Stellar Sixth Sense: The Most Intuitive Zodiac Signs

most intuitive zodiac signs

We’re all born with a gut feeling, are we not? If you’re not familiar with the term, that’s quite alright we’ll go over that. A gut feeling is something of a sixth sense, specifically, that gives us good or bad feelings about people, places or decisions. Many of you might’ve already known that, but did you also know that your zodiac sign might influence how reliable (and how much you rely on) your gut feeling is? Are you curious now perhaps, on which are the most intuitive zodiac signs? 

More often than not, when making everyday decisions we go with our gut more than with our knowledge. Sometimes, knowledge just isn’t enough or there aren’t any correct answers. The zodiac signs we’re going over in this article are stars at using their intuition. Gifted preternaturally because of their signs nature. Others just have certain dispositions that lead them to become intuitive.

We’re going over the most intuitive zodiac signs over the course of this article, and how perhaps, you could learn from them! Something we’re also touching on is gut feeling, and the basis behind it. Have you ever wondered if you can train your own intuition? Maybe you’re a zodiac aficionado looking to brush up on your knowledge and cater to your hobby. Perhaps you’re curious or just looking for plain old fun, but in either case this is the article for you!


  • 3 most intuitive zodiac signs
  • Gut feeling: is it reliable? Is it magic, or is there a scientific basis?
  • Can you train your gut feeling?
  • And many more…

Most Intuitive Signs of the Zodiac: Can We Learn from Them?

The term ‘gut feeling’ originated because people usually felt the ‘good or bad feeling’ from, well, their gut. Have you ever stopped in your tracks before continuing down a dimly lit pathway? These feelings don’t originate entirely within our conscious thinking. Our skin forms goosebumps, our heart rate quickens and of course, the stomach churns. On the other hand, we’ve felt similar terror when watching horror movies, even if nothing was there. 

So is a gut feeling simply fear and paranoia, or is there a useful, scientific basis behind it? Don’t forget that horror movies play on our senses, from the tense, sharp soundtrack to visual cues that something is wrong or behind us. Yes, intuition has a scientific basis!  For example, oarfish often mysteriously leave their crevices at the bottom of ocean depths before earthquakes. 

Our senses unconsciously pick up on ‘bad signs,’ those hardwired into our DNA. Such as a fear of the dark and the chemical signals of malintending people around us. Maybe you picked up on a faint smell of blood on that dark woodland trail that sent your body in high alert, as it indicated danger, injury or death. So, we’ve concluded that intuition has a scientific basis. But can we train our intuition?

The truth is, you can! For instance, our brain often unconsciously warns us of stressors or dangers in our dreams. If you kept a dream journal and got better-quality sleep to properly interpret your dreams, you could train your intuition! On a spiritual note, we astrologers believe a person’s zodiac sign also plays a role in how they live, behave, and thus how naturally intuitive they are. Without further ado, read on below and figure out what you can learn from the most intuitive zodiac signs!

#3 Scorpio, the Sharp (October 23 – November 21)


The infamous, dark, brooding member of the zodiac is Scorpio. Guarded individuals, Scorpio is very keen to keep a close eye, or in this case, feel out everyone around them. What makes Scorpio one of the most intuitive zodiac signs is their dangerous desire for control. They fear a less-than-well-meaning individual making it past their carefully crafted walls. An emotional creature, Scorpio makes decisions based on their feelings and intuitions rather than logic and reason.

They intuitively pick up on dishonesty through nervous tics, the smell of ‘fear’ (or cold sweat) and tone. Scorpio can also sniff out bad intentions by the way people stare at them and don’t respect their personal space. Emotional and empathetic, Scorpio also picks up on the negative feelings you may have. They pay more attention to how you say something opposed to what you say. It’s better to just exercise honesty with Scorpio, as they probably already know how you feel before you open your mouth.

Their only limitation is that their intuition is only led towards what directly affects them. As a result, they care less and have less intuition towards individuals and events outside their sphere of control. But even still, Scorpio is quick to pick up on dishonesty, and beware! Dishonest and toxic individuals immediately lose their chance to get close to Scorpio in any fashion. Should you slight Scorpio, they will almost certainly pick up on it and you will feel the scorpion’s sting.

What You Can Learn From Scorpio

We certainly hope you don’t pick up on their vengeful nature, that’s for sure! But Scorpio highlights one of the most important aspects of having a strong intuition. Taking care of yourself. Sometimes, our body tries to warn us against something or someone that isn’t good for us. The lesson we can take from Scorpio is to listen to our hunch, and when we need quiet, space or just plain ditch utter toxicity.

