Astrology’s Tender Hearts: The Most Loving Zodiac Sign

most loving zodiac sign

Affection, compassion and care: all of these are words we use to describe a ‘loving’ person. It’s natural for human beings to seek out love. We look for love in others, either in familial love, the camaraderie between friendly companions, or something more. Some people are more predisposed to have a loving disposition than others… but did you know that your zodiac sign can actually influence that? With that said, what do you think is the most loving zodiac sign?

Well, lucky for you, we’ve compiled just such a list! Not to make the signs that don’t make it feel bad, nor you, dear reader, if your zodiac sign isn’t on this list. We promise that there’s something in this article for them. And whether or not you made it on this list, for you too, dear reader! So stay tuned and keep on reading.

Are you curious whether or not you made the list, or what’s in store? Perhaps you’re a zodiac aficionado, looking to brush up on your knowledge? Maybe you’re just plain curious? Whatever the case, this is the article for you! So sit back, relax, and most important of all, have fun!


  • What is the most loving zodiac sign?
  • Ranking the most loving zodiac signs
  • What makes them so loving and kind?
  • What’s in store for you?
  • And many more…

The Top 6: What Zodiac Sign is the Most Loving?

Before we unveil the most loving star sign, let’s talk about how exactly your zodiac sign can influence how loving you are as a person. We classify someone as loving based on how they treat others, and the general aura of compassion they effuse. These loving traits are a result of personality traits, character, beliefs, predispositions and attitude. All things that your zodiac sign can tell you!

For instance, we know that Scorpio is typically a dark, mysterious and sometimes dangerously emotional individual. In the same light, we know that Pisces is a loving individual because they are empathetic and caring individuals. All a result of their nature as a water sign, and the behaviors classically attributed to Pisces. That being said, do you think you can guess which is the most loving zodiac sign? Before that, now we know how a zodiac sign can tell us how loving you are, but what about if you’re not on the list?

As we promised, dear reader, there’s something in it for you, too. While we run down the list and get down to the most loving and caring zodiac sign, we’ll list down what makes them loving and caring. Even if your sign is not on this list, we can all learn how to become more loving. Human beings can grow beyond their own limits, and certainly beyond their star sign. Without further ado, learn from the best of the loving signs and find out how, below: 

Sagittarius, the Outspoken


Sagittarius is a fire sign that governs the period from November 22 to December 21. With the symbol of a bow and arrow, this sign is classically nicknamed as the archer! They are famous as straightforward (if not reckless) individuals that thrive with adventure and excitement. Sag’s are basically fiery go-getters who you can expect to lead the charge. But how are they on the list as the most loving individuals?

First, you should remember that Sag’s planetary ruler is Jupiter, symbolizing abundance. But besides that, Jupiter is the king of all the gods, a ruler among rulers, and a benevolent ruler. Sag is a loving sign because they look after their friends. They feel the weight of responsibility to take care of those around them, as a good ruler would. The reason they rank 6th, in fact, is because of the disconnected, almost superior air they have when caring for others. 

What You Can Learn

You don’t need authority to care for others. But Sag is a great example of using your gifts and talents to take care of those around you. Benevolence is next to kindness, which is a product of love. Check up on your family and friends, your loved ones. Protect and cherish them, and you’ve already become more loving as a person.

Pisces, the Bleeding Heart


Empathetic to a fault, it’s really no surprise to find Pisces on this list. Governing the period from February 19 to March 20, Pisces is a water sign with the symbol of two swimming fish. They are imaginative creatures that spend most of their time in their own heads. Also having Jupiter as a planetary ruler, Pisces is benevolent, caring and an overseer. But more than that, their nature as a water sign and their general personality is amiable, empathetic, sympathetic and emotional.

Pisces’ spending a majority of time in their heads means they’re very introspective people. Combine that with their empathy, and they simply cannot let a hurting person alone. They comfort others and care for them, because they feel the pain of those around them. This is a loving heart, but there is a reason Pisces is only in 5th place. Their powerful empathy burns them out, and their loving nature tends to go away during these intervals.

What You Can Learn

Pisces is a cautionary tale. We cannot and should not love others at the expense of our own wellbeing, whether that’s physical or emotional. Loving others to our detriment cannot last, anyway. We will love until we have no more love to give, and we will not love anymore after that. Have Pisces empathy and care, but not their dangerous altruism.

