journey in life. El Loco in the past can even mean that you journeyed without preparation and disregarded someone in the process.

The Fool in Time

At present, drawing this card means that you are taking a journey to determine yourself with no compromise or limits. This is when the card is at its most powerful; the moment before you step off the cliff. Liberated idiots have the power to shift mountains and drawing the Idiot portends exactly this.

Carpe diem–a Latin maxim that means “seize the day!” Upright El Loco in your present spread couldn’t represent that maxim clearer. Take the offering of the Idiot to go on a life-changing journey and let your life take a good turn.

For future positions, the Fool means a better chance at a new life. New opportunities for a change in your life will appear and it’s up to you to seize them in the future. Unexpected romances are also a possibility in your near future in ways you can’t see coming.

Drawing the Fool upright is almost always a good thing in any time position. It means that you will take a risk that pays off in great ways for you or someone you know. Romance or career, the Fool at any time is a great adventure in store for you or someone you love.

Upright and Reversed Fool

Tarot meanings often change according to the card’s position too. Upright tarot cards refer to those in their standard position while reversed tarots are upside-down. Every tarot card has two different interpretations based on their upright and reversed positions.

Even this powerful card is no exception to this rule. There’s a standard meaning interpreted two different ways because of the card’s position on drawing. For the “madman,” the constant meaning is a person going on a journey and taking risks.

Upright, El Loco connotes a positive note on your life-changing journey. The upright Fool encourages you to take risks and go on a journey after taking necessary preparations. Overpreparation is the enemy for the Fool. He says that you’ll never start if you think of every risk as a showstopper.

Take a risk on starting a new business. Try out for that new club or job. Ask for a promotion. Be bold and ask that lady out on a date. When anything’s possible, the Madman eggs you on to take your preparations only as necessary and make your bet.

Reversed, the Fool is a sign to take a more internal journey. The reversed Fool signals that your journeys outside have hurt or disregarded someone. Self-awareness and introspection is the journey this card encourages you to gamble on.

Ask yourself how you can better prepare yourself to take risks. Be more considerate to others when you decide to make leaps like that and adjust accordingly. Don’t just jump for that new job if your present one is the only thing sustaining your family.

Card Combos with El Loco

With El Loco in hand, tarot combinations are sure to have a great impact. Sun and Moon cards are excellent companions for the Fool in a tarot reading. More cards from the Suit of Pentacles represent a chance for your journey to turn up prosperity.

start-up business

Risks with the Fool and Suits of Pentacles are risks worth taking. It can mean that a risk taken in business will pay off in spades for you. A chance investment could hit big or your start-up business could boom. Promotions and better-paying jobs are also a distinct possibility.

Suit of Cups is not a bad draw either! This suit often connotes times of plenty owing to the image of cups overflowing with good things. Opportunities abound and flow from the chalices offered to those who draw the Suit of Cups with the Idiot.

Change is also much more powerful if you draw El Loco with the Tower. The Tower represents sudden change and rebirth. This establishes with certainty that a massive change in your life is coming. All you can do if you draw this is prepare for it. Avoid over-preparation though! El Loco hates those who let every risk make them prepare too much instead of just setting out.

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