#2 Pisces, the Feeling (February 19 – March 20)


Is empathy just tied with intuitive ability? We’re not entirely sure. But being able to pick up on the mood seems linked with knowing whether you’re welcome, need to give someone some space or just get the heck out of there. Just like Scorpio, Pisces is among both the most empathetic and most intuitive zodiac signs. What tips Pisces off about people and situations is the general vibe of the room.

Pisces has Neptune as a planetary ruler, and Neptune is a planet of imagination and dreams. Their emotional intelligence coupled with their unconscious moments of reflection in sleep means they’re quick to figure out the dynamics of a group and whether they belong in it or not. They’re also quick to pick up on your mood and can adjust their behavior around you accordingly. Pisces is so sensitive to the vibrations in an environment that it often leads them to becoming overwhelmed. They often desire simply being left alone.

What lands Pisces in second place is their reliance on emotions. Sure, they’re quick to point out the changes in mood of any situation, but this is a poor intuitive gauge if used alone. Both because they trust vibes more than their other senses and because their own powerful emotions often muddle their judgment. For instance, they may think a person is potentially dangerous if they seem angry, when really they’re the ones just feeling scared or sensitive.

What You Can Learn From Pisces

Pisces is both a shining example and a cautionary tale. Listen to your heart and learn to read the room, negative vibrations are oftentimes enough to tell you that something is wrong. Have no shame in listening to just the vibes, as sometimes, they’re right. Your dreams are also messages from your subconscious to conscious mind, so pay close attention to them. They may just warn you of an oncoming or existing threat around you.

At the same time, exercise mindfulness. Emotions are a powerful intuitive tool but far from perfect. They are better used in conjunction with the rest of our conscious and unconscious senses. Have the emotional maturity and intelligence to keep your irrelevant and unrelated emotions out of your intuitive judgment. Lastly, when you know something for sure, there’s no need to ‘feel it out’ or you’re making way for paranoia and overthinking to set in.

#1 Cancer, the Constant (June 21 – July 22)


Which zodiac is the most intuitive among all the signs? That title goes to Cancer, the crabby but considerate fourth sign of the zodiac. This might surprise some people reading this article, but we’ll explain. Cancer is a zodiac sign known for its sensitivity, which is important to its spot at the top of this ranking. Sure it’s an empath as well, just like the previous two entries, but its sensitivity is the true culprit behind its intuition.

Aside from combining Scorpio’s ability to read verbal and kinesthetic cues and Pisces ability to read the vibes, Cancer has an added edge up its intuitive sleeve. Because what allows it to do both and more is its sensitivity to change. Cancer is so sensitive to changes in environments, situations and people that the slightest variation makes it uncomfortable. That flips a switch in Cancer’s head that causes immediate discomfort. They can thus trust their intuition to tell them that something is amiss.

By saying something as simple as ‘hello,’ Cancer can already pick out if something is different if there’s something going on in your life. A creature of habit and consistency, Cancer will pick up things as subtle and minute as a single object in their room slightly out of place. They know if a street is quieter or darker than usual. Even picking up on scents not native to the places they pass on their daily commute is second nature to them. Cancers are truly the undisputed kings and queens of the intuitive signs.

What You Can Learn From Cancer

Sensitivity to everything isn’t something that comes naturally, and in fact some people thrive in changing environments. Even if we were to recommend habit and consistency for all the mental and physical health benefits of sticking to a routine, spontaneity is also the spice of life. So, what can we learn from Cancer, then? Simple, that the best sort of intuition comes from combining the conscious and the unconscious. Listen to your gut, but remember that your gut responds to what your body picks up from everything around you.

Sharpen your senses and exercise mindfulness. Train your body and mind. Keep yourself healthy, live in the moment. Keep track of how the people around you behave, as well. While we don’t need to confine ourselves to schedule and routine, we should stay sensitive to what happens around us.

The Takeaway…

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about intuition or gut feeling. Also, we hope you enjoyed reading the article about the most intuitive zodiac signs. As always, we’d like to emphasize that our lists and articles aren’t foolproof. Every single person under the sun is different, even among those that share zodiac signs. If you’re on this list and find it doesn’t apply, don’t despair.

Remember that intuition is something every single person can learn and sharpen. Regardless of how naturally predisposed you are to it. Astrology and Spirituality is not Science, and there are no hard and fast rules for it. Remember that the stars in the sky aren’t meant to control or hinder us. They’re meant to guide us.

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