Libra, the Giving Lover


At number 4 is Libra, the just balance-giver of the zodiac. Libra governs the period from September 22 to October 23, and has the scales as its symbol. An air sign, Libra is unconcerned with the material and spends most of their time casually strolling through life’s ups and downs. What puts Libra on this list is their just and giving nature. They believe everyone deserves love, so they love equally.

More than that, because of their love for balance, as you shower Libra with love, prepare to get showered right back! Libra creates a positive feedback loop of love with their predisposition towards balance and justice. More than that, Libra has Venus as a planetary ruler. Venus is the planetary ruler of love and beauty, so Libra knows how to give and receive love. With these traits, it’s no wonder Libra makes such a fine lover.

What You Can Learn

Libra teaches us that sometimes, you must give love before becoming loved. Especially in relationships, we should love our partner, yes. But we must also give love proportionately to what they give. No one wants to feel like they’re in a one-sided romance. Love as you are loved, and love first.

Leo, the Lovely Lion

leo zodiac sign

Roaring into third place is Leo, the fiery lion of the zodiac! Governing the period from July 23 to August 22, Leo is famous as a loud and proud, energetic individual. A real life of the party, that needs to stay at the center of everything and everyone’s attention. Leo is also a very friendly and loving character, whose want for constant attention means they let their love for others shine through. They shower people around them with both attention and affection, as well as protect them.

The only reason they rank in third is because of the conditional nature of this love. Leo expects love in return for the love that they give out. If Leo is given no attention or affection, they can become quite the opposite of a loving character. Leo will love you sincerely and passionately, you can stay sure of that. But on the flipside, you better love them in return.

What You Can Learn

Love others with all your heart, and show them the same enthusiasm, care and compassion you want for yourself. However, you should not love the way Leo does. That is, to expect something in return. If you love only so that you find love in return, you will find no love in the end. Remember to put yourself first, and then love… and love will come naturally to you.

Taurus, the Tender Bull


Now we’re getting down to the wire, and what a surprise! Not only is Taurus the only earth sign on this list, but it made it all the way up to second place! Earth signs aren’t typically what you’d think of when you think of a ‘loving sign’. Fire is passion, air is calm and tender, water is soothing and caring. Earth, we ascribe to strength, sturdiness and stubbornness… not love.

But Taurus, the stubborn bull of the zodiac, is in fact a loving character! Their industriousness and strength they use especially to take care of the people they love, making them nurturing lovers. Protective toward their friends, the bull uses their sturdiness to fight their loved ones’ battles for them. Even more than that, Taurus also has Venus as a planetary ruler, meaning love comes as second nature to them. Taurus is certainly a loving zodiac sign!

What You Can Learn

Love and loving takes a lot of strength, that is what Taurus teaches us. Taurus is a loyal, hardworking and devoted lover. They care for their loved ones, nurture and provide for them. If you want to become more loving, you need to become stronger, as well. There’s a reason they call loving people ‘big-hearted’, and Taurus may just have the biggest heart of all.

Cancer, the Most Loving Star Sign!


Here we are, first place… did you guess it correctly, dear reader? Cancer, governing the period from June 22 to July 22, is a water sign that is famous for its sensitive nature. Don’t let their symbol fool you, Cancer is anything but a crabby individual. As a water sign, they are soothing and caring, just as Pisces, and possibly just as empathetic. But more than that, Cancer’s sensitivity makes them an incredible lover.

Their famous sensitivity makes them tender, caring individuals. They are always careful to put the needs of everyone around them at rest, and to tiptoe around your feelings. Cancer is adept at care and love, because they understand what it is like to feel hurt and ignored. At the end of the day, their desire to make everyone feel special and loved makes them a better lover than any other sign on this list. It’s no wonder the first place goes to Cancer!

What You Can Learn

There’s a reason sensitivity is a trait sought for in romantic partners. Tenderness and care are second nature to truly loving individuals, and you won’t find a soul more tender than Cancer. Treat others tenderly, handle their feelings with care. You’ll find that love comes easy when you take that approach. Cancer teaches us that the most important aspect for love is care. 

The Takeaway…

We hope you enjoyed this article. Before we end, we’d like to remind everyone not to feel alienated by this list. Once again, the guides we’ve set forth in this article are meant to teach us how to become better, not bring us down. Human beings can grow past their limits, even those set forth by your zodiac sign. The same goes for the signs that are already on this list, but feel as though they are not as loving as the article says.

Everyone is different, even among those that share the same zodiac signs. This list is of the predispositions, not actual personalities across everyone of the same signs. At the end of the day, Astrology teaches us that the stars were meant to guide us, not control us. You are still the captain of your own ship. The master of your own fate.

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