Ranking the Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs by Behavior

most manipulative zodiac signs

I’m sure you’re familiar with manipulating others to get what you want, we’ve all done it. We’re only human! Some of us tend to be more manipulative than others. You might not be too surprised to know that it has a lot to do with your zodiac sign! So then, you might be wondering: just what are the most manipulative zodiac signs?

We’ve compiled a list that answers this burning question for you, and more! This also lists some of the manipulative behaviors per sign. Don’t fret if you rank particularly high on this list, it’s human nature to manipulate others sometimes, and we can do this for good reasons.


  • The two-faced, most manipulative zodiac sign
  • Most frequent ‘ghosters’
  • Which is the most dangerous sign to mess with
  • And many more…

The Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs Ranked and their Behaviors

Which zodiac signs are most manipulative? Use this list as a self-appraisal and manage your darker behaviors. Gain an edge in conversations and interactions with a little manipulative magic inherent to your sign. Get in touch with yourself and learn your nature as a manipulator based on your zodiac sign. 

#1 The Two-Faced Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Are you really too surprised? Geminis shine even among the most manipulative zodiac signs. They are well known for their two-faced nature, and their duality in everything that they do and are. Unsurprisingly, a Gemini will use this duality often to get what they want, by fooling others into performing acts or services for a dishonest agenda.

Deceptive to a fault, Geminis will often lie. Saying one thing and doing another is telling of a Gemini. If you are a Gemini or know one yourself who wants to be better, consider delving only into white lies. Go for harmless, little ones that save a person’s self-esteem. For important, big things in your life, try being truthful, if not tactfully honest. Keep your promises, and remember that your chaotic nature as a Gemini does not need to be a harmful one. 

#2 Scorpio, Volatile and Dangerous (October 23 – November 21)

Okay, so admittedly there might’ve been some surprise when we ranked Gemini higher than Scorpio. When considering what is the most manipulative zodiac sign, it’d be easy for us to simply say Scorpio.  After all, there is an inherently dark and dangerous nature to this sign. The only reason Scorpios don’t rank the highest among the most manipulative signs is their passivity. Unlike Geminis, a Scorpio’s style of manipulation is more implied and passive.

Scorpios hold you emotionally hostage, putting friendships and all the caveats (such as secrets, promises and the like) on the line. Coercing you into maintaining loyalty and keeping on their good side for fear of invoking their intense reprisal is a Scorpio’s tried and true method. Assuming you are a Scorpio yourself, it’s important to remember that your zodiac sign is prone to intense emotions, and quick to anger. Know that while this makes you dangerous, you can also feel good emotions as intensely. Focus on becoming a positive influence to those around you.

#3 Coercively Cunning Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)


Capricorns are well-known for their intellect and being generally well-read individuals. That same intellect is what puts them among the zodiac signs that are most manipulative. 

Frequently, a Capricorn will seek out individuals they want to manipulate. Coercive Capricorns then mess with their self-esteem and cause doubts.

Because that individual then feels lost and in need of direction, the Capricorn will then more easily be able to manipulate them by painting themselves as a guide and teacher. Turning it around is easy for a Capricorn: to use their impressive knowledge in a non-harmful way, they only need to serve as actual guides and teachers to those who need it. Being among the most manipulative zodiac signs, Capricorns only need to respect other people’s space. A Capricorn should try not to bring down those around them to be better.

#4 Leo, Looking Out for Number One (July 23 – August 22)

Egotistical Leos have a habit of getting themselves in trouble with said ego. Overinflated ego is what pushes and allows them to be very manipulative. Oftentimes, Leos will prioritize themselves over everyone else. Due to this, without manipulating others’ perception of them, they become disliked by everyone around them.

Paradoxically, when a Leo prioritizes themselves, they make it seem to the person they are manipulating that it is to both of their interests. Think back: if you’ve come out of a situation where you felt as though you got the raw end of the deal, even when the other person insisted otherwise, that may have been a Leo at work. Playing with your emotions is their gameplan. Leos need to learn to temper their passions, and pursue them without taking advantage of others.

#5 Pisces, the Blameless (February 19 – March 20)

We all know a very innovative, creatively inclined person in our lives. Chances are, more often than not, these people are Pisces. Pisces aren’t as sly or aggressively deceitful to rank them among the most manipulative zodiac signs. But they are still very manipulative in their own right.

Pisces like to pass the blame, or refuse to be accountable for other people’s emotions. You’ll often hear phrases from a Pisces that sound like, “I’m not responsible for your emotions.” or “I was just being myself, I didn’t even think about hurting them.” It’s perfectly normal for a Pisces to lose themselves in thought. However, if you’re a Pisces who finds that you’ve been making excuses for yourself, remember that you still need to watch the feelings and sensibilities of those around you. At the very least, apologize when you cross the line and take responsibility for it.

#6 Libra, Taking it Easy (September 23 – October 22)

Libras love being pampered, it’s no secret. A Libra loves it when others do things for them. Largely because of this, Libras will frequently manipulate others into doing just that. Many will notice that Libras often appear aloof and clueless, in order to trick others into offering their help on something a Libra would otherwise have no trouble accomplishing themselves.

Naturally charming and possessing a magnetic personality, Libras have no problem getting people to believe their act. When caught in the act, Libras feign ignorance. There’s nothing wrong with taking it easy and being pampered, but those around Libras should not follow their every whim at the expense of themselves.

#7 Aquarius, the ‘Ghost’ (January 20 – February 18)

hot-and-cold tactic

Independent and largely solitary creatures that love to stand out, Aquarius feels a compulsive need to be the one wanted. The one sought after. In interpersonal relationships, if an Aquarius doesn’t feel wanted or chased after, they have a tendency to manipulate the other person into deeply wanting them. By primarily employing a ‘hot-and-cold’ tactic, an Aquarius will leave you off your feet, and wanting more.

Basically, when an Aquarius wants to manipulate, they will be on and off with you. Sometimes giving you lots of attention and interaction, other times completely avoiding you and disappearing out of your life for days or weeks. Suddenly, Aquarius will then start warming up to you again. This zodiac sign is a notorious ‘ghoster’ and once you’re desperately wanting a more constant relationship with them, you’ve already been manipulated. Aquarius needs to remember that they can cause serious emotional trauma by ghosting someone, and that they don’t need to do this for others to want them or to stand out.

#8 Virgo, the Silent Manipulator (August 23 – September 22)

The shy and reserved Virgo is manipulative in place of their lack of ability to express themselves properly. Because they keep their thoughts to themselves and tend to ‘suffer in silence’ as part of their nature, Virgos will subtly and cleverly make vague suggestions until the manipulated party performs their hidden designs all on their own. So adept, so shrewdly they accomplish this, the manipulated party often thinks they decided on it themselves.

Virgos need to learn how to communicate with others in order to avoid negative friction and a lack of understanding in their relationships. They need to open up about what they want and say what they need to say. If you know a Virgo who is characteristically reserved, and all of this sounds familiar to you, consider just coming out and asking them what they want. Maybe try asking them if they’ve been too shy to ask you something.

#9 Sagittarius, Kind for a Cause (November 22 – December 21)

Kind to a fault, you can usually identify a Sagittarius by their unmistakable friendly and likable auras. It may come as a shock, then, that Sagittarius can and will employ this kindness to be manipulative. Taking it too far, a Sagittarius will often be ‘too kind’ when they manipulate others.

Kindness that is genuine is altruism, or to be kind for nothing but the sake of being kind. Ulterior motives, or getting people to like them or do things for them is the reason for a manipulative Sagittarius’ kindness. On its own, while being kind is hardly a bad thing for a person to do, it’s important for Sagittarius themselves and their spiritual health to not only be kind to get what they want. Many Sagittarius need to exercise kindness for kindness sake, sometimes. If they want something, after all, a Sagittarius need only ask. This gets around getting what you want without overburdening someone, and without the emotional weight of needing to repay them.

#10 Cancer, Making Mountains of Molehills (June 21 – July 22)

Cancers tend not to lie, nor to play the fool or victim. Instead, Cancers blow things out of proportion. Emotional and expressive by nature, Cancers will try to manipulate you by making a terrible situation out of a bad one. Truly, over a difficult assignment, you won’t hear them saying they’re ‘confused.’ Instead, a Cancer is usually ‘unfathomably lost and out of their depth.’ It is not that they are ‘hurting’, but that they are in ‘excruciating pain.’

Honestly, you’d need a heart of stone to be just a bystander when witnessing one of Cancer’s overdramatized breakdowns and heightened cries for help. This is the moment a Cancer will ‘accept’ your attention and your acts on their behalf. Without even realizing you’ve been manipulated, you rush to their aid. Similarly to Sagittarius, Cancer needs to be aware of and temper their manipulative behavior for their own good. People close to them will soon find their overreactions to be irritating or oversensitive, which ruins their relationships.

#11 Taurus, ‘Vulnerable’ and Victimized (April 20 – May 20)


Taurus are some of the strongest folks you’ll ever meet, and they know it. Ironically enough, when they manipulate others, they like to raise the victim card. Making it seem as though they’ve been through too much, Taurus garners sympathy for their pain. Unfettered by most things, but acting as though they are the party that has suffered the most in an argument. A Taurus will guilt-trip you into taking a loss or giving way.

Hard as steel, with hearts of stone! If a Taurus seems to be yearning for your sympathy, consider their reasons. Weigh in on the context of the discussion. Keenly pick out if they want something from you. If so, the victim card being played is likely simple emotional manipulation. Bull-headed Tauruses need to be careful of how often they employ this tactic. Similarly to Cancer, it may turn into a ‘boy who cried wolf’ situation. For example, when a Taurus actually needs comfort and aid, others may not be so quick to believe them.

#12 The Relentless Aries

Despite being a far cry from the most manipulative zodiac signs at the top of this list, Aries are manipulative in their own way. An Aries can be just as, if not more harmful with their antics. Ranking so low on the list, Aries is not a master manipulator and deploys none of the other tactics seen here such as emotional blackmail or plain deception. Aries will, however, manipulate you with their sheer force of will.

Stubborn, to the point that they give the ‘bull-headed’ Taurus a run for their money. Many Aries will pester you repeatedly into doing what they want in a manner dangerously close to harassment. Aptly symbolized by the ram, charging head-first into a situation is how they resolve it. If that doesn’t do it, they’ll do it again! Aggressiveness and confidence is not inherently a flaw, but Aries should remember not to push too hard. If a Taurus does this, they may push people out of their lives.

The Takeaway

People can be manipulative, for better or for worse. For good motives and bad. However, it’s important to remember that nobody is perfect. We’re all sorting stuff out. All of us are works-in-progress. Knowing yourself is half the battle, and we’ve given each sign everything they need to know and how to manage themselves properly. Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to change for the better (or worse), and turn our weaknesses into strengths!